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From Rags to Riches: My Thug Angel 2





Andrea Sad’e






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Chapter 1:




“I’m sorry, we did all we could but we could not save your baby. We did, however, get Miss Kingston stable. The bullets missed all of her internal organs. Thankfully, only 3 bullets hit her; one in the middle of her stomach, and two grazed the skin on her hip. She’s sedated right now, but both of you can go see them. Their nurse will give you the room number.”

I let out a sigh of relief. I’m still fucked up about all of this, but I’m just thankful that my baby is still here. I looked over at Slick, who looked sick to the stomach.

“Mannnnnnn,” he said, rubbing his hands down his face. I saw a tear roll down his face, and that’s how I knew this was about to be bad. He broke down.

“This is all my fucking fault, man,” he said between sobs.

“Slick, I know you feeling crazy ‘bout all this, but I been telling you to get yo shit together and you didn’t, and this is what it resulted in. Can you take it back? No, so we need to just deal with the situation at hand. We gotta be strong for them to get healthy again. Yea, this may be yo damn fault what happened to Gena, but you can’t change it so get yo shit together, and let's go back here nigga,” I said, walking toward where the doctor said we could find their nurses.

“Ummm, we’re looking for patients Rayna Kingston and Ragena Houston.”

“Yes, just this way.
The doctor told us you guys requested they be in the same room, so we made that happen for you; it may be a bit more costly.” I threw my hand up to silence her, letting her catch the hint that money is the last thing that we were worried about. Both of them were laying in their beds with a breathing tube down their throats.

“Fuck man,” is all I could manage to get out of my mouth. I couldn’t take seeing them like this, but I had to be strong. I walked over to Rayna’s bed and sat down in her chair. I grabbed her hand and it was a little cold, causing me to rub it trying to circulate a little heat.

“Rayna. It's Ace, and I just want you to know that I am by your side. Baby, you gotta wake up and get better. You’re so strong and I can’t handle seeing you like this. When you wake up, just know you will never have to worry about anybody trying to hurt you anymore. I swear, it’s a wrap for all of them. I love you,” I said, kissing her hand and getting up out of the chair. I saw Slick kissing Gena on the forehead, and we both walked out the door at the same time. Time to catch a body.



I watched Ace and Slick leave the hospital, and I killed my engine. I had gone home and changed clothes, and come back here to see Gena. I ain’t give a fuck if them niggas was there or not, cause a nigga like me ain’t scared of nobody but God. The only difference between me and them is that there is two of them and one of me, so I have to be extra careful. I walked past the nurse’s desk and was let in through the doors. I had connections everywhere, so I wasn’t worried about them stopping me—I’m Kay muhfuckin King.

I walked in the room, and Gena was lying there right along with another girl that looked like her best friend, from what I’ve saw on her Instagram.

“What the fuck,” I mumbled to myself. I didn’t know what the fuck was going on, but I guess I’d find out once she woke up. I sat by her bed and thought about what this girl meant to me. She had become someone I could really kick it and talk about my problems with. We genuinely started to care about one another, and unlike everybody else I’ve ever been this close with, she never had her hand out for anything, and for that very reason I wanted to give her the world.

“Gena, stop playing now and get yo yolk head ass up out this bed,” I said, laughing to myself about calling her yolk head ‘cause she always thought that was the funniest thing ever. At 22, I never met someone who I felt like I would actually settle down for this early, but I was wrong. I couldn’t put too much hope into that thought though, because her and her baby daddy still had a lot of unfinished business, and when she asked if we could take all of this slow so she could figure all this out, I respected her for being real with me. I sat with her for another hour or two and decided it was time for me to leave. I got up and kissed her cheek before walking out of her room.
I feel like I’m gonna have to fuck somebody up about her.


“Damn girl,” I said to Bianca as she rode me faster. I needed to get my mind off of everything that was going on. After I finished, I grabbed Bianca’s clothes and gave them to her, and she had a stank look on her face


“Why can’t I just stay the night?” she asked, aggravated.

“Because you knew I wasn’t a
stay the night
type of nigga when you met me. We just fuck; ain’t no romantics coming with this shit, ma,” I said, getting more aggravated every second I was still looking at her average ass face.

“Whatever Kay, don’t call me again when your ass is on a drought.”

“Look at me, girl. Does it look like drought is even in my damn vocabulary?” She looked at me sideways. “Yeah, that’s what I thought. Have a good night,” I said, escorting her to the door. “I really gotta stop fucking with that bitch,” I sighed to myself while shutting and locking the door. I went up to my bathroom and took a shower so I could go to my office and make some phone calls with a few people who want to cop some bricks from me; the money don’t stop no matter what.


Two days later….

I woke up looking around. I saw Gena in the other bed all bruised up and swollen, and I started to freak out. I guess I wasn’t as quiet as I thought, because Ace and Slick came running into the room.

“Rayna, baby calm down. Slick, go get her nurse please.” He went down the hall and I held Rayna’s face in my hand, feeling so blessed that I didn’t lose her. I kissed her forehead and she laid her head on my chest, calming down a little.

“Miss. Kingston, I’m glad to see that you’re up! I’m your nurse, Julie; how are you feeling?”

“O-Okay,” I said as loud as I could muster up, but my throat was scratchy. I laid my hand on my throat and Ace grabbed me some ice water, and I started to drink. It felt good, but I needed something warm.

“I need some tea,” I said aloud.

“Okay, I’ll get you one in a second, now let your nurse talk to you,” Ace said to me, which caused me to turn my attention to the nurse.

“You sustained one bullet to your stomach right here,” she said, pointing to the middle of my stomach, “and two grazed your hip.”

“Wow,” was all I managed to say.

“Also Miss Kingston, the bullet wound you sustained to your stomach caused you to miscarry your fetus.” My head snapped up in her direction.

“Say what? I wasn’t pregnant.”

“Yes ma’am, you were about ten weeks pregnant,” she said, looking on her chart. “I know this might be a lot to digest Miss Kingston, so I will leave you two alone,” she said, walking out.

“And I’ll go downstairs and get your tea,” Slick said, exiting his room after he kissed Gena’s forehead.

“And what happened to Gena, Ace?” I said between sobs. I couldn’t stand to see my best friend like that.

“When she ran from the party, she got in an accident; ya’ll have been in the same room for about three days.”

“What the hell? This is all so unreal. I can’t believe I was pregnant, Ace. How did I not know?” I said between sobs.

“It’s going to be okay, ma,” he said, rubbing my back. I looked up.

“I want to touch her, Ace”

“Baby, you’re still healing. Maybe in a few more days. She’s gonna be okay.”

“Why did this have to happen to us?” I thought aloud. Ace just continued to hold me until Slick walked in, dapping him up.

“How she been doing?” Slick asked Ace.

“Pretty much the same. The nurses just did shift change, so her nurse should be in here shortly.” We all talked for a few minutes, and a woman walked in.

“Hello, I’m Bianca and I’ll be Miss Houston’s nurse for today.” After she introduced herself she started assessing Gena, she then pulled the curtain so she could clean her up.

“How’s she doing?” I heard Slick say.

“Well, she’s not completely awake but when I was bathing her, she was somewhat responsive. She was trying to move around and open her eyes. She’s exhausted now because right now that’s a lot of work for her, and with me moving her around a little bathing her, she’s probably gonna be out again for a few hours. I usually don’t bathe patients, but my CNA called in so there may be another one coming in later assisting me. I believe that she will wake up today though; we’re not giving her anymore sedatives because she had no swelling on her brain. Let me know if you guys need anything,” she said, throwing away her gloves and walking out of the room.

My mind drifted off to the fact that I was pregnant and didn’t even know it. How could this have been? I know you’re never supposed to question God, but I just don’t understand why this had to happen to me. Before I knew it, tears were running down my face again. I cried for so many reasons. I had a mother who never loved me and allowed a man to steal my innocence; they almost took away my life, and they took away the life I was carrying. They took away the only person who would love me more than I loved them, other than Ace and Ahleya. I could never forgive them for putting me through these things; all of this was turning me cold.

Chapter 2:



I opened my eyes and looked around me. There was something down my throat and I tried to pull it out, and that’s when everybody came rushing over to my bed.

“No Gena, don’t take that out,” Slick said, grabbing my arm gently. I looked around and I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why I was here; then a woman walked in.

“Hello, I’m Bianca and I’ll be your nurse, you were in a really bad car accident and that is why you are here. You didn’t break any bones, but you bruised yourself up quite a bit, although most of your swelling has gone down. If you can’t remember what happened at this point, please don’t be alarmed; it is very common being that you had such a bad concussion. Things may come back to you in time, but there's also a chance that they may not. You will kind of just have to play it by ear, as they say. She may act a little different for a while, but it’s okay, her body has gone through a lot. Just be gentle and patient with her. I also called the respiratory team to come get that breathing tube out,” she said before rubbing my hand and walking out.

Everything came rushing back to me. Slick’s cheating ass proposed to me, and then I found out China was supposedly pregnant with Slick’s baby. I ran to my car and I was headed to Kay’s house. He told me to be careful, but I was so caught up in my thoughts that I didn’t see the car that ran the red light. I’m so thankful that I’m still here. A doctor and my nurse walked in.

“Hello Miss Houston, I’m Dr. Perry and I’m here to take your breathing tube out, blink twice if that’s okay with you.” I blinked twice and he came over, took some tape off my face, and slowly slid the breathing tube out. Everybody was looking at me like they were expecting me to say something, but I just wasn’t ready to talk yet. Rayna looked at me from her bed and blew a kiss at me. Why was she here? I’d ask later when everybody left. Slick walked up to me a kissed my forehead.

“How you feeling?” he said, looking at me with concern and regret in his eyes. I just stared at him, not saying anything in response. “Please talk to me,” Slick said with pleading eyes. I pointed to my throat, and Slick grabbed me a cup of water and I drank from it, the liquid soothing my throat. I signaled to him that I wanted to brush my teeth, and he went to the sink and got a toothbrush out of a bag. He brought it to me with a pail to spit in, along with a big glass of warm water. I put a make believe phone to my ear asking him for my phone, and he gave it to me as well.

After brushing my teeth, Ace and Slick left to go get us some soup, and I took this as my opportunity to speak up. I looked over at Rayna, who was watching TV, and waved my hand to get her attention. She looked over at me smiling.

“Yes ma’am?”

“What happened to you?”

“Kenneth and that dumb mother of mine.” I looked at her confused. “Long story short, one of them was shooting at Ace and I jumped in front of the bullet. I can’t even remember which one it was, but I will ask Ace,” she said

“We gon’ have to fuck them up,” I said just above a whisper.

“You ain’t neva lied” she said. We looked at each other for a second, tears in both of our eyes. “I’m so glad you’re okay, Gena,” she said emotionally.

“Me too, I don’t know what Kenyah and I would do without you.”

Just then, Ace and Slick walked back into my room, causing me to stop talking quickly. Slick picked my soup up on a spoon and started feeding me. Ace did the same for Rayna. My phone vibrated, and it was Kay. Slick looked down and saw the name, and I swear I could see fire in his eyes. I just continued to stare at my food like I didn’t hear my phone. After eating my soup, my throat felt so much better and I was thankful. My nurse walked in with my file in her hand, and the doctor behind her.

“Is there any way we could talk to you in private, Miss Houston?”

“I mean, not really being that there is two of us in this room, so whatever it is that you need to say, just go ahead and say it.”

The doctor and the nurse looked at each other. “Well, while you were in a coma, we had to give you some medication because you contracted Trichomoniasis. I looked over at Slick and just shook my head. I had no strength for this shit anymore. I was done.

“Please make him leave. I don’t want you back here unless you’re bringing my daughter to see me, and you can sit in the visiting room while I’m with her. Please leave.”


“LEAVE!!!!” I said before breaking down.



This shit had done really blew my fucking high man. I sat there watching Gena cry, and I felt bad for her ‘cause she really didn’t deserve all the things that Slick had put her through. He really needed to grow up. That shit he doing was child's play. I can never guarantee that I won’t fuck up at some point in my relationship because we’re all human, but I will try hard as hell to make sure it never happens. I looked over at Rayna, and she had this sad ass look on her face. It killed her when her friend was hurting.

“It’s okay,” I said, looking at her.

“Help me up,” she said, getting out of her bed. I didn’t want her getting up without the nurse here, but I knew I wasn’t going to be able to win this fight so I grabbed her arm to make sure she was steady, and walked her over to Gena’s bed. She climbed in the bed with Gena and grabbed her, placing her tear-stained face on her chest and staying that way until they both fell asleep. I made sure to take a picture before walking out, glad they had each other because my hand had been itching to get some business handled.

“Yo Slick, wea you at man?” I said into my phone; he told me that he was home, and I let him know that I was on my way there to talk business.

I walked into Slick’s house, and he was sitting in the living room smoking.

“You look depressed as hell.”

“I am man, I really fucked up.”

“You did.”

“I went to the doctor and got my medicine. I can’t believe this shit.”

“Yea, yo luck finally done ran out, but it could have been much worse.”

“Yea you right, but how the fuck am I gon’ get outta this shit?”

“Man, I don’t even know. You know her and Rayna probably ready to bust yo ass right now.”

“I swear, they’re the girl versions of us.”

“Yea they are, let me go get Ahleya and spend some time with her.”

“Yea, Imma go get Kenyah from my mom too. You wanna take them somewhere?”

“Yea, you can just meet me at the park around the corner and we’ll take them on a walk, like some damn soccer moms or some shit,” I said chuckling.

“Bet,” he said. getting up and grabbing his keys.

I walked up to my mom’s door and let myself in with the key I had. I walked in the kitchen because I smelled food being made. I walked into the kitchen and Ahleya was sitting in her high chair eating yogurt bites; as soon as she saw me, she started bouncing up and down and clapping her hands. I walked over to her and picked her up, giving her a big kiss. She grabbed my face and started kissing me while screaming at the same time, which is something she had been doing a lot lately, the funniest thing I had ever seen.

“Hey Mama,” I said to my mom.

“Hey baby, how’s Rayna and Gena doing?” she said, kissing me on my cheek and handing me a piece of chicken.

“They’re doing a lot better, they’ll probably be home within the next few days.”

“Well, that’s good to hear. I made all this food and I’m gonna take them a plate later.” I walked over to the pots to see what was in them while Ahleya tried to grab my chicken wing. I peeled off a piece of chicken and chewed it up for her, like Rayna showed me a couple weeks ago. I thought it was disgusting at first but Ahleya loved it, so whatever makes her happy makes me happy.

“Mama, I’m finna have Slick meet me here so we can let the girls play with each other.

“Nigga, ya’ll just tryna eat.”

“Yea, you can say that too,” I said, chuckling and sending Slick a text letting him know that my mom was cooking, and to meet me there.

BOOK: Rags to Riches: My Thug Angel 2
6.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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