Romance: First Time and Pregnant With The Navy Seal (Stepbrother, Military, Romance)

BOOK: Romance: First Time and Pregnant With The Navy Seal (Stepbrother, Military, Romance)
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First Time And Pregnant With My Marine StepBrother

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He sat crouched down covered by the darkness of night and camouflaged behind the lush green landscape that surrounded him. He had to get back to the convoy, back to his waiting comrades. He shouldn't have been so hard headed and stubborn, he shouldn't have been too proud to bring someone with him. He thought it was going to be a quick in and out operation, all he had do was stealthily sneak behind enemy lines and steal their battle plans. It was a mission he had carried out multiple times before, on numerous continents.


              He'd never done it deep in the Havashaw Valley though, this was a different beast altogether. His commanding officers and fellow brothers in arms had warned him that the jungle could get you all turned around, lost, confused, disoriented, and they were right. They were all right, as he crouched there attempting to nurse one of his two gun shot wounds he heard his drops of blood drip from his arm and hit the greenery beneath his feet.


              He tied off his arm the best he could and grunted silently in pain as he finished up. Now staring up in to the dark night sky he felt hopeless, how would he ever make it back? Thoughts of doubt filled his head as he was completely lost and confused beneath the glowing moon light of the Havashaw Valley. He would for sure either bleed out where he sat or the rebels would find him and torture him before killing him.



              He looked up to the stars as if to hope for some divine intervention, some sort of cosmic answer to his dilemma. There was no reply, there was no hope. He began wrapping his leg and dressing his second wound the best he could with the limited supplies and resources he had. Tearing off a little scrap of fabric from his tee shirt and employing that as a makeshift bandage. It would have to do, he slowly began to stand up and take a look around to see if he noticed any identifiable landmarks. It was hopeless, everything looked the same in this God forsaken jungle.


              The deep humidity and heat radiated off of the surrounding foliage, making it hard for the wounded United States Marine to breath. Sweat built upon his forehead and slid down his rugged face until he took his bruised and bloody forearm and wiped it from his face. The Marine motto ringed in his ears as he attempted to summon some sort of courage or hope deep from within himself, 'Semper Fidelis', or 'Always Faithful', over and over again he repeated it to himself before finally gathering enough hopeful energy to push forward.



              He saw a clearing just over the horizon, it couldn't be more than a few meters from his current location. In hopes of finding his Marine brothers waiting just on the other side of the clearing he decided to break for it. If he was going to die in this hell hole they call the Havashaw Valley it was going to be on his feet and with his rifle in his hand, not cowering behind some bush. Now fully reinvigorated with confidence and courage he triumphantly made his way towards the clearing. He made it about halfway there before he heard the familiar rumbling of rebel jeeps and unpleasant chatter of the voices mixing with the strange sounds of the jungle. There was three vehicles closing in on his position fast, he tried to duck down but the high powered spotlights on the enemy vehicles pierced through the darkness and illuminated the area. Suddenly gun fire had broken out, the frightening sound of machine gun fire echoed through the swampy, humid, jungle. Bullets hit and ricocheted off of the tress as he pointed his gun in their direction and unloaded everything he had. He wasn't going to die without taking some off these bastards with him.


              He yelled into the night sky and in the direction of his enemies as bullet after bullet left his rifle, time slowed as he heard each and every shell casing land and clank against each other as they hit the jungle's soil. A bullet from the rebels hit him in the shoulder causing him to drop his weapon, another enemy vehicle approached as he was hit in the hip this time by another ricocheting bullet. The Ranger screamed in agony and desperation, "NNNOOOOO!!!"



              "Rob?! Rob?! Wake up! Wake up!" He felt the calming touch and soothing voice of his step sister Andrea as she tried to wake him from his nightmare. He opened his eyes in a panic, still unsure of his surroundings and if he was back in the Havashaw Valley or not. He sat up fast in his bed breathing heavily and sweating profusely. He looked around hurriedly and in a panic and soon began to breath easier as he saw Andrea's familiar face staring back at him. He laid back down on his plush, king size bed and wiped the sweat from his forehead. He was relieved it was just a dream, just a flashback from a few years ago and his terrifying experience in the Havashaw Valley.


              Andrea patted him on his hairy chest, "You were having another nightmare Rob. Are you okay?" she said with deep concern in her voice. Rob looked in to her light blue eyes and slowly nodded his head. He was glad Andrea was there, he had only been back home for about six months but the nightmares just continued to get increasingly worse. That's why he was staying with his step sister now, for some reason she was always able to calm him and make him feel good.


              Besides that, Andrea insisted he move in once she found out about his bad dreams and night terrors. She softly patted him on his masculine chest once more and delicately traced over the scars that he took back home with him from the Valley, before getting up and fetching him a glass of water, she hoped it would help to calm his nerves. Rob slightly pulled up off of the bed to catch a glimpse of his step sister at as she walked out of the room and headed in to the kitchen.



Andrea was a beautiful girl, way sexier than any woman he had ever been with. He wished he could find a woman like her, sweet, caring, nice, intelligent, and so very sexy. She was a gorgeous Hispanic girl with long slender legs that seemed to go on forever. Her hips were wide and swayed provocatively with every step she took, even if she wasn't trying to put a little twist in them, and the ass on his beautiful step sister was amazing. As she left the room and headed for the kitchen he sighed in disbelief to himself as he she was wearing a white pair of tiny little boy shorts that hugged her tight, round ass with expertise. Her plump ass cheeks peeked out from the bottom of her cotton panties that teased him perfectly. She walked back into the room and he watched as she walked towards him, her buxom breasts hidden behind nothing more than a skimpy light pink tee shirt. Her voluptuous breasts bounced and shook beneath the loose shirt and he smirked slightly at the sight of it. Her skin was a golden brown, perfectly kissed by the sun.


              He loved how it shined under the bright rays of sunlight that beamed it from outside. When he first decided to move in with his sweet nineteen year old step sister he found it weird, awkward and a little uncomfortable that she would always wear skimpy outfits or just walk around in her panties. He confronted her about it a couple times but nothing changed, she figured they were siblings so it wasn't really a big deal. Truth is he didn't really mind that much, he actually liked seeing this sexy young woman walk around in nearly nothing. He did however think that she had ulterior motives and may secretly have a crush on him.



              He would often wonder to himself if she really did have feelings for him. Feelings that went beyond the normal step sibling dynamic and emotions. She was always really sweet and nice to him and was more than willing to help him through these night terrors that haunted him. But maybe, just maybe there was more to it. Rob secretly hoped that he was right because after a few months living with the beautiful Andrea he himself had begun to have romantic feelings for his younger step sister.


              He knew it was taboo and wrong, plus he figured there was no way an intelligent, beautiful young woman like Andrea could ever be involved in something so scandalous and against the social norms. He decided it was best to push those thoughts and emotions as far from his mind as he could, even though it would prove extremely difficult with seeing her pretty face and magnificent body everyday.


              She handed him the glass of water and he sat up in the bed. Andrea sat next to him as he sipped from the glass, she placed her soft, angelic hands on his shoulders and slowly, and lovingly began to gently massage his shoulders. It felt good, he appreciated all that Andrea did for him, he lightly moaned and grunted a couple of times as she worked the tight knots from his stressed shoulders and soon she magically made them disappear. He put the glass of water down on the side table and then turned to his gorgeous step sister.


              She looked at him lovingly with her light blue eyes and waited for him to speak. "I'm glad I'm here with you Andrea, thanks for taking me in and helping me through this." he said genuinely as he looked lovingly in to her eyes. Andrea smiled warmly, "I'm glad I could be there for you Rob, what's family for anyway's?" her words stung him slightly as he still had fantasies and aspirations of them being so much more than just family. He sighed deeply before deciding that he would finally tell Andrea how he felt. She sensed that something else was troubling him and she cutely turned her head to side before asking him what was wrong. He inhaled deeply then exhaled before confessing his true feelings, "What if we were more than just step siblings?" he paused to gather his thoughts but was interrupted before he could continue. "What do you mean? What else could we be? Like you want to be lovers or something?" Andrea laughed as the absurdity of her last question ran through her head. Rob sat there in silence and looked at her passionately, finally Andrea stopped laughing and noticed how her step brother was looking at her. she gasped as the realization hit her, "Oh my God! You do want to be lovers?" she exclaimed as her eyes opened wide and focused in on Rob.




              He thought carefully about what to say next, "I want to be more than just your lover, I want to be your best friend, your anchor just as you are mine. I want to be with you, live for you, and love you unconditionally." Rob was shocked at himself and all that he had just said, he looked down at the bed and away from Andrea's pretty face. He could hear her sigh and then breath in deeply, he was terrified as to what she would say next. "Rob!" she said sternly as it grabbed his attention and their eyes locked once more. "I've been hoping and waiting for you to say that for so long." she said with pure emotion as her pretty blue eyes began to water.


              There were no more words to be said as Rob slowly inched closer to his step sister before gently caressing her face and then bringing her mouth towards his as they engaged in a passionate kiss. Her thick, full, lips engulfed his mouth and their tongues collided with one another. They both moaned as they enjoyed the sensation, Rob slowly moved towards Andrea even more now before finally swinging her around and tossing her delicate body towards the head of the bed. She gave out a playful yelp as her head hit the soft pillows below.


              They continued to kiss in frantic passion as he reached for his erection that had sprung life beneath his soft cotton pajama pants. Andrea moved her hands down with his and slowly stopped him from proceeding any further, "I'm sorry Rob, just not now. Something just feels a little off." she whispered softly in his ear. Feeling somewhat let down Rob fell to her side and then laid on the bed next to her. An awkward silence filled the room, "I thought you wanted this Andrea?" Rob said with disappointment and frustration in his voice. Her Andrea begin to so and he immediately felt terrible, he turned over and tried to reach for her but she was sitting up and crying in to her hands. As she felt Rob attempting to slide closer to her she quickly got up and scurried out of the room before another word could be said.




              The next couple of days were unusually awkward and silent, and unfortunately he didn't see too much of his step sister Andrea. She kept herself busy by tending to her paintings, she was actually a great artist and at such a young age she had been quite successful. Many galleries and exhibits displayed her work, it was how she was able to afford such a lavish home. He walked out in to the kitchen and saw her sitting outside in the garden with her easel set up and she looked so elegant and peaceful, he stood there and simply studied her while she painted what was sure to be another masterpiece. He watched and admired her as she worked, he was a little envious of her as he wished he was skilled enough to make something from nothing. He wished he had any type of skill like that but the only thing he was ever good at was being a soldier, being a Marine, but that life was behind him now. He knew with the love, help, and support he undoubtedly find a new passion and a new love for life after the military.




              He decided to walk outside and interrupt her painting session, he grabbed two cups of coffee from the fresh batch he just made and presented one to her as he quietly approached her. She gasped at first as she was somewhat startled by his undetected presence but upon realizing it was him her face soon lit up and a great big smile came across her lovely face and lips. He began to speak not knowing exactly what to say or where to start and as his first few words left his mouth Andrea popped up from her seat and put her coffee down as she wrapped her dainty arms around his lean, muscular torso and gave him a warm hug followed by a passionate kiss.

BOOK: Romance: First Time and Pregnant With The Navy Seal (Stepbrother, Military, Romance)
12.14Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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