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BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Their Broken Lady (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
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Bryan lay awake long into the early morning hours, unable to sleep. His mind was racing, trying to figure out what they could do to earn her complete trust. He finally fell asleep having never come up with a good idea.

Chapter Nine

Amber woke up with a start. Her eyes flew open and she started to sit up, but realized she was trapped beneath two men. Fear raced through her veins until the events of the night before returned, and she realized it was Tanner and Bryan sleeping with her. Their cocks were still hard, pressed against her on both sides. She had her arm wrapped around Bryan’s waist, and Tanner had his arm wrapped around her chest.

Never had she felt so comfortable in bed with someone else as she did right then. Despite them all being essentially nude, she felt safe with them. She wasn’t sure that was a good thing, considering that they wanted to date her. Looking down on Bryan’s chiseled face, she wondered why she didn’t give in and go out with them? Yeah, they were a little bossy, but they had been doing it to help her.

She realized Tanner had woken up, because he’d stiffened up for a second almost like she had. He hadn’t been sure where he was, either. She grinned at that. Then Bryan woke and smiled sleepily at her.

“Morning, baby. Why are you up so early? It can’t be more than seven.” He brushed a lock of hair out of her face.

“Morning, Amber.” Tanner pulled her over some to kiss her cheek. “How did you sleep after you went back to sleep?”

“Pretty good, I guess. I don’t remember anything after that.”

“Good. We wanted you to sleep in. Do you think you can go back to sleep?” Bryan asked.

“Nope. I’m awake for good.” She moved her leg and Bryan moaned.

“What?” she asked, going still.

“Baby, honestly. I want you so damn much it’s killing me, and you just rubbed your leg across my cock and made it worse.”

“Bryan.” Tanner’s voice sounded tense.

“Tanner, she needs to know our intentions.”

“I–I don’t know what to say. Maybe I should stay at a hotel. I don’t want to tease you.” She lowered her eyes.

“There’s no need to go anywhere, baby. We want you here. We can handle a couple of hard dicks. You just have a right to know how we feel. We want to take you out and wine and dine you. Will you let us do that?” He kissed the side of her neck then up her jaw.

“Oh, God. I can’t think when you do that.”

“Don’t think. Feel.” Bryan said.

Tanner nuzzled her neck and licked and sucked on her neck, then her shoulder. He whispered naughty thoughts in her ear as Bryan’s hand snaked down to her panties.

“Fuck, you’re wet, baby. You want us too, don’t you.”

“You’re making me lose my mind.” She couldn’t breathe around the lump in her throat.

God, yes, she wanted them. She couldn’t lie to herself, but was it the right thing to do? Would she wake up one day and regret trusting them? Or, would she wake up some day and regret not going with her instincts.
Your instincts aren’t always right, Amber. You got it wrong twice before.

Bryan’s hand slipped into her panties and fingered her pussy. She moaned and spread her legs, giving him more room. It pushed her leg closer to Tanner’s cock, rubbing against it. He pushed back with it and groaned in her ear.

“I want to fuck you so badly I can’t think straight,” Tanner said. “Can’t you imagine both of us inside you, pushing you higher and higher, until you come harder than you’ve ever come before? We can give you that, honey, and so much more.”

“Please.” She couldn’t vocalize what she wanted. It was too hard to get out.

“Please what, baby?” Bryan ran his finger up and down her slit dipping in just an inch then backing away again.

“I don’t know. I need, Bryan. I need.”

She groaned when Tanner began rubbing at her nipples. He plucked first one, then the other one. When he closed his mouth over one, she arched her back and cried out. It felt so damn good.

“Easy, baby. We’ll take care of you. Just tell us what you want.”

“Fuck me. I can’t stand it. Fuck me.” Her head thrashed from side to side as she tried to get closer to first one brother then the other.

“Are you sure, Amber?” Tanner asked in a strained voice.

“Please, don’t make me beg.” Her voice came out in a half sob.

Tanner moved away for a second. She heard a drawer open, then close, and he was back at her side. He handed Tanner something, then resumed licking and sucking and biting at her nipples. It felt so good she wanted to shove her breasts into his face, but Bryan’s fingers in her cunt felt good, too. She couldn’t concentrate on any one sensation, and it was driving her crazy. She wanted more, needed more. Just this once, she was going to take what she wanted. She would deal with the consequences later.

Tanner pulled back and shoved down the covers to the foot of the bed. Then he hooked his thumbs in her panties and pulled them down as well. When he had them off of her, he spread her legs and dived into her pussy like a child after candy. His tongue swiped at her pussy juices, then sucked in her pussy lips before returning to her slit. He shoved his tongue deep into her cunt in search of more.

Amber started to reach down and grab his head to hold him still in one place, but Tanner brushed her hands aside and latched on to one of her tits. He pinched and toyed with the other nipple while he sucked and nipped at the one in his mouth. She held his head to her breast and whimpered.

Together, they were driving her insane with pleasure. Her orgasm grew deep in her belly. Her clit ached for stimulation. Occasionally Bryan would run his tongue around it, but he wouldn’t touch it and give it the relief it needed. Tanner twisted her nipple at the same time he sucked the other one flat against the roof of his mouth, and a tiny sparks flew through her system to lodge in her clit.

“Please, I need to come. One of you, make me come.” She was demanding now. She couldn’t take much more.

Bryan pushed two fingers into her cunt and curled them until he located her sweet spot. He brushed over it several times before latching on to her clit and sucking it. She bucked beneath them as she came screaming in ecstasy. They each petted her until she stopped coming, then rubbed her arms to sooth her shivers.

Bryan lay down on his back with his cock already sheathed in a condom. She realized he wanted her on top. Amber hesitated for a second then climbed over him. She’d begged them to fuck her. It was what she’d asked for. She rose up, and Bryan held his cock steady for her to sink down on. She moaned as she only made it halfway. He was so thick. She moved up him then slid down his shaft again. This time she made it to his groin.

“Fuck, aw, fuck, baby. You’re so freaking tight.” Bryan’s voice sounded even more strained than before. It was almost as if he were in pain.

“Ride him, Amber. I want to see that pretty pussy swallow his dick.” Tanner stood behind her now. She couldn’t see him unless she looked over her shoulder.

She pulled up then dropped down slow then fast, over and over. Soon, Bryan was shoving his cock up to meet her. His hands held her hips as he pistoned into her.

“Bryan, hold her, man.” Tanner slowly pushed her down against Bryan’s chest.

Bryan wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her forehead as she rested her cheek against his chest.

Suddenly she felt something cold and wet at her asshole. She yelped and started to sit up. Bryan held her steady.

“Easy, Amber. He won’t hurt you. He’s going to prepare you.”

“I–I’ve never had anyone there before,” she said in a shaky voice.

“I know, baby. That’s why he’s going to loosen you up. We don’t want to hurt you. Just push out when he uses his fingers on you. Okay, baby?”

She squeaked out an
and nodded her head against his chest. She wasn’t at all sure about this. She wanted to, wanted them both inside her, but she was scared at the same time.

Tanner’s finger pressed the cool gel inside her ass. He dropped a little more there and pushed it as well. This time, his finger went with it. She didn’t even have to push out for it. She let out a relieved breath. Maybe this wouldn’t be so hard after all.

He pushed his finger in and out of her several times, then added more of the lube, and added another finger. This time it pinched, and she pushed out until he made it inside with them. He pumped them in and out of her back hole over and over until they moved freely. Then he added yet more lube, and another finger joined the first two. This time it burned, and she suppressed a cry. She remembered what Bryan had said, and pushed out while trying to breath through the burn. When the third finger made it inside, he grew still, waiting on her to get used to it she guessed.

Amber began to twitch. She needed them to move. It was too much. They needed to move inside of her. She tried to push back and pull off his fingers, but he followed her. Finally, he began pumping them in and out of her ass in a smooth rhythm that just wasn’t fast enough for her. She whimpered and tried to speed him up, but he kept the same pace.

“More, Tanner. Faster. I need it faster.” She finally told him what she needed when it didn’t look like he was going to give it to her.

Instead, he pulled his fingers out and added more lube. Then he fitted the head of his cock against her back opening and pushed. Fire burned as he pushed his way inside of her. She pushed out against the burn. Finally, he popped through the ring of resistance and tunneled deep into her ass. He stilled and they all panted, trying to catch their breath. Amber looked up at Bryan’s face. He was covered with sweat. His cock jumped inside of her occasionally as if chomping at the bit to be let go.

Finally, she couldn’t stand it anymore and pulled back from them and shoved down, then shoved back. She heard Tanner curse then grab her hips while Bryan held her legs.

“Be still, honey. Let us do the work. We don’t want to hurt you.” Tanner squeezed her hips.

“Then move, damn you!” She couldn’t believe that was her voice demanding they fuck her.

Tanner chuckled then began to move forward and pull back as Bryan pushed up and pulled out. They slowly gained a rhythm that was quickly driving her insane with pleasure. She held herself up some using her arms on the bed on either side of Bryan’s chest. She wanted to help, but they held her steady as they fucked in and out of her. She squeezed down on them using her cunt muscles and ass muscles in an effort to get them to speed up.

“Aw, fuck, just like that.” Bryan said. “God! Do it again, baby.”

“Hell, she’s going to make me come.” Tanner cursed again and slapped her ass.

“God, yes!” she yelled out.

He spanked her again on the other cheek and she shoved back on him, squeezing for all she was worth. Tanner growled at her, then shoved his dick deep in her ass as soon as Bryan pulled out of her pussy. They took her hint and sped up. Soon they were plunging in and out of her dual holes sending her higher and higher. Nerve endings in her ass came alive with the constant stimulation. She felt as if she were on the verge of something monumental. When it hit her, she wasn’t prepared for something so big.

Her orgasm exploded over her until she couldn’t see anything but white light or hear anything but her racing heartbeat. Then she became aware of Tanner roaring as he shot his cum into the condom deep in her ass. A few seconds later, Bryan shouted her name as he filled the condom. Slowly things began to drift back to normal with her continued twitching as nerves fired off randomly, sending little shock waves through her clit and cunt. Every time one hit, the guys groaned.

Amber lay half alive and half unconscious across Bryan’s chest. She didn’t have the energy to open her eyes, much less move off of the top of him. She knew he had to be having trouble catching his breath with her on him, but she couldn’t move.

BOOK: Monroe, Marla - Their Broken Lady (Siren Publishing Ménage Everlasting)
6.33Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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