Texas Wild (western romance and sex) (western romance)

BOOK: Texas Wild (western romance and sex) (western romance)
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Texas Wild


By: Cristina Grenier

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Chapter 1


“Come on beautiful,” he pleaded. The smell of his breath was overwhelming. “Just gi’me a lil’ kiss. You know yall wanna.”

She broke away from his grasp. She sensed that had he not been drunk, it would have been impossible. His drunken state and the burning rage that had her close to the edge of murder. She had had enough of drunks and assholes and in front of her was the two things wrapped together in one big, loud package. It was impossible to get away from them.

“Aaaaawwwhhh, come on,” he drawled. “Yall don’t have to be that way. I’ll take good care o’ ya.” He staggered across the room in pursuit, but he teetered as he walked and she slipped away from him with ease and kept her distance. She certainly didn’t want to be in his iron grip again.

She circled the furniture and fumbled with her phone, but kept her eyes focused on him. He was crouched like a tiger, but he showed his teeth in a playful grin. His eyes twinkled with a brilliant shade of blue through the haze of his drunken state and they might have been attractive if she wasn’t fighting to stay away from him. Actually, everything about him was extremely attractive, physically; it was the other qualities that were making her stomach lurch. The call finally connected on her cell phone.

“Amy,” she said the moment she heard her voice. “One of your drunken ranch hands is in my house. You better come get him before I shoot him.”

“We don’t have any ranch hands,” Amy replied confused.

“Then you better come get whoever this is,” she replied, dodging one more time.

“I’m kind of far away,” she said. “I’m in town with some friends. We’re celebrating my brother Matt’s birthday. Hold on a sec…”

Reenie could hear the muffled conversation that was going on at the other end.

“What do you mean he’s gone?” she heard the muffled voice say. “His truck is gone? Where the hell did he go?” Amy came back on the line. “I’m sorry. Matt wandered off from the party. He was drunk as hell and his truck is gone. We have to find him.”

“Describe your brother to me,” she said. The description perfectly matched the drunk that was circling around the couch and leering at her. “I think I found him.”

“What? Where?”

“He’s the drunk asshole in my living room.”

“Oh shit,” Amy replied. “I’m sorry. I’ll be there as quick as I can. Shit!”

The phone disconnected and she had to do some fast thinking. This little game couldn’t continue forever. She needed her wits. She had dealt with more than one drunk before. All that she had to do was to distract him; get him focused on something else. A shower, maybe she could convince him to take a shower.

“You know what,” she said, changing her sharp glare to a bright smile. “You are kind of cute. I wouldn’t mind a little kiss, but you have to take a shower first.”

“Wall now, thatz more like it,” he slurred. “I knew you’d warm up to me.” He straightened up and moved to go down the hall to the shower. Drunks were so easy to manipulate sometimes. Whether he would follow through was another story. Just when she thought she had won, he turned back toward her. Before she knew it, he had her wrapped in his arms and his lips were fighting to find her soft skin to kiss.

Tossing her head from side to side in order to fend off his lips, she was mostly successful, though she felt a few of his kisses touch skin. She tried to break free from him, but his arms were like iron. She had never felt that sort of strength in any man before. She suddenly realized that she would have to fight him with her mind. She had to regain control of her senses. His breath smelled and the sweat that came from his drinking and his drunken state was a sharp, foul odor that made her gag.

“I said, that you have to take a shower first,” she said.

“A shower?” he asked. “I had a shower before I went to town. I want a kiss.”

“Well,” she purred. “If you take a shower, I might let you have more than just a kiss.”

Her words brought him to full attention and he broke away from her and looked at her. His eyes traveled up and down her form, taking in her breasts, her waist and her legs all in one glance. “If I take a shower?” he asked. “I can..?”

“Ummmhmmm, cutie,” she flirted. “Hurry, we don’t have all night. You sister will be looking for you soon.”

“I dished, I dinched,” he sputtered. “I ditched her in town.” He grinned like a mischievous school boy. His face suddenly changed to a question before he asked it. “You know my sister?”

“Yes,” she replied. “I know Amy.”

“Hey!” he exclaimed as a light came on in his head suddenly. “I have a sister named Amy.”

“Yes,” she replied patiently. “I know. She’s my friend.” She started guiding him toward the bathroom.

“What’s your friend’s name?” he slurred.

“My friend’s name is Amy,” she repeated as she pushed him into the bathroom.

“My sister’s name is Amy!” he exclaimed again. He stopped suddenly and turned back toward her. She was afraid that she had failed and he would soon come roaring out of the bathroom and she couldn’t stop him. Instead, however, she saw a light blink on in his head. “Hey, maybe you and your friend Amy could do me together, for my birthday. Today’s my birthday.”

“I don’t think Amy would want to do it with her brother,” she replied.

“No, not my sister,” he replied. “That’s disgusting. Your friend Amy and you.”

“My friend is your sister,” she answered.

It took a moment for it all to sink in. When it finally did, he looked up into her eyes. The serious look bored through her. “You know my sister?”

“Yes,” she replied.

“You won’t tell her, right?”

“Not if you get in the shower,” she answered. The thing with drunks is that you had to use their own ideas to manipulate them. “When you’re smelling nice and fresh, we’ll have our own little birthday party and Amy’s not invited.” She smiled at him and raised her eyebrows slightly. “But you have to take a shower first.”

The action happened so fast that she didn’t have time to turn away before he had dropped his pants and underwear and started pulling off his shirt. He was pretty well endowed. Even in a flaccid state he was equipped with a pretty nice package. Amy tried to look away as his shirt came off, but the buff chest, shoulders and arms over a trim, firm set of abs, caused her to look back and take another scan of the physique that he presented. She noticed also that the toe of one boot was working on the heel of the other. It was quite a struggle, but it was only a little more than a minute before he was standing completely naked in front of him.

“You better take your shower,” she whispered, trying to gather her wits back together. If he wasn’t a drunk asshole, he was a tempting piece of meat. She turned away from him closing the door behind her. She heard the water in the shower come on and he suddenly erupted in song. She didn’t recognize the song, but she could hear it very clearly through the door as she moved back down the hall to the living room. She hoped that Amy would show up before he got out of the shower.



Chapter 2


Reenie had escaped from Boston after having had been so badly burned by the man whom she was about to marry. He was a lying bastard who she caught in bed with a red head from Philly. The picture of her pale skin, huge breasts and bright red hair spilling down over her arched back and bare ass while she was riding her fiancé was still burned on her mind. The heavy breathing and soft moans from the two of them was burned into her brain as well and she had immediately turned and walked out the door without looking back.

She didn’t give a damn about anything anymore. Her job, her clothes, her stuff; none of it mattered when her heart instantly shattered like hot glass being plunged into ice water. With the sudden change in her attitude toward everything, she was looking for a place to escape. Her friend Amy in Texas instantly came to mind. Texas was half a continent away from the lying, cheating bastard and was still not far enough space.

She had made the phone call and was instantly welcomed to come stay in the guest house at Amy’s ranch. Without packing anything or making any phone calls, Reenie had started driving that same night and arrived late at night the following day. Amy had put her up in the furnished guesthouse and when she arrived, she was stuffed with what Amy called “comfort food” and sent directly to bed.

Reenie had slept just about all of the following day and awakened late in the afternoon to the sound of Amy once again providing a delicious meal which hit the spot. She had stocked the refrigerator with all of the things that she thought her friend might want, gave her a hug and left. Amy could tell that Reenie was not ready to talk and she left her alone.

The following day, Reenie spent all of her time either in bed or on the couch, mindlessly watching whatever happened to be on TV. The pile of tissues from the frequent fits of crying that would suddenly come upon her without warning had become a mountain before she had determined that she was finished crying over the worthless bastard and was ready to move on.

Following upon the heels of the fits of sobbing was a profound anger that took a solid hold upon every corner of her emotions and attitudes. She was in a state of mind where it was better that her lying; cheating ex-fiancé was far away, because she might be spending the rest of her life in prison if she had been able to carry out the thoughts that were surging through her mind.

Unlucky for Matt, Amy’s brother, he had staggered into her life at that very moment when her ire was at its peak. Reenie’s ire had the full force of the Irish half of her ancestry, though the burning blood of the Spanish half could hardly be considered as a limiting factor. Thus, with the two bloodlines boiling together in her veins, her threat to shoot Amy’s brother was not entirely a joke.

With Matt safely disposed of for the moment and happily starting in on his third tune in the shower, Reenie was sitting on the sofa praying for Amy to arrive before he got out of the shower. She didn’t need to fight a naked drunk. She didn’t want any man in her life period, but she certainly didn’t need this drunken asshole. At the same moment that the thought entered her mind, the picture of his perfectly proportioned nude body, penetrating blue eyes and very nice package pushed its way in.

“Damn it!” she exclaimed sharply, though in a whispered tone. The first asshole she met had to be “that” asshole; Amy’s gorgeous brother asshole. There seemed to be no escaping them. They were everywhere, just like opinions. She sidetracked her thoughts for a moment as she thought about the saying, “opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of them stink.” She immediately wondered why the hell her thoughts had made that detour. “I’m going fucking crazy!” she bellowed. This time, it was well above a whisper.

In the same moment that she bellowed out, two simultaneous events occurred which added a touch of comedy to the entire scene. The first was that the door to the bathroom opened and the outline of the nude, but clean Matt appeared in the doorway with a broad grin. “I’m going crazy too baby,” he screamed at the top of his lungs and then squealed, covered himself and slammed the door shut in response to the second event.

The second of the two simultaneous events was the opening of the door to the guest house by Reenie’s friend Amy as she arrived to rescue her, still panting from rushing to get there before things got completely out of hand. When she saw her nude brother, Reenie on the couch, heard Amy’s loud exclamation and entered the front room, she froze in her tracks.

To say that there was a long, pregnant pause, would be a huge understatement. The only movement was the turning of Reenie’s head as it went from Matt and the slamming door to Amy and the open door.

“Am I interrupting something?” Amy finally managed to blurt out.

With sudden realization, Reenie’s face turned a pale shade of crimson. “Um, no, nothing… Oh shit!”

“Did I or did I not just see my naked brother coming out of the bathroom?” Amy asked, still holding onto the handle of the door.

“Yes,” Reenie admitted. “You did, but it’s not what it looks like.” It was the worn out cliché that went along with all situations like this one. In this case it was the entire truth, but she suddenly understood how the entire scene played out. With the realization came an uncontrollable surge of laughter which had been locked up inside of her for several days. With the bursting of all of her emotional tension, she was simply unable to speak an intelligible word while the laughter rocked her into another fit of emotion that called for plenty of tissue.

Seeing her friend and the entire situation coming together in front of her, Amy, wasn’t able to contain her own mirth and was soon laughing so hard that she too was in need of tissues and fell onto the sofa beside Reenie, picking a tissue out of the box, pausing long enough to wipe her eyes and running nose and then bursting into a hysterical fit once more.

They were still in this state of uncontrolled mirth when the fully dressed Matt, now a little more sober, stormed through the living room and out the door, slamming it firmly behind him. That particular event only brought on a louder and more intense fit of laughter which plunged them back into the side-splitting release of tension that had already been rolling along very well.

“What the fuck was going on?” Amy finally was able to force out while trying to catch her breath.

“I had to think of something,” Reenie replied, fighting down her own surging giggles in order to speak. “I convinced him to get in the shower so that I could by some time until you got here.”

“How the hell did you do that?” she asked.

“I told him that if he took a shower, he could have me,” she answered.

“And it fucking worked?” Amy’s mouth was wide open in stunned shock, but only for a moment. The control that laughter sometimes has over a person is nearly impossible to get rid of and she was plunged back into its grip as her imagination ran free, even as it mixed in the part that she had seen.

“Yes it worked,” Reenie replied with an expression that dared Amy to doubt her. It was an expression which quickly broke down, plunging her, along with her friend into another painful round of laughter. It was past the point of pain and she was almost becoming sick to her stomach.

“Let me ask a more important question.” Amy was finally able to calm herself enough to speak clearly, though a huge smile and the possibility of another outburst still had possession of her.

“What’s that?” Reenie responded.

“What were you going to do if I hadn’t showed up when I did?”

“I would have thought of something,” she said. She pondered it for a moment. “I would have told him that we had to wait for my friend to join us.”

“What?” The sudden confusion which had entered into the conversation sobered her almost instantly.

“Well, he had suggested that we have a threesome with my friend,” Reenie explained. “You know how to manipulate a drunk. You know, use their own ideas to get them to do things.”

“Yeah, that makes some sense,” she said, but the confused look still lingered.

Reenie went on to explain how the entire situation had unfolded and told her about how she had manipulated him. They giggled some more about how confused Matt had been about her friend Amy who was also his sister Amy and how he had been disgusted by having his sister join them, but wanted her friend Amy to join them.

“He was really fucked up then,” she said. Suddenly, it all came together for her as she recalled the look on his face and the way that he stormed through the living room and out the door. When he saw her and sobered up, it had all come together for him and he was embarrassed. If she knew her brother, he would be extremely angry with himself. That wasn’t exactly the way that she had hoped to introduce her brother to one of her best friends from college.



BOOK: Texas Wild (western romance and sex) (western romance)
2.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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