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But this day, this strange day, Baby Boy yelled, “Sadie and Ratz did it!”

Sadie and Ratz

They showed Baby Boy their claws.

But Baby Boy was hiding behind Dad, safe from attack.

“Sadie and Ratz should be more careful,” said Dad, scrubbing the wall.

Baby Boy peeked out at me, and smiled like a crazy monkey.

Later, after dinner, when Baby Boy was playing with trucks, Sadie and Ratz showed him their new yoga position:

Baby Boy did the banshee bull thing.

I got sent to bed.

As usual.

That was a strange day, but things were about to get stranger.

On Sunday morning, when milk got on the carpet, Baby Boy told Mom, “Sadie and Ratz did it.”

That afternoon, when he skinned his knee, Baby Boy told Grandma, “Sadie and Ratz pushed me.”

Even though Sadie and Ratz had not spilled milk or pushed Baby Boy, I didn’t say anything. I just gave Baby Boy a cold stare.

Grandma gave Baby Boy a kiss and a cookie. I only got a cookie.

I could not understand why my brother was telling these fibs. Maybe he wanted his ears rubbed so hard they disappeared.

That night, when Baby Boy was in bed, Sadie and Ratz and I crept into his room. “Do you want your ears rubbed off your head?” we asked.

Baby Boy’s eyes made circles. He was about to yell like a whole herd of banshee bulls. Sadie and Ratz had no choice but to

Mom and Dad came running. I got
The Stern Talk
. Baby Boy got more kisses.

Everything was wrong.

At school on Monday, I took my lunch to a corner where nobody goes. I needed some private time. I ate my sandwich and thought.

Baby Boy was only four, but he was becoming tricky.

It was better when he was a spaceman who never heard or spoke. Sadie and Ratz liked doing bad things, but they didn’t like getting in trouble for bad things they didn’t do.

But everyone knew Sadie and Ratz were naughty. Everybody believed the worst when it came to Sadie and Ratz.

I ate my sandwich slowly. I wondered what Baby Boy was doing at home. I wondered what he was breaking or wrecking. I wondered what Sadie and Ratz would get the blame for today.

A horrible thought came into my head. Maybe Sadie and Ratz would have to change. Maybe the only way to stop Baby Boy blaming Sadie and Ratz for everything was to tame them, and make them nice.

I couldn’t do it. It would break Sadie and Ratz’s hearts.

BOOK: Sadie and Ratz
7.42Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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