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Authors: Sandra Ross

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Soul Mates Kiss

BOOK: Soul Mates Kiss
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Soul Mates Kiss
By Sandra Ross
Published by Publications Circulations

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~ ~ ~

Chapter One

"WILL YOU BE at home for dinner tonight, Lola?"
Davis asked his daughter over breakfast.

Lola was looking over the morning newspaper as
she ate her pink grapefruit and bagel with cream cheese. She and
her father generally made it a habit to eat breakfast together as
often as possible, considering their busy schedules and their
workaholic lives.

Glancing up at him, she saw a very attractive
man, even though he had crossed over into his fifties. Coupled with
his innate grace, he looked very handsome. She did not get her
looks from him, but she suspected she was more in character with
him than her mother. She liked to think she would age as solid and
as strong as her father in time.

Smiling, she shook her head. "I'm afraid not,
Dad," she said. "I've got a business dinner tonight and I'm not
sure how late it will run." Since taking over as senior editor of
the publishing company she worked for, her schedule had become
crammed quite often.

She was meeting a new writer tonight, someone
her publisher had been trying to convince to come on board her
company for a long time now. This wasn't something she would
normally do. But this writer had specifically asked for her. It
puzzled her a little, but she did not really mind, since it was a
work-related errand.

"They're really keeping you busy lately," her
father observed as he ate his omelet. He was acting casually but
she could see worry on his face. "You know you don't have to work,
Lola. Your trust fund is there any time you need to use it."

"I know, Dad," she replied with a sigh. "But I
enjoy what I do. It's not like work at all. Work is something I do
because I have to. This is what I like doing regardless."

"Well, I guess that just runs in the genes," he
reluctantly replied.

They both laughed. Davis also enjoyed his work.
He was very dedicated to running his high profile law firm, even
though he never needed to work another day in his life.

He was disappointed when she did not study law.
He had been looking forward to welcoming her into his law firm and
eventually making her a partner. But legal stuff bored Lola to
death and she knew she did not have the motivation to make it
through law school.

Eventually, her father accepted her decision and
supported her career in the publishing business. It was only out of
respect for his daughter's principles that he was not financing a
publishing house for her. He knew she would eventually gravitate
towards that in the future, and he would, of course,
enthusiastically support her on that, too.

"Have you heard from your mother lately?" Davis
asked in a carefully casual tone.

"Not for a little while," Lola answered, trying
to hide a smile. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, your birthday is coming up soon. I just
thought Sable would call you. She usually likes to spend your
birthday with you."

That was true. Her mother would spend a part of
the day with her, while her Dad would treat her to an expensive
dinner or a memorable evening in a concert, a ballet, or theater
play. When she was young it was the cinema, complete with hot
popcorn with honey and the only occasional soda. But now it was
usually the theater. "I haven't heard from her yet, but she'll
probably call in a day or so."

"That's fine, sweetheart," Davis said. "Just let
me know what your plans are. You know I want to spend some time
with my daughter on her birthday, too."

He gave her a smile and was rewarded with a grin
in return-a mischievous one at that, and it made him color a

He sighed.

Davis was floored when thirteen-year-old Lola
chose to live with him after he and Sable separated. It was not
that she did not like being with her mother. Lola loved Sable and
had a very strong bond with her. But when the time came for her to
decide whom she would live with, she spoke very intensely about her
wish to live with her father. Sable was hurt but after a private
talk with her daughter, she gave in graciously. How could she not,
when she was given her freedom to go where her path would lead her?
How could she take that same freedom away from her daughter?

Lola wanted her life spent in the human world,
with human people. It was her choice. So Lola moved with her father
to New York and was raised in a large penthouse apartment while
Sable lived amongst the Magickals.

And Davis did not waste the opportunity to raise
his daughter. He had her enrolled in some of the best private
schools the city could offer. It was clear early on that Lola had a
rather high IQ and could become anything she wanted. He wanted his
daughter to be the best at whatever career she chose. But at the
moment, he was happy that she was happy with her chosen career.

And for him, that was the most important thing
in the world.

Lola was grown up now, and was as beautiful as
her mother albeit a fiery one in character. Sable was elegant and
cool outwardly, whereas Lola... well, his daughter was passionate
and impulsive and he could see that straight-away, especially when
she was fighting for something that she either believed in or
wanted very much.

Lola had inherited her mother's gorgeous
ash-blonde hair and slanted cat-like green eyes. Her smile,
beautiful and uninhibited, always lit up any room. Sable was
reserved and cool with other people but was never one to hold back
with her feelings, and their daughter held similar emotions.

Sometimes it was almost painful to look at Lola
because she reminded him so much of his ex-wife. Even though they
had been divorced for many years now, he had never met someone like
Sable, or anyone else who could affect him so deeply. So he had
never re-married.

Sable had ruined him, he would sometimes

But who was he to fool? Everyone knew it was
true. After their time together, how could he settle for anyone

But Sable needed something more than what he
could give. She needed her freedom from his world. He had to let
her go because she was not happy with him anymore. A powerful
witch, she had to find her place in the magical world, going on her
magical missions.

Sable was always on flight, doing this and that
for the Council for Magickal Beings. Nevertheless, he loved his
ex-wife and their daughter more than anything else in the

Lola could feel her father watching her. He did
that sometimes and she was used to it by now. She had figured out a
long time ago why he was doing it, too.

"You're thinking about how much I look like
Mother again, aren't you?" she teased him. "Well, Mother is very
beautiful, so I'm going to take that as a supreme compliment."

Davis' shoulders shook as he laughed. "As well
you should, sweetheart."

Glancing at her watch, she gulped down the last
of her juice and got up from the table. She raced around to where
her father sat and kissed him on the cheek.

"I've got to go, Dad, or I'm going to be late
for my meeting. Don't wait up for me tonight because I'm not sure
when I'm going to get home. I love you."

"I love you, too, sweetheart," Davis responded
as he picked the newspaper. "Have a wonderful day!"

Chapter Two

AT FIVE O'CLOCK that afternoon, Lola dashed to
the elevator and then out through the lobby where her driver,
William, was waiting with the car to take her to her meeting place
with the mysterious writer.

As they made their way through traffic, Lola
kept looking at her watch. She really did not want to be late and
it seemed as if traffic was suddenly standing still.

Pushing a button that slid open the glass
partition between herself and William, she inquired what was wrong.
It seemed that there was a malfunctioning traffic light. People
were backed up in all directions.

"Oh hell," Lola said under her breath. Closing
the glass again, she rolled down her side window to try to see how
far the holdup extended. The sound of beeping cars and angry
drivers were terrible. But amidst the chaos, she distinctively
heard the crying of a distressed child.

Looking in that direction, she saw a flushed
child, along with a woman who appeared to be his mother holding her
in the back of a yellow cab, and the tense look on the face of the
taxi driver. The child was obviously in pain and needed to be in
the hospital immediately.

Lola did not hesitate. Her hand moved, her index
finger flicking in the air.

Suddenly, the problem traffic light was
functioning once more. Another flick and the child slumped, asleep.
Her mother became further agitated, but it was okay. Her child
would not feel the pain of an obviously dislocated shoulder if she
was sound asleep. They would get to the hospital without her having
to suffer.

She allowed herself a small smile before sliding
the window back up.

Traffic resumed very quickly after that.

she thought,
I just might make it in time after all.

When they reached the restaurant, her driver
pulled up directly in front of the doors and helped her out of the

"Thanks, William. I'll let you know when I'm
ready to leave."

"You did well helping that child, ma'am,"
William said with his usual kind smile.

Lola felt herself blush. William was a Magickal.
He was one of the stipulations in the "other" contract signed by
her parents when they divorced - that servants who worked closely
with taking care of her would be trusted Magickals. The nanny who
took care of her as she grew up was one, too. Martha was now
retired and living with her granddaughters in an island in Greece
and she usually got tagged to the pictures of them swimming in the
beach in Facebook.

"Err, that was just... we were going to be late.
I mean we're already late..." She blushed more at his knowing look.
William knew how hard she tried sometimes to curtail her use of
magick. She chose to live the life of a human. It's the principle
of the thing. But- "But she was hurting!"

"Ma'am, you're going to be more late. I will
come back when you tell me." He tipped his hat to her in agreement
and he was off.

She sighed as she turned toward the restaurant.
She knew those Magickal who knew of her did not really believe she
could stay living her life as a human. But that was the thing - she
loved living like a human. She did not need all that Magickal
politics. She did not need to learn magical calisthenics. She's
doing fine on her own.

Sometimes, she could hear whispers that she was
a better Magickal than ordinary Magickals over there, in islands
and other places inhabited by them. That felt weird and it made her
feel uneasy.

It must be because of her mother's genes. Like,
in the real world, there were those who has higher I.Q. - which was
her point. In the real world, those with lower I.Q. have skills and
talents that made them better than the "intelligent" ones. To each
his own. She could not believe she could be better than other
Magickals. That would fall on closer observation.

BOOK: Soul Mates Kiss
10.18Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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