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Sawyer (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #5) (8 page)

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I slid over him as he opened his eyes and pulled me tighter on top of him. I wanted to set the pace. I angled myself in a way where he was stroking just the right place.

I sat up on top of Sawyer and he lay back. He reached up and palmed both of my breasts in his hands. I have never been a woman overly concerned about sex. It just was not that great with Chris. Fine, but not great. I had had other lovers, too few to mention, and they were all pleasant to okay.

This was different. Through Sawyer’s eyes, I felt beautiful, desired, watching me turned him on and that feeling was mutual.

I found myself moving faster on him, riding on top of a wave I had never experienced before. I needed our lips to be together. I rubbed my chin on his jaw, I pressed my lips to his, and the sensations I felt took over. I was no longer in control but rather wanting him to.

He knew what I wanted without me asking. He increased his intensity and shifted our positions. We were both sitting and connected. I gasped at how much this increased his penetration; it was too deep for me to hold back.

“Harder,” I begged him. He did. I could not maintain meeting him half way, he was too strong, too hard, and I fell back on the bed. Sawyer’s powerful thrusts laid me bare, helpless, and breathless. My climax started where we were connected and rolled through my body in hot waves. I grasped at the headboard, I writhed, and he touched a part of me that no one had before. A part of me that I had only seen in forgotten dreams. I could not stand it and wanted more at the same time.

I held on as Sawyer growled in my ear, “Jesus Bess, I can’t get enough of you. You feel so good.”

We did not let go or separate as we both tried to calm down. I could not, did not want to. I wanted to be wrapped up in him as long as possible. He traced the skin on my arm with his fingers. His hands lightly caressed my spine and I felt the downy hairs on my skin rise up as the cool air hit the sheen of sweat he caused. He wrapped me tighter his arms.

I was not going to think about the morning. Just the now. I felt every part of me quiver in release but also in anticipation. I wanted him again. But I knew I had to stop. Soon. Very soon.

We drifted off again and this time, I fell into a deep sleep. No feverish dreams were needed after the fevered reality I had just blissfully experienced.

Somewhere in the night, a crash woke us up.

I sat up and Sawyer pushed me down on the bed.

“You stay here and call 911 if you hear anything else that’s not right.” He was catlike in the way he had moved from the bed to sliding on his jeans. I struggled to keep up and find my robe. This was my house and I had taken care of it without a man around just fine.

“Stay here,” and he expected no argument.

“But...” He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face close to his.

“Quiet. I’ll be right back.” Then he pressed his cell phone to my hand and was out the door.

It was a torturous few seconds. I didn’t even hear his bare feet hit the wood floors. As he made his way to the front of the house.

However, an uncomfortable breeze was blowing into the bedroom. I had this place sealed up tight to save money and if there was a cold wind, it was not some draft. It was a window that broke; I didn’t have to be Detective Murray to deduce that.

My curiosity and patience wore out. I grabbed my robe, cinched it, and walked up my short hallway. The waft of cold air was stronger.

I was about to step into the great room when a pair of strong arms encircled me and scooped my legs up off the floor.


“I told you to stay put, you’ll get hurt.” Sawyer had me in his arms.

“Put me down.”

“Not until you find some shoes. There’s glass everywhere.”

I looked and he was right, small shards had exploded into the room from the front bay window.

“What the hell is this?” Sawyer put me down behind him and I peered over his shoulder at the spray of glass on my floor.

“It’s a warning.”

“A warning?”

Sawyer crouched down and picked something rectangular off the floor. It was a brick. He handed it to me.

There were red letters sprayed on the side.

“What is Bratva?”

“Get me a broom and I’ll explain.” I got slippers and a broom and for a time, we worked quietly together. I processed what I knew.

I also stole glances as Sawyer. His jeans were slung low on impossibly sharp hipbones. His boots on, his shirt off, and cleaning, if this was not porn for a woman I did not know what was.

I held the dustpan and Sawyer used the broom. We got the glass up from the floor and I finally began to quiz him.

“The Russian Brotherhood, the Bratva. That’s what they call their version of the mob,” he said.

“What’s this brick got to do with it?”

“One showed up at a local business we protect too. It’s a warning.”

“I’m not a cop. I’m not the FBI what could they possibly care about me?”

“I feel like shit for bringing her to you.”

“Who? What?”

“Alexis. She was their property.”

“Well, you damn well should have brought her to me. My agency is the only chance she has.”

“What this nasty little message really means is that you aren’t getting rid of me.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“I’m going to be sticking close to you.”

“Excuse me?” I had been getting my speech ready on why this was a one-night thing and he was telling me he was going to stick to me?

“The Bratva doesn’t want you interfering with Alexis or any of their girls. They make too much on each girl.”

“True, one girl can earn up to $200,000,” this staggering number was one I had learned from the seminar. It seemed so much more real when I saw Alexis.

“If you’re the one who is in the way of that income you’ll be targeted. You have been, that’s what this is.”

“The kids are the ones who are commodities. They’re in danger; they’re the ones we have to protect. I have been in this business a long time. I can handle myself.”

“Agreed on the kids but I’m here to make sure you can do your job and don’t get hurt.”

“I’m giving this to Detective Murray tomorrow. He’ll know what to do.”

“Suit yourself but that doesn’t change what I just said.”

“Sawyer, though I really enjoyed. Uh, I loved,” the words were not exactly rolling off my tongue. But he was not going to hulk over me every damn minute.

He took a powerful step toward me.

“Fucking, that’s the word you want. And that’s what we’re going to do again. Right now. And I am not going to let you out of my sight. Work sure, go for it. But the rest of the time you’re under my protection.”

“You’re full of shit, I can handle...” He cut me off with a hard kiss on my lips. Almost bruising. He grabbed both my wrists. I struggled against him, but it was no use. I was hot as hell. I practically bit his lip in response.

He let go of my wrists and ripped my robe from my shoulders, then backed me up against the wall. I was lifted up against it. Somehow, his jeans were pushed down below his pelvis and we were so close again.

“What do you want Bess?” His hot breath asked in my ear.

“You, now, fuck me against the wall.”

I did not argue with him again. Telling him I didn’t want him around would be a lie. One my body would betray every time he touched me or talked dirty to me.

I was in too deep with Sawyer and apparently the Bratva.

Between Sawyer and the wall, my body was caged in both directions. It was savage between us and nothing like the bedroom hours before. I clawed, he nipped at me, and we grabbed at our own pleasure at the others expense.

I repeated his name over and over.

I knew I was going to get hurt one way or another. Up against the wall with Sawyer, I did not care.

Chapter Nine


I added Bess to the top of my list of priorities. The brick that crashed through her window was a clear message to me.

They had watched. They knew who I had called to care for Alexis. The thought put my nerves on edge.

The hot night I had spent with Bess had turned into morning and she was wary of me at daybreak. I also suspected she was wary of her own passion. She was bruised, and so was I, from our night together. Maybe I had been too rough? I was the one blushing when I saw the raw skin on her neck.

She caught me looking.

“You’re full of my marks too. I’m not sorry and I don’t want you to be.” She was direct and it surprised me.

“I may not be sure about what the hell’s going on Sawyer, but that,” she indicated to a point on the wall I’d never forget, “Us? It was incredible.”

“Agreed, beautiful. You’re going to want to wear a turtle neck today.” A tiny smile curled at the corners of her mouth.

Though our lives were different on the outside, I knew what it was like to put responsibility before happiness.

She had been doing that as a single mother. I’d been doing it as Sawyer President of the M.C., Boss of the Grand City Gym, and General of Great Wolves Security.

I had a job to do and I did it. In reality, no woman was that interesting to me to sway my focus from the M.C. and from the fighters.

There was always another fire to put out, literally. That changed the moment Bess Geary let me in.

Bess insisted she drive to get Henry and I insisted I follow on my bike.

We headed out early so she could get Henry squared away from school before she went to work. I had not seen Cassidy and Craddock’s new digs so I was glad to tag along.

“You aren’t seriously going to follow me up there are you?”

I didn’t answer and just pulled her close. She was stiff in the daylight. Afraid of our closeness. But I wore her down.

It took about three seconds. That might be my one of my favorite things about her, she has a naughty side, and I could find it and light it up. I hoped to hell it stayed a secret to everyone else.

Cassidy was just as much a friend to me as she was Bess. She was how Bess and I first met and she was like a niece. I wound up with a few of those favorite nieces in my line of work. The right woman could bring the M.C. and the MMA tough guys to their knees.

Many times those women looked to me as an ally. It made me smile to think of myself helping my guys on the road to happy ever after. I walked up to Cassidy and Craddock’s house and wondered if I would get my own with Bess.

That was not something I could predict. I could predict that she was not going to be left in jeopardy because of the club or her job.

Cassidy and Craddock had sold his mom's house and were living in a damn fine neighborhood in Grand City. It was blocks and blocks of old mansions that had gone downhill and now were in the process of going back up again. The old Victorians were being renovated left and right. The mayor’s mansion was in their neighborhood and around the corner but a block away, there could be an abandoned crack house. It was a mash-up neighborhood that didn’t quite know what where it was going. That was the appeal to many hipsters, flipsters, and, in the case Craddock Flynn, rising stars.

It was interesting as hell to look at the homes as I motored by on my bike.

Craddock Flynn, some said, was headed on the career path of The Rock. He would get his MMA toughness credibility in the ring and at the same time, action hero roles were lining up left and right for him.

All the guys at the gym thought they were the next Craddock Flynn but not all of them looked like him. They were all tough as nails no doubt, but Flynn, he had something extra, and Hollywood noticed.

Flynn had eyes for one woman and it was Cassidy Parker. Marriage was next for them I was sure. But they were in no hurry. They had had many changes to deal with since Flynn had gone from local fighter to national star.

Cassidy answered the door. She hugged Bess and her eyes flew open in surprise to see me.

“Sawyer!” Bess stepped aside and I picked up the 'Lil bit in a hug. She was as little as Craddock was big.

“How are you, kiddo?”

“Glad to see you.” She looked from me to Bess and back with a smirk.

“What is your problem?” Bess put her hands on her hips.

“Nothing. I was just wondering how long it would take you two to get together.”

“Cassidy dear, Sawyer is merely stalking me. We aren’t together.” Bess always had a smart mouth and I loved it.

“Right.” Cassidy was not buying it but I was not one to kiss and brag so I would let Bess say or not say whatever the hell she wanted.

What mattered to me was being with her, not who knew about it. I did shoot Cassidy a wink.

“So how was Henry?”

“Great as usual. Bess, I need your opinion on an outfit I am supposed to wear for this thing Craddock wants me to go to. Can you go get Henry Sawyer? He’s in the TV room, that way, with Dylan.”

“Happy to. If I don’t get lost.” The place was huge.

The house was undergoing major renovations it appeared. Scaffolding peeled wallpaper, and boxes were just about everywhere you looked. I had heard it had been the home of some captain of industry in Grand City’s heyday. It looked like it was on the way back to heyday status.

This neighborhood would become the hottest thing going if people started to realize that Craddock Flynn had just moved in. There was a business opportunity there. I put in the back of my mind to think about. Larry would know what to do on that score.

Dylan and Henry were hanging out and amazingly, the TV was off.

“What’s up Sawyer?” Dylan, Craddock’s brother, had the mind of a 10-year-old in a gigantic 30-year-old body. His heart was as big as his hands and he greeted me with a smile.

“Hi, Mr. McCall.” Henry was as polite as ever.

“Uno, eh?”

“Yep. Henry is just learning.”

“Can you help me?” Henry’s little hands were having a hard time with the cards fanned out in them.

“Sure, let’s see what we got here.”

“And don’t hold back. I’m super good at this and need a challenge.” Dylan said.

“Alright Henry, your turn.”

“Yes, he put down red.”


“I got nothing.” Henry scanned his cards with dismay.

BOOK: Sawyer (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #5)
2.47Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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