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Sold to the Wolf

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Sold To The Wolf


All rights reserved. This book, or any portion
thereof may not be reproduced or used in any manner without the
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This is a work of fiction and is intended for mature
audiences only. All characters within are eighteen years of age or
older. Names, places, businesses, characters and incidents are
either the product of the author’s imagination or are used in a
fictitious manner. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead,
actual events or places is purely coincidental.  

© 2013 Harmony Raines

Silver Moon Erotica

Smashwords Edition




Chapter One

Adam held his phone to his ear, listening to the
dialling tone. While he waited for his brother, Nat, to answer he
watched the young woman walking to towards the stage.

A mixture of emotions raged inside him, but mostly he
was angry.

He had come to the club to speak to the manager about
security, which was his speciality, supplying doormen and other
added security guards when needed. There was a big star due to
visit the club the following Saturday night, the manager was
expecting a large crowd and so needed Adam's help.

It was the sort of club Adam hated, there was
something seedy about the place, and tonight was the worst. Young
women came here and auctioned themselves off to the highest bidder.
Some of them did it for kicks; others did it because they needed
the money.

Tonight was a special kind of auction, women were
auctioning their virginity. Adam could not imagine why any woman
with an ounce of self respect would do that. He normally had a
thick skin and ignored what went on around him, but tonight
something had happened, and now he was having to phone his brother
for help.

The toned stopped and his brother’s voice answered.
“Hello, what can I do for you Adam?” You had to love caller ID.

“Hi, Nat,” Adam said unsure how to go on. “Look, I
need to ask you a favour.”

“Anything I can help you with, you know I will.” Nat
was the alpha of the Greystone wolves, the one they all respected
and obeyed, and he was also the first person anyone turned to when
they were in trouble.

There was no easy way for a proud man like Adam to
ask, so he simply came out with it. “I need to borrow some

There was a pause on the other end of the line. “Are
you in trouble, Adam?”

“No, nothing like that, something’s come up, that's

“Give me your word you’re OK and I’ll have the money
transferred into your account immediately,” Nat said, still

There was no way Adam could lie to Nat. “Everything
is fine, I wouldn’t ask but my money is tied up and I need the cash

“I know you’re good for it, Adam, and don’t rush to
pay me back, I'll transfer it at once.”

“Thanks, Nat.”

“You're not going to tell me what it’s for, are you?”
Nat pressed.


“OK, just thought it was worth asking. Take care,

“You too.” Adam hung up, and turned back towards the

“OK, gentlemen, next up for your delight and
enjoyment, Cindy.” The auctioneer said into a cheap mic that
distorted his voice.

Cindy stepped onto the stage, her lush round curves
barely concealed beneath a thin wrap. Adam gripped the back of the
chair in front of him and fought for control.

“Now, Cindy, why not show us what you have hiding
under there?”

Cindy looked at the auctioneer, and then to the crowd
of men in front of the stage. “Come on now don’t be shy.”

Cindy was visibly trembling as she open the front of
the wrap and revealed her voluptuous body to the eager eyes of the
audience. A burst of chatter rang out, and a couple of wolf
whistles. By now the whites of Adams knuckles were visible and the
chair was in danger of being broken.

“Cindy is offering two days of her time to you lucky
gents, plenty of time for someone to break her in.” A ripple of
eager laughter went around the room.

Cindy looked terrified; the reality of the situation
suddenly hitting her, but it was too late because the auctioneer
had started the bidding. Reluctantly Adam raised his hand, there
was no way he could let any of these other men win her.

Adam prayed none of the other members of the pack
would ever have to find out he'd had to buy his true mate in an




Chapter Two

Cindy stood rooted the spot, the lights shining onto
the stage made it hard to see who was bidding for her. She was
terrified. What in hell was she doing there? It had seemed like
such a good idea, the money was too much of a temptation, but now
it seemed to be the stupidest thing she had ever done.

The atmosphere in the room was terrible, all these
men bidding for the chance to fuck a virgin, because that was what
would happen. No love making, no taking it slow, these men wanted a
young woman to break, literally.

But the money, it would be worth the pain and
indignity to have a few thousand dollars in her bank account. God
she hoped so.

The bidding had reached the minimum she had wanted;
she was surprised, after all no man went for her curves normally.
Or perhaps it was her shyness that put them off, she couldn’t
really tell. That was a joke, the shyest girl in school standing
naked on a stage being auctioned off.

It seemed the bids were starting to stall; the
auctioneer seemed to be looking between two people now. At least
she wasn’t the cheapest girl to be sold tonight, she laughed to
herself that made the whole thing so much better, not.

“Come on guys, which one of you really wants the
chance to show this lovely lady what kind of a man they are.” The
auctioneer sure liked to get the men going, but then he was on a
commission so it was in his best interest.

“I’d like to have a closer look, and touch,” a rough
voice said from the crowd.

Her eyes widened in terror, that so rarely happened
the manager had told her, however it was part of the contract and
she would have to submit.

The crowd before her moved, a ripple of excitement
and anticipation going through them. A man made his way forward, he
was middle aged and balding, something about him made her skin
crawl. He was not the kind of man she had envisaged winning her,
but he was typical of the kind of guys in the room.

She wanted to run, this was stupid. She had
definitely changed her mind about being sold.

“Ten thousand.”

There was a gasp from the crowd.

“Ten thousand?” The auctioneer seemed a little

“Yes. Ten thousand, if no one touches her.”

“I want my inspection,” the balding man sneered,
still coming forward.

“If you want to touch her you can match my bid, or
else she is mine.” The voice sounded aggressive, almost out of

She was shocked at the amount; it was one of the
biggest price tags ever. Then she wondered what would be worse,
balding guy or crazy guy. No guy. Gathering her wits she covered
herself and turned to leave the stage as quickly as possible. She
went the wrong way and got stuck behind a curtain, and had to go
back before she finally found the stairs to get down. As she set
foot on the ground she heard the auctioneer bang his gavel

“Sold, for ten thousand.” The auctioneer sounded
overjoyed. “If you go to your right someone will hand you the
contract to sign. Enjoy your purchase, and have a good

She quickly found her bag and clothes and got
dressed. If she left now she would escape the buyer, and then she
could try and straighten things out in the morning. Pulling on her
dress she quickly shoved her feet into her shoes, and then ran for
the door.

The cool air hit her face as she raced outside; she
stopped to get her bearings, wanting to head towards somewhere busy
in case she was followed. She made up her mind and went to run when
a hand grabbed her arm, pulling her backwards.

“Where do you think you are going?” an angry voice

She fell back against his hard, toned body, her arm
in pain from his tight hold on it. “I’m sorry; I made a mistake,
let me go, please.”

“It’s a little too late for that, don’t you think? I
paid for you fair and square, and I have the contract to prove it.
So now you are coming home with me.”

“No,” she turned and tried to push him away. Then she
looked up and saw who her captor was, her heart skipped a beat and
she struggled to breathe.

Instead of a creepy old guy, as she had expected,
there stood the kind of man most girls would die for. He had dark
brooding looks, and a fierceness about him that made her knees go
weak. She had met handsome men before, they had usually ignored
her, but this guy was something else, and he wanted her.

Her body responded to him in a way she had never
known, and she became aware that his chest wasn’t the only thing
that was hard. She could feel his stiff length pressing against her
thigh, as far as she knew she had never had this affect on a

She faltered, unsure of what she was supposed to do,
go with him, or try to run. His hold on her did not loosen,
running, for now, was out of the question. Relaxing a little she
realised her own body was reacting to him, there was a heat filling
her, brought on by his nearness.

He was the most intense man she had ever met, and
that intensity flowed into her, making her want him too. Instantly
he felt the change in her and took it as acceptance. Pulling her
with him he made his way to where cars were parked underneath the
building, he fished in his pocket for some keys and then she heard
the beep of a door being unlocked.

She was going with him, he was going to take her home
and do what he pleased with her, she had sold herself to this man
for two days. All reason left her, she only wanted to know what he
was going to do to her, and how much she was going to enjoy it.

He opened the car door, and was about to help her in
when he stopped. “Hell, I can’t wait.”

Leaning her over the passenger seat he reached up her
skirt and ripped her panties off her. She knew they were sopping
wet, a sure give away for how aroused she was by him. He must have
felt it because he lifted them to his nose and sniffed, the scent
of her drove him wild.

He pinned her down with one arm and before she could
protest worked his finger inside her.

“You are tight,” he said, moving in and out of

He slowed a little, inserting another finger inside
her and stretching her gently. She had never felt anything like
this, her brain screamed at her to tell him to stop, they were in a
public place and he was doing the most intimate things to her. But
her voice would not cooperate; sense had no place in this.

His fingers slid out of her, rubbing her juices along
the length of her slit. Then he used his foot to push her feet
further apart, her legs spread wide giving him better access to
her. His left hand stroked her thigh, working its way around her
soft plump flesh until his fingers found her clit.

She groaned as his fingers rubbed her there, sliding
into her sex and then back out to play with her until she could
think of nothing else. Dimly she heard the sound of a zip, and then
something pushing against the entrance to her sex. At first it
didn’t register, only when the tip of his cock slid inside her did
she fully understand that he was going to take her right now.

He filled her with his thickness, sliding into her
until he reached the membrane of her innocence, and then he pushed
through it, making her cry out. Biting her lip to help keep silent
she tried to relax, knowing the tenser she was the more it would
hurt, but it was hard when the stinging persisted.

BOOK: Sold to the Wolf
9.06Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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