Men in Shorts: An Erotic Anthology

BOOK: Men in Shorts: An Erotic Anthology
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Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology

A Ravenous Romance™ Real Man Romance™ Original Publication

Edited by Lori Perkins

A Ravenous Romance™ Original Publication

Men In Shorts: An Erotic Anthology

Copyright © 2008 by Ravenous Romance™

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All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in whole or in part without written permission from the publisher, except by reviewers who may quote brief excerpts in connection with a review.

ISBN-13: 978-1-60777-060-2

This book is a work of fiction, and any resemblance to persons living or dead is purely coincidental.

For Dave


I am ashamed to confess I didn't know I was a leg woman until recently.

I find that I look forward to the men in their summer shorts. I love the look of a well-defined calf, and a hard, well-muscled thigh, coupled with a nice, round hard ass.

This is not the kind of thing that comes up in polite or even
Sex in the City
conversation among girlfriends. Women just don't seem to sit around and talk about their favorite male body parts, so it's an art of appreciation that too often remains unexplored.

Then I started dating a letter carrier, who wore shorts most of the year. And walked ten miles a day. I discovered I just loved looking at his legs.

They made me remember all the hairy legs I had appreciated over the years. I found myself thinking about those much shorter basketball shorts of the Knicks in the '70s. Once they changed the uniforms to longer, baggier shorts, I lost total interest in the sport.

I remembered my brother's weight-lifting buddies who shaved their legs and glistened them up with vegetable oil on competition day.

I remembered all those winter vacations in Miami Beach with my folks while I spent hours starring at the calves of tanned pool boys,

Yes, a man in shorts is a delight.


Lori Perkins

October 2008

The Special Gift

By Barbara Elsborg

Kate's jaw ached. The last time it hurt like this had been after a mammoth smooching session with her first boyfriend. Ten years ago. She'd been fifteen and they'd been hiding behind the bike sheds of their London school. Sadly, the current ache had nothing to do with kissing.

The moment she'd been levered into the orange monstrosity that masqueraded as a bridesmaid's dress, she'd been forced to smile. Her hair had been tweaked into a style she hated. Smile. Her shoes pinched her toes. Smile. She hadn't smiled nine months ago when her boyfriend Pete had been bewitched by her friend Jennifer – the definition of friend was still under review. But the smile was back in place today while the pair married. Kate even smiled when bastard Pete thanked her in his speech for bringing him and Jennifer together. She'd smiled harder when Pete caught her alone in the corridor and tried to give her a drunken kiss. Laughing it off didn't work. The knee in the crotch did.

As the other five bridesmaids cooed over their gifts of jewelry, Jennifer handed Kate a foot-long narrow package. "A special gift for you."

Kate forced a laugh from somewhere when she saw what was inside. Then Jennifer gave her one of her looks, one that made Kate feel there was an undercurrent she hadn't quite grasped.

"Now you'll have a man in your life," Jennifer said.

Kate stared at the toy in her hands: a dark-haired male doll wearing nothing but a pair of denim shorts. Exactly what Pete had been wearing when he'd opened Kate's apartment door to find Jennifer prancing around in her underwear.

"It's the best I can do," Jennifer said and smiled.

Kate's jaw was locked into an inane grin.

She couldn't even let her smile drop in the cab on the way home to Lewisham. The driver was a relative of Pete's. Only after she'd slammed the door of her apartment and shut out the world did Kate let her shoulders drop and her head fall.

She kicked off her shoes and sighed. It was over. She'd promised long ago she'd be Jennifer's bridesmaid and she'd kept her word. If only Jennifer had kept the promise they'd made about not stealing each other's guys.

Kate looked at the doll in her hand. GI Joe. He was cute. Square jaw, dark eyes, strong nose and an impressive ripped physique, if a little cold and stiff. The only imperfection was a scar under his right eye. Kate rubbed his shorts with her thumb, impressed with the miniature stitching and the little studs. She wondered if he was anatomically correct. Unfastening tiny buttons, she eased the shorts over his firm backside and smiled. The first genuine one of the day. A smooth mound. No wedding tackle. Poor asexual Joe. Not the sort of guy she needed.

She opened her closet and tossed him inside. Kate needed to fix the light in there. Maybe Joe would do it for her. She threw herself back on her bed, beat down the suffocating layers of orange netting that flew up and closed her eyes. She wished she had a guy to come home to, wished she'd had one at the wedding to sit next to, wished –

The thump was so loud Kate jolted upright. She held herself taut, waiting for another sound but heard only the clock ticking her life away. It sounded as though the noise had come from inside her closet. Maybe a rail had broken or a shelf had given way and tossed her clothes to the carpet. The end to a perfect day.

Kate flung open the closet door. A man lay on the floor. A dark-haired guy wearing denim shorts and nothing else. Kate laughed. That extra glass of champagne had not been a good idea. She slammed the door. She needed to drink coffee. A lot of it.

* * * *

Joe Kendrick blinked. He didn't think he recognized the tall, slender blonde, but she'd gone too fast for him to be sure. What was she doing in his apartment? Joe dropped his head back and stared up at the panel hanging from the ceiling. Ah, now he remembered. The fall had rattled his brain. Not his closet. The one on the floor below. He could see part of his through the gap in the ceiling. He'd cut a hole and been checking to see if the floor was strong enough to support a safe. Well, guess he knew the answer to that. Joe also knew he shouldn't move. He could have broken something in the fall. There was a horrible pain in the middle of his back. Only logic told him if he'd done something catastrophic to his spine, he wouldn't be able to feel it. Joe worked in risk assessment. He took a risk and sat up.

He'd been lying on a doll. He laughed and tossed it aside onto a pile of shoes. Even in the dim light shining down from above he saw they were women's. Strappy high heels. Pointy toes. Flowers. Bows. Black. Blue. Ohh, red. His cock unfurled and pressed against the buttons of his shorts. He undid the snap and one button. His gaze fell on the doll. She had a kid? And a husband? His cock deflated.

Joe pushed himself to his feet and stretched. No bones broken. He reached to check out the panel he'd fallen through and it slotted into place. Joe breathed a sigh of relief. He could pull himself back up to his apartment and no one would ever know. The woman who'd looked in must not have seen him, probably couldn't believe her eyes. Though he wasn't too happy about the way this building had been constructed. Had they followed safety regs?

The closet door opened and he turned.

"Fucking hell. I mean, oh, my goodness," she blurted.

Joe stifled a laugh.

"You're real. I threw that doll in here, wishing it was a guy. So dreams do come true?"

Joe opened his mouth to tell her he'd fallen through from upstairs and she smiled. In that instant he was lost and the damn yoyo in his shorts shot up. Cute heart-shaped face with the most kissable lips he'd seen since he'd arrived in England. She had curves in all the right places. And she wasn't freaking out at the sight of a stranger in her closet.

"The doll didn't have anything in his shorts, but I can see you do," she whispered.

Joe's face heated up. He opened his mouth again to speak and she closed in to kiss him. Her soft hands cupped his face and her tongue pressed against the seam of his lips.
Of course, now I keep my mouth shut.
Joe opened to let her inside and she almost dove into his throat. He tried to chuckle but it came out more like a choked groan. That was fine. She was fine. The kiss was more than fine.

Seductive lips pressed against his. A hot tongue snaked around his mouth, an intrepid explorer of a new world and he hoped she liked what she found.

"Beer." She sighed. "I love your taste."

His balls tightened. He loved her taste too. Something sweet. Cake? His hands slid onto her waist. Her dress was…there was too much of her dress. How was he supposed to get his hands on her through miles of scratchy material. And orange? Too soon for Halloween. Then he lost his mind inside her mouth and did what he should have done several minutes ago. He kissed her back.

Joe rimmed the soft inner recesses of her mouth, nipped the fleshy pad inside her lower lip, teased with the tip of his tongue and felt her melt. Her hands roamed his back, pulled him closer, her body arching into the kiss as Joe found himself rocking his hips into hers.

"Rip the damn dress off," she pleaded.

Joe would have loved to have done just that but he was a cautious guy. What if this was some designer creation and he was going to end up with a bill for thousands of dollars?

"Please. I hate it," she said.

He slipped his hands into the back and pulled the material hard, heard it tear, kept tugging until the dress sagged on her shoulders. He let her go, she gave a little shimmy and layers of orange dropped to the floor. The bulge in Joe's shorts became more of a problem. He wore no underwear to protect him from the pressure of his fly buttons and the larger his cock grew, the greater his discomfort. He needed a few more buttons undone, but he wanted her to do the undoing.

She wore underwear, but might as well have not bothered. A strapless black lace bra that pushed her breasts into a dining table, place set for one. The piece of silky black string wrapped around her hips and passing between her legs could in no way be described as a pair of panties. Natural blond, then. He grinned. He bet her ass was beautiful but he didn't dare look in case his cock made a successful escape attempt.

Joe dropped his head to her shoulder, nibbled his way to the top of her bra, then licked along the edge of the material. She gulped little throaty breaths that made his cock sing and forget the press of the buttons. His pulse rate soared. One flip of his fingers and her bra fell off. His vision blurred for a moment. Raspberry-tipped nipples, like little erasers. Blond curls at the apex of her body. Sugar lips. What to focus on? He was spoilt for choice.

* * * *

When his hot mouth hovered over one nipple and his fingers poised over the other, Kate's muscles clenched and unclenched between her thighs, anticipation heightening her desire. Then his soft, wet lips settled on her breast and sucked while his fingers teased the other nipple, tracing a lazy circle around the tip. Kate unraveled in his arms with a throaty gasp. She'd never come so fast before.

He caught her to him, held her as she shot upward on a geyser of sensation, flaming arrows shooting through her body, burning paths of pleasure that slipped into shimmering ripples before they faded away.
screamed her brain.

"Wow, hot stuff," he whispered.

"You can talk?"

He smiled and stroked her cheek. "Think you had to pull one of those strings at the back of my neck?"

She laughed. "I love your American accent, Joe."

"How do you know my name?"

She looked puzzled. "You're GI Joe." She touched the scar under his eye.

He smiled. "And you are?"


"Nice to meet you, Kate."

"How did you get here? Where did you come from?"

"Why, one minute I was sitting on a shelf in Toys R' Us next to a plush pussycat, the next thing I knew, I was here."

She laughed.

"You sure have beautiful breasts."

Heat flooded Kate's face and she looked down. Ooh, too tempting. She slid a finger into the opening at the top of his shorts, twirled it around a curl of black hair and heard the hitch in his breath. He reached up and slotted his fingers through the wire shelving above her head. When her fingers brushed his cock, Joe sucked in his cheeks. Kate was torn between gazing into his gorgeous dark eyes and looking down at the pulsing heat source next to her hand.

"Touch me," he croaked.

Kate unfastened the last three buttons on his shorts and his engorged cock popped out like a jack in the box and made her jump. Oh God, he was big. A dark, thick, uncut shaft bobbed in front of her.

"Like what you see?" Joe asked.

"Not much I like better than a guy in shorts. Except maybe a guy out of shorts."

Kate eased the denim over his hips and the shorts fell to the floor. He kicked them aside. Oh God, she had a six-foot-three naked hunk with broad, muscled shoulders and long strong legs in her closet and she didn't want to wake up.

"I like what
see," Joe said in a whisper. "You're gorgeous."

A little flame flickered in Kate's chest. His hands were still wrapped around the shelving and she had a feeling he was letting her set the pace.

She dropped to her knees and caressed the tops of his feet, ran her palms up the back of his calves and felt his muscles ripple. When she stroked the back of his knees, Joe wobbled and laughed. She licked a warm path up his thighs moving from one to the other as his cock pulsed inches from her face. Kate spread her hands over his butt cheeks and gulped. Small, hard and firm. One slow lick from the root of his cock to the velvety crest to gather up the tiny pearl of precum and he growled. Kate showed him the salty blob sitting on her tongue before she smeared it over her lips.

"Oh fuck," he muttered.

Kate traced the thick vein at the back of his cock with the tip of her tongue and brought her hands around to stroke his angular hip bones before she touched his shaft. She loved the way the silky outer skin of his cock slid over the rigid core, loved the musky smell, his taste, loved best of all the way he held himself rigid while little gasps and pants kept lurching from his mouth. Kate trailed her tongue over the dark seam down the middle of his heavy sac and gently took his balls into her mouth. She felt the fragile centers dance around her tongue and hummed.

"Kate, Kate," he groaned. "You're killing me."

She let him loose. "You're a soldier. Suck it up."

He shook as he laughed. "That's what I'd hoped you were going to do."

A swoop over the head of his cock engulfing as much as she could, which frankly wasn't a lot, and his laughter came to a choked end. Kate moved one hand to the base of his shaft and squeezed as she wrapped her mouth around the silky crown. Short, fast sucks. Long, slow swallows. Strong, hard pumps. His hands threaded her hair as he rocked into her and groaned.

"Oh God, that feels so good. Your hot little mouth…oh fuck."

Kate twisted as she pumped, licked as she sucked, varied every action to prolong the sensation of his thick length surging into her, filling her. Her pussy clenched in time with each swallow. His hands dropped to her throat and his thumbs rested there as he fucked her mouth.

"I can feel my cock inside you. Oh Christ, I'm going to come. You want me to pull out?"

Kate tightened her lips in answer. She'd never swallowed before, but she wanted to now. One deep thrust and his cock bottomed out in her throat. She felt his balls tighten and separate, his cock grow larger, warmer and then it pulsed. He cried out as his hips jerked and he jetted into the back of her mouth. Kate swallowed every salty spurt, reveled in each breathy gasp he uttered. She looked up and saw him staring down at her as the spasms died away. He smiled through his panting breaths. A hand reached to brush the hair from her eyes and he withdrew from her mouth.

"Come here, sweet lips," he said and pulled her to her feet.

Kate wasn't sure whether he'd kiss her, whether he'd want to taste himself but his mouth homed in on hers and he consumed her like he was starving.

Joe's head was spinning. Had he knocked himself out when he'd fallen through the floor of his closet? Killed himself? Was he dreaming some angel had just given him the blow job of a lifetime? Only he was the one she thought wasn't real. She thought he was GI Joe, some toy soldier come to life. She plastered her hot body against his and Joe wondered why he was wasting time thinking. He had to turn off his analytical brain and go with the flow.

BOOK: Men in Shorts: An Erotic Anthology
2.48Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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