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Shoes were next. She placed a foot on a nearby bench, and reached down to untie her sneaker. Bending over, she glanced sideways at the mirror to regard the unsmiling eyes that met hers under the row of even bangs of dusky brown hair. Her gaze took in the slim figure, the curves of her lean haunches smoothened by the elasticized press of a pair of snugly-fitted pantyhose.

The pantyhose would be stripped off next. Sitting on the bench, she tugged the clingy nylon down her legs and off her feet. Without pause, she stood up, slid her thumbs into the waistband of her hip huggers, slipped them down her legs and stepped out of the silky nylon that ringed her bare feet.

Now the naked girl turned before the mirrored wall, her body all a-tingle with a renewed rush of sexual excitement. She was pleased with what she saw: a lean and wiry body, and light brown hair, cut short. She turned to look over her shoulder at her boyish, tightly-curved butt. A straight, not spectacular body; but reasonably fit and without a trace of fat. Not bad for a 36-year-old! She smiled to herself.

Turning back to the locker she began to take out the trappings that were all she would wear for the next two days. She pulled out and set aside a pair of sleek black books, long and shiny, with their tall heels. Then she grabbed a handful of the leather straps that would form the head-gear and bridle she would form the body harness.

She closed her eyes and fingered a strip soft buttery leather. Scooping up the tangle of straps in both hands, she brought them to her face, rubbing her cheeks, her nose, her mouth in the tangle of pliant leather, inhaling deeply, intoxicated by the heady, earthy smell of raw leather. She drew the two handfuls down her chest rubbing the leather all over her naked writing body, uttering a whimper that deepened into a hollow moan.

Her hands were shaking with impatience; she moved eagerly now, untangling the harness, holding it up against her sleek front. Wiggling with excitement, she quickly slipped her arms though the shoulder harness. Now two cross straps encircled her upper body, framing her slight bosom between them, while another single strap hung straight down the front just between her small-mounded breasts to attach to the center of a broad belt that would band her lower torso from ribcage to hips. This waist cincher could be tightened to assure a snug fit by buckled straps at placed at either hip. She wondered if, in a little while, a Master would be tightening it even more when she went for the final fitting, further compressing her waist into a smoothly tapering hourglass figure. The thought sent a delicious shiver through her.

Now she had to attend to the final strap that hung down behind from the back of the waist cincher. Reaching between her legs, she drew it forward, pulling it up into her crotch. Her left hand dropped down to finger her furry vagina. Two fingers pressed open the labia to assure the thin strip was perfectly seated in the cleft of her bulging lips. The end was threaded through a slip buckle. She tugged up on the strap and grunted, before snapping the notched end in place at the front of the belt. Next, she sent a hand back to explore between her narrow buttocks. There her seeking fingers found the little metal ring centered in the belt and lodged deep between her clenching cheeks. She nudged it into place, directly over her anus.
Ignoring the temptation to check herself in the mirror, the ponygirl reached back into the locker to pull out the head harness. She placed the open straps over her helmet of soft brown hair, carefully tucking her loose hair under the straps as she drew them into place.
Now she looked in the mirror. A thin band looped over her head from front to back, crossing her brow. From this head band an inverted vee angled down on either side of her nose. A hard rubber bar could be inserted into side rings to form the bit the girl would be made to accept between her teeth when she was placed in the traces. The bit would be attached later; for now her lips and mouth must be available. It was possible that a Master might choose to make use of them.
A second strip, attached to middle of the headband ran from ear to ear over the crown of her head, its loose ends dangling down along her cheeks. Adjusting the head harness one final time, she gathered up the two straps under her chin, tightened them through the slip buckle, and secured the chin strap in place.
As she worked, her trembling hands had steadied. She moved more methodically now, going through the now familiar routine. Seating herself on the padded bench, the ponygirl took up a pair of black nylon stockings, thigh-high stockings with wide elastic tops that would band her thighs halfway up their slim tapering lengths. After putting the stockings on, and adjusting them to assure a smoothly even fit, she dipped a foot into one of the boots. The knee-high boots were of a gleaming black leather, with full length zippers down the side. Once in place and zippered up they encased the calve in a tight sheath of shiny leather, while keeping the ponygirl well up on her toes. Their comfortable fit and thick stacked heels assured they were sturdy enough for the continued pounding of a furious race.
Silky stood up and stamped about to settle her feet in the boots. She looked at herself in those wicked gleaming boots, sleek, stylish, very sexy, yet quite serviceable. She smiled. Silky loved her boots.
Next, she had to cuff herself. The 3-inch wide straps were padded and lined with red satin. Each cuff had a D-ring sewn in, useful should a Master wish to apply a bit of restraint. She took off her wristwatch and then buckled the straps in place, banding her wrists in a business-like manner. Then she turned back to the locker for the final piece of adornment she must wear – the tail.
She found it hung on its peg inside the locker. The long luxurious mane of hair matched her own dusky brown hair. She found the tube of gel and liberally greased the squat double-flanged plug that would be used be inserted through the metal ring between her cheeks to secure the tail in place up her pert bottom.
She turned her back to the mirror, and bent over, reaching behind her with one hand to pry open her butt cheeks while she used the other hand to carefully thread the butt plug through the ring. She took a deep breath, forced herself to relax, and slowly shoved the butt plug up her anus. It popped into place, and she felt the instinctive spasm of the sphincter as that tiny muscle tried to expel the invader. She closed her eyes and forced herself to relax even further, preparing herself to accommodate the plug in her rear end. She looked at the results in the mirror, arched her back to raise her rump and gave the little wiggle to her hips, swishing her newly-acquired tail in a gesture of saucy delight.

Standing up to face the mirror, the new ponygirl worked to make the final adjustments, while feeling the creamy rise of excitement surging up in her. She tightened the straps that crossed her chest; gave an extra tug to the crotch strap, drawing it deeper into her rear crack. A final tug on the narrow strip at her groin pulled it even tighter to compress the soft flesh of her vulva, as she hitched it up yet one more notch.

The feel of the snugly-fitted leather straps constricting her body, sent an electric thrill rocketing through the girl   She closed her eyes in dreamy reverie as her hands slid down from her naked breasts, curving to follow the sweeping contours of her hourglass figure, savoring the slimness of her waist, the flare of her hips, her naked haunches and the bands of the lacy elastic at the tops of her stockings.

When her eyes opened again, it was to behold “Silky” in all her glory, her thin body adorned with the black leather strapping of a ponygirl – it made her hot, incredibly randy.

She looked into the big brown eyes that met hers with an even stare, and she slowly widened her booted stance and to stare boldly, defiantly, back at the girl in the mirror. The way she looked in bondage never failed to turn her on: her small naked breasts framed in leather, seemed to stick out in proud display, nipples tightened and protruding, already stiff wit h arousal.. Her whole body tingled. Her eyes fell to her lightly-furred vulva, indented by the crotch strap; her half-naked thighs, the black nylon stockings, and those sexy boots, sleek and tight, that kept her arched up high up on her toes. Her fingers touched the crotch strip. Pressed hard into her softly yielding vagina, and instantly sent an orgasmic thrill racing through her.

There was one final act of the changing ritual yet to be completed. From the open locker, she took out the short buckled strap that would be looped around her neck to form a 4-inch high collar – in a defining act that would complete the transformation from earnest young businesswoman to charmingly submissive ponygirl.

She checked herself in the mirror one final time, turned around to examine the back view. She fingered the strap that ran up to disappear between her taut butt. The rear strap would undoubtedly be further tightened once she had presented herself to a Master. If she was lucky enough to find Master 4 to attend to her, she knew he would be sure to test her butt strap because he so loved to dally there, tracing her twin curves, slipping his fingers under the strap to test the fit while she braced herself, bent over with hands on her knees. Then, once he was satisfied, he would kiss her jutting ass, for he could never resist the temptation to make love to Silky’s tightly rounded bottom. His slow hands were delicious; his kiss incredible, setting the girl on fire. Master 4 was Silky’s favorite. She hoped it would be him that she would find today.

Now she patted herself on the behind, ran her fingers through the cascade of hair that hung down behind, lifted the thick tail, let it drop into place.

Then, with butt cheeks clenching her new tail, hips shifting in a provocative sway, the slender ponygirl tottered away on her high-heeled boots, scurrying down the long hallway in search of one of the four Stable Masters before whom she would present herself on her knees, and beg to be collared, and thus begin yet one more wildly erotic weekend.

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BOOK: Ponygirl Tales
11.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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