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Shannon's Fairy-Tale Foursome

BOOK: Shannon's Fairy-Tale Foursome
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Sweet Serenity 2

Shannon’s Fairy-tale Foursome

Once upon a time, in an unorthodox Kansas town, there was a teenage girl named Shannon Roberts who fell in love with her best friend’s three larger-than-life brothers. But a deranged killer’s threats destroyed any chance she had for happiness with Jared, Drew, and Randy Dalton.

Thirteen years later, Shannon receives a life-altering phone call telling her that her parents' murderer is dead. Instead of feeling relieved, Shannon is left heartbroken. She’d pushed away Jared, Drew, and Randy for nothing, and the triplets have moved on without her.

When Shannon’s best friends dare her to have a makeover, she is forever altered—mind, body, and soul. With a new sense of empowerment, Shannon realizes it is time to fight for her fairy tale.

Will a spicy invitation entice the men back into Shannon’s arms and save their happily ever after, or will outside forces tear them apart once again?

Note: This book contains physical abuse of the heroine by the villain.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre

101,975 words



Sweet Serenity 2






Mia Ashlinn










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For my husband…You have given me a real-life fairy tale that inspires me every day of my life. Who knew that a high school nickname would stand the test of time and eventually inspire an entire book? I certainly didn’t. But knowing you, you did. I love you, my prince. Now and forever.




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Sweet Serenity 2



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Shannon Roberts dropped the telephone receiver into its cradle with a
. Her shaky legs wobbled beneath her then gave out, causing her to stumble into the bright-orange dining chair behind her. When she bumped into the square pedestal table and the sharp corner connected with her side, she yelped, “Ouch!”

Glancing around the retro-style kitchen, everything looked distorted through her unfocused eyes. The pot filled with water boiled over and the oven timer blinked at her rhythmically, but both of them seemed to be miles away. She could barely make out the noise of the liquid sizzling on the scalding-hot stove eye and the annoying alarm buzzer going off over the roaring her ears. In that moment, she felt like she’d stepped into
The Twilight Zone.

He’s dead. My God, the bastard is dead.

A handful of pills had destroyed the devil she’d called “Uncle,” the malignant beast who’d killed her parents after three long, horrifying years of abusing her. But the torment hadn’t ended there. He’d haunted her, despite his disappearance only days after their murder.

A full decade had passed since the day she found her parents mutilated in their own home. Every single moment had been wasted on waiting and worrying.

Day after day, she had pushed away Jared, Drew, and Randy Dalton—the only men she’d ever loved. She finally succeeded in ridding herself of those too-sexy-for-their-own-good triplets, and what happened? The monster killed himself, ending his reign over her soul.

She could finally have a life, if she wanted to, but it was too late. They didn’t want her anymore, and she couldn’t blame them. A person could only take so much rejection before giving up and moving on.

Her dearly departed Uncle Pauley had won, and there wasn’t a damn thing she could do about it. It was over.

No, she decided, it wasn’t over, because it hadn’t ever begun.

Chapter 1


Shannon Roberts glanced up from the plate filled with manicotti she hadn’t touched and gazed longingly across Dolce Serenità’s crowded dining room at Jared and Drew Dalton. The two nearly identical, blond-haired, blue-eyed gods relaxed in a corner booth next to the roaring fireplace with their date. They seemed to be enjoying themselves as they talked and dined on three of Stellina’s trademark dishes.

Shannon’s head throbbed, the blood beating severely in her temples. She, somehow, managed to resist massaging the hollow area on each side of her eyes.
What I wouldn’t give for some Tylenol right about now.

Seeing the men she loved was bad enough now that they’d given up on her, but having to watch them with another woman was as much fun as shoving bamboo splinters under her fingernails. Although, right now, she believed the sharp pieces of wood lodged in her nail bed sounded more pleasant than enduring this torture.

“Shit, Shannon, would you stop looking at my brothers like a fucking wounded puppy. If you don’t, they might get the impression that you actually like them,” Jaycee Dalton said, flipping her long, curly blonde hair over her shoulder. With a scowl, she narrowed her blue eyes on Shannon. “Then again, they would discover the truth. That you love them as much as they love you.”

Across from Jaycee, Katie-Anne Blakemore sat in all her stunning glory. With her dark hair curtaining her face, she partially hid the frown marring her beauty. But Shannon could still see it. “Leave her alone, J,” Katie-Anne scolded.

Jaycee slammed her drinking glass onto the table forcefully, the Chinotto Neri citrus soda splashing out and spilling on the snowy white tablecloth. “Why? Damn it, I am so sick of this. She walks around like some heartbroken zombie while two of my brothers date that psychotic bitch.” She pointed not-so-subtly toward the woman eating with Jared and Drew.

“Don’t be a
, Jaycee.” It was the first time Shannon had spoken since Jared and Drew had arrived fifteen minutes ago with Mary Anderson. They’d walked by Shannon without a word or glance, shredding her heart in the process. “This isn’t exactly your business.”

Jaycee’s wholesome, girl-next-door face turned livid. She leaned back into the extravagant dining chair and crossed her arms. “Oh, really? Like it was your business with me, Gray, and Cade?”

Instead of responding, Shannon’s eyes wandered back to the trio in the tiny booth. She studied Mary closely, appalled to find that their date now bore a striking resemblance to herself.

Gone were the dyed mahogany hair, the artificial, slate-colored eyes, and the drawn-on beauty mark. More weight clung to Mary’s bones, not a large amount but an obvious change from the nearly anorexic body of two months ago. Mary now had red hair similar to Shannon’s, but the flat red differed distinctly from the orange undertones in Shannon’s ginger hair.

The wannabe look-alike had wasted her time and money imitating Shannon in an apparent bid to win over Jared and Drew.
What a fruitcake
. They didn’t want to be with Shannon. Why would they want a replica of her?

BOOK: Shannon's Fairy-Tale Foursome
13.99Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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