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Authors: Sonya Hartnett

Tags: #Ages 5 & Up

Sadie and Ratz

BOOK: Sadie and Ratz
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Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter Three

I am Hannah. These are my hands. Their names are Sadie and Ratz.

We live in a house with my mom and dad and my stick insect, Pin. I want a dog, but Mom says I’m too young.

Until I am older, I can only have a stick insect. “And Sadie and Ratz, don’t forget,” says Dad. Sadie and Ratz aren’t animals. “But they behave like wild beasts,” says Dad.

These are things I like:

When I am kind, these are things I do:

These are things that Sadie and Ratz like:

They also like piranhas.

Sadie is the boss. She is the same size as Ratz, but she is meaner.

When Sadie grows up, she wants to be a dragon. When Ratz grows up, he wants to be a bigger Ratz.

Ratz does what Sadie tells him to do. Together, they make a good team.

This is what they do:

When Sadie and Ratz are on the rampage, look out!

BOOK: Sadie and Ratz
3.94Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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