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Authors: William D. Carl

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Primeval (Werewolf Apocalypse Book 2)

BOOK: Primeval (Werewolf Apocalypse Book 2)
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Primeval (Werewolf Apocalypse Book 2)



William D. Carl

Published by Permuted Press at Smashwords.


Copyright 2012 William D. Carl

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For Gina, my sister, who would have loved it.

Rest in peace.



From World Weekly News

June 13

Werewolf Disease Still Flourishing’

Byline: James Creed


The mysterious Lycan Disease, commonly known as the Werewolf Virus, is still incubating and even thriving in several pockets of America. The disease started as an outbreak in Cincinnati, Ohio, eight months ago, and it was widely believed to have been contained by the U.S. Army. This reporter, however, has been notified of many more outbreaks across the Midwest in the past few months.

“We thought we’d beaten this thing,” claimed one anonymous source from the U.S. military. “There was an antibody that was used to inoculate everyone in the tristate area, but you can’t inoculate the whole population, can you? Some people are going to fall through the cracks.”

A second anonymous source told this reporter, “There seem to be pockets of outbreaks occurring all over the Midwest. In Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Illinois. We tracked down a group of werewolves in West Virginia that were living in the mountains, hunting wild game at night when they turned. Whenever we discover a group like this, living in disregard to the well-being of everyone else in America, we must either force them to get their Lycan shots, or we have to destroy them. It’s never easy to kill fellow Americans, but if this disease goes full-blown across the country, I don’t know what we could do to save ourselves.”

General Taylor Burns, who supervised the siege on Cincinnati and ultimately discovered four of the few dozen people immune to the virus, says, “I can’t say much. We’re doing everything we can. No further comment.”

But a second source close to the general stated, “The number of outbreaks is growing by the full moon cycle. It seems like every time there’s a full moon, there’s another flare-up of werewolf activity, and not just in one or two places. Still, for what it’s worth, we’re doing what we can.”

This reporter wonders if the government is doing enough to stop the eventual spread of the disease.


From World Weekly News

October, 21

Interview with a Werewolf’

Byline: James Creed


More than a year after the initial outbreak of the Lycan Disease, more and more humans are embracing the werewolf lifestyle. Despite the best efforts of the government and the influence of the military, many people have refused to be inoculated and are protesting to protect their rights as citizens. Recently, this reporter had a chance to speak with one such rebel, who wishes to remain anonymous to ensure that he is not killed by one of the government’s Lycan Sniper Teams.

Creed – Thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Lycan – People need to know. They need to know what’s going on out there.

Creed – Why have you chosen to retain the virus in your system?

Lycan – I love the feeling of freedom it gives me. There’s an animal side to each of us we usually keep buried. Humans don’t like being reminded that we are all only animals, after all. I don’t think tamping down that bestial self is good for any of us. We need to accept what we are.

Creed – But aren’t you making yourself less human?

Lycan – Only during the full moon. God has given us a gift. He is allowing us to be ourselves for a few hours each month, our primeval, antediluvian state, and who are we to disregard God’s wishes?

Creed – Yet many claim the virus is a chemical weapon gone wrong. All the evidence points toward this being a government-sponsored genetics project.

Lycan – Yet it was all started by one man, a single man named Jean Cowell who was researching how the Lycan Virus worked. You realize that there have always been werewolves. They have always been a part of God’s natural plan. Cowell used his genius to separate the virus, and, in his wisdom, to share it with the rest of the world.

Creed – Yet Cowell’s own journals explained that this was an accident, and the virus was never meant to go airborne.

Lycan – This is simply more proof of God’s mastery at work. And soon, more will be revealed.

Creed – What do you mean by that?

Lycan – Let me just say that many of us believe our animalistic sides are far more true to our nature than the human sides. We are adopting a more savage aspect, something primitive, closer to Eden. With any luck, we will do so permanently.

Creed – Are you saying you have discovered a way to maintain the Lycan form at all times?

Lycan – Soon, we will no longer be governed by the whims of the lunar cycles. We will remain in our primeval states permanently.

Creed – Wouldn’t that put you directly in the path of the snipers? There have been rumors they have been hunting rogue werewolves.

Lycan – I can confirm this is no rumor. It’s the truth. Many of my followers have been shot down like dogs.

Creed – Followers? It sounds like you’ve established a church.

Lycan – (baring his teeth) Who says we haven’t? The Chapel of the Savage is open and taking on more and more acolytes every day.

Creed – Will this mean war with the human race if you achieve your goal? Humans versus Lycans?

Lycan – You tell me, human. Will you leave our kind alone to hunt as we must? Will you let us live as the beasts that we know we are? Perhaps, we will be the ones to make the first move.


From World Weekly News

August 31, the next year

Lycan Destruction’

Byline: James Creed


Another Chapel of the Savage was infiltrated by the Lycan Sniper Team, headed by General Taylor Burns and his Staff Sergeant Nicole Truitt. The Chapel, a warehouse in Eastern Pennsylvania, was bombed first, then snipers shot and killed all the Lycans running from the destruction and fire. Fifty-seven werewolves were killed in the attack, and one human servant was taken prisoner, a Mrs. Georgia Hodges of Altoona, Pennsylvania.

“You see what they did?” the woman wept as she was carried away by Lycan Sniper Team members. “They killed whole families. Murder. It’s murder. But you’ll get yours soon enough.”

When asked what she meant by her threats, the woman, obviously mad, screamed, “You will all get what you deserve. Humans are finished. The beast will rule over all. We have our plans in place. We’ll strike at the heart of you, at the heart of all you hold dear. When the savage arise, you won’t be able to fight back.”

General Burns commented, “The rebellion of the so-called Chapel of the Savage has to be put down. There isn’t enough room in America for these creatures that only want to destroy the American way of life. They have no compunctions about killing or eating their fellow citizens. You see this woman?” Here, he motioned toward Mrs. Hodges. “They find the weak-willed or insane to carry out their deeds. Meanwhile, they plot against all of us. If they want to live like this, like werewolves and animals, then let them be put in a camp someplace, or maybe an isolated island, where they can be as wild as they want to be. As long as they can’t harm the rest of us. As long as they don’t kill more innocent victims.”

Sniper Nicole Truitt, who would look as comfortable in the pages of the September
magazine as she did in her camouflage and weaponry, stated, “You did notice that they were all fully changed creatures. These were werewolves. In the daytime. And there isn’t a full moon for another week. Think about it.”

This reporter isn’t afraid to admit he felt a chill when he realized that some of the Chapel Congregation have found a way to stay in Lycan form in defiance of the lunar cycles.


From World Weekly News

September 18

Monster Rats Invade New York!’

Byline: James Creed


Residents of lower Manhattan were terrified to find gigantic rats spilling from an alley near the 9/11 Memorial. Dozens of the creatures, measuring up to thirty inches in length, excluding the tail, attacked a bus full of tourists. There were no fatalities, and the rodents scampered through sewer grates to escape the wrath of the British Nannies Corporation, who, armed with umbrellas, beat off the terrifying creatures.

“Blimey,” stated Miss Cornelia Trollope. “I’ve never seen such a thing. They were as long as my arm and they had these long ears and red eyes. They also looked somehow wrong, misshapen, as though they were mutated. I have seen the reports about them werewolves on the telly. Cor, maybe there are were-rats now.”

This reporter wonders…

Chapter 1


11:15 a.m.


“John, you’ve got to cut the werewolf bullshit,” Steve Debarr said, his mouth bristling moistly around the nub of an unlit cigar. “People are sick of hearing about it.”

“It’s the biggest story of our time,” John Creed replied. Sitting across the massive oak desk in a chair two inches lower than his boss’s throne, he ran a tan-from-a-can hand through his messy brown hair. As usual, some of it stuck up after being mussed, but John paid it no mind and turned his ice-cold blue eyes on Debarr.

“It’s getting stale,” Debarr said.

“Things are happening out there, Steve. Big things. Have you been reading what I’m sending you? These bastards don’t even have to wait until a full moon anymore. They’re living their lives out as freaking animals in the mountains.”

“Well, more power to them. The ACLU is getting involved…”

“Oh, great. What are they going to say about it? Everyone has the right to live the way they want to?”

“Probably something along those lines, yes.”

“Even if that means devouring your neighbors? Come on, Steve, you and I both know that this mutation thing is big news. Twelve point headlines, at least.”


The reporter held his hands up banner-like in front of his face. “Werewolves Take Over the World. Human Beings Outnumbered. Can you see it?”

BOOK: Primeval (Werewolf Apocalypse Book 2)
8.87Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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