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“I don’t care.” I pull her toward me. “I want you with me all the time.”



This is not going at all how I’d planned it. I was going to wait until we were back in Malibu. But here we are in the middle of a tour. Baby is at home with four-month old Henry. We have her obnoxious sister with us, and things have not been going well on this trip.

But I can’t wait any longer. I have never been so sure of anything in my life. I want to act, now.

At least I have Mike to help. The man is a genius, in so many ways. Right now he is setting up computer equipment in the center of the table.

“Okay, it’s all set up. As long as Melanie did her job,” he says, looking away from the equipment.

“Of course I did,” Melanie says, breezing into the room. “I just texted Baby. She says she put little Henry down and we’re on for our video chat date. She doesn’t suspect a thing.” She looks around. “I love this restaurant, but I had no idea they had a private banquet room.”

“Bell’s been wanting seafood, and here we are in New Orleans. So…”

New Orleans was also the site of one of our most epic fights on the last tour. It was hard to believe that was a year ago. It wasn’t long enough for most people. But it was long enough for me.

Melanie walks over to me. “It’s good to see you, Hank.” She hugs me. I squeeze back briefly and release her. She puts a hand on my chest. “It’s hard to believe you’re off the market.”

“I knew it!” Baby’s nosey sister is standing in the doorway, arms crossed over her chest.

“Hi Lisa,” Melanie says, walking toward her.

“Stop,” Lisa holds up her hand. “I know you don’t know Bell very well. But you should still be ashamed of yourself.” She turns to me, shooting daggers with her eyes. “But not as ashamed as you.”

“What are you talking about?” Melanie asks.

“How did you get here? Sam’s supposed to be with you,” Mike says.

“I’ve been watching you, Hank. You’ve been acting awfully fishy lately. So I followed you. Tony wouldn’t help me, said to mind my own business. But I found an excellent cab driver.”

“You’re insane,” I tell her.

“Am I?” Lisa responds, stepping toward me, her finger pointing. “I talked to Brad at the wedding. I know all about your little tryst in the closet.”

“That’s ancient history,” Melanie says. “And that was before Hank even met Bell.”

“And today you have Sean taking Bell on a trip to the museum. How convenient!”

“What exactly do you think is going on here?” I ask her. “We’re doing something so kinky that it involves Mike and a computer?”

She ignores me and continues, her finger still pointing at my chest. “Bell deserves better than this Hank. If you don’t tell her you’re running around. I will.”

“Lisa, listen.”

“I will tell her!”

“Tell me what?” And there she is, standing in the doorway with Sean. Bell looks around. “Oh my God. It’s my birthday surprise! Seafood!”

Bell runs at me and I gather her up in my arms. “Hey, sweetheart.”

“Bell, Hank is up to something, something other than a birthday surprise,” Lisa says.

“Come on Lisa, make yourself comfortable.” Melanie ushers her over to a chair and pushes her down into it.

“Hello! Hello! Oh my God what’s this?” Baby calls from the monitor on the table.

“Baby!” Bell squeals. “Oh Hank, you are something else.”

“Am I part of a surprise? Awesome! Happy Birthday, Bell!” Baby says.

“It’s more than that,” I say.

Sean leans against the doorjamb and grins. Mike looks like he’s about to pee his pants.

“Actually, I have something to ask you.”

Bell, Baby, and Lisa all suck in a breath at the same time.

“I couldn’t find Lisa anywhere.” Sam comes barreling into the room, nearly knocking himself flat when he runs into his much bigger brother. He looks around. “Oh, this is it. Sorry.”

I turn back to Bell and reach for the ring. It is loose in there, burning a hole in my pocket. I pull it out.

“I wanna know if you’ll marry me.”

Baby squeals. Then there is utter silence while we all wait for her answer.

“Hank. I love you, but…”

Oh shit, she’s going to turn me down.

“Are you saying no?”

“No, just hear me out,” she says. “All my life I wanted to get married. And I kept picking the wrong guy. These guys, they all proposed to me, and I thought that’s what I wanted. But I didn’t love them. I didn’t know what I wanted. And then I met you. Hank, you are exactly what I want. And when I realized that, I completely gave up on the whole marriage idea. I haven’t even thought it about since we met.”

“So, you’re saying no?”

“No! I’m saying I’m so shocked right now, that I’m struggling a little bit.”

“You need time?” I suggest. My chest is thumping.

She pauses. You can hear a pin drop in the room. “I need you to get down on one knee.”


“This isn’t my first rodeo. But no one has ever gotten down on one knee to ask me.”

I don’t even think about. I drop down. Now we’re eye to eye.

She smiles. “Okay. Ask me again.”

“You’re really putting him through the ringer here, Bell,” Sean says. I don’t look at him. But he sounds amused.

“It’s okay. She’s worth it. Bell, I love you. I don’t ever want to be with anyone else. Will you
marry me?”

“Yes, Hank, I will marry you.” She throws her arms around my neck.

I can hear Baby screaming, Melanie jumping up and down, Mike clapping, and Sean chuckling. But that’s all in the background because I am kissing my future wife like there may be no tomorrow.



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Love on the Rocks (Book 1 of the Love on Tour series)
Excerpt from Love on the Rocks:

I knew who they were the moment they walked in. It was three in the morning in a town the size of a football field, so they felt no need to wear sunglasses or baseball hats. They were both in t-shirts and jeans, with scrubby black boots. I watched as the two men strolled casually through the quiet diner and took the table right beside me. I returned my gaze to my omelet.

I listened hard as chairs scuffed the linoleum floor and the table was shifted to accommodate their heights. Without looking, I could tell that they’d settled into opposite sides of the table. I could hear the flip, flip, as they paged through the laminated menus.

The minutes seemed to drag by as I resisted the urge to look up at them, my gaze concentrated on the yellow glob of egg and cheese on my plate.

“Hi there.”

My head snapped up in surprise.

Hank Tolk was tall, lean, and muscular. He wore his hair short and cropped close to his head. He had a handful of tattoos on his upper arms. He was known for his severe sobriety, at least for the last ten years or so.

He was definitely looking at me, right at me.

“Um, hi,” I mumbled.

Hank grinned a playboy grin. He was, objectively, a beautiful man.

“I’m Hank, and this is my buddy Sean,” he pointed his thumb at the man across from him.

Sean Rush was even more terrifying-looking in person than he was on the album covers. He was absolutely massive, standing 6’6, and covered head-to-toe in muscles, which were deeply tanned and sported a variety of tattoos that ran from his wrist to his shoulder on both arms, as well covering the backs of both calves. On that night, his long black hair was tied back in a ponytail, but in the music videos I’d seen of him it flew wild and hung below his shoulders.

“I’m Dani,” I managed to squeak out.


You got to Me (Book 3 of the
Love on Tour
Excerpt from You got to Me:

How the hell did I let myself get into this situation?

This was the question that kept running through my mind as I watched him sleep. He was curled up on the tiny bed, his legs tucked up to his chest, his arms tucked under his chin. He might look like an angelic little boy, if he weren’t a hot hunk of man.

My bladder reminded me of my original purpose for this little trip to the back of the bus. But I didn’t open the door to the bathroom. I kept staring at him. It was something I had to be careful about when he was awake. But right now, I could look my fill and no one would know.

Except me… Damn, I suck.

He moved, and I jumped, bolting into the bathroom and shutting the door behind me. I laid my head on the door and took a couple deep breaths.

I am an idiot. I should have just said no. But how could I? I had no excuse to give. I wasn’t going to teach a summer class just to get out of it. I have no freaking life. I couldn’t think of a single good reason not to come on this tour, except that I have a serious crush on my sister’s husband.

When I got of the bathroom, Sean was still asleep. But I resisted temptation, and instead of staring at him some more, I made my way back up to the front of the bus. Thirty-five days, I had thirty-five days of this hell.

I looked at Hank and Bell cuddled up on the couch, before plopping down in the booth across from Mike. These were my companions on this trip. Hank, who I was not so fond of, Bell, who I liked, but who was crazy insane for Hank, Mike, who I really enjoyed, and Sean, my sister’s insanely hot husband. There was also Tony the bus driver, but he was silent and slovenly.

And here I was, 34 and divorced, with a ticking biological clock. But my little sister, the very sister who begged to me come on this trip, is at home with her beautiful baby, who she got by sleeping with the most gorgeous, considerate, kind, and downright amazing man I have ever the pleasure to know. Fuck my life.





I want to thank my beta readers Amy Walters, Frederique Heron, Rhonna Gentile, and Danielle Constein, your input was invaluable to me. The final manuscript is polished up thanks my excellent editor Nicole Blechyden and my proofreader Donna Williams. The amazing and sexy cover design was done by Marianne Nowicki. Thanks to my friends Sarah Bobier Geralds and Annie Kennedy who supported me throughout this journey, and to my loving husband, Jim, who supports me in all our journeys together. Finally, as always, a big hug and kiss you to my awesome family! I love you all so much!



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BOOK: Play Me (Love on Tour #2)
7.69Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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