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get, 287-290; death and estimate of, 289-293; portraits, 293-300 Suleiman the Eunuch, Grand Vizir, 180, 185, 246; commands expedition against Portuguese in India, 247-249

Sultan, use of, as title, 10% 11 n Sultan and Khan of lyric verse, the,

see Abd-ul-Baki Syria, Selim master of, 25; Ghazali

governor of, 34

Szegedin, Turks victorious at, 272 Sziget, Turks meet reverse at, 272; falls to Suleiman, 287-290

Tabriz, Ibrahim enters, in triumph, 237; Suleiman sacks, 240; Suleiman recaptures, 241

Tahmasp, Shah, 78; Bayezid takes refuge with, 189; Suleiman campaigns against, 236-240, 241-243

Tamerlane, captures Bayezid I at Ankara, 12; restores Seljuk princes,

1 3

Tatars, plunder Ask Minor, 12; Mohammed n reduces Crimean, 20 Temesvar, Turks victorious at, 272 Ten, the fortunate number, 31-32 Tenes, Spaniards capture and lose,


Terjan, Mohammed II defeats Turcomans near, 20

Terrible, the, see Selim I, Sultan "Thunderbolt, the," see Bayezid I Tlemcen, Aruj Barbarossa slain at,

208; Spaniards defeated at, 275 Tokay, 100

Toledo, Don Garcia de, recaptures Velez de la Gomera, 279-280; seeks to rescue Knights of Malta, 284 Tomori, Archbishop Paul, 85, 86; defeats Turks, 80, 81; commander-in-chief against Suleiman, 88-89; death of, 93

Toplitza, Christians defeat Ottoman Turks at, 10

Toulon, Turkish navy winters at, 229 Transylvania, Suleiman raids, 56 Treasury, the Turkish, 161-163 Trebizond, Mohammed II exterminates Greek Empire of, 20; Selim the Terrible stationed at, 28 Tribute Boys, see Devshurmeh Tripoli, North Africa, 226; Spaniards capture, 207; Dragut captures, 275, 276

Tripoli, Syria, Ghazali takes, 34 Tughra, origin of, 8, and note 8 Tuman Beg, Soldan, 25 Tunis, 142, 207, 226; Barbarossa annexes to Ottoman domain, 213-214; Charles V conquers, 35, 36, 37, 217 Turkish hospitals, 198 Turkish literature and scholarship,


Turkish schools, 198 Turks, racial background of, 4; rise of, as people, 145-147; domestic life under Suleiman, 199-205 Tzympe, castle of, Suleiman son of Orkhan seizes, 8

Ugdunin Pasha, attempts conquest

of Nubk, 255-256 Ulema, the, 169^ Urban II, Pope, 126 Urf, the, 147 Usbegs, 234; Suleiman cultivates, 243

Valencia, rebels against Charles V, 48

Valideh, Sultana, 183

Varna, Murad II overwhelms Christians at, 14, 39

Vassili Ivanovich, Grand Prince of Moscow, sends embassy to Suleiman, 78

Velez de la Gomera, Khaireddin captures, 209; falls to Philip II, 279-280

Veltwyck, Gerard, 269

Venice, republic of, 63-64, 73, 81; hostility of, to Turks, 9; defeats

Ottoman fleet at Gallipoli, 13; wages losing "war against Mohammed II, 20-21; checks advance of Turks, 39; decline of, 40-41, 43; obtains treaty from Suleiman, 78; Suleiman attacks, 220-224; Portuguese threaten trade routes, 244 Vienna, Suleiman besieges, 104-108 Villalar, Comuneros defeated at, 48 Villiers de Lisle Adam, Philip, Grand Master of Knights of St. John, 61, 70, 71, 72, 73, 127

Wallachia, Mohammed II conquers,

20 Weichselberger, Sigismund, 102-

103; envoy at the Porte Weissprim, Xurks victorious at, 272 White Sheep, dynasty of, Mohammed II defeats, 20 "William of Rogendorf, 265 Worms, Diet of, 47, 48, 49, 54, 55, 83

Ximenes, Cardinal, 46, 207

Yaicze, see Jajce

Yaya-beg, 199

Yilderim ("the Thunderbolt"), see

Bayezid I Yoldachs, 231

Zante, 78

Zapolya, John, King of Hungary, 88, 93, 95, 104, 108, 113, 124, 135, 257, 258, 259; raids Servia, 52; leader of Hungarian national party, 81; loses kingship of Hungary, 99-100; concludes treaty of peace \vith Ferdinand, 260—261; marries Isabella of Poland, 261; death of, 262

Zapolya, John Sigismund, King of Hungary, 262, 263, 266, 268, 273; Suleiman receives, at Semlin, 287

Ziska, John, 90

Zmul, 231

Zriny, Count Nicholas, 260; murders Mohammed of Trikala at Siklos, 287; defends Sziget and is killed, 287-289

"" I HE first half of the sixteenth century, I when the Renaissance had reached its height, is a period in history unexcelled in the number of its outstanding personalities—In the political as well as In the religious and artistic world. Four sovereigns dominated Europe—The Emperor Charles V of Germany and Spain, Francis I of France, Henry VIII of England, and Suleiman the Magnificent, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire at the height of its glory (1520—1566). In this biography, the first to be seriously undertaken by any non-Turkish historian, Suleiman finally receives attention long overdue. ! A conqueror of many lands, whose 1 fleets harried the Mediterranean and whose armies laid siege to Vienna, Suleiman was noteworthy as a -warrior and statesman, and his private character, -while not blameless, commanded the ad-i miration of his enemies. His Influence on the politics of western Europe was 1 profound. He was the last and perhaps I the greatest of that extraordinary series

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BOOK: Suleiman The Magnificent 1520 1566
6.66Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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