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BOOK: Show Me You Care
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Show Me You Care

By: Yanni



Copyright 2014 Yanni

Published by Sullivan Productions LLC

Editor Vanna B

All rights reserved. Without limiting the rights under copyright reserved above. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form, or by any means (electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise) without prior written consent from both the author and publisher Sullivan Productions LLC, except brief quotes used in reviews, interviews or magazines.


This is a work of fiction. It is not meant to depict, portray or represent any particular real person. All the characters, incidents and dialogue in this written work are the product of the author’s imagination and are not to be considered as real. Any references or similarities to actual events, entities, real people living or dead, or to real locations are intended for the sole purpose of giving this novel a sense of reality. Any similarities with other names, characters, entities, places, people or incidents are entirely coincidental.







Wow it’s my fourth time doing this I couldn’t be happier. I would like to thank god for all the blessing I’ve received it the past year of my life. I would like to thank my mother Rosa for being there through thick and thin even though you work my nerves I still love you. I would also like to thank my father Alan Sr. who I love dearly with the bottom of my heart. To My second mom Auntie Bre Bre I love you for always being a phone call away even if you busy.

To My sisters Bria and Briana I love you guys dearly. You guys have been my role models since the day I popped out of my mom. We were inseparable, I would always copy y’all style and read what you read (Lol). I wanted to be just like y’all. The two of you keep me going, when I have a bad day I know I could call and talk to you. I miss y’all so much I can’t wait to see you. I know that no matter what y’all my sisters even I don’t see or talk to you as much. Love Y’all

To my older brother AJ you aspire me in more ways than I could ever explain. You put up with my annoying ways and allow me to cry to you. You listen to my school problems even know I know you don’t really care. I love you Big Brother, even if I don’t hug you or tell you every day I truly love you. I’m Proud of you and all your accomplishments. I love you!

To Leo Sullivan and #WEAREFAMILY thank you for everything, you guys have helped and accepted me from day 1, with me being the baby and all (Lol). I’m glad to have met and be able to work with such an amazing group of writers and people.

#MoneyTeam Lola Bandz, Shantay, Demettrea, Cassie and Tynessa. I love y’all for real; y’all help me grow so much as an author and a person. The Take Over starts NOW!! 

To Tay and Lola I’ma be in Cali real soon just wait on it (Lol)

Shout Out to: Shay, Teah, Ms. Jay, Victoria, Erinn, Nancy, Niecy, Tiba, Lucy and anyone else that has helped me on this journey!






I walked until I was able to get in contact with my best friend, who arrived just as quickly as I called her. Even through our rough patches she was always there for me, no matter the situation. The whole ride to my house was silent. I didn’t say anything about what happened. We pulled up in front of my apartment and I thanked her for the ride before getting out the car. I walked into the house to find it empty. It wasn’t unusual to me but the note taped to the refrigerator door was.

Dear Jordyn,

I know I haven’t been much of a mother to you but I’ve decided to work on myself. I know you probably hate me but Jordyn, I’m sorry. I found your stash in your pillowcase and took the money. I’ll pay you back. Jordyn, there are some things that I would love to tell you that I know you won’t understand. I’m sorry that I never gave you the chance to meet your father and form your own opinion but I couldn’t bear seeing him. For the first three years of your life he was a part of it. Once he decided that he didn’t want to be with me anymore I couldn’t stand to look at you. I mean you’re his twin, his mini. Jordyn, he loves you. He really does. But at one point in life we both chose crack and the streets over you. I can’t write how many things I want to say sorry for but one thing I’m sorry for is not letting you know that your mother loves you. I’m sorry for all the men that I let touch you, Jordyn. I pray you forgive me and understand that I made a lot of mistakes when raising you. Shit, I had just gotten out of college when I had you, but that’s not an excuse for my mistakes.

Sincerely, Your Mother, Tinker

I read the letter one more time, trying to understand what was really going on. I couldn’t believe my mother had just up and left with the little bit of college money I’d managed to save up. I looked inside the fridge to find it empty. I walked out of the kitchen towards my room. She had broken the door damn in half. I walked in to find only my mattress lying in the middle of the floor. I broke down. Same old Tinker, only worrying about her damn self. I couldn’t stay there. She took all my money and my furniture. I walked over to my closet and shook my head; all I had left was the clothes on my back and my uniform for work, nothing else. She robbed me blind; my own mother stole everything from me. I looked around the apartment that never was a happy home but was somewhere I could actually call home. I opened the door and walked out. I usually entertained the people who chilled in front of the building but I couldn’t stand to be around anyone right now. I called into work and told them I was sick and couldn’t come in. Although my boss knew my living situation I never told him everything that was going on. I was still a minor and I knew the law would require him to report everything he thought he knew. As I walked deeper down the block the less people I saw. It was as if something was about to happen and nobody informed me. I decided to stop at the park since I didn’t have anywhere else to go. That’s when I saw one of the dudes that was with the man who tried to rape me. I didn’t know whether I should stay or walk away. I decided to go have a seat on the bench and watch the local boys play basketball.

Chapter 1:
I woke up to the sounds of my mother getting the shit beat out of her by some random nigga who she was hoping would provide her next hit. Contemplating on if I should go to her rescue or not, nights like these made me wish I knew who my dad was. Rumor had it that it was my Aunt Stacey’s husband Theodore or a big time drug dealer name Jay but no one knew the truth about the matter. And every time I asked, my mother would never answer me or she’d tell me to mind my fucking business I got up and locked the door, remembering the last time I forgot to. That night I woke up to some old pervert trying to kiss me. I had to fight for my life, only for my mother to come beat the shit out of me for fucking up her high. I looked around my room and waited for the noise to die down. I watched as someone tried to turn my doorknob. I lifted up my pillow, making sure my knife was under there. I watched the person continue to try until they realized that it wasn’t going to open. I waited and listened for the front door to open before going to check on my mother. I walked in the room to find her face dripping blood. I went in the bathroom and ran some water for her. I went back to the room with a wet towel and wiped the blood from her face.
    “Ow, bitch, damn!” she screamed as she snatched the towel from my hand “This shit your fault anyway. Locking doors and shit. Now how I’m supposed to get my fix, Jordyn, huh? Answer me that, dummy. Move out my fucking way so I can go bathe and you better leave $20 on my dresser so I can get us some food.” I walked out of the room, feeling stupid for even trying to help her ass. I walked in my room, took the knife, and cut my pillow open, taking $40 from my stash and leaving it on her dresser. I went downstairs and cooked some breakfast with the little bit of food we had left. I left her plate on the table before going back to my room.
     “Jordyn, that’s all you got to give me? Shit, you need to ask that little food job for a raise!”
     “Ma, you only asked for $20. I gave you $40. Be thankful,” I stated as I went to the closet and grabbed my uniform. I had to get ready for work. I didn't have time for this bullshit my mother was on.
     "Bitch, did you tell me to be thankful? You need to be thankful that I didn't abort your ass 17 years ago. Now I'm about to leave, you stupid bitch." I rolled my eyes. Here we go with this shit. I couldn't wait for graduation; it was taking forever to come. The more I sat in this house the more I wished I knew who my father was. I grabbed my uniform and went to take a shower. I re-stuffed my pillow with my money, locked my bedroom door, and left. I was running late for work, as usual. Shit, if it wasn't for my best friend Shyla having a car I would never be on time.

I couldn't believe that Jordyn was making us late for work once again. Although our manager didn't mind, I still loved to be on time. I watched as Jordyn ran to the car. Jordyn was a baddie. She had two deep dimples that were always visible because Jordyn never stopped smiling, no matter the situation. She had dark green eyes, which were natural and always made people want to stop and speak to her. On top of that, she was shaped just like an hourglass, with long natural hair that curled up when wet. Most girls thought she was stuck up, while most dudes thought she would be easy to get with because everyone knew about her living situation, especially since her mom had no shame in her game. Shit, she'd buy crack from anybody just to ensure that she was getting high. Me, on the other hand, I had a stable upbringing. My dad was barely in my life due to the fact he was a drug dealer. He was the right-hand man for the legendary Jay. My mom, on the other hand, worked as a criminal lawyer and that's how she met my father. At one point she was best friends with Tinker, Jordyn's mom; that was until Tinker got with Jay, causing a rift in the friendship. My mom refused to tell me the real story, no matter what. She’d never let her ill feelings ruin my friendship with Jordyn. I honestly thought she felt sorry for her. I pulled up in front of the Waffle House, ready for work. This was everybody's hang out in Atlanta, especially on a Saturday. We entered through the back entrance and got straight to work. As we suspected, the place was packed. There was sexiness all over. I mean they all could get it, if you asked me. I tied my apron around my waist and went to start taking orders.
 As I approached a table the face of one man in particular stuck out to me. It was as if I’d seen him before.
"Welcome to the Waffle House. Can I take your order?"
"Actually, can you send that young lady right there over to take our orders? Please and thank you!" I looked to see the female he pointed to was Jordyn. I walked over to her.

"Aye, look, those two old men requested that you be they waitress!" She nodded her head before waking over to them. Damn, why does she always get all the attention?

Chapter 2:
I walked over to the table and looked into the eyes of a male version of me. He wasn't that old but he wasn't our age either. I wondered if he was my brother or something. I shook the thought out of my head.
"Welcome to the Waffle House. I'm Jordyn and I'll be your waitress for the afternoon! Are you ready to order or would you like me to come back?" They both looked at each other.
"Ms. Jordyn, I would like a bowl of cheese grits and a double stack of waffles. Oh, can I get a hash brown, too?"
"For you, sir?" I turned and faced the man on the other end of the table. He was one of the cutest boys I’d seen in ATL and all I saw was the side of his face.
"Umm, just get me the same as him without a hash brown." I turned and walked away. As I was walking away I overheard their conversation.
"I thought you were going to tell her. Man, what happened?"
"I didn't want to scare her, man. Especially since Pop ain't say nothing to her about it."
"Listen, she probably don't even know Jay's her father. What's the real reason you wouldn’t tell her that you’re her older brother?"
"Because it'll just shine light on another one of the lies her mother told her." I felt my heart sink into my chest. He was, in fact, my older brother; I just didn't know it until now. Maybe they were lying. My mother didn't have any other kids besides me. But then again, being that I never even met my father it could be true. I went to the kitchen and placed the orders. Too much was going on in my head right now. I thought back to the last time I’d seen the man who was supposed to be my father Jay. He was dropping off money to Shyla's mom. He looked me in my face said hello to both Shyla and I, then disappeared into an all black Mercedes-Benz. That was seven years ago, and after that happened I was banned from going over there.
"Order up!" I looked around the restaurant; I could feel the walls caving in on me. Why wouldn't they tell me? What did I do to deserve this life? I've been raising myself for years. I didn't need them, and I didn't need anybody.
"Jordyn, your order is up!" I grabbed the plates of food, put them on my tray, and threw on a fake smile as I placed the plates of food in front of the two men.
"Is there anything else I could do for ya’?"
"We’re good right now, shawty!" I nodded my head and walked away.
"Shy, cover for me. I'm taking a break." As I was walking away I bumped into a boy that goes to my school. I had a crush on him at one point until Shyla got with him.
"My bad, Egypt!" I said as I walked right past him. I went behind the restaurant to attempt to catch my breath only to be approached by a group of niggas I’d never seen before. I did not need this shit today; not at my place of work.
"Aye, you’re Tinker's daughter, right?"
"Tinker? Sorry, I never heard of her!" They all nodded their heads before one of them punched me in my face.
"I hate liars, Jordyn. Now, baby girl, I'm going to ask you again! Are you Tinker's daughter?" I rolled my eyes. I could feel my face swilling up from where he had punched me.
"If you already know the answer what's the point of asking the question again?" The ringleader punched me again.
"I hate a smart mouth. Now it wasn't in my plan to have to whip your ass but since you want to be difficult, I think that's what I'm going to have to do." I looked him in his eyes and could see the seriousness.
"What do you want from me?"
"Oh, now you want to be nice little Miss Jordyn! I want my money, now!"
"How much money are you talking?"
"Let's see, she owes me a stack!" I shook my head. Ain't this some shit?
"Look, I don't have the money right now, but if you give me until the end of the week I got you."
"For some reason, I don't believe you. Matter of fact, I don't want your money. I want you." I closed my eyes and prepared myself for what was about to happen. He grabbed my shirt, ripping every button, exposing me.
"Aye, homie, we ain't about to watch you rape no girl!"
"So be out then. Shit y'all got the money her mama owe me? I didn't think so!" All the guys walked away, leaving the ringleader and I isolated in the back. I kicked and screamed as he tried to pull my pants down. I reached up and scratched his face with my nails, causing him to throw my head against the concrete. The last thing I heard was gunshots before I blacked out.


I watched from the back as some man I’d never seen before carried in my best friend, whose head was bleeding out. I didn’t know what else to do but pray. I prayed that she would pull through and be okay.  I needed my best friend. Even if I was jealous of her at times, I still needed her. She was my backbone, the right to my wrong, the hot sauce to my chicken. I couldn’t picture life without her. I ran over to the man. It was the same man who requested her as his waitress. I grabbed some lady’s phone and was about to call 911, until he grabbed my arm.

“What you doing, shawty?”

“I’m about to call 911 to get my best friend some help. Do you mind?”

“Aye, listen, go get her stuff and come on. I’m going to take her to the hospital.” I did as I was told and got her stuff. That’s when it hit me.


“In the flesh. Took you long enough to realize!”

“Boy, where have you been? I haven’t seen you in ten years and now you just want to pop up out the blue. I heard my pops was getting out of jail next month.”

“Yeah, Shyla, I know it’s been a minute. We had moved to Indiana for a while but we home now.”

“Aye, does Big Jay know you came to our job? Matter of fact, does he know you know who she is? This could turn out real bad for her and Tinker.”

“He knows I know about her. He was supposed to go over there last night. But listen, she doesn’t know, so let’s keep it that way, alright?”

BOOK: Show Me You Care
13Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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