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Seducing Her Professor

BOOK: Seducing Her Professor
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: Teacher-Student BDSM



Alicia Roberts


Professor: Student-Teacher BDSM

Copyright 2012 by Alicia Roberts


This ebook is licensed for your personal enjoyment only.

This book is a work of fiction and any resemblance to persons, living or dead, or places, events or locales is purely coincidental.



Disclaimer: The material in this book is for mature audiences
only and contains graphic sexual content. It is intended only for those aged 18 and above.






Annie had spent all semester drooling over her geology lecturer, Dr Adam Banes. He was charming
and well-built. Unfortunately, student-teacher relationships were forbidden by university policy.

Annie was not the kind of girl to give up easily. She'd decided that her lust went beyond a typical schoolgirl crush, and she'd made a plan to seduce him.

During the semester, she was a "good student" who did the readings, answered questions in class, and went to see Adam during his office hours.
Annie had
always thought her large breasts were her best assets, so she made sure to wear low-cut tops and lean forward in class - occasionally, she thought she caught Adam trying to catch a glimpse of her breasts. One day she dropped a pencil in class, and Adam paused his lecture while she bent down to retrieve it. Annie was sure she was on his radar.

As soon as the geology grades were published, Annie made an appointment to see him during the holidays, and he
set the date - Friday,
6 pm


The holidays had started and the building was deserted on Friday
; even the research students had filed out of the labs for Happy Hour
. Annie knocked
on the open door
, smiled and entered. She was wearing a professional, knee-length skirt
, high heels
simple, white shirt.

"What can I do for you, Annie?" Adam smiled, pleased to see one of his favorite students again. It had been a fun semester for him, he was sure this pretty coed was flashing her boobs at him on purpose, but he wasn't going to make a move and jeopardize his career.
ow the semester was over, she was no longer his student,
and he was pleased to see her and her boobs again.

"Thanks for seeing me Adam," she said.

"It's always a pleasure.
Now, what can I do for you?"

"Actually," she said, "I need your advice on something personal. Would you mind if I closed the door so we can talk in private?"

His brows
, and Annie held her breath. This was the moment of reckoning for her. If he said no to closing the door, she'd take the hint,
something about an alcoholic housemate and leave.

"Sure, why not," he said, and with a
sigh of relief she got up and locked the door.

"Why don't we sit on the couch?" he
suggested and she was pleased that he was making things a bit easier for her.

"It's about my friend Jill," she said as soon as they were seated. "She has a crush on a Professor here; she's not in any of his classes, and she thinks they might have a shot at something. What do you think?"

Adam shook his head no. "A teacher and student can't get together even if
she isn't in
any of his classes. If word got out, he'd get fired. No teacher would risk his career for a girl…"

"But what if she promised to never tell anyone? She doesn't want a relationship, just a
bit of fun

"Well, he'd have to
trust her to keep it a secret, then.
Is she completely trustworthy

I'm pretty sure she is
if it was me,"
she winked, "
I wouldn't tell a soul.

She paused for a breath and continued,
I've often thought about being with one of my lecturers. Tell me, Adam, have you ever thought about being with
of your students?"

Her flirtatious tone was unmistakable. She ran a finger down her collar and began to play with the top button. Adam watched, mesmerized.
What the hell, he thought. It was the holidays, the building was empty, grades were out and he'd been eyeing her all semester.

She undid the button and placed her hand on his. Their skin
where they touched,
didn't attempt to remove his hand. Bingo! She felt the thrill of achievement, smiled, and undid another button.

His eyes were locked on her cleavage now. "Annie Smith, are you trying to seduce me?"

And w
hat if I am?"

"Well, then,
I'd say you were a naughty
girl and needed to be punished.

He slipped an arm around her waist and pulled her over to him. As he looked into her smiling eyes, he slipped his right hand into her shirt,
the top of her lacy bra. So, this had been her plan all along, he thought, remembering the day in class when she'd dropped her pencil

He leaned over and crushed his lips against hers, his tongue exploring her mouth,
her tongue fighting back
. He undid another button on her shirt, and
slid his right hand in entirely, gliding along the underside of her soft firmness until his hand was where he wanted it. Her breast was too large to hold in one hand, but he tried anyway, grabbing
and squeezing tight. As he
loosened his grip
, he felt her nipple harden through the lace.

He removed his hand and sat back. He could see her breast through the opening of her shirt, covered in the white, lace bra -  a slope, a peak and then a domed roundness.

he remembered his career, and the strictness of university policies
. This was going too fast, what if she turned him in?

As if
reading his mind
, she stood up, and walked a few feet away. Facing him, she slowly undid the last few buttons
on her shirt
, and pulled the left panel away. So that was what he'd been pressing! Hidden under the lace, he could make out the dark aureole and the nipple trying to poke its way out.

She pulled back the right panel, and tossed the shirt away. Her breasts hung magnificently, round and soft, encased in the white lace bra. She slid her hands up her stomach till they reached her breasts, then she lifted them up, and
squeezed them hard.

His breathing was heavier now
as he watched her strip
. She undid the zip at the back of her skirt, and let it fall the ground. She was wearing simple white panties, low rise, with some kind lace down the front. Her hips were wide, and her legs smooth and lustrous.

She stepped backwards, out of the skirt, and then slowly bent
to pick it up. He breathed in sharply as her breasts swung
, straining out of their enclosure.
She paused in that position for a moment, letting him devour the sight of her swinging breasts.

She straightened up, tossed the skirt away and looked at Adam. H
e had a slightly dazed expression in his eyes.

"Having second thoughts?" she said, as she walked over to him.
Her face was flushed, betraying her own arousal.
She turned around, and for a brief moment, he
a glimpse of her plump,
, before she sat down on his lap and began to move her hips
round and round
circles, pressing her pussy against his hardening cock, the movement and pressure
arousing him, and making her wetter.

He let her continue for a moment, her back was arched forward, her dark brown hair hanging down loose. Finally, he pushed her off, and in a
voice heavy with lust
, he commanded, "Finish what you started up there."

Annie had imagined darkened rooms when she'd fantasized about Adam, and being asked to strip completely in a br
ightly lit office room was
She took a deep breath, walked forward and turned to face him. His eyes were dark with
, roaming over her body, piercing her with their intensity.

She hitched her fingers under her panties, and pulled them down. They slid past her thighs and fell onto the floor. Her shaved mound and engorged clit were now revealed. Adam's eyes half-closed, as he imagined rubbing her clit in circles, making her moan out loud.

Annie stepped backwards, out of the panties that were lying around her ankles. Once again, she leaned forward slowly to pick them up, her voluptuous breasts swinging forward and straining against the bra. She grabbed the panties, straightened up, and tossed them away. Adam's lips were slightly parted now and his eyes were focused on her clit. She smiled, put her fingers against the
, and rubbed it gently.

Annie turned around, displaying her plump
Adam breathed heavily, imagining what he'd do to that ass - the round curves seemed to be built only for groping and spanking. 

Now Annie undid the clasp of her bra, and he saw her toss it away towards the rest of clothes. When she turned around, her hands were covering her breast
, holding them up like perfect spheres. She began to massage them gently, and then finally let them drop, her hands still on top. She moved
hands forward, gripping the nipples with
tips of her fingers. After a quick squeeze, she let them go, and her hands dropped to her side.

Adam drank in the sight, his chest rising and falling rapidly. Finally, she was completely
exposed for
him - her smooth skin, those dark aureoles, hardened nipples, pert breasts, slightly rounded stomach.

Adam kicked off his black business shoes, and stripped off the black socks. Annie came over to him, leaned down, and began to undo the buttons on his shirt. Her naked breasts hung down, inches from his mouth, teasing him with their pert fullness. They shook slightly as she moved her shoulders, undoing his buttons, goading him like ripe juicy fruit.

BOOK: Seducing Her Professor
4.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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