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Tey's White Wolf

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Tey"s White Wolf

Book 2

By Jana Leigh

Editor Keri Good

Published by JLK

No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the publisher.

This is a work of fiction. Names, places, characters and incidents either are the product of the author"s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any actual persons, living or dead, organizations, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

© Copyright 2011 Jana Leigh. All rights reserved.

Chapter 1

“Are you frickin" kidding me? Where the hell is she?” Cami yelled.

Tey had been on duty for more than twelve hours. Being a Werewolf had its perks, his stamina was better than most, but he still needed rest. They had been on high alert since the attack on his Alpha"s mate. Wolves were territorial and they held the Front Range area of the Rockies. It was a prime territory, since they could go to the mountains so easily and have the city to roam freely. Denver, Colorado was claimed by his Alpha more than a decade ago. Not a long time, in terms of the Pack, since most had been in their areas for more than a century. They had come to the United States in order to get things under control, and it had been a challenge. He had no complaints, but he was getting tired and needed a break. The constant skirmishes had been bad enough, but now they were in an all out war with the Rogue wolves.

Cami, his Alpha"s mate, and his responsibility to guard, was working in her shop to make sure things were ready for her first story time. Cami dreamed of opening a bookstore before she became part of the Pack. When his Alpha first found Cami, Tey had been assigned to her, she had been a handful, but even with all the problems, he wouldn"t have asked for a different assignment. If he was honest, Tey would admit that he was a little in love with her himself. She was everything he wanted in a woman. He only hoped when he found his mate, that she would be a little like Cami.

Tey and his Alphas, Quin and Jaden, had grown up together in France. They were originally from the Gevaudan Pack. Tey"s parents were both Enforcers in the Pack and raised Tey to become one also. It was one of the largest and most profitable Packs in Europe. Quin's mother and father ran the Pack. They sent Quin with a few Enforcers to the United States ten years ago when it had become a necessity to get the Rogues in the area under control. Werewolves in the United States had grown so much over the last hundred years or so, but they had no Pack Council to rule them as they did in Europe.

With no guidance, they had become dangerous to humans. Most of the Were would love to live in peace, find their mates and settle down. Small Packs had developed across the United States, but with no rules or guidance, they had been forced to make their own rules. Some of them not so good, this was why they needed to get an upper hand and quickly.

The Council defined Rogue wolves, as those wolves that wanted to use their power and abilities to hurt and take from humans. They had no problem killing someone to take their money. It was not the way of Werewolves. They had a strict moral code, and Tey had been brought up to defend and protect this code. Therefore, when the opportunity to come to the United States had presented itself, Tey had jumped at the chance. He wanted to make a difference.

When he was younger, his parents had drilled into his head the most important person to him would be his Alpha. Tey believed that and when Quin asked for something, he had no problem providing it. Tey had been happy and surprised when they discovered that not only Cami was the Alpha's mate, but also Jaden completed a Triad. Jaden, a childhood friend had come to visit, and they had discovered the spirits had given them a great gift, an Alpha triad. It meant that Jaden and Quin were both the Alphas, and they shared mating Cami. It was amazing really, since Cami was also a human. The Council had told them the Seer had predicted that they would need both Alphas and the power of the Triad for what was to come.

The Rogues had been very active in their area of Denver, Colorado. When Quin had picked this place, Tey had been so excited. He loved the mountains and the snow.

Several attacks had happened over the last ten years but in the last few months, they had become increasingly worse. One of the younger Pack females had been beaten up and a member of their own Pack who had been taking orders from the Rogues had almost killed Cami herself. The worst part was no one knew who the hell the Rogues" leader was. They all assumed that it had to be someone who did not know them and until recently, they had worked with that assumption. Now, they were not so sure. Cami thought the attacks seemed like they were a little more personal, even going so far as to say that Quin may be the target. They had the female werewolf that had tried to kill Cami in custody. Her name was Lola, and so far, she had not told them anything they could use. However, it was what she was not telling them that was a little more important, she was hiding something and they were determined to find out what it was.

A slip of the tongue had indicated that there was someone else in charge of the Rogues.

They initially thought it was Lola, but they had been able to exclude her early in the investigation. They just needed to find out who and why before someone really got hurt.

Their Pack was an extension of the one in France and so therefore, they had the money and the resources to take the Rogues out if they could find them.

The only thing Tey was worried about was the Alpha mate, which was his job, what he was trained to do. She was head strong, and refused to be put into a room for protection. No, she wanted to be out there making sure the Pack knew she was involved and caring, at the same time she was putting a target on her ass which Tey had to protect. He did not mind, only when the hours were so long. Cami had opened a bookstore in the bottom of one of the buildings the Pack owned. It was her dream.

Tey loved that she wanted things to be so normal. The bad part was the bookstore was in the busiest area of Denver, and not just werewolves shopped there. Cami had just opened the store, and she refused to leave anyone alone in the store with the Rogues running loose. Since it was her dream to have the bookstore, it was her responsibility.

That makes it his responsibility and since the store is open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m., it made for long days.

Tey stood at the back of the store, by the coffee counter and leaned against the wall. He watched the little Alpha as she bustled to and from the front, to the back of the store, stocking. She had the help of many of the females of the Pack, but she still was in charge. Tomorrow was the first story time in the store. Cami had wanted to have a weekly story telling for children. She arranged for an author, who was a personal friend, to come and read her book. The cool thing was that Cami had members of the Pack who were going to dress and act out the story at the same time they were reading. She had the costumes made and over the last week had many practices. Tey had been roped into to being a tree. He refused to speak and so Cami made him part of the scenery, so he could watch what was going on. Quin and Jaden had laughed and teased him for days until they were told they were part of the show too. Devon, the Beta of the Pack had been the only one to escape. He was in charge of the security since all the Alphas would be in the open.

The author was supposed to be coming soon to bring copies of her book, so they could have the display set up before they left tonight. This was why they were all so late. She had not shown up, and Cami had refused to leave until she did. Cami assured all of them that the woman was probably running behind because she was always so punctual.

Apparently, Cami had known the woman in her other life. On the other hand, as Tey liked to call it BP, before Pack.

Cami came and stood in front of him and folded her arms like him, looked up and grinned. Tey was six foot six inches tall and very few people looked at him in the eyes.

“Mr. Grumpy, I need some help. Jo was supposed to be here an hour ago, and she is not here yet. I need you to go and find her.” His Alpha female said.

“Really, well since that is not in my job title, I will have to decline.” Tey said refusing to smile at her.

“Come on, you can"t just stand there like a pole. People are starting to get scared. Just run across the street and see if she is ready.” Cami said.

“I am an Enforcer. This is what I do, I protect you. In no way shape or form am I to be leaving you to go and hunt your wayward little friend. She is old enough to cross the road by herself. If she has not shown up by the time I am supposed to leave, I will look for her just for you.” Tey said and frowned at her. “I thought that she was supposed to be guarded by Levi, call him.”

“I did. He didn"t answer his phone.” Cami replied.

“I am here to watch you, and make sure you and the rest of the Pack are safe and secure while we are out in the open. Did you forget that someone wants you dead? Levi would have called if there were something wrong. They probably were in the elevator without signal.” He said stoically.

“Of course, I remember that someone wants me dead, how could I forget, but I will tell you the same thing that I told those overprotective mates of mine. I refuse to allow the Rogues to change my routine or joy that I am getting from my store. Just look. The women of the Pack and the kids are having such a good time with the store. They can all come together and feel safe since you have guards in here twenty four seven. They have been cooped up in the buildings for long enough. We have to show the Rogues that they are not going to scare us into hiding. If they want a piece of me, let them come. You and the others have taught me self defense. I feel confident, I could hold them off until you, or one of the others got there.” Cami laughed.

“Oh really, you can take on a hundred pound wolf?” He said amused at the small woman in front of him.

“No, that is why I gave her a dog whistle. It drives those dog"s nuts.” He heard an amused voice say behind him. “Just ask this big baby here.” Tey turned and looked over his shoulder. He held his ears when he heard Cami's squeal as she jumped around him to hug the woman who made the comment. He noticed Levi in the background cringing from the noise. He was going to have to find out what happened. It could get him off the hook with the teasing; Tey would do just about anything to get off the Alphas" radar. Just last night when he went to his apartment to sleep, he found someone had put a pile of leaves in his bed.

Tey stood up straight the moment the scent reached his nose, his mate. All this time he had waited and hoped, and in she walks to the store and blind-sides him. Crap, his mate was Cami"s friend. Now this was going to be a little awkward, chicks shared everything, and Cami had a big mouth. Tey groaned a little when he thought of the future. Nothing would be sacred; his Alphas would know if anything went wrong in his life.

Cami was talking and laughing with the woman, and he had time to look at the woman who was going to be his mate. She was taller than his Alpha female; of course, anyone was taller than Cami. His mate came to his shoulders, which said a lot considering he was six feet six. She had long straight blonde hair and blue eyes. She would not be considered classically beautiful but to him, she was gorgeous. A small cute nose and wide lips that were meant to kiss, made her face seem out of proportion, but the heart shaped face and her animated expressions detracted from any flaws she had. Tey was sure that anyone seeing her, would think she was beautiful. He did. Even dressed in jeans and a t-shirt, she looked like she had just stepped out of a magazine, because of the grace that she emitted she could have been a model. Thankfully, she was not a stick either; Tey had never been attracted to women who did not eat. She had curves in all the right places.

Tey was startled out of his thoughts when Cami hit his arm. So it began, if he pissed off his mate, Cami would be involved.

“What?” He said in a grumpy tone.

“I said this is my best friend in the whole world. You remember me talking about her.

She grew up in the same town as I did. We lost track of each other, then I saw she wrote a children"s book, and I called her. She is the author we have been waiting for.” Cami gushed.

“Of course, sorry, I forgot your name.” Tey said turning pink.

“It is Jo, Jo this is my shadow, Tey.” Cami said smiling.

“Jo.” Tey said and sniffed deeply. If he were not careful, he would be grabbing her and taking her against the wall. He needed to take a step back and think. He was too close to her. His senses were going into overdrive.

Cami was not even looking at him; instead, she took her friend's arm and started to show her around the store. He followed the pair of them with his eyes, refusing to lose sight of her even for a moment. His backup was due to come and relieve him in just a few minutes, but he knew he would not leave. He could not, his mate was here.

BOOK: Tey's White Wolf
5.5Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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