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Sparrow's Release

BOOK: Sparrow's Release

Sparrow’s Release

Book One of Celestial Abductions


Shiloh Darke

All rights reserved

Copyright © October 18, 2012, Shiloh Darke

Cover Art Copyright © 2012, Shiloh Darke

Gypsy Shadow Publishing, LLC.

Lockhart, TX

Names, characters and incidents depicted in this book
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ISBN: 978-1-61950-118-8

Published in the United States of America

First eBook Edition: November, 2012


This is dedicated to the
coming of tomorrow and all the discoveries we have yet to make
about the Universe.


Chapter One


Sparrow McBride woke to the sound of breaking
glass. Jerking upright in the bed, she blinked a few times, trying
to command her eyes to focus. She knew a few seconds of disoriented
confusion. Someone was in her house. No sooner had the thought come
than she heard yet another breakable thing shatter.

Her memories of another intruder breaking
into her home when she was a child came to the forefront of her
thoughts. Her father had run to protect them. Her mother had made
her hide under their bed. She still slept with her parents and had
no room of her own yet. Her brother, wanting to be tough, like dad,
had followed him.

When the first shots were fired, Sparrow had
covered her ears. The intruder had not wanted to steal anything. He
just wanted to feel what it was like to kill someone. She had
stayed where her mother had hidden her for hours after everything
had gone silent. When she finally emerged, it was to find her
entire family slaughtered at the hands of someone who had cared
only about ending someone’s life.

The courts appointed her aunt as legal
guardian. Sparrow lived with her until she finished high school and
turned eighteen. Then she had started pursuing her plan of becoming
a cop. She wanted to help do her part to keep that same horror that
happened to her from happening to any other six-year-old child. Her
aunt had died the year after she had graduated from the

Not having a family was something that
constantly bothered Sparrow. She was thirty now. Well past the age
of Spinster, in some people’s opinions. She hated being alone, but
she just hadn’t met
the one.
She knew in her heart he was
out there . . . somewhere. Someday, he would rescue her from all
the painful memories and give her a child and a life worth living;
one where she wasn’t always alone.

The sound of still more breaking glass
interrupted her thoughts, reminding her some jerk off was breaking
house. She growled softly, “Not this time!” and hit
the floor, pausing only long enough to grab the Heckler & Koch
P2000 Compact Pistol out of her nightstand. Whoever was so
insistent on robbing her better kiss his ball-sack goodbye, because
he was going to lose his left nut if he broke one more thing.
What idiot would enter the home of a cop in the middle of the
night anyway?
She eased down her stairs silently with a
second’s smirk at the thought.

One would think the squad car parked in the
drive would be a dead giveaway that whoever was the officer in the
home was indeed currently occupying the residence. Of course, it
was beginning to be a well-known fact—people were becoming dumber
every year.
Maybe the intruder thought the car was just there
for curb appeal?

She paid no attention to her state of dress.
It didn’t even bother her that she was about to take down a
burglar, wearing nothing more than a wife-beater and a thong.
Pressing herself against the wall at the foot of the stairs, she
moved, silent as a panther readying to strike.

Although her name made people believe she was
no more than a tiny sprite, Sparrow was a well-trained officer. She
had gone into the police academy straight out of high school; had
worked with the bomb squad for over three years. This last month,
she had made Detective. The standard squad car was going to be
replaced by her preferred personal choice next week. Then she
wouldn’t stick out like a sore thumb in her neighborhood any

Slowly, she edged around the corner and
looked at the reflection offered by the mirror, which just happened
to be placed strategically to give her a view of the kitchen. It
hung over the fireplace, but was big and offered her a revealing
glimpse of both the entryway and the kitchen in just such an
instance as this.

At first, she saw nothing. Then a large,
skinny, naked gray man’s reflection became apparent as he stood
staring back at her image in the mirror. She heard a series of
clicks and pings, which the logical side of her brain told her had
to be his language. However, her logical side was not the voice she
was listening to. She shook her head in crazed denial at what her
eyes were seeing . . .
little gray men?
Her mind couldn’t
make sense of what she was witnessing.

She had come down here expecting some stupid
member of the adolescent male species from the state of Texas,
rummaging through her belongings in search of something he could
pawn. Finding a skinny gray being with black eyes and no
discernible mouth was not what she had bargained on. Not in a long

Suddenly, her whole world changed when she
watched a second being join the first. He had no mouth either, but
he was bigger and more menacing. His face seemed to resemble
something she had once seen on Star Wars, with flaps of flesh that
pulled back from his head to fall loosely around the edges of his
head; almost like a lion’s mane. It reminded her of someone who had
Dreadlocks, but not with hair . . . Not! That was a continuation of
his skin. As she watched, a series of clicks and pings began
between the two. The bigger one looked from the gray one to her and
lifted his left three-digit, stubby-fingered hand. Her mind issued
the warning to run, but she could not make her body obey as she
stared in silent fascination.

As the orb neared her, it seemed to grow,
eliciting a squeak of shock from her as tentacles much like spider
webs snaked out and wrapped around her. Her arms were immediately
pinned to her sides and she fell, powerless to the floor.

Stunned and bewildered, she opened her eyes
to see the gun, which had been in her hand, floating above her. She
tried to move, but was rewarded when the web-like ropes holding her
tightened and sent small electric shocks through her entire nervous
system. It was not enough to hurt, but definitely enough to cause a
healthy amount of discomfort.

Lying there, staring at the gun, she cursed
herself for not trying to use the weapon.
It was there in your
hand, and you didn’t even try! You could have killed at least one
of them. But no! So now what are you going to do?
She berated
herself silently, answering herself out loud. “I’m going to lie
here like an oaf and wonder what they’re going to do with me,” she
reasoned. “It’s probably just experimentation, right? I’ll be back
in my bed by morning, with no memory of what happened; except as if
it was a dream.” She started to shrug, but caught herself,
remembering the almost pain. “At least that’s what the accounts of
abductees always say.”

Later, she would regret her calm demeanor.
She would wish she had fought harder. When the gray alien stood
over her, she looked up at him and smirked, asking, “Do you think
we can hurry this up? I want to be back in my bed come morning, so
I can make it to work in time.”

The gray being stood, looking down at her
with a strange tilt to his head and she could almost hear the
laughter in his expression. Then a strange buzzing started in her
head and the next she knew, everything went black.

When she woke, she was hanging suspended in
the center of the room with her arms and legs spread wide. She
blinked and looked down to find she was now completely naked. Her
tank top and her thong were both gone. Nothing covered her.
Alarmed, she tried to move, but found she was no longer in control
of her limbs.

Looking around the room, she opened her mouth
to yell, but stopped when she saw an odd blob in the far corner.
She looked at it with an expression of distaste. It reminded her of
a glowing green glob of goo; something akin to stringy snot, but
brighter. Just as she started to look away from it, the disgusting
mass did the unthinkable. It began to move.

Slowly, without the aid of any limbs, it
rolled toward her. She watched it come until it was no longer
viewable, as it was underneath her. Sparrow tensed, with a fear
that made her tremble, waiting in silent trepidation of what was
coming next. Was she going to be put through something painful?

The answer to her question came all too soon,
when she felt a strange cooling sensation start at her toes. Trying
to move as much as she could, she turned her neck in an attempt to
see what was happening. The ooze slowly worked its way up her foot
and onto her leg. As it traveled up her calf, she trembled at the
What is it doing?

It continued up her legs, past her thighs, to
her groin. Soon, the goo was covering her whole body—even her face
and hair. She would have cried out, but was afraid she would get it
in her mouth. She was actually amazed it seemed to instinctively
steer clear of her nose and eyes. She hung in the air, covered in
the green mucus-like stuff wondering what could possibly make this
entire experience even worse.

Then, as if in silent answer to her unspoken
question, she felt her legs being spread even more, as a rather
long and thick portion of the green glob began to move past her
nether lips and then slowly into her. Her worry over it getting
into her mouth at that point was forgotten. She tried to pull up
and away from it, screaming, “No!” but her protest gained her

She felt herself being stretched as a smaller
portion of the ooze; which felt about the size of a thumb, began to
move in a circular motion over and around her clit. At the same
time, the goo
also started to move slowly back and
forth within her.

Unable to stop the tremors that attacked her
as her body betrayed her by responding to the stimulation, she let
her head fall back and cried; gasping and moaning. Humiliation
filled her. The goo seemed to respond to her moans as
encouragement; massaging her breasts, and moving faster in and out
of her until she was panting and crying in ecstasy. Her inner voice
demanded she fight it, but the sensations were so amazing, she
simply had no choice but to respond.

Unlike her responses to the few human men
she’d been with, these sensations didn’t stop until she’d reached
her climax. When she began to come down, the ooze slowed its
assault of her body and began to ease off of her. She hung there
for a few minutes, trying to slow her breathing. When she was
finally somewhat recovered, she heard what sounded like a feminine,
but foreign voice, speaking in a language she didn’t

Then she saw the woman, moving toward her
with what looked like a large metal syringe in her hand. The female
was outrageously tall. Her body reminded Sparrow of a reed: thin
and limber. Her arms were overly long, reaching almost to her
“Tarool-avok. Del sorin dev ri-kiult.”
She spoke in a
soft, almost soothing voice, meeting Sparrow’s gaze with beautiful,
kind amber eyes. Sparrow felt her body being lowered enough so her
feet touched the floor. Then, before she could react, the woman
delivered a shot to the back of her neck, behind her ear.

The stinging lasted only a moment, and the
woman with lavender skin and tawny eyes watched her closely before
beginning to speak again. “That should do it. With your translators
in place, you should be able to understand anyone in the next five
quadrants with no problems.”

Sparrow blinked at the woman. “What was that?
I can understand you now!”

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