Red Hot Revenge (Erotic Romance) (Dominated by the Billionaire)

BOOK: Red Hot Revenge (Erotic Romance) (Dominated by the Billionaire)
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Red Hot Revenge
Erotic Romance

By Adriana Hunter


Copyright © 2013, Adriana

All Rights Reserved.

Published by Wet Ink



Adriana Hunter


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This is a work of fiction.
All names, characters, locations and places are solely the product of the
author’s imagination.  Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead,
including events, areas, locations and situations is entirely coincidental.



It just didn’t seem possible that in two short
months, her entire world could come crashing down around her and everything she
held dear, lost in a blink of an eye.


* * *


Not long ago, Bella Adler was running her own
successful business and was happier than she had ever been. She had a boyfriend
and the business was turning a profit during its first year.  She was at
the top of her game and was certain that things would only get better. She had
been through her share of heartache in the past, and so it was about time that
things started going her way.

And then everything changed almost
overnight.  Bella discovered that her long-term boyfriend and business
partner had not only robbed her of everything she had in savings, but hadn’t so
much as given her a second look before running off with her best friend.

Going to the police had proved futile, because
Ricky had covered his tracks all too well. She’d trusted him too much –
for far too long. And in many ways, she felt as though maybe she deserved it,
at least a little.  She had to toughen up, smarten up and never let her
guard down again. Men couldn’t be trusted. Hell,
couldn’t be
trusted. The only person Bella knew she could trust was herself.

Staring blankly at the computer screen in front of
her, she saw the disheartening figures before her eyes. From what she could
tell, she owed enough money to the bank and her other creditors to have her
swimming in debt for years. She’d never get out from under this and there was
no way possible that she’d ever be able to salvage her business.

Bella shoved shaky hands through her long, dark
blonde hair, forcing her brain to function as she tried not to panic. When
she’d started her event management business, she’d had it all worked out, and
with Ricky eager to help her build the business from the ground floor up, she
was sure that it would be a success, and it was.  Ricky had been
responsible for handling the business finances and day-to-day management, while
Bella focused on branding, building a client base and completing projects.

Well, Ricky had certainly proven just how little
he could be trusted – with both her money
her heart. However,
she was spared the misery of nursing a broken heart over his treachery because
she simply didn’t have time to lick her wounds. Right now, she was more
concerned about how she was going to handle the numerous creditors that were
coming after her, and figuring out a way to rebuild her business and her life.

She heard a light tap on the door, and her
assistant, Cherie, walked into the office. She was the only employee Bella had
left; the only one she could afford to keep, anyway.

“Any good news, Cherie?” Bella asked, wondering if
there was any reprieve in sight.
Like maybe all of her creditors suddenly
had all records of her debts miraculously wiped out from their records….

No such luck, it seemed, as Cherie proceeded to
give her a list of calls and correspondents that had already contacted that day
– all clamoring for blood, apparently.

And then, there came a ray of hope, as Cherie
added, “And the people from Lincoln Consulting…I finally got a call back, and
they’ve agreed to a meeting. Tomorrow.”

Bella’s blue eyes brightened, a smile of relief
spreading over her beautiful face. The financial firm, Lincoln Consulting were
one of her biggest creditors. If they were interested in meeting and speaking
with her, then that meant she possibly had the chance to get them off her back
for a while.

She could hardly sleep that night, thinking about
what she’d say while she presented her proposals to them. Bella knew she just
had to convince them to give her another opportunity.
Just one more chance

Damn you, Ricky
, she swore as she drove into the city the following morning. This
was the first time she’d allowed herself to think of him, or what he’d done.
He’d managed to escape; was probably holidaying in Honolulu or some other
exotic location.

With her best friend, and with

Breaking down wasn’t an option, not for Bella. She
could only dust herself off, learn from her mistakes, and move forward. One
thing was for sure though; she’d never allow herself to fall in love
again.  Being in love blinded you, and she would never be vulnerable


* * *


Jason Riley felt like he’d been waiting for this
moment for longer than he cared to admit. When he’d seen that all too familiar name
on the file, had read the details of the case; he’d been almost unable to
contain himself. Bella Adler…beautiful, untouchable Bella Adler. The one woman
who’d ever come close to stealing his heart – only to crush it without

Ten years was a long time to hold a grudge –
and Jason normally wasn’t the kind of guy to let anyone get to him. But there
was something about Bella, and the way she had hurt him, that made it all too
hard to forget – or forgive.

And now, she needed his help. Well, at least, the
help of his financial firm. Jason wondered what would happen when she opened
the door, walked in and saw him standing in the office, waiting to tell her
that her fate was sealed. Unless…

He didn’t let himself dwell on the enticing
possibilities. He would savor them later, when he finally had her on her knees.
And he could think of many things she could be made to do for him in that
opportune position…

Shaking the dark thoughts from his mind, he looked
at his watch. She was five minutes late. Was she even going to show up? Had she
somehow found out he was the one handling her case file, and had backed out of
the meeting, knowing she had no hope of assistance?

Jason knew he’d been careful to keep all details
from her and from her secretary. All Bella knew was that the boss was
interested in talking to her regarding the financial relationship between their
businesses. He could imagine how excited she must have been, knowing that
someone from Lincoln Consulting was willing to discuss her business. He
couldn’t wait to see her face when she finally saw who it was that was eager to
talk to her. It may be a long time ago, but it was true what they said about
revenge; it was best served cold…




Bella hadn’t been sure what to expect when she
walked into that office, but it wasn’t the dark-haired, tall, striking man that
rose from behind the desk. It took all she had not to rock on her heels as if
struck by a bolt of electricity. Okay, this wasn’t the grey-haired, pot-bellied
financier she’d been looking forward to winning over with her “sensible”
proposition. The man in front of her spelled “dangerous” in every feature,
which seemed as chiseled from marble as his whipcord built looked, even in its
perfectly fitted suit.

“Miss Adler?” he said with a smile, coming forward
and offering his hand, as well as a smile that was more a flash of white
sunshine that did strange things to her belly. She suddenly wondered why
beneath the tan and those devilish good looks, there seemed something very
familiar about him. But Bella knew she’d have remembered if she’d ever met a
man like
before. She’d come across lots of handsome and charming men
in her line of business, and beyond. However, they all paled behind the darkly
striking looks of the man standing before her.

“Jason Riley. It’s nice to see you again, after
all these years.”

The name sunk in like lead in her ears, even as
her hand felt warm and tingly from his brief yet stirring handshake. Bella’s
heart sunk when she realized where she’d seen those deep, grey eyes before, and
that determined square chin.

“Jason?” she asked in disbelief, not able to
relate the image of masculinity that stood in front of her to the guy who’d
crushed on her so deeply in college. Jason Riley…that wasn’t a name she should
have easily forgotten, yet she had.

She shivered slightly at the memory as she slipped
her hand out of his, trying for a small smile. “Wow, it’s been a long time,”
she paused, unsure as to what to say.  “I guess considering our history, I
should reschedule the meeting with someone else?”

He quirked a thick, black eyebrow at her. “There’s
no need for that, Bella,” he replied, a light, easy smile on his face, “It’s
been years since all of that happened. Surely long enough for both of us to
have moved on, I hope?”

Bella couldn’t hide the relief that washed across
her face. “Of course, Jason. My thoughts, exactly.”

“Good! So, take a seat and we can begin,” he

Bella sank into it, watching Jason’s every move as
he made his way back to the desk.

Who would have thought, she wondered in amazement,
her eyes trailing over him.

The Jason she remembered had been good looking
yes, and she had found his attentions flattering for the few months he had
pursued her before graduation. They had met at a party thrown by one of her
friends, and he’d seemed to fall instantly for her.

Bella, who would be first to admit she had been
somewhat of the shallow type during her senior years – thanks to the male
attention she drew in. She had liked him – and had even considered dating
him, but then things had unfolded in the following months that had caused her
to, in no uncertain terms, let him know she could never be his.

“These figures,” he said thoughtfully, nodding to
the papers in front of him. “Astounding. What could have happened to turn your
business into the mess it is now?”

Bella grimaced. “I guess I was…careless. Trusted
the wrong people.” She shrugged, a faint smile slanting her lips. “My partner
was nothing short of criminal in garnering much of my earnings for himself.”

“It looks like he had been trimming profit for
quite some time,” he commented, quirking a brow up at her. “You mean to tell me
you never suspected any foul play? From the sloppy bookkeeping, you should have
easily noticed the discrepancies.”

“I told you, I trusted him implicitly,” she
replied, feeling her teeth grit. His mocking tone hadn’t been lost on her and
Bella felt a wash of anger and frustration swell within her chest. She sighed
heavily, knowing that she had no choice but to endure his torment. If this was
his revenge for her having turned him down many years ago, it was a small price
to pay if it meant she would be able to save her business. “He was my
boyfriend,” she whispered, wishing he would change the subject. “I would never have
thought that he would betray me this way.”

Jason smiled, huffing slightly. “I see,” he
murmured. “From what I remember, you never really were a good judge of

This time she flinched, the gesture one she could
not hide. His true meaning was strikingly obvious…considering that she’d turned
him down, only to date the popular college jock, Roy – a guy known around
campus to be a relentless womanizer. However, even as her lips parted, as if to
defend herself, she suddenly realized the futility of it. What would it matter?
It was so long ago – and like he’d said earlier, they’d both moved on.

She looked up at him, tried to gauge his thoughts
– but it was impossible. His expression was unreadable much like a professional
poker player intent on winning the round. As she analyzed him, she realized
there were so many differences from the Jason she’d known in college, and the
one seated before her. The former Jason had been kind, adoring, if not a bit
unsure of himself. He’d have done anything to help her or to make her happy.
But the man she faced now…there was a hard veneer to his handsomeness, a chill
even in his smile. It would be hard indeed to trust her memory that this was
the same Jason who had been so in love with her that he’d written her poetry,
followed her everywhere she went…How her friends – and his, had teased
him. In time she’d come to welcome his attentions, and had even felt her heart
begin to heat up in response to his affections. But then…

BOOK: Red Hot Revenge (Erotic Romance) (Dominated by the Billionaire)
4.65Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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