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BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Their Broken Lady (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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They pulled up outside of their house and got out of the truck, cursing their dicks as they did. Tanner’s was rubbing a blister on his cock against his jeans. They climbed up the stairs and unlocked the door. As soon as they walked into the house, they each released the button on their jeans and breathed a small sigh of partial relief.

“I think I need a beer,” Tanner said. “You want one?”

“Hell yeah.”

Tanner went to get the beer and, after handing Bryan his, sat down and stretched out his legs in front of him to give his sequestered cock some breathing room. Bryan did the same thing. The first sip of his beer went down cold and refreshing. The second sip hit the spot. He looked off across the room at the quiet TV.

“She’s going to balk about seeing us together out in public,” Tanner said.

Bryan sighed and took a sip of his beer. “I know. We’ve got to nip that in the bud quick. If she sees that no one thinks anything about it, she’ll be fine. That’s why I think we should take her to the club first. Everyone out there is used to threesomes. Especially us.” Bryan chuckled.

They had been going to the club for as long as Tanner could remember. They had grown up in a ménage family. Their mother had been married to both of their fathers. He couldn’t remember a time where he and Bryan could ever say they were ignored. Between David and Matthew, their fathers, they always had someone to talk to about everyday problems of teenagers.

All three of their parents had been killed in a plane crash when they were on their way back from a vacation in Barbados. It had nearly killed them to lose them like that all at one time, but they both knew it was better that all three of them went at one time instead of leaving one or two of them to suffer alone. Tanner missed them at times like these. If they had been alive, he would have gone to them for advice.

“You’re thinking about them, aren’t you.” Bryan said.

“Yeah. I wish they were here to ask what we should do.”

“Me, too.”

Tanner took another sip of his beer. “What do we do if she totally balks at the idea of a threesome relationship, Bryan? I don’t think I could stand it. She means too much to me already.”

“She won’t. We just have to be careful with her. Get her used to being with us around people who don’t care that we date one woman. Then when we go out in public, she won’t be as nervous.”

“You’re probably right. I just can’t help but worry that something will happen to screw this up.”

“Don’t think about it. We have to show a united front to win her over, Tanner.” Bryan turned up his beer and swallowed the rest of it. “I’m going to shower, then head to bed. I’ve got to be up early in the morning to make a phone call.” He grinned and left Tanner sitting in the living room.

Something still bothered Tanner. Bryan had insisted that the car that had almost run Amber over had been headed straight for her. That meant someone out there had wanted to hurt her at the very least. Who and why? Why would anyone want to hurt her? She was a sweet woman.

Finally he shook his head and drained his beer. He grabbed Bryan’s empty can and dropped both of them in the garbage can in the kitchen on his way up to shower. His cock hadn’t deflated one bit thinking about Amber.

Tanner climbed into the shower and cleaned up. Then he ran his hand up and down his cock, squeezing it as he did. A drop of pre-cum pearled at the slit on top. He ran it around the head to give him added lubrication. He hated to jack off when he’d left Amber needy and ready for them.

He thought about her pink lips that turned plump and red when he kissed her. He knew they would look good wrapped around his cock. He tugged on his dick slightly harder as he thought about plunging into her mouth between her swollen lips over and over. She would hold him at the base to make sure he didn’t choke her, and let him pump his cock inside her mouth over and over again.

Tanner squeezed and tugged, pumping his hand up and down, remembering the feel and taste of her nipple in his mouth. Then he thought about plunging his cock deep into her hot cunt. He could just imagine how good it would feel to have her tighten around him as she came. He squeezed his dick again. Fire burned down his spine to settle in his balls. They boiled with his cum.

He reached between his legs and massaged them, knowing just how rough he could be and not hurt himself. He pushed it, needing the extra tightness to slow his orgasm down some. He didn’t want to shoot off this fast. He wanted to savor it, thinking about Amber and her face when she’d climaxed.

Still, his balls burned, promising a doozy of a climax when he finally let go. He tightened his hold on his cock as he tugged on it. He tried to slow down, but couldn’t. He had slipped too close to coming already. He tried to think of other things besides Amber, but couldn’t. She dominated his thoughts. Slowly, he climbed higher and higher until the climax washed over him and his boiling balls erupted in streams of cum flowing through his hand.

He groaned and ended up holding himself up with one hand on the tiled wall. Once he had caught his breath again. Tanner cleaned up and climbed out of the shower. He dried off but didn’t bother putting anything on. Instead, he climbed into bed and went to sleep with thoughts of Amber circling in his head.

Chapter Seven

Amber couldn’t believe that the guys were calling her two and three times a day checking on her. It was sweet, but disconcerting. They were obviously serious about dating her. How could she convince them that she wasn’t interested when she’d let them make love to her? Sure, there had been no actual intercourse, but what they had done was as intimate, if not more so.

She pulled into her drive Friday after work planning on a nice, relaxing bath and a night of watching movies on Lifetime. She knew someone had been there as soon as she walked in the house. Expecting one of the guys, she just sighed and dropped her keys on the little table by the door. What had they done this time?

There was nothing in the living room or the kitchen to suggest they had been there. When she walked into her bedroom, someone grabbed her from behind and pulled her arms up behind her back. She screamed, and he threw her down on the bed and slapped her. Amber wasn’t going to just lie there. She struggled to sit up and tried to kick out at her attacker. He was wearing a ski mask, so she couldn’t see his face.

He avoided her kick and pinned her to the bed, pinning both her hands by the wrists. He transferred one hand to his other hand and held both of hers over her head. Then he ripped at her blouse. She screamed again and tried to head-butt him, but all it did was hurt her head. He just grunted and ripped her blouse further open.

She heard someone crashing in her front door yelling for her. It was Bryan. Her attacker let her go and climbed out of her bedroom window where he had obviously broken in. Bryan ran into her bedroom to find her shaking and crying, holding her ripped blouse together.

“Fuck, baby. Aw, fuck. He hit you.” Bryan grabbed her and held her close. Then he pulled out his cell phone and called someone as he held her.

“Tanner. Get over to Amber’s, now. Someone attacked her.” He listened then growled. “She’s shaken up, and the bastard hit her.”

Amber could hear Tanner’s voice talking over the phone.

“Yeah, call the police for me.”

Bryan hung up and stuck his phone back on its holder. Then he picked her up, carried her to the living room, and sat down with her on his lap. He pulled her hands away from her face and kissed her softly at her temple.

“Baby, it’s going to be okay. Shh, don’t cry.”

Amber turned her face into his neck and held on to him for dear life. She couldn’t believe she’d been attacked. The man had been going to rape her. For once, she was glad that Bryan and Tanner had keys to her house. If not for Bryan… She wouldn’t let herself finish that thought. Fresh tears fell to soak Bryan’s neck and shirt.

He rubbed circles on her back holding her until the police arrived. The front door was still standing wide open, so they walked on in. One of them was Officer McKenny, and the other one she didn’t recognize.

“I understand someone broke in and attacked Miss Reynolds. Ma’am, do you need an ambulance?” he asked.

“She’s basically okay. He hit her but my brother is on his way.”

“He’s here. Let me look at her.” Tanner burst into the room past the officers and pulled Amber from Bryan’s arms. “Hell. You’re going to have a bruise on your cheek, Amber, but he didn’t break the skin.” He held her close and looked up at the policemen. “You find this asshole before I do.”

“Don’t go making threats, Doc. We don’t need to hear them,” McKenny said with a shake of his head.

“We need to ask her some questions,” the other officer said, pulling out his pad.

“Amber, baby. Do you feel up to talking to them?” Bryan held her hand and squeezed it.

“I need to so they can find him.” She hated going back over it, but knew she had to.

“Ms. Reynolds, it’s possible all of this is connected,” McKenny told her.

“What do you mean?” she asked.

“The attempted break-in last month, the car trying to hit you, and this.”

“Someone tried to break in before?” Bryan cursed. “Why didn’t you say anything, Amber?”

“I didn’t think it was anything, and it was before I met you two.”

“Let’s go over what happened,” McKenny said again.

Amber led him through her coming home thinking that one of the guys was in the house.

“They have keys to your house?” he asked.

“Yeah. They had better locks put on my door. Didn’t do me much good, though.”

“Go ahead.”

She went over what happened and ended with Bryan coming to her rescue, sending the attacker back out the window. The officer she didn’t know walked through the her house to the bedroom to look at her window.

“Was he wearing gloves?” McKenny asked.

“No, but he had a ski mask on.”

“We might be able to lift prints off the window, then. If he’s in the system, we’ll find him.”

“She’s going to be coming home with us, while you process her house,” Tanner said.

Amber didn’t argue. She didn’t feel up to arguing, and secretly was glad they wanted her to stay with them. She was scared to death to sleep in her house now.

“I need you to walk through your bedroom and let me know if anything’s been disturbed or is missing so we know what to check for fingerprints.”

Amber nodded her head and climbed out of Tanner’s lap. She swallowed hard, then led the way to her bedroom holding Tanner’s hand as she did. Inside her bedroom she found the other officer wearing gloves and checking her window out.

“There’s footprints underneath the window, and what looks like a knee print. He must have had to scramble to get out,” he said. “I’m going to call the crime unit to dust.”

He squeezed past them and left the room to make the call. Amber looked around the room. Nothing seemed to be missing that she could tell, but her underwear drawer was partially open. She always shut her drawers when she got dressed. She pointed out the partially open drawer.

“I don’t remember leaving that open.”

Officer McKenny pulled on gloves and, using two fingers, pulled it the rest of the way open at the edges.

“Anything missing that you can tell?” he asked.

“Um, I’m not sure.” She looked at the mess the intruder had made of the drawer. “I keep my clothes neat in stacks, so he must have gone through them. She shuddered.

“Okay, let’s look at the other drawers. He pulled open each drawer to find that the only one to be disturbed was her underwear drawer. “Did you have dirty clothes anywhere?”

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Their Broken Lady (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
11.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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