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Authors: Miriam F. Martin

Tags: #romance, #suspense, #comedy, #pulp, #humor, #spies, #menage, #urban, #wedding, #work place

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Kevin walked around the table,
breathing slow in and out with each step. He settled one hip on the
table, near Elsie’s right hand. She still wore the diamond
engagement ring he’d given her.

He looked her straight in the

Biggins blackmailed me,” he said.
He expected relief to fill him with the confession. Instead, his
stomach felt weighed down with rocks. Kevin could hardly breath,
waiting for Elsie to say or do something.

He didn’t have to wait too

Elsie laughed. At first a tiny
chuckle, which grew into a full blown belly laugh as if he had told
her the dirtiest joke on Earth. Kevin shifted the weight on his
hip, not sure what to say next. Not sure what her response

So he put on his best poker face
and stayed cool as a cucumber in the fridge.

You?” she said, gasping for
breath. “Blackmailed by Biggins? Good God, why?”

It’s not what
you think,” said Kevin.
What did
she think?
Hell, how would he see the
situation if things were turned around? “Look, I’ve done some bad
things. But this one wasn’t my fault exactly.”

I hope not,” Elsie controlled her
laughing at last and swiped the lock of hair behind one ear.
“Biggins is the real deal. Bad news. You don’t know the shit-storm
you poked your head into.”

Kevin pulled away from her as if
she had bitten him. He would’ve preferred a bite.

Wait?” he said. “How do you know

I don’t,” Elsie said. “I know
things about people.”

The way she said it sent a chill
down Kevin’s arms. As if a curtain had been parted, and a cold
stiff breeze blew through. How had it not seen this side of Elsie
before? She was being her usual confident self, but different.
Creepy, and more than a little mysterious.

He stepped back a step. And
another, until his backside hit the wall.

I think,” said Kevin, clearing
his throat. “I think we need to come clean with each

Baby,” said Elsie, a glint of
wicked humor shining in her eyes. “I’m a bad girl.”




Her entire body clenched and
tingled hot, her earlier frustration near forgotten. For the

Kevin so much as admitted to be a
member of the spy community. Elsie wished he would just cough up
the truth, but she wasn’t about to let on directly either. But
learning what she now knew about Kevin, as good as knowing he was a
spy, just made him seem hotter.

Elsie really had been a bad girl
her entire life. Now she wanted to show Kevin what she meant by

She picked a pool stick off the
wall, chalked it slow and sensual while licking her lips, and
walked around to his side of the table. Elsie leaned over the
table, pressing a hip into him, his body heat searing her through
the thin material of her sundress.

Eight ball,” she said. “Left
corner pocket.”

The ball sank into the left

Kevin looked at her askance, brows
tight, his eyes roaming up and down her body. Elsie wanted to
squeeze his arm as she strutted behind him to reach the cue ball.
She resisted the urge.

He smelled really nice. Like he’d
just taken a shower, and then worked out. Just enough cleanliness
mixed with sweat. Elsie put a little extra sway in her

Six,” she said. “Right

Again, she made the

We’re both intelligent adults,”
said Kevin, leaning against the corner of the table. “Why don’t we
just come clean?”

I can be clean,” said Elsie. She
dropped her voice, making it sound husky and sly. “Do you want

Yeah… Well, yeah.”

Elsie pressed her lips together in
a tight little grin. This was just like grifting a mark,

More fun.

He stood up straighter and cleared
his throat. “We both know how this ends,” Kevin said.

Oh?” said Elsie. “Just like we
both know I’m going to sink the three right where your nut-sack

Elsie leaned down, sticking her ass
out. The cool air felt pleasant against her bare, warm skin. She
wanted the billiard table cleared. Her pussy lips tingled with
anticipation, she already was wet. Not having panties on helped
with that.

I don’t see how you can make the
shot,” said Kevin.

Want to see?” Elsie bit her
bottom lip and struck the cue ball.

The cue hit the five, which
ricocheted and hit the three. The three ball fell in the hole,
right where she said it would.

I see,” said Kevin. “But maybe
instead of playing pool, we should worry about your

She’s more dangerous than me,”
Elsie tossed her hair to one side. “And besides, I don’t have a
plan yet.”

Kevin shifted his weight, gripping
the pool stick in both hands. “Maybe we should come up with a

So hasty.” Elsie called another
shot. “Six in the middle pocket.”

Again, the ball fell in. She kept
making shot after shot, near silence settling on the room. The only
sounds were her calls and the satisfying smacking of billiard
balls. Kevin grunted now and then, throwing in a “nice shot” or
“when will it be my turn” every so often.

They didn’t need to say much.
Kevin’s eyes said it all. Just like the time they walked along the
Seine River in Paris. Or when he took to her favorite ice cream
stand in Brooklyn. Those sexy brown eyes devoured her up and down,
and Elsie reveled in the attention.

And his attention was so much
different than the corporate pigs she stole secrets from. They only
wanted a piece of ass, or a bitch in a leather outfit to smack them
around. A special few professed true love to her, but without an
exception they were playing behind a wife’s or a girlfriend’s

Kevin appeared so helpless and weak
when he stared at her like this. Like he wanted to spill his guts
with secrets. Well, that was certainly true, as she now found

But he also looked like a man who
would do anything for her, whether he got laid or not. Kevin
controlled his lust, this time hiding behind that pool stick as if
it would save him from Elsie. The bulge in his pants and the wild
eyed expression on his face gave him away.

Elsie had him wrapped around her
finger, and she knew it, just like she knew she’d win this pool

She sank the last ball.

Do you use your charms?” Kevin
said. “When you’re in the field. Please be honest.”

Yes,” she said. “But I’ll give
all that up. For you.”

Can you? Give it up and walk

Elsie meant to say yes again, but
hesitated. It wasn’t that simple. Once a spy, always a spy.
Sometimes, hell all of the time, you didn’t get to walk away
because you had a change of heart.

I understand,” Kevin said. “I
want to give it up for you, too. But I don’t know how to get

Elsie nodded. Her heart sank, but
not exactly because of what Kevin said. The heat between her legs
cooled a little. She didn’t know how to get out of the business
either. Start over. Clean slate.

I love you,” she said. Elsie
stepped closer to him, enough to feel his body heat.

I love you, too,” he said. “Just

Shh,” Elsie put a finger to his
lips. She traced down the rough stubble on his chin, down his neck,
to the button on his polo shirt.

She kissed him. Just a taste. The
heat between her legs returned, full blast now. Elsie cuddled up to
him, wrapping an arm around his neck.

Kevin pulled her in closer, hands
firmly pressed on her waist. He French kissed her, tongues
wrestling and probing each other’s teeth.

Then he lifted her dress up and
cupped her butt in both hands.

All of her insides knotted up
pleasurably. Elsie had forgotten how good he felt, how powerful his
arms were, and how wonderful it was to snuggle against him and
drive him crazy with kissing.

She snapped the shirt’s button
loose, revealing a patch of wiry chest hair.

Before she realized what she was
doing, Elsie was down on her knees and unzipping his

The problems with Zack and Molly
faded to background noise. Elsie still wanted to make sure her
mother was okay.

But what was Elsie going to do?
Chase Molly Biggins through the small town streets of

Mom could handle herself. Besides,
she went willingly with Biggins.

Right now, Elsie needed to handle

She yanked his belt buckle hard
enough to make him grunt. He didn’t stop her. Just stared into her
eyes with that wild, helpless expression.

In a flash, his pants were open and
his cock sprung free, half hard and wet on the end. She took the
head into her mouth, and licked his saltiness clean.

Kevin ran his fingers through her
hair, pulling her closer. Elsie grabbed his wrists, and denied him
with soft licks along the side of his member. He moaned.

She nibbled at him, play biting up
and down the shaft. On the way down, she went lower, and took one
ball into her mouth, sucking hard as she could. He jerked away, but
the desperate moan told her he wanted more.

So Elsie took the other ball and
licked it up, sucking it into her mouth. His cock throbbed to full

Just like she knew would

Elsie kissed and bit back up his
shaft, patting him under the sack along the way. Kevin was leaning
over now, hands on her shoulders and massaging her.

When she reached the fat mushroom
head, Elsie gripped him and took him into her mouth. She twisted
her hand as she sucked him, gently scraping her teeth up and down
his length.

Right when his moaning grew the
most intense, and right before he could climax, Elsie pulled away.
She smiled up at him, luxuriating in his musky smell.

Your turn,” she said.

But,” Kevin said, trying to hide
his goofy smile, “isn’t there some rule that a man can’t his bride
before the wedding?”

Fuck the rules, baby. We’re not
exactly a normal couple anymore.”

As if they ever were.

Kevin gripped her upper arms and
lifted Elsie to her feet.

Then he went down on




Kevin smoothed back her silky soft
hair. He felt the sweat trickling at the nape of her neck. Elsie
hadn’t lied when she told him she was bad.

Maybe not in the way she meant it.
She was saying she was spy after all? Was she spying on him? Logic
told him that was a possibility.

Logic was a cold hearted bitch.
Kevin didn’t care about logic or thinking right now. And after
Elsie pulled open his belt and started slobbering all his manhood,
it was too late, spy or not.

Kevin didn’t even care about the
silly rule about a groom not seeing the bride before the wedding.
He kept secrets for a living. No big deal to keep this secret

She already smelled like an orgasm,
and not from the earlier fling she had in the kitchen. All his will
went into not bucking his hips into her face. He enjoyed the rising
tension as she sucked him, giving her all the power to tease and
get him off. He wanted to enjoy that sensation for as long as

When Kevin couldn’t take it any
longer, he grabbed Elsie by the upper arms and brought her to her
feet. He pushed her into the corner, near the pool stick rack.
Sweat trickled down his back, his palms hot and sticky on her
smooth arms. A wild, mock-fearful expression plastered Elsie’s
face—wide eyes, neck and cheeks blushed, mouth in a lovely “O”

Kevin got down on one knee, and
lifted her dress above her hips.

Elsie’s pussy was shaved into a
thin landing strip, just the way he liked it. The hair seemed to
point from her navel down to her honey pot. But the shaved areas
hadn’t been tended to in a few days. The bare skin was rough and

He dived right in, tongue extended
and eager to taste, splitting her lips apart with index and middle
fingers. Her clitoris popped out right away, and he licked and
nibbled on her pearl.

Elsie combed her fingers through
his hair, and pulled as she moaned in ecstasy.

She was gushing wet with juices
trickling down both thighs.

Not stopping to give her a rest,
not even bothering to tease like he loved doing to her, he sank two
fingers inside while he flicked her clit with his tongue. Back and
forth, up and down. Kevin wiggled his fingers inside.

Then he curled his fingers into a
“come hither” motion, rubbing on her G-spot.

BOOK: Siren's Garter: Issue One August 2016
9.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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