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“Gawd, Zaek-k-k…” She lifted her hips off the bed, seeking the hand at her mound. He pulled it away. “Please … please … take me. Now!”

“Yes. Now.” His emotions were a wild mix of joy, relief, awe, and love. This was a time he’d never thought would come: the claiming and marking of his mate.

Zaek braced himself over her on one forearm as he guided his cock head to her swollen opening. Her wet heat and silky swollen tissue surrounded his glans. He thought he’d spill his seed then and there―it felt so good, so right. He inhaled deeply, catching the scent of her sweet musky arousal. Soon their scents would be blended. At that pleasing thought, he tightened his buttocks and on a rough exhale, thrust with one forceful move of his hips to claim Cheri in the most elementary way.

“Mine!” he roared.

Cheri’s sharp gasp of pain chilled him. He stilled.
Ansu bhau
. He’d hurt her. He’d rushed it like a fumbling adolescent. He was a
bakking apayebo

Breathing hard, he lowered his head to brush urgent kisses over her face while he resisted the urge to pound away at her like a ravening beast. He captured her gaze and found the tears misting her eyes. He wanted to howl.

“Are you hurting badly,

“I’m fine.” Her lips twisted into an impish grin. “I take that I’m

That she could joke, even while her aura radiated waves of discomfort, made him love her even more, if that were possible. “Almost,
. Just one more orgasm and then you can rest, little one.”

She rubbed her forehead over his chin, then laid back and watched him with trust and love shining from her eyes.

Humbled by her faith in him, he cherished her lips with a loving kiss.

, but she felt so good around his cock. His cock flexed and throbbed inside her silken channel. She was still too tight. Her internal tissues were so distended from her multiple orgasms that she fit him like the finest of leather scabbards.

“Zaek…” Her words were a mere whisper of a breath across his cheek as he leaned over her, panting against her ear as he strained to keep his cock and hips under control. “Move.”

“Not yet,
.” He turned his head to lick at her mouth, relishing her taste. “You need to adjust a bit more.”

Her response was to bite down on his lip, drawing his blood, then suckling at his tongue as she might his cock.

At the same time she gave him pain, she clenched her inner muscles around his cock and squeezed, giving him indescribable pleasure.

Growling low in his throat, Zaek took her mouth roughly, his tongue jabbing her silken heat until she dueled his tongue with her own. He broke away from the temptation of her mouth and pulled his cock halfway out of her body and then pushed back in. There was no resistance, just tightness and heat. It felt so

Her resulting moan was one of pleasure, not pain.

He sighed. “Finally, thank the One.”

Cheri’s breathy half-giggle, half-groan had him smiling as he began the rhythmic pull-push of his hips that would culminate in immeasurable pleasure for both of them.

He started out slowly, enjoying the feel of her tissues caressing his cock and her muscles clasping to hold him inside. Her sharp inhalations and raspy exhalations fed his male ego and heightened his own pleasure. Soon the sounds coming from her turned to moans, groans, and delicate grunts punctuated with an occasional “oh, God.”

When Cheri arched to meet each of his downward thrusts, he increased the speed of his hips.

Fast in. She grunted.

Slow out. She mewled.

, her little noises were cute. He treasured the fact he was the cause of them.

As the pulse in her throat escalated, so did his tempo until all control was gone. Now, he rammed her delicate body until her breasts bounced, her body quivered, and her hands fisted on the ropes anchoring her.

Soon his soul was ready to take flight.

But before it could rise to merge with Cheri’s, his aura reached for hers and engulfed it within his. Their colors blended in a shifting swirl of her cooler blues and greens and his fiery reds and yellows until they entwined in a complex cyclical ribbon that reached from his heart to hers.

Their bodies were joined in the most fundamental way. Their minds and hearts, connected by the bonds of love.

It was time for their souls to join.

He shoved his upper torso farther away from Cheri’s body, then braced himself over her on one hand. He reached with his free hand between their straining bodies and settled his thumb over her clit and then rubbed hard. 

Cheri froze for one long second, then screamed, “Yes-s-s!” Her body shook fiercely from the force of her climax.

Her strong orgasmic spasms shoved Zaek over the knife-like edge of pleasure-pain he’d been riding for days. He roared his pleasure as his seed flooded her fertile womb.


As Zaek pounded Cheri’s convulsing body, their souls tore loose of the physical plane and soared to an alternate plane the Prime had sung about long before a written history existed—long before Cheri’s race evolved from single-celled marine creatures on Earth.

And on that plane of pure, spiritual energy, their souls merged and became one in the aether of an infinite universe. It was at that point he realized how truly alone he’d been his entire life. But no longer. He’d never be alone again.

As their reforged souls fell back into their bodies, tears of joy and thankfulness wetted his cheeks. Eventually, he eased himself from his
’s motionless body and released her wrists and ankles. Then he lay next to her so he could cuddle her body against his with her head nestled on his chest.

Drawing the furs over their cooling bodies, he brushed kisses over her hair. “
Gemate lubha
? You okay?”

“Hmmm, yeah. Fabulous.” She kissed his chest, then she looked up at him. Wonder and love shining from her eyes. “That was … indescribable.” She traced his jaw. “I love you.”

Zaek shuddered at how her delicate touch made his heart pound and his body tighten with the need to protect her … to cherish her. He was humbled by the love and trust he found in her eyes, that he could feel through their bond. This small woman had the power to take him to his knees with a mere touch and three words.

“Do you realize how special you are?” He kissed the tip of her nose.

She shook her head.

“You are everything. Without you I could not survive.”

“I feel the same.” She kissed his chin. “Isn’t that wonderful?”

“It is.” He snuggled her closer and rubbed his cheek over the top of her silky hair. “Sleep,
. You’ll need your rest, because I won’t be able to wait much longer to make you mine again.”

When he looked down to see her reaction to his words, she was fast asleep. He smiled and pulled the earpiece from her ear and then removed his.

“End program.”


Cheri roused slowly. Barely awake, she purred happily as she sensed the preternatural connection between her and Zaek. In the area of her mind that read others emotions, she could see part of the bond as a multi-colored ribbon running from her heart to Zaek’s. An essential part of his nature now resided in her very soul, just as a part of her lived within his. That merger of souls had happened in pleasure and blinding white light on a plane apart from the physical world. How that could be?―She didn’t know. It just was.

What she did know was her
was close by and very happy. And that made her deliriously happy.

As she fought through the fog in her brain to consciousness, her body’s aches and twinges reminded her she’d had the best sex of her life―and it wanted more. In order to meet her body’s needs, she needed to wake up and locate her
. It was her turn to seduce him and drive him crazy.

She attempted to stretch, but couldn’t. Something weighted her down. She forced her bleary eyes open and looked around. She wasn’t in the sim-room any longer, but in an unfamiliar bedroom, lit by dim, indirect lighting. 

“Zaek? Where in the—” Then she gasped as a frisson of pleasure shot up and down her spine and then settled in her clit. “What—”

She lifted up, bracing herself on her forearms, and looked down her naked body. There she found Zaek’s dark head buried between her legs, legs held down by her very naked
. No wonder she wanted sex so badly, he was licking her pussy. His attentions felt like a warm, cuddly hug, when what she wanted was a balls-to-the-wall banging.

She eyed his naked length and zeroed in on one aspect of him that could cause her to swallow her tongue, well, second only to his beautiful, thick, long cock. “Nice ass,

His head popped up. His smiling lips and chin glistened with her juices. “You are finally awake,
gemate lubha
. You sleep like the dead. I’ve been licking you for at least ten standard minutes.”

“I felt your love and happiness across our bond. I needed to wake up and find you.” When he snorted, she added, “Okay, I also felt a neediness sizzling in my blood. Now, I see why. You plan on taking that action up a notch?”

, be careful of what you ask for.” He grinned, a naughty boy caught with his hands, or in this instance, his lips, somewhere they shouldn’t be. He moved to brush a kiss over her lower right abdomen.

Pleasure swept over her like crashing waves. Her body buzzed with arousal.

“Oh my gawd.” She zeroed in on the highly sensitive spot. The colorful marking on her skin seemed to move as Zaek idly stroked her labia. His brilliant golden gaze fixed on her face. “It’s really there!” She squealed. “Let me see your mark.”

He smiled and pushed up until she could see his naked chest which featured a mark that mirrored hers in every respect—and it also swirled.

“It worked. Marks and everything.” A wave of happiness engulfed her. She sensed his joy—felt it reach out to surround her in a caring bubble.

“Very much so.” Zaek moved to place a kiss on her marking.

She shivered at the pleasure even the lightest touch gave her.

“Why are our marks in motion?” She leaned on one elbow and touched her mark with her free hand. She inhaled sharply. “It’s warm.”

“I’m sexually healing your labia and clitoris. My tending to you in this way provides a gentler pleasure which, in turn, causes your mark to react.” He stroked a path around her pussy with a very talented finger. “Doing this, also causes my mark to react since we are empathically connected. It pleases me to care for you, especially after how hard I used you when we bonded.”

“So, what happens to the marks when we’re actually having sex?” She covered his hand on her mound, stilling his movements for the moment

“The marks will move faster, the colors get brighter, and they’ll be hotter to the touch.” He shot her a devilish grin. “I’ll be happy to show you all those things once I finish healing you—and after I give you a sensual bath and then feed you by my hand.”


“Hush.” He spoke in his stern, I’m-the-master-of-your-universe voice. Her core clenched and she swore she was ready to come just from the sound of his voice. Then he moved her hand off his and placed it gently on the bed.

Cheri whimpered as Zaek bent down and licked over the hood of her clit and circled her swollen folds with the tip of his tongue.

“Darlin’, I don’t think I have the energy for another round of sex…” She inhaled sharply as a sharp stab of pleasure caused her core to erupt in a mini-climax. “…um, like we had in the sim-room.”

“You will … it is inevitable in the newly mated. We’ll be having frequent sex … which is why the healing, the bath, and food. All Prime males were taught to do such for their
if they should be so blessed to find one.” He rubbed a bristly cheek over her sensitive inner thigh. The slight friction gave her chills, good chills. “And I feel very blessed, little one.”

The truth in his words and emotions, the knowledge that she’d plugged a hole in his heart and completed his soul, brought tears to her eyes.

But the man was taking her over, which was okay in the bedroom, but there were certain things a woman could do for herself. “I can bathe and feed myself,

He nipped her clit lightly.

“Ouch,” she yelped. “What was that for?”

“That,” he suckled her abused, throbbing-in-a-not-so-nice-way clit, causing her to groan and her thighs to quiver, “is for not graciously accepting your
’s services for your care, feeding, and pleasure.”

“But … but…” She threw back her head and shrieked as he returned his attention to her clit and massaged her marking at the same time. Another mini-orgasm rippled over her body in a series of slow, rolling, destructive waves—destructive in that all thoughts of opposing his will had been swamped by intense pleasure.

Then Zaek was over her, plunging his tongue into her mouth, claiming her—taking her breath and giving his in return. With a slight shift of his hips and a lifting of hers in one of his large hands, he guided his hard cock into her still rippling sheath and began to pummel her, fast and hard.

Yes, this is what she needed.

It didn’t take long for the punishing hip action to shoot her to a peak where she fell, screaming her completion into his mouth.

But even then he didn’t stop. He used his grip on her ass to angle her to meet his thrusts. Now his cock touched an extremely sensitive spot inside her pussy. She soared to the heights once more and burning pleasure incinerated her as she plummeted to earth, safely held in the strong, loving arms of her mate.

When Zaek lifted his mouth from hers to roar his climax to the ceiling, she enfolded her
in her arms and legs and held him to her the best she could.

As his climax abated, Zaek continued to move in and out of her in a slow, hypnotic motion as her inner muscles strove to hold onto his cock. It was as if her body didn’t want to let him go.

His honey-gold gaze, dilated with the pleasure they’d shared, never left her face. His lips never ceased worshiping her with light kisses over her face, throat, and shoulders.

Cheri smiled and ran her fingers over the nape of his neck and through his dark, shaggy hair with the texture of the finest raw silk. “I love you, Zaek Magga, my warrior-

“And I love you, my
gemate lubha
.” Still intimately connected with her, he placed a kiss on the tip of her nose. “Did you like your Prime claiming in the sim-room?”

“Yeah.” She nipped his lower lip and sucked on it before adding, “When can we do it again? But this time with a bit more spanking, bondage, and sex, and less dirty roving bands of horny Prime males.”

Zaek threw back his head and laughed. “Such a bad girl. I like that.” His eyes sparkling with joy, he kissed her until she moaned deep in her throat. “I’ll see what I can do,
” he murmured against her lips.

BOOK: Prime Claiming (The Prime Chronicles)
12.04Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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