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By now there was an air of anticipation, a sexual tension that grew to permeate the dressing room.

The joking, laughing and wise-cracking between the still-dressed men and the naked women had trailed off. There was an occasional grunt or half-moan as straps were pulled tight. Blaze heard someone yelp when she received a friendly slap on the butt. Furtive hands were groping and fondling, taking advantage of this unbelievable opportunity to savor all the pleasures the statuesque showgirls had to offer. Murmured female voices mixed with those of the clearly aroused grooms who talked under their breath to their partners of the moment, sharing intimacies, telling them how hot they were; how super they looked in bondage.

Blaze looked around her. She saw her girlfriends pulling on the leather trappings, being suited up for their roles as ponygirls in the bizarre performance orchestrated by the mysterious millionaire -- whom they had yet to lay eyes on.

Again her eyes came back to rest on herself in the full-length mirror. An incredible wave of sexual hunger welled up in her; left a throbbing deep in her loins. All she knew was she wanted a man, needed a man...and pretty-boy Franco was looking scrumptious to her right now. She knew he was sporting an erection under those expensive slacks he wore, and he was leaning into her; his warm hands were all over her body. But just as she was about to make a grab for him, he pulled away. Giving her a quick kiss on her startled lips, he turned to remove some trappings that hung nearby on a set of wooden pegs.

This turned out to be the head harness. The tangle of straps was placed over her head, imprisoning Blaze’s stylish cropped hair. A thin band looped the crown of her head, crossing her forehead. From this head band an inverted vee angled down on either side of her nose, to hold a hard rubber bit that her handler had to gently coax the reluctant girl to accept between her teeth. The last strip ran from ear to ear over the top of her head; the ends, dangling down on either side, were to be gathered under the chin and buckled there. He was looking into her big brown eyes and smiling as he tightened the chin strap to make sure the head gear fitted snugly.

“Comfy?” Franco teased.

“Ummmph,” was the best the elegant ponygirl could manage.

Six naked women, booted and wearing the black leather trappings of ponygirls, were now lined up in a row by their handlers. Side by side, they faced their reflected images across the room in the full length mirrors that lined the far wall.

Blaze, standing straight and tall, shoulders back and lithe chest arched out, looked in the mirror to scan each of the girls in turn: there was Kim, with her small boyish body, all arms and legs; Randi whose voluptuous curves were made even more pronounced by the tight waist cincher, and whose big tits were hanging out in bold seductive display; Kim, long-limbed and athletic, and almost as tall as Blaze; little Flo with her up-tilted nipples and her perky blond pony tail bobbing out from under the headgear; Debbie with that girl-next-door look, small but sexy tits and a nicely rounded butt; and Silky, with her cute bangs and her long straight chestnut hair falling like a mane of fine silk halfway down her back. These were girls that she shared a dressing room each day. She was used to seeing them in the all-together, and yet there was something startling about seeing them in bondage, lined up like this, those beautiful naked bodies adorned with leather. It made Blaze terribly hot.

Her eyes came back to study her own form: proud and tall, her attractive features crisscrossed with straps of the headgear; her taut, small mounded breasts, like thickened disks set high on her long torso, nipples semi-aroused and tingling with excitement. Her eyes fell to the smooth waist-cincher, the flare of her slim hips, her vulva, the narrow delta kept shaven for the job, bisected by the crotch strap; naked thighs, long and white, and those glamorous boots that elongated her sleek lines and kept her high up on her toes. The young woman stood entranced; a wave of passivity came over her. She was suddenly aware of her sexual power. Seductive, provocative; turned into a sex object -- a woman to be used. She reveled in her power.

Now the striking transformation from showgirl to ponygirl was complete, except for the one final piece of adornment.

Franco knew the boss was concerned about this next step. They had talked it over and decided Franco would have to be very careful in handling the delicate operation, for the ponygirls were about to acquire tails!

Some obstinacy might well be encountered. There might even be outright refusal when the girls found out that the tails were attached by butt plugs they would be required to wear up their bottoms for the show they were to put on.

To ward off any such unpleasantness, each handler was to control a girl by harness and bit, and as a further precaution, he would make sure her wrists were clipped together behind her. With the girl’s hands held behind her back, and the bit between her teeth, any protest would be confined to an occasional urgent bray, and the vigorous shaking of the head -- once they fully realized just what was in store for them.

Franco sized up his prized filly and decided the tall girl wouldn’t give him any real trouble. She was digging it; just loved being tied up. He had no doubt the slinky brunette was into the bondage stuff, clearly getting turned on by the kinky situation. Her nipples were even sticking out! This chick was hot to trot! Still one never knew how a girl might react at the moment she realized a butt plug was being shoved up her ass. Some of them took it in stride, but there were others who didn’t like it al all! Spaulding reminded him that it was an operation that had to be done with a great deal of care.

Blaze was shaken from her reverie, startled when Franco touched her. She turned to him, but he avoided her eyes as he took her wrists, pulled her arms behind her, and clipped the cuffs together. She was tingling with sexual tension, yet feeling a bit uneasy, as he held her by the upper arm and walked her across the room to where a long horizontal bar ran along at waist height in front of the mirrored wall. To Blaze it looked like the kind of bar ballerina might use for her limbering up exercises, except for the set of O-rings that had been attached every few feet.

A short leash was snapped to her collar and this was used to draw her to within a few feet of the bar. Renewing his grip on the leash, Franco twisted it around his fist till he held her just a few inches in front of her neck, before slowly pulling her down, forcing the girl to bend over the bar.

When she fully realized what was happening, Blaze attempted to rear back, shaking her head and, struggling to free herself as a garbled protest found its way around the rubber bit. But Franco was undeterred by this sudden show of fractiousness and he never relaxed the pressure on her, drawing her head down low till he could clip the short lead to a convenient O-ring. Blaze realized just how helpless she was -- held in place in this uncomfortable position, bending from the hips with arms behind her, her little titties hanging down in taut peaks; her bare bottom jutting back in obscene invitation.

To her right she saw Randi being secured in place beside her hitched to the next ring. The curvy blonde looked over at Blaze; the bit in her clenched teeth, and growing apprehension in her big china-blue eyes. The groom attending to her couldn’t resist cupping one of Randi’s substantial boobs as they hung down heavily under her bent-over body, grabbing a quick feel.

But such dalliance, common enough before, was now rare, because the grooms were intent on what they were doing, working quickly and efficiently. Blaze wondered if they had practiced this ahead of time; then too, perhaps they were not the first girls to undergo this treatment?

Soon all six of the beautiful young women had been bent over, and were tied by their collars to the hitching post.

Blaze shifted uneasily, setting her heels a little apart to adjust to the awkward stance which had been forced on her. She could only imagine what they must look like from the vantage point of the randy men: Six naked female bottoms jutting back seductively, just waiting to be mounted. A fragment of a nursery rhyme floated up in her head: ‘…pretty maids all in a row.’

Once he was well satisfied that the ponygirls could be give them no real trouble, Franco ordered the tails to be brought out. Looking up to watch in the mirrors before their faces, the girls saw the grooms approach from behind them with handfuls of six luxurious tails made of what looked like fine horse hair.

It was only then that Franco announced that, by the way, for today’s races the ponygirls…would be wearing tails!

As he had expected, this news was greeted with immediate alarm as the bending women realized all at once just how precarious their position was! Urgent howls of protests were garbled by the bits jammed in their mouths. Franco let the shrieking cacophony go on for few seconds, and then he raised his hands to calm them down. He reminded them that they had all received half of the very generous sum they had been promised for the day’s work, and before they went back to the city they would each receive a fat envelope with their name on it; the balance due to them with, if they were especially good, a big bonus. Mr. Spaulding was a very generous employer, and if they played their cards right, they might even be asked back again someday.

Besides, it was no big deal, he told them. Was there a girl in the room who had never taken it up the ass? (Blaze thought of Debbie. She bet the cute lesbian had never had a prick up her ass.)  Franco assured them that the butt plugs were a whole lot smaller than a good stiff prick. Besides they’d use some K-Y jelly so the thing would slip right up, nice and smooth. They’d hardly even notice it once it was tucked away in there, and he gave Blaze’s conveniently-placed butt a friendly pat. They watched him in the mirror: smiling to himself, grinning from ear to ear. The smug bastard was enjoying himself --immensely!

The crew now went down the line, moving from woman to woman, attaching tails. They worked methodically, carefully threading each plug through a ring in the length of the crotch strap that ran up the crack of the girl’s ass. The strap could be adjusted till the asshole was precisely centered in the brass ring. The hank of tail ended in a squat solid rubber plug, ridged, so that when popped through it, the metal ring became a grommet that would insure the plug would stay in place, lodged firmly up a girl’s ass even during the most vigorous run.

Franco, as the guy in charge, had reserved for himself the pleasure of “doing” Blaze. He had been much taken by the long-legged brunette the first time he had set eyes on her; captivated by her attractive good looks, her beautiful long legs, her natural elegance, the way she came across: friendly yet just a little distant. He watched her getting turned on, heating up as soon as the leather was tightened on her body; he longed to fuck her. But that would have to wait. Oh yes, he would have this proud beauty, but only after the races had been run!

     Looking up, she saw him standing behind her vulnerable bottom. He was applying a dab of gel to the end of the tail while contemplating her shapely rear-end. He tucked the tail under one arm so both hands were free to be placed on her jutting behind.

He stepped up against her and leaned over her, draping the bent-over woman’s body with his own, rubbing his crotch over her naked bottom to let her get the feel of his masculine arousal, the hardened prick that tented the front of his black denim jeans. He reached under to cup her small but delightful breasts and finger the soft silkiness of tittie-flesh.

Blaze moaned around the bit and arched back; but he quickly gave up her breasts and stepped back a pace. Her eyes met his in mirror, and she watched as he ran his hands greedily over her bare rump. Blaze anxiously shifted her stance; widened her boot heels so they were planted even further apart.

She felt his hands curve around as he felt her butt; palms fitted to the sleek contours, fingers digging into the hollows of her buttocks. He fondled her lavishly, before slipping a hand between her legs, seeking the strap that was drawn up tight into her crotch. He found it, fingering her rapidly-moistening pussy along the way before following it up the crack of the ass. He used his other hand to pry open her rubbery cheeks. Holding the splayed mounds apart, he made a final adjustment to the strap so as to neatly center his target in the brass ring that was embedded in her rear valley. He smiled to see the way her suddenly exposed asshole spasmed, clenching fearfully at the prospect of being penetrated.

He leaned over and asked if she was ready. Blaze set herself, closed her eyes and nodded. She felt his steadying hand on her rump, felt the tip of the sturdy butt plug touch her anus, and took a deep breath. Then he was pressing it into her, meeting some resistance, but continuing with grim determination. She twisted and squirmed. An abrupt shove brought a stab of pain, a sudden pop, and then the uncomfortable feeling of being stuffed. It was in her. A residue of pain remained in her butt, fading to a dull throb as her muscles worked instinctively to expel the intruder. Blaze jacked up, her head rising as far as the short lead holding her collar would permit; arched her neck back, and clenched down on the bit between her teeth.

Franco slithered up her back, buried his face in the crook of her neck, kissed her there as she twisted under him while he jiggled the plug in her ass.

“You love it don’t you, Babe? Before you get back on that van, I’m gonna fuck you in the ass,” he hissed, his warm breath burning her ear and firing her with lust. He gave her an extra stab with the deep-seated plug and she gave an open-mouthed groan.

Her handler laughed, gave Blaze an affectionately slap on the rear-end, and walked away, leaving the impaled girl with butt plug shoved up her clamping ass, to adjust to the strange feelings emanating from her violated bottom.

With all six ponygirls properly plugged, the pretty tails inserted up their pert behinds, the grooms unhooked them from the bar, one at a time, and led them to the waiting buggies.

The reins were attached to the head-harness at the bits. They were backed into place between the traces of the light-weight sulkies, and harnessed up to the rigs.

BOOK: Ponygirl Tales
12.34Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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