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Sawyer (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #5) (7 page)

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“Look, let's lock down supplies, and we’re going to increase patrols for Great Wolves Security,” I needed more, though.

“We need to hit back.” Hagen said and he was right.

“I agree. Let’s find out how to do that. Start looking and asking around. Where is this Russian Brotherhood in Grand City? We need that first.”

“Then we strike.” Hagen wasn’t asking.

“Then we strike.” It was unanimous at the table. If we didn’t slap down this new threat to Grand City, it would grow.

Time to find out more about the Russian invasion.

I had a sinking feeling that I needed to get to Bess. It came over me like a wave.

“Meeting adjourned, get me some info.”

“Yes, Prez.” I pounded the gavel.

Larry put a hand out to my shoulder.

“Hey, where you headed, you need backup?”

“No, I’m going to be sure Bess is safe.”

“Your gorgeous social worker? That Bess?”


“Why wouldn’t she be?”

“If they know about how to hit us where we make money I’m worried they know how to hit us where it really hurts. Tell all the guys to keep their old ladies close.”

“Got it. She your old lady?”

“Not yet.”

Larry chuckled as I headed out.

The sun had set on a long day but I knew where to find Bess Geary. I just hoped this Bratva didn’t.


f course, she was there late. Working. Helping. Getting paid shit, I was sure. She was the guardian angel this town didn’t even know it had.

And she was sexy as hell.

I stared for a moment. The overhead lights were off in the office. It was probably some money saving timer.

A small desk lamp cast a soft glow around her.

Brunettes were never my speed, but Bess Geary had gorgeous dark hair, and she wore it up. I had never seen it down, except in my imagination. Her long legs were crossed at the ankle under the desk, she was always the lady always dressed for work.

I walked up to her; my boots hitting the floor made her look up.

“It’s late. What are you doing here,” She asked and Bess’s chocolate eyes scanned me. My biker exterior could not be more of a contrast to her classic beauty.

Everything about her was sexy to me. I loved those pencil skirts she always wore, the gray streak at her temple, and her passion. I wanted to be inside that energy and heat that came off her in waves. I craved it. I was also supremely relieved that she was right here, in front of me, safe.

“I swung by your house first. I was looking for you. You were not there. I got worried.” Lately if I did not know where Bess was, I could not focus. Her presence or lack of it was becoming a central part of my existence.

Bess took off her glasses and leaned back from the pile of papers she was hunched over.

“That’s new. I normally do the worrying.”

“Yeah. Time to clock out. I’m taking you out of here.”

“I can’t. I have work. I am still waiting on Norm to get a handle on Alexis’s file. I have new worries about a runaway case that crossed my desk before this blew up.”

I stepped closer to her desk and gripped her chair from behind. I slid her chair away from her desk.

God, she smelled so good. It was not perfume, it was her.

I leaned over her and switched off her light. I closed the file.

I watched her chest move up and down. It was not just I that felt the attraction when we got close.

She had been damn insistent she was not interested. She was old enough to know that the president of an M.C. came with complications. I had had enough. I had waited too long. I wanted her. Now. Fuck the consequences.

I put both hands on her shoulders and eased her out of her chair. She was still as a statue but for her breath. There was a half second that she could have pulled away, said something funny, put up a wall. But she did not.

I had been waiting for the opening, patiently, since I had first met Bess Geary.

I put my lips on the back of her neck and inhaled that scent of hers.

My teeth scored her soft skin and she leaned back into me. Her round ass pressed up against me. I slid my hands from her shoulders to the top of her silk blouse. A sigh escaped her gorgeous full lips.

That sigh let me know she was in. All in.

I turned her to face me and surrounded her in my arms.

Her neck was my undoing. I gave it my full attention for a moment and to make sure she was ready for the next step. My lips on hers. I slid my tongue up. I kissed her skin, I inhaled her.

Then paused.

“Open your eyes,” I told her. She did as I instructed. I watched her lush lashes as she slowly lifted them up and her eyes focused on meeting my gaze.

“They’re open.”

“Good. I am not turning back. I want you to understand that.”

“My eyes are wide open Sawyer. Finally.”

I kissed her. I meant to be soft, I intended to be sensitive, but that is not what happened. I kissed her hard. I wanted to consume her. My body was greedy for hers. It took over what my logical mind had intended. It told me to go slowly, but I couldn’t.

This kiss. Her mouth. Her warmth. Slow was not an option.

She had leaned back on her desk, I had my hands in her hair, and she opened herself to me.

I should keep my hands off, for her sake. The M.C. was about to go to war and I was the general. No one near me was safe.

I was selfish. I had to have her.

So, I kissed her. No other woman had ever come close, or ever would. I knew. Club war be damned.

Or I would be.

“I’m taking you home.”


“And this time, no wine, no dinner, and no phone.”


The ride to her place was almost impossible. Just like the other night, she held on tight. I was completely aware of her thighs on mine, her skirt, and her arms around me. I broke several speed limit laws to get to her place, but we got there.

I wanted to see her, touch every inch of her skin, and be inside Bess Geary. First was the hair. It was always up top, always contained, I wanted to see it fall to her shoulders.

I turned her around and started at the top. The pins came out and I ran my hands in her soft waves of dark hair. I massaged her neck and ran my hands down her shoulder blades. She swayed her ass back into me and I could have bent her over right there.

She was going to make it very hard to go slow.

“Your ass, though.” I whispered it into her ear and she giggled. It was a beautiful thing.

Then I turned her around again. I wanted to see her lips, her neck, her breasts.

I started with her mouth. I wanted it. I kissed her lips. The minute I did the spark turned into a flame and my deliberate plans were gone. Her hot tongue darted out and around mine.

I grabbed her hard and pressed her to me never breaking contact with her mouth. She gasped and for an instant, I worried that I was too rough. She was not from my world.

Bess wrapped her arms around my neck and pressed tight against me. It was the affirmation I needed. The permission to let me love her my way.

My hands spanned from her shoulders down to her waist and I cupped her ass forward and brought us as close as we could get. I needed her naked, soon, now.

Buttons, there were many buttons and I needed to get them undone. I got to work on that and each button revealed more of her silky skin. She let me slide her blouse to the floor and then I reached around and slowly worked the zipper of her trademark pencil skirt. I fucking loved those skirts and the way she looked in them. The way she looked out of that skirt was mind blowing, I discovered.

“You’re fucking gorgeous,” I said. I had to put her at arm's length for a second. To see her.

She let her hair fall in front of her face and tried to hide behind it.

Not a fucking chance, she was too beautiful to be shy around me. I lifted the brunette lock of hair and put it behind her shoulders. I was surprised actually that her hair fell to the tips of her breasts.

“I’m embarrassed; I don’t normally, ever...” She put crossed hands across her chest.

“You’re a goddess.” I moved her arms out of my way and kissed the swells of those perfect breasts she was too shy to show me.

I slid both the straps down and the cups of her bra barely covered her pink nipples. I captured one in my teeth and the other in my fingers. She moaned and held on to my arms for support.

I slid my tongue up the cleft of her breasts all the way up to her earlobe. Then I gave her a choice.

“Either I take you here, on your floor, or I take you to your bed.” This was happening now.

She looked at me through lush eyelashes and a devilish smile curled her plush upper lip. God, she was wicked looking. Something in Bess had turned from sweet to spicy and I loved it.

“Here, the floor, now.” I was like a bull and that was the red cape.

We somehow went from standing to rolling and I shed my jacket, t-shirt and everything else in a flurry of arms and legs.

I ripped the bra away and exposed her gorgeous tits. I could not decide if I wanted them in my mouth or my hands so I settled for both.

I slid her panties off and then my hands found her hot and slick. She cried out as my palm pressed down on her soft curls. She was not bald down there and I was happy as hell. She was natural, the way a woman was supposed to be.

I had palmed a condom and situated it. I did not want to interrupt the moment with a birth control discussion and I am not sure if I could have formed words anyway.

She reached down and grabbed the length of me and I am sure my eyes rolled back in their sockets. I was going to have her, no more waiting.

“I fucking love this, Bess.”

She wrapped her legs around mine, and her arms at my shoulders. I hovered at her entrance and tested and teased while she writhed underneath me.

Then I could not stand it any longer. I drove into her hot center. She fit me like a glove. And there was something else. Something chemical about us that I knew from the moment I saw her the first time. We were right. Her body was made to be exactly where it was.

“Sawyer, oh God.” She moved under me and we found a rhythm together. I buried myself deep inside her and I felt her rake her hands across the skin of my back.

I grabbed her hips and dug in hard. I pulled almost all the way out and then drove back in, over and over. She screamed and I knew I had her. She was over the top.

Then I let loose.

The force of my hips lifted her off the floor and back down. I looked at her face. Her eyes were closed. I wanted her eyes.

“Open,” I ordered her and she did. I thrust in again with her fully present, fully with me. She gasped and I don’t know what the hell to call the noises I made as I came hard into her.

“This. Yes.” She said as her inner walls throbbed around my cock. I was coming down but it wasn’t going to be long. I would have her again. And again.

That was it, what she said was right.

This, yes.

Chapter Eight


“Sawyer, my God. What was that?” We lay on the floor, wrapped around each other. I had been properly fucked. Though I was no virgin, it was clear to me, crystal, that I had never been fucked hard. Well. And like that.

It was incredible, and it was absolutely with the wrong man. A biker who ran a bar? Really Bess Geary?

I squeezed my legs around his and answered my own question. Yes. Really. He was all sinew and muscle under the leather and denim.

Sawyer McCall’s body was built for sin. I marveled at his powerful forearms, the hands that were rough, long, and tender at the same time.

He nuzzled my neck as he came down from his own high.

“That Bess Geary was the best sex I have ever had.”

“Good. I didn’t want to be the only one who got to feel that good.”

Sawyer rolled me on top of him. The shyness I felt at first with him seeing me naked was gone.

I just wanted my skin on his. I wanted to enjoy every point of contact. I wanted him again.

Sawyer stroked my back. He kissed my head. The intensity between us, that was almost frightening, cooled into a tenderness that could be far more dangerous.

My natural instinct was to analyze the hell out of this situation. My logical brain was itching to explain away what had just happened as chemical, physical, and some sort of biological clock thing. It was all those things.

It was also something more.

“You feel so good,” He said to me.

“Stay the night,” was my answer. It felt so right being in his arms.

Sawyer put my face in his hands and kissed me. It was slow and deep and the answer to my question.

We made our way to my bed. It was so strange to have someone in it with me. I had been alone for over five years. I thought I did not need a man. I had been doing just fine.

I slept a little but woke up and marveled at my recent totally out of character headlong plunge into hot sex with this man. I looked at his strong jaw in the moonlight. He was all man, all rough edges; I noticed tattoos, scars, signs of a rugged life. I took it all in and wondered at the stories behind the ink and the scars. I also wondered if I would hear the stories or if this would be my one opportunity to look and to wonder.

My lips found their way to his broad shoulder, to his neck, and the sound sleep he had been enjoying gave way to the pleasure I wanted to give him.

I wanted to drink in everything. If I came to my senses tomorrow, if my life continued on its responsible, hardworking, and solitary path, I would end up some sort of civil service nun. I was headed that way. Tonight, I had a scorching hot man in my bed that I planned to enjoy. Tomorrow would come soon enough. I wanted to make him come again.

Once my lips touched his skin I could not stop. I kissed a path across his muscular chest and I felt him wake up in all the right places.

I moved on top of him. It was ridiculous, but I had condoms, I may have been a civil service nun but I was still an optimist. I reveled in putting one on him. My experience in the size and shape of the male anatomy was not extensive but even I could tell he was large. It gave me a quiver of excitement to have him inside me again.

BOOK: Sawyer (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #5)
13.67Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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