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Tears on My Pillow

BOOK: Tears on My Pillow
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Tears On My Pillow


Elle Welch

Copyright © 2015 Elle Welch


Published by Write House Publishing under TIECE Presents

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form without prior written consent of the publisher, excepting brief quotes used in reviews.


This is a work of fiction. Any references or similarities to actual events, real people, living or dead, or to the real locals are intended to give the novel a sense of reality. Any similarity in other names, characters, places, and incidents are entirely coincidental.



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January 10




     I briefly notice the empty bottle of Johnnie Walker on the table.  I throw the vase up against the wall behind the couch they are fucking on and leap across the room. I grab a hand full of her blond locks and wrap them around my fist. I yank her backwards, off of my husband, and drag her naked ass off the end of the couch and attempt to throw her onto the floor, but she lands hard on top of the coffee table instead. Glass shatters everywhere. She screams out and rolls onto her side. I can see the glass sticking out of her back and her arms.  In my rage I walk closer to her and I kick her in the back. I stomp on her side a couple of times hoping to crack a fucking rib or two. I follow those with a stomp on her stomach. I then jump on top of her. I can feel the glass stabbing me in my knees but right now I don’t give a fuck. I pound her pale face into a bloody mess. As I pull my arm back to punch her in the face again, I hear my husband’s drunk ass yell, “Kuh….ahh….shiiiit…kuh….kuh….QIA!!
QIA STOP!! You fuq…kin killin her

November 24


Six weeks earlier…..



     I stand here, in my all white Alita Graham collared V-neck sheath wedding gown, the flared lace sleeves and slit up the front is sexy and elegant, prepared to marry the man that I love. I begin to shift my weight from one foot to the other. I feel my feet start to throb as I stand here waiting for the song that will announce my entrance. I look down at my poor feet and admire the six inch white Alexander McQueen heels with pearl accents that encase them. They are beautiful, like everything else today, and I feel the smile on my face widen as the tears well up in my eyes. I can hear Jakari’s voice in my head,
‘Girl you know your eyes are too slanted to hold back tears!’

     I know the time for my entrance is getting close, so I reach up to make sure the pearl tiara on my head is centered in front of the perfect bun I have my hair in. I have often dreamed of this moment over the years, and I can’t believe it is finally here.

     As always, I get misty eyed thinking of how lucky of a girl I am to be wanted by such a loving, handsome, and successful man. He is my rock, my all, my first, my only, and definitely my last. Our relationship is truly a real life fairy tale. He has grown from being the best boyfriend in the world to become the most wonderful fiancé a girl could ever ask for. And I never doubt for one moment that he will excel as a husband as well.

     I think back to when we first met back in high school. I was 14 and in my freshman year; I was new to the school and, outside of a few friends including Jakari’s brother, who is my best friend, I kept mostly to myself. I didn’t need the drama. He was a junior, and the star running back. And he had a 3.0 GPA. So when he approached me, I was more than a little apprehensive. We didn’t really run in the same social circles at school, but I knew his reputation. Everyone knew that the girls that he went out with were all giving it up. But I, however, was not going to sell myself short just to be a notch on some boy’s headboard. No matter how cute he was. And he was DAMN cute!! But I was saving myself for that perfect guy. I was afraid that if I started having sex before I truly found the man of my dreams, I would put myself in a similar situation as my mother and that was a big nightmare for me.

     I decided to just give him my phone number and see what he was about. I mean he was cute and kinda smart too. And I knew that if he started to pressure me about sex I could always walk away, like I had done to other hormonally driven boys before. To my surprise, he was a perfect gentleman. He treated me with respect and was always well mannered.

     My hair is long, brown and naturally bone straight and blends nicely with my caramel skin complexion. If I wear it down, it taps my Nicki Minaj behind as I walk, except mine is all natural. My lips are thin but shapely. My eyes are big and brown and slanted kinda like Elle Varner’s. I am about 5 feet 2 inches tall, one hundred and twenty pounds which I keep in check by running eight miles a day with beautiful 34 C boobs. And since I was an early bloomer, even at 14 I was just as sexy as I am now. So trust me when I say Jakari Roberson was not my only option. There were a lot of guys that liked me. But once we became involved, Jakari was all I wanted.  And I wasn’t surprised that he was willing to change his doggish ways for me, I was worth it. We’ve been inseparable ever since.

     Since we first started dating, over 12 years ago, this man has always made every weekend about me and given me everything I could ever want. When we were young we would go to the movies or out to eat. He would even sometimes take me skating. As we got older, the dates turned more extravagant. We would rent a hotel suite, his dad was the owner of some major hotels across the USA, or go out of town for the weekend. He made me feel special every second that we were together. I never had to question if I was number one in his heart or the fact that I was the only one who held the key to it. So I know that today, and every day that I am his wife, will be no different.

     I hear
Dream Girl
by R. Kelly playing and see the doors to the ballroom swing open, bringing me back to the here and now. There have to be at least a thousand candles lighting the ballroom. I have always wanted a candlelight wedding ceremony held in the late fall. I know my moment has definitely come. I begin to walk down the aisle, flanked by huge square white and gold pedestals with big and small white candles on top of them. I feel my heels pressing on the white carpet runner that is monogrammed with what is soon to be ‘our’ last name ‘Roberson’ in gold lettering. I barely notice the red rose petals that have been dropped by our flower girl or the four hundred friends and family members who are here to be a part of our nuptials. All I can see is my man waiting for me in the front; my six foot tall, two hundred pounds of pure muscle, dark chocolate, wavy haired, green eyed husband-to-be standing under a floral arch. The light, from the no less than three hundred candles that circle him, highlights the angles of his smooth, handsome face. I arrive at my spot in front of the altar and step into the circle of candles with him, ready to take our vows.

     In this moment I am so overwhelmed with joy that I can barely hear or concentrate on what my dad is saying. To be standing here with my dad, the first man I ever fell in love with, performing the ceremony that gives me to the second man who captured my heart feels amazing and means so much to me.

     If I only I knew in that moment what I know now….

November 25




     Yesterday I married the love of my life. This woman is everything I’ve ever wanted and more. She is gorgeous, intelligent and has the body of a goddess. The fact that when we met she already had a sense of who she was, what she was and what she wasn’t going to do turned me all the way on. My affinity for her only increased when I discovered that she was a virgin and wasn’t about to give me any. I had always fantasized about having a woman that no-one else had ever had. And I had never met a girl that I couldn’t charm the panties off of. So I had to step my game way up to be able to claim my reward. That rapper Future got it twisted when he was excited about having a trophy because that is just an object that is yours for a certain time period and then the next winner will be given the exact same thing for their win. Qia is MY award. She chose me as the winner of this one of a kind achievement and no-one can change that. She will forever be mine. Since day one I have given her everything she could ever want or need, even the illusion that I am faithful. I have to laugh thinking about all of the ass I have been up in over the course of our relationship. Hey my philosophy has always been: It doesn’t have to be true, it just has to seem true.

     My wife, “wow that was going to take some getting used to”, has always wanted to vacation in Jamaica.  So we boarded a five hour flight at 3 a.m. to get to Montego Bay, Jamaica and we arrived in time to have breakfast out on our own private beachfront at the Secrets Orchid Garden. As we lay next to each other relaxing and digesting our morning meal, I lean over and kiss Qia on the lips. “
I love you Mrs. Qia Roberson

I love you too, Mr. Roberson
,” she says with her bright smile shining in her eyes. I allow my eyes to glide over her gorgeous frame as she lies on her back on a beach towel. Her breasts look like two ripe cantaloupes in her red bikini top. I lower my eyes to her flat stomach and only hope that it will return after she has a couple of kids for me. I cut that worry short by lowering my gaze to her delta which looks so plump in her red bikini bottoms. I love the way the bottoms of the suit tie on both sides. I guess she notices my stare as she asks, “
What are you thinking about Jakari?”

     I lick my lips and run my hand over my shorts and my hardening muscle. “
I am thinking about how much I want to make love to my beautiful wife.
.” I roll over on top of her and nestle myself between her legs. We kiss and caress each other. I start to suck on her neck which always gets her juices flowing. She lets out a soft moan and begins to grind her hips against me. She pulls down my swim trunks as I untie her bikini bottoms, exposing the manicured bush of her secret garden. She lifts her leg and guides my hard erect muscle into the center of her dripping honey pot. I slowly push my rod in and out, teasing her by leaving just the head inside of her. She softly bites my bottom lip while she works her hips.  “
Yes baby that feels so good. Can I ride my dick baby? Please let me ride it,
” she moans.

     I roll over onto my back, bringing her with me. “
Ride it my Queen
,” I tell her. She sits up and begins to ride me into ecstasy. I reach up, pinching her nipples just like she likes, as I whisper under my breath, “
Slow down baby you going to make me cum and I don’t want too…. oh shiiiitttt!
” It’s too late. I can’t even finish my sentence before my seed begins to squirt deep inside of Qia.

     Qia continues grinding her hips even though I am softening, milking every drop out of me. She reaches back between my legs and starts to massage my balls, which causes my dick to jump and begin to harden again. I grip her hips as I feel myself hardening in her inferno.

     I sit up and take her left nipple in my mouth and flick it with my tongue. She slides back on my thighs, inserts two fingers in her middle and begins to finger herself, her sweet coral colored lips glistening with our combined fluids. The site of this arouses me and within seconds I am back standing at full attention. I lay her on her back and she props her legs up on my shoulders giving me full access. I insert my dick into her pussy and begin to pound her with long, full strokes. She screams my name “

     I can see her legs start to tremble and she throws her head back and begins to arch her back. I lean down slightly and begin to suck on her nipples going from one to the other giving them equal attention. She moans loudly and I tell her, “
Cum hard for me baby. Cover my dick with your cream.”

     I pound her, loving her warmth and wetness until I feel myself tense up and begin to cum deep inside my wife. I collapse on top of her and kiss the hollow of her neck as the last effects of my orgasm wash over me. I see her smile with her eyes closed, and I start to mentally prepare for the rest of my day. As we catch our breath, I roll over and grab one of the remaining strawberries off of our breakfast tray and dip it into the whipped cream. Before I can bite it, Qia leans over and begins to slowly lick all the whipped cream off the strawberry and begins to suck on the tip of it. She is staring deep into my eyes the whole time as she moans and nibbles on the strawberry. “
Keep that up and you won’t be going anywhere
,” I chuckle, only half joking.

Don’t you ever get enough
?” she asks, licking her lips.
“Besides, I’m not missing my trip, so you’ll just have to wait until I get back.”

     “I think I can wait JUST that long, but not a minute longer. So the people on the bus might get a show when you get back,”
I say, smacking her sexy caramel ass and watching it shake.

     Qia stands up and wraps her sarong around her hips without putting her bottoms back on. “
Oh really, my King? You know you wouldn’t want some guy on the bus seeing THIS
,” she says, laughing and spreading her legs for me. “
If you didn’t already have work to do, you’d be glued to my side for the whole trip.”

     I had already told Qia that there were several of my students who were in danger of failing this semester if they didn’t get their grades up. So, seeing as I am known for putting in extra hours to help my students succeed, my wife had no problem with the fact that I have a virtual tutoring session planned during our honeymoon. I have to think that the shopping trip I set her up on may have had a little to do with her understanding as well, but in any event, it will serve its purpose.

What can I say? What’s mine is mine,”
I tell her, getting up and walking over to kiss her forehead.

     Since it is almost ten o’clock and her shopping trip leaves at twelve, we head back into the suite so that Qia can get herself together. She showers and lotions, using my favorite scent from Bath and Body Works, Secret Wonderland. She parts her hair down the middle and lets it hang straight down framing her face. I swear the combination of the way that short floral sundress is accentuating all of her curves and the smell of that Secret Wonderland, I just want to snatch her up and do a little something to her before she boards that bus.

     We walk down the winding staircase to the lobby and pass through a crowd of people going on the same shopping trip. Deciding to enjoy the fresh air and get out of the crowded lobby, we walk outside hand in hand. We stand off to the side, as much out of the sun as we can get, and wait for the bus to pull up.

     “I am super excited about this trip, Jakari!”
Qia says, looking around and people watching as we wait.

     “I knew you would love it,”
I say as I hand her my Discover card.

     She takes the card and puts it in her wallet.
“I can’t believe that this trip even includes lunch in Kingston! I could only be happier if you were joining me. You know I’m not used to going off without you.”

     I pull her close to me and put my hands around her waist.
“I wish I could go as well, but I have to help these students get on track with this class so they can graduate. Cheer up though because I have something planned for you that is going to definitely make up for my absence on this trip.”
I give her a devilish grin and slap her behind.

     She giggles like a school girl.
“What will you do once the tutoring session is over? That is only 3 hours and I still won’t even be on my way back when you’re done.”

     “I’ll find something to get into, trust me.”

     The luxury bus pulls up and the other participants start to board the bus. I kiss Qia and say,
“I love you.”

     “I love you too,”
she says as she starts to walk towards the bus.

     As I wait for the bus to drive off, I look down at my watch and notice that Kelly should have arrived about two hours ago. I have only had the pleasure of banging Kelly once because we just started messing around about two weeks ago and I’ve been busy with all of the final preparations for my wedding. We met when she was temping in the admin office of Rosemond University. She happened to come down to the cafeteria on lunch one day when I was in there and the cafeteria was filled to capacity as usual. The only empty seat was at my table, so being the gentlemen that I am, I offered it to her. She accepted and we hit it off in more ways than one.

     She is a little younger than me, 27, dark skinned with a fat ass and small breasts. She knows about my wife and is cool as long as I keep the dick and the gifts coming. We haven’t seen each other since our little soiree in the janitor’s closet at the university. The wedding has really been hogging all of my attention, so I had decided to fly her to Montego Bay so that I could kill two birds with one stone. She gets a free trip and I can get some side pussy.

     I check my cell to see what room she is in and head back into the hotel.

BOOK: Tears on My Pillow
10.11Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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