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I am exactly where I’m supposed to be at this moment.



I’ve wanted to write this book for months now. Even while focusing on Jack, Leila and the guys, Ben Stone was constantly infiltrating my thoughts. He wanted to be heard, and he drove me nuts until I finally sat down and started writing his story.

Here now, three months later, and I have fallen madly in love with Mr. Ben Stone. I love all my characters, especially Jack Lair. He will always be my favorite, and have a special place in my heart. I can honestly say that Ben now shares that space with Jack.

This is my sixth book, and I’d like to say it gets easier and easier with each one. I’d be lying. All the insecurities I’ve been plagued with since writing Back-Up are still there, as well as new ones. With each book, my expectations get higher and higher. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s keeping me highly motivated, and extremely goal-oriented. I don’t want to disappoint my readers. They have come to expect a certain storyline, a certain band of characters from me. It’s a very scary experience. Expectations have been set, and the pressure increases with each book. That being said, I still love what I’m now doing as a career, and I thank God on a daily basis for this amazing opportunity.

I also want to thank my family. They have sacrificed the most, yet they continue to cheer me on. I love my three men more than anything on earth. I’m blessed to have them in my life, and in my corner. J~A~R you are my lifelines.

My beta readers, my chicks, my hos, and my groupies have all become a huge presence in my life. Some I’ve met, others I haven’t yet. I feel as if I’ve known these women for years and years. I love them all very much.

BFF’s Angel and Michelle, we are #boundforlife.

JoJo, te amo.

To my contributors:

Christopher John ~ CJC Photography

Sommer Stein ~ Cover Artist

Alicia Carmichal ~ Proofreader

Brenda Wright ~ Formatter

Thank you so much for making Stone Walls a piece of art that I’m so proud of.

Finally, my biggest thank you goes out to my readers. My readers continue to be the backbone to my success. My appreciation is immeasurable, and it often causes me to fumble with my words. Thank you is simply not enough. You all continue to rock. I hope I can continue to rock your worlds with my stories. Love you all so very much!

I’ll leave you with one public service announcement. The indie community is growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis. Readers who once loved jumping into a great book are now writing their own great books. Bloggers who once supported authors are now authors needing support themselves. We are all intertwined in this awesome world of romance. Let’s keep it real, let’s be supportive, let’s build each other up and not tear each other down. There’s room for all and we all need to play nice in the sandbox.

You, as readers, have one job and that is to support your favorite authors. Contact us, talk to us, and let us know you’re there. I, for one, appreciate each and every email, tweet, or private message I receive. I try to respond to each one. Your most important job as a reader is to leave a review. It’s very important to a self-published indie author, and it’s what gets us noticed. So after you’ve read a book, take a few moments and leave a review. It’s the single best way to thank your authors.



The Back-Up Series, Back-Up Copyright ©2013, Front & Center, Encore, Backstage and The Devil’s Lair all Copyright ©2014 by A.M. Madden.


Reason I Am
is the original song for The Back-Up Series, and can be purchased on iTunes.

Lyrics by A.M. Madden and music by Mike Martone


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A.M. Madden



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BOOK: Stone Walls
6.21Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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