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by the Billionaire

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in the USA

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Tame a Tycoon

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by December

8 -
Catch a Man (in 30 Days or Less)

Volume 9 –
Bedding Her Billionaire Boss

Volume 10 -
Her Indecent Proposal

Volume 11 -
So Much Trouble When She Walked In

Volume 12 –
Married by Midnight

Volume 13 -
The Billionaire Next Door

BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES, Coll. I - Vols. 1 - 4

BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES, Coll. II - Vols. 5 - 8

BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES, Coll. III - Vols. 9 - 12

BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES, Double Coll. - Vols. 1 - 8



by Nature




14 – Billionaire’s Blackmail Wife

15 - Rome for Always










Soledad Felix
doesn't take guff from anyone, not even if that
someone is the tall, dark and gorgeous hunk who moves in next door.  Since the
day he moves in he's a royal pain in the rear, going out of his way to make
himself a nuisance.  But then, as fate would have it, her big, bad and bossy
neighbor falls right into her hands.  And with him at her mercy, it's time to
make him pay...


Ransom Kent
likes to mind his own business and lead a quiet
life but tell that to his crazy neighbor next door.  From the first day they
meet it's like she's got this thing against him, a crazy vendetta of her own
making.  And it doesn't help that she's both beautiful and bewitching, with a
whole lot of hot sauce on top.  It's an alluring combination that he just can't
resist.  But when he gives in to the temptation and hands her his heart on a
platter, that's when he realizes she's nothing like the woman he thought she


The epic battle of fire
and ice, and only one can be the victor...





"Oh hell, no."

The words exploded from Solie's lips as she stared out
the kitchen window.

Ever since that flippin' man moved in next door he'd
been nothing but trouble.  First, his stupid robotic lawn mower smashed up her
hedge when he'd been landscaping.  Then his Great Dane wouldn't stop howling in
the middle of the night.  And now this.  A friggin' construction crew in the

Bristling like a porcupine she flung open the back door
and marched out.  "What do you think you're doing?"  She was yelling
the words before she even got to the hedge.  "Don't you know there's no
construction allowed in this neighborhood on a Sunday afternoon?"

The man didn't even have the grace to turn and
acknowledge her.  His back to her, he waved to a man in a fluorescent orange
vest, directing him as he lifted a plank into the air.  Another man grabbed the
other end, fitted it against a frame and proceeded to bang away, not seeming to
care one hoot that he was making one heck of a racket.  

"Hey, you.  I'm talking to you."  Solie could
feel her ire rising the closer she got to the hedge that separated her yard
from his.  She hopped onto a flat-topped rock by the hedge so she could get a
better view.  "You can't just ignore me.  I have my rights."

That must have gotten his attention because slowly and
deliberately he turned then caught and held her gaze in a stare so icy-cold it almost
froze her in her tracks.  His dark eyes boring into her, his brows knitted in a
heavy frown, he straightened and she could see he was well over six feet tall. 
As if she didn't know that already.  He'd been her neighbor for the past two
months and she'd checked him out from day one.

But that was beside the point.  Ever since he'd moved next
door he'd been annoying the heck out of her and now it would have to stop. 
"Whatever you're doing can wait till Monday when people are out at work. 
This is the weekend, for Christ's sake.  What joy do you get in disturbing your

The man's mouth curled in a cynical smile.  "As far
as I see, you're the only one complaining."

"Yeah, because you don't have a neighbor on the
other side of you.  If you did they'd be hopping all over you right now."

He raised an eyebrow.  "Like you're hopping all
over me?"

"Oh, you think I'm hopping all over you?  Not even
close."  She screwed up her lips and gave him her tough girl look. 
"You don't want to see me when I'm hopping mad, mister.  Trust me on

To her chagrin, instead of backing off the man gave a
bark of a laugh.  "So I'm living next door to a bulldog, am I?"  He
cocked his head to one side and regarded her for several seconds, an evil glint
in his narrowed eyes.  "I might piss you off just to see what you'll do
about it."

Solie's breath tightened in her chest.  "You think
this is a joke, do you?"  She took a step closer to the hedge, close
enough so the others couldn't hear her but the words would hit him where it hurt. 
"You think I won't call the police?  Keep this up and just see if I
don't.  It's against the law."

The man gave a snort and took a step closer, mimicking
her move, then he regarded her with unveiled scorn.  "What law?  I'm on my
own property.  There's no law that says I can't build a gazebo in my

"No, but there's a law that says you can't create a
heck of a noise nuisance for your neighbor on a Sunday.  This is a day for
relaxation and family, in case you didn't know."

He cocked an eyebrow at her.  "Oh, really."

"Yes, really."   There.  She had him.  He
would have to shut this thing down or else he would be in hot water for sure. 
She was not going to back down on this one.

 "And what if I told you," he said, his voice
suspiciously gentle, the sardonic smile back on his lips, "that today isn't

Solie glared at him.  What did he take her for? 
"Please don't waste my time.  Just shut this thing down right now if you
don't want a holy mess on your hands."  She threw him a sarcastic smile of
her own.  "I'm sure you don't want a visit from our friendly neighborhood

“Go ahead and call,” he said, giving her a confident
grin, “but I recommend you check your calendar before you put your foot in it.”

He was turning to walk away when Solie jammed her fists
on her hips and growled, “What’s that supposed to mean?”

He only chuckled and said, “Just do what I told you,”
and then he was heading back toward the men, barking orders for them to
continue working as if she hadn’t just complained about the noise.

“We’ll see about that.”  Solie was grumbling as she
whirled around and headed back to the kitchen.  She’d have the police out here
so fast he wouldn’t know what hit him.  And if the police wouldn’t come she
knew she could count on the president of the neighborhood association to fly to
her rescue.  Sandy Parkinson was nothing if not enthusiastic about her role as
president.  Maybe a little too enthusiastic, but still…

She was reaching for the phone when a tiny voice in her
head began to whisper and the whisper quickly grew into a full-fledged nag that
made her leave the phone and walk out into the hallway where a flowery calendar
hung.  He’d said to check the calendar, so she did…and that was when she saw
that he was right.  Today was definitely not Sunday.  What the hell?

Solie’s hand flew to her mouth and she began to nibble
at her nail as she did a fast rewind in her mind.  Over the past four days
she’d done two eight hour shifts then a twelve hour one then another twelve
hours which had ended in the wee hours of the morning.  So she’d come off on
Saturday, hadn’t she?  Or had it been Sunday?  Christ, it must have been Sunday
because the calendar was saying today was Monday the twenty-first and not the
weekend as she’d thought.  She blinked.  How could she have missed an entire

And then her face fell as she realized what she’d just
done.  She’d gone and made a dang fool of herself, accusing her neighbor of
disturbing the peace when he’d been carrying out a legitimate task on a week
day.  Groan…

Now she would have to apologize for flying off the
handle.  Or maybe she could just hide out in the house for the next few months
and avoid the back yard altogether.  Hopefully, he’d soon forget about the
whole thing.

The problem was, ever since they’d met that first day,
there was just something about her neighbor that rubbed Solie the wrong way.  They
hadn’t hit it off when his moving truck had blocked her in when she was trying
to rush out to work, and things had gone downhill ever since.  Mind you, she
could have been agreeable and simply asked him nicely to have his men move the
truck.  But no, in frustration heightened by her haste she’d blasted him on the
spot, and the fact that he’d paid her back by taking his own sweet time in
getting them to move hadn’t endeared him to her one bit.

But the worst thing about the whole situation –
honestly, the most annoying thing – was that from the very first day she’d laid
eyes on him, even as she was cursing him out her body was tingling with an
awareness she hadn’t felt in the longest.  It was the first time anything like
that had happened to her since she’d gotten rid of her slimy, cheating
boyfriend over a year before. 

And the second worst thing – if you could have two worst
things - was that this man who’d moved in next door kind of looked like her ex. 
And everybody knew that men as good-looking as that were dogs.  Painfully aware
of her weakness for tall men with raven-black hair, piercing dark eyes and chiseled
jaw line, she really didn’t want one of those living beside her. 

She had absolutely no intention of slipping and falling
in attraction or anything else with him.  And that was why he shouldn’t have
moved in beside her.

Damn the man!



Of all the places in Fort Lauderdale he could have moved
to, he had to choose the house next to the craziest, most cantankerous woman
he’d ever met.  Talk about bad luck.

Ransom shook his head.  He didn’t even know the girl’s
name but already she’d needled her way under his skin in more ways than one. 
Was there nothing she didn’t complain about?  If it wasn’t the hedge it was his
dog and now this.  So he couldn’t make noise either?  And how else was he going
to get his construction done?

BOOK: The Billionaire Next Door (The BAD BOY BILLIONAIRES Collection)
5.08Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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