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He knew that she also felt the feeling of not
wanting the evening to end, even though they had not initially
planned to spend it together. He knew that she knew how both of
them found an excuse to keep from turning in for the night. She was
clearly fighting sleep. Marcus looked at his watch and almost
leaped to his feet. It was approaching four in the morning.

Ridiculous! How had the hours flown by so fast?
But he knew how. He was looking at her now. The rain kept pouring
down outside and it was clearly having an effect on her. The sound
was starting to make her sleepy. Marcus could not help but grin
when she yawned rather widely. But he managed to stop the chuckle
before she could hear it.

"I must apologize for keeping you up so late,"
he said finally.

"Oh no, it's okay," Lola said, looking at her
wristwatch. Her eyes widened. "Good Lord! It's almost four in the

He could not help his chuckle this time. "You're
about to fall on your ass." Yes, they had been talking like they
knew each other a long time before now, that he felt he could talk
to her familiarly without being slapped on the face. "Let me show
you to your suite, Lola. Come on."

Lola laughed and reached out to take the hand he
offered to help her get up from the coach. But as soon as their
hands touched, there was an almost physical manifestation of

They both jumped back as the little blue sparks
died away in the air. Marcus laughed nervously. "Well, I guess
there must be a lot of static in the air tonight," he said.
What the hell was
that? Was it me?
Did she
see those blue sparks? He hoped she did not get scared!

But Lola did not look scared. She looked...
curious, as her eyes wandered around them. It was as if she was
trying to find the culprit hiding behind the beams above, or the
corner of the fireplace. "Yes, that must be it," she said, but in a
way as if she was only replying to what he said automatically.

And then she nodded to herself, as if she had
thought the solution. But she was not going to tell him about

OF COURSE, Lola knew that what just happened was
not as simple as static in the air. But Marcus would not be privy
to the same knowledge that she had, so he would say it was just as
simple as that.

Following him up the wide staircase, she looked
around to take in her surroundings a bit more closely. It truly was
a grand place and she found to her surprise that it was growing on
her. She had spotted a sun room with reddish-brown tiled floor and
wide-spanned windows, with French doors lining the south side. She
would love having breakfast there.

The door to the library was open and she
glimpsed the paneled oak wall and another fireplace there, though
it wasn't lighted. She would have loved a tour of the place, and
she could assume, with little sarcasm and a lot of anticipation,
that with the way the weather was behaving, there would be time for

"So Marcus, what do you think the chances are of
us being out of here by Halloween?" she asked him in a teasing
note. She was that comfortable with him now that she felt she could
tease without offending him. It was remarkable. They must be
kindred spirits.

He seriously pondered her question. "Well, it's
difficult to say. It's not looking so promising right now." He
threw a glance at her. "Why? Do you have some big plans for that

"Oh, I really don't want to impose on you that

He smiled. "No imposing. It's obvious I'm
enjoying your company, Lola."

She found herself blushing. Really! It was
embarrassing. "Well, it's also just that it's my birthday on
Halloween. I'm a Halloween girl." She rolled her eyes.

"Are you serious?" Marcus said, stopping just on
the landing of the second floor.

"Yeah," she said. "It's ok, though."

"No, it is certainly not ok," Marcus said,
clearly distressed. "It's your birthday, Lola. If we can't get you
out of here by then, I'll make sure that you have as nice a
celebration as I can manage."

"Oh, please don't go to any trouble!" Lola
protested. "I shouldn't have even said anything."

But Marcus was already planning. "You would
actually be doing us a favor here. Amie loves to entertain and she
often complains that I don't do nearly enough of it."

Lola laughed. "Really, huh?" She could not
believe someone who looked like him could be an introvert. "Let's
see how it would pan out then."

Just as she stopped talking, Marcus stopped
beside a set of beautiful ornate double doors. He opened them and
stood aside so that she could enter.

Reaching around her, he hit a light switch and
the bedside lamps came on.

Lola gasped.

Chapter Nine


The room was enormous. It has a lovely
four-poster bed and sitting area with a table and delicate-looking
sets of chairs to match. There was also a fireplace that was lit,
as well as an adjoining bathroom that had its door open so she
could see a glimpse of the huge bathtub that would have made the
Romans proud.

She did not know exactly when Marcus had managed
to light the fireplace, but he was putting another log on the fire
now. Must be when he'd left her for a while to get the dishes back
in the kitchen. She did notice that the staircase was accessible on
the hallway. But still, he would have been very fast. The flames
were giving off the glow that lent character to the oak paneling on
the wall. It felt very welcoming.

"Wow..." she breathed as she looked around.
"Marcus, this is quite impressive."

"I'm glad you like it. I hope you'll be
comfortable. If there's anything that you need, please don't
hesitate to let me know."

"Yes, yes. Thank you. Goodnight, Marcus."

He took hold of the door handle and he looked at
her and smiled. "Goodnight, Lola. Sleep well."

Then he closed the door.

Lola stood for a while in the middle of the
room, still feeling whatever tension that was left by their
goodnights to each other... that ringing sensation that vibrated
after his soft "Sleep well."

Then she smiled.

There was something here, and she still could
not identify what it was, but she knew she liked it. She looked at
the bed again.

And she was exhausted.

Lola slept very well that night in spite of the
weather. It was as if she was sleeping in her own room. She felt
very much at home.

The next morning, she awoke to the same weather
and though she groaned, she found herself anticipating seeing
Marcus again for the day.

She and Marcus spent the entire day together. He
gave her a tour of his mansion. They discussed every interesting
spot, pored over all the books they both loved reading in his
library, and even watched a DVD for a few hours after lunch. Her
birthday was the next day. She had been born one minute past
midnight. She knew that her father and friends would be
disappointed that she was not back in New York to celebrate it with
them, but in all honesty, she knew she would be happy to spend her
birthday here in this mansion with Marcus.

Amie, Marcus' housekeeper, was very surprised to
see the accidental houseguest but she was also very delighted when
she recovered. She made sure Lola wanted for nothing, then did her
best to make sure they had plenty of time alone-she and Marcus had
a laugh about it. The day was quite lovely in spite of the
dreariness of the weather.

But that night, Lola received an even bigger
surprise when Amie served them a fancy dinner with her most
favorite foods. So that was why she was quizzed so much by Marcus
while they talked about a thick recipe book of classic home cooked
meals that morning! Dessert was a huge chocolate crepe birthday
cake baked by Amie, topped by cherries and toasted and candied
hazelnuts. It was the most delicious cake Lola had ever tasted!

She couldn't believe it. But even miles away
from home, this birthday turned out to be one of the best ones she
had ever experienced.

Amie had to retire before midnight. The older
woman bade them goodbye as Marcus poured what remained in the
champagne bottle into their glasses and they sipped it, talking
about nonsensical things as they waited for her birth hour.

When midnight arrived, Marcus held out his hand
to Lola. "Come. You should be standing when the clock strikes on
your birth minute, you know."

"Who says?" she asked, giggling a little.

"Just me," he said, also chuckling. "A kind of
nonsensical thing that seems to make sense."

They both laughed.

And then the clock struck midnight.

They were actually still laughing then. Marcus
looked down at her, and she knew he was about to greet her 'Happy

But something flickered in his eyes and before
she knew it, he had leaned down and placed his mouth over hers.

The kiss deepened very quickly into a
passionate, soul-wrenching kiss, almost as if it was destined. It
was the kind of kiss that possessed a momentum of its own, as if it
was alive, and could not be stopped. She had never known a kiss
could feel that way. Nothing in her life had prepared her for what
she was feeling right then. Lola only knew that she never wanted
that kiss to end.

It was a feeling that was obviously and
definitely shared by Marcus.

Marcus, on the other hand, had not really intended
to kiss Lola. How many times had he thought of doing so
time she would smile or laugh
her kind of laugh that was so carefree? But he held himself in
check because he did not want her to feel threatened. She might
enjoy his company, but she was here because of bad weather and not
of her own volition.

But when he looked down at her happy face, it
seemed the most natural thing in the world for him to do. He held
her hands and looked at her lovely eyes, and he was going to greet
her 'Happy Birthday', but suddenly realized that nothing could be
more perfect for the moment but for them to kiss.

And once his mouth touched hers, he never wanted
to pull away.

It felt like every lost piece of the many in his
life clicked into place. He just knew that Lola was the reason he
never found the right woman. No one had ever made him feel this
way. So powerful and passionate were those feelings that he had
felt her coming before she even arrived. Hence, those dreams about
her. How could he ever let her get away after this realization?

Without words, Marcus picked Lola up in his arms
and carried her upstairs to his master suite. Lola never made a
sound of protest as she let him carry her, and she kissed him back
every time their lips mingled.

And how grateful he was.

He laid her on his bed and her hands pulled at
his sweater so they could not part, so they could continue kissing.
There was no doubt about where this was going as clothes were
stripped off each other. Marcus' naked body molded to Lola's in
perfect symphony. Hands explored each other's bodies with desperate

Neither of them was thinking of anything in that

They were only feeling.

Chapter Ten

MARCUS MOVED HIS mouth and tongue all over
Lola's neck and breasts, stopping to suck each of her pink
raisin-like nipples until she moaned and writhed uncontrollably.
Over and over, she breathed his name. Wanting to taste more of her
and hear her call out to him again, he continued his oral path down
between her thighs. Using the tip of his tongue to part the fleshy
petals that concealed her pleasure core, he flicked small gentle
circles around it until her thighs begin to shake.

Her inner muscles contracted on his finger when
he slid it inside her tight folds, seeking for the spot that he
knew would give her more pleasure than she was already feeling.
Then he began sucking her clit. He closed his eyes as he heard her
tiny moans, her gasps, and he savored the way she would buck as he
sucked and blew at her clit. "Oh Marcus!" she groaned as the first
orgasm hit her. He sucked and used his finger until she was
finished. She had a dazed but grateful look on her face when he
finally moved back up her body.

Feeling her hand wrap around his burgeoning
cock, he pushed against her while kissing her even more deeply.

"I want you inside me, Marcus," she whispered to
him as she parted her thighs and pulled his cock down to meet the
opening of her slit.

Marcus was beyond thinking at that moment. He
only knew that he could feel the heat coming from her inner core
and that he needed to be enveloped in that sexual furnace. Pushing
inside of her, he did not stop until he was fully consumed by her
wet, grasping inner muscles. She was tight, and so wet. He looked
at her face and saw the truth. This was the very first time she'd
been penetrated.

BOOK: Soul Mates Kiss
13.16Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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