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Rork let go of her breasts and grabbed onto her ass cheeks. His strong grip on her tender skin sent a shiver up her spine. He spread her and pulled her down his length. She moaned with relief when her clit rubbed against his abdomen. Rork began to lift her up and down his penis with purpose. Out of the corner of her eye, she noticed Garfor get up, but she couldn’t concentrate on anything but her building orgasm. Megan wrapped her arms around Rork’s neck.

Garfor’s lubed thumb breached her anus. “God, yes,” she whimpered, increasing her pace until she was practically bouncing on Rork’s cock.

“Come with me,” Rork growled out.

It was an order she was more than ready to follow. She went off like a rocket. Rork pulled her against his chest and held her tightly as he filled her with his seed.

Megan dropped her head to his shoulder and struggled to catch her breath. It was a losing battle due to Garfor continuing to slide his thumb in and out of her rear channel. Her orgasm had been magnificent, but she was far from finished with her guys. When Rork softened within her, she kissed him hungrily while he slid out of her body.

She looked over her shoulder at Garfor. “Have something bigger you might want to use?” she asked with a grin.

“We told you you’d like it,” he answered with a slight nod of his head. He opened the drawer in the side table, pulled out a tube of lube and squirted a generous amount on his penis.

Megan hadn’t been surprised when anal sex entered the picture; three men, one her, she was able to do the math, but that hadn’t lessened her apprehension the first time. With incredible tenderness and patience, they showed her how what she’d previously thought of as a taboo act was instead another glorious way to be loved.

She started to switch her position, and Rork made a move to get up from the couch. “No, stay, I have an idea.” Megan went to her hands and knees over Rork’s lap. She faced Loban who was still sitting on the arm of the couch. “Scoot a tiny bit this way.” She pressed her knees against the side of Rork’s thigh, indicating she wanted him to slide toward Loban.

“Ooh, doesn’t this have promise.”

Loban held the base of his cock and inched down a bit. Megan maneuvered until she was sure she’d be able to take him fully into her mouth when she was ready. She felt Garfor kneel on the couch cushion behind her, and she wiggled her butt in invitation. “Will this work?”

“Swaya, I’m not going to be able to fuck your ass with the enthusiasm we both enjoy if I’m worried about impaling you on Loban’s cock.”

“That’s where Rork comes in,” she said, giving a quick lick to the head of Loban’s penis. “Can’t you hold me steady?”

“Fuck yeah I can,” Rork replied with enthusiasm. “And may I say how hot it is that you’re orchestrating your own submission?” He wrapped one arm around her middle and splayed his other hand on the front her neck, beginning just under her chin.

She opened her mouth, eager to taste Loban. He set the head of his cock on her lower lip. “Patience, swaya, I’m going to hold back until Garfor’s situated, in case you need to clench your teeth as his dick fills your ass.”

We’ll see about that
, she mused silently.

Garfor spread her cheeks, and his greased crown breached her puckered anus. She took a couple of calming breaths and forced herself to relax, knowing the burn of his entry would swiftly be replaced with extraordinary pleasure.

Megan flattened her tongue on the underside of Loban’s cock and closed her lips around the head, making sure her teeth didn’t touch him.

“So be it.” He grabbed two handfuls of her hair and slowly thrust into her mouth.

Garfor moved his hold to her hips when he was fully seated. Megan tried to imagine how she looked to them; on her hands and knees with her mouth and ass full. Loban and Garfor stayed still, and the only noise in the room was a whole bunch of heavy breathing.

Rork’s grip increased around her waist. She wondered if he gave the others some sort of sign because they both began to move at the exact same moment. Garfor fucked her ass with short, forceful thrusts while Loban claimed her mouth with long, measured strokes. The difference in their style was so incredibly erotic, another orgasm built quickly.

She flew over the edge, crying out as best she could with her mouth full. Garfor grunted through his release, and Loban offered colorful commentary regarding his own.

Megan collapsed down onto Rork. “Take me to bed, please, I need a nap,” she whispered.

* * * *


Megan found the social dynamic of the evening fascinating. When greeting Garfor, Loban and Rork, the men either bowed or offered the same salute her guys had given each other on their ship, and the women curtsied. They then immediately turned their attention to her and did the same. After those formalities, the interaction was similar to any party. Adults mingled, chatted, laughed and ate while the children played and enjoyed all sorts of shenanigans. Everyone was extremely friendly and welcoming.

She was a bit taken aback by the gifts, however. Most were given to her; an array of beautiful garments, jewelry, and knick-knacks for the home.

“I’m kind of uncomfortable with all of the presents,” she admitted quietly when they had a brief moment alone.

“They’re welcoming you into the house of H’oug and showing their respect for you as our swaya,” Garfor said with a reassuring smile.

“Despite the fact I haven’t officially agreed to stay.”

Rork scowled, and Loban opened his mouth to speak.

“Don’t even.” Megan swirled her index finger in the air in their general direction. “I’m still annoyed with you guys.”

“You hid it pretty well earlier,” Loban remarked.

“And you seem to be having a good time tonight and are naturally assuming the position of the lady of this house with ease and grace.” Rork crossed his arms over his chest.

An inner battle waged inside her. She loved them, desperately wanted to spend the rest of her life with them, understood that communication was the key but wasn’t able to confess her feelings. She thought she’d loved her first husband and had been terribly wrong. What if she made the same mistake again? They’d dated for over a year, and she hadn’t figured shit out. Wasn’t she being downright stupid to think she was head over heels in mere days? Tears began to well up.

“I need to go freshen up,” she announced. “I’ll be back in a few.” Mercifully, they didn’t argue.

The bulk of their guests were outside, so Megan headed to one of the sitting rooms on the main floor. As soon as she crossed the threshold, tears rolled down her cheeks. Her life had been in upheaval for so long, and there was so very much she didn’t know about this culture and her potential place in it. Could she have a career or were her men expecting her to be a housewife? They were the leaders of the community. What responsibilities did that place on her? At times, they traveled the galaxies. Would she be left at home for long periods or go with them? Her head began to throb. Megan sat down and covered her face with her hands.

A quiet knock sounded. “Megan, may I come in?”

She looked up to find Drista, Rork’s sister, standing in the doorway. She and her family had been the first arrivals, and they’d had a few minutes to chat before the rest of the people had arrived. Megan had liked her instantly. She was vivacious and extremely personable.

“You may not want to, I’m an emotional mess.” Megan sniffed loudly and did her best to wipe her cheeks.

Drista rushed forward and pulled a handkerchief out of her pocket. “Use this, I promise it’s clean. Amazingly, my boys haven’t required a wipe down yet this evening.” She sat in the chair next to Megan.

“Thanks, I appreciate it. Did the guys send you to find me? I should probably get back to the guests.”

“No, I saw you leave them looking upset, so I followed you. We’ve only just met, but I predict we’re going to be great friends, as well as sisters.” She patted Megan’s knee. “I haven’t been able to pry any of the details out of your men about the how they found you and convinced you to come home with them. It doesn’t surprise me that Rork isn’t sharing, but Garfor is such a romantic and Loban, well everyone knows he likes to talk.” Drista winked and smiled.

“Maybe because they feel badly about how they went about it.”

“Oh, Gods, what did they do?”

“Got me on their ship by deception and brought me here without my consent.”

“You’d best tell me what’s happened, and we girls will decide what needs to be done.”

Megan tried to tell her story without the sexual parts, but quickly realized it was going to be impossible to convey her emotional turmoil without at least alluding to that aspect. It certainly didn’t seem acceptable, though, for her to discuss specifics with Rork’s sister, so she ended up stumbling through her tale and blushing a lot.

“First of all, you’re talking to a Slaterine woman. I obviously understand the intensity of the soul bond. I’ll be shocked if they make it through the evening without whisking you away for a quickie!” Drista laughed, and Megan joined her. “There are many here, men and women, who are from other worlds and had no knowledge of the bond and how it would change their lives. May I tell you about my own experience?”

“Yes, please,” Megan answered.

“My mates, Corbin and Jacob, came to Mesta eight years ago on a mining expedition. On their home planet, women are one step above slaves; their only roles are to serve men in every fashion, bear children and keep their opinions to themselves. I was the
of the Slaterine team assigned to
their operations.”

“You’ve got to be kidding.”

“Wait, it gets better. They’re brothers, and in their culture, it is acceptable even between family members to fight to the death to claim a woman; sharing doesn’t exist.”

“How in the hell have you three been able to make your relationship work?” Megan thought about Drista’s three small boys and how she’d noticed Corbin and Jacob gazing at her adoringly all evening.

“I won’t lie. Everything, and I do mean
was a battle in the beginning, but bonded mates are destined to be together. It’s not always easy, being willing to compromise. Patience is essential. Oh, and the mind-blowing sex helps iron out a great many differences.” She raised an eyebrow and grinned.

“I’m worried about my identity within the relationship, Drista,” Megan admitted. “If Garfor, Loban and Rork won’t let me make my own decisions, or if they try to change my nature, we’re doomed to failure.”

Drista took her hands and stared into her eyes. “Do you love them?”


“Then do what you have to do to become the type of swaya you want to be.”


Chapter Five




“Hey, why are you here?” Garfor asked.

“Where’s Megan?” Rork added.

“Good morning to you, too.” Loban looked up from his computer tablet as Rork and Garfor walked into the kitchen. “She should be back soon.”

“Back from where?” Rork furrowed his brow.

“I’m not sure. She said she was going out for a while this morning, but would be here for breakfast and asked me to make sure you two stayed home until she returned. It was kind of mysterious.”

“And you just let her go?”

“We’re her mates, not her keepers, Rork,” Loban responded before drinking the last of the chorba in his mug, holding it up and shaking it in his direction.

Rork took it and stomped over to the counter.

“Is she walking or riding?” Garfor questioned, sitting down at the table.

“Seeing as I didn’t follow her out the door, or go running to a window once she left, I have no idea.” Loban chose not to add how difficult it was for him not to do either. His instinct to shelter and protect her was as strong as theirs.

“Megan best not have taken her xander. She’s only been riding solo for a few days.” Rork set three steaming mugs on the table and sat.

“You mean Howie?” Loban chuckled.

“Why does she insist on calling the animal by that ridiculous name?” Garfor smiled.

“She says he picked it himself.”

“Pardon me?”

“Once she discovered it isn’t customary for us to name our xanders, she first told me that we were mean, then went into the stall with him, stroking and petting his muzzle while offering all manner of names. Megan said when she called him Howie, his eyes brightened, and he wagged his tail. I’m a bit concerned that one day soon we’ll find the beast lounging in the living room on blankets and pillows as she feeds him his meal.”

Loban’s heart thudded, and his dick hardened. Gods how he loved her! Their woman was extremely intelligent, confident, humorous, inquisitive, sometimes quirky and wildly passionate. Every day with Megan was a treasure.

“Megan’s perfectly capable of riding by herself, Rork, but I sure miss having her seated in front of me with her ass tight to my cock as we rode together,” Loban added.

During the almost three weeks she’d been with them, he, Garfor and Rork had each discovered activities that they enjoyed sharing alone with Megan. Riding the countryside right after the dawn was his special time with her.

“It’s your fault for teaching her how to do it on her own,” Rork said with a smirk.

“She wanted to learn.” Loban shrugged his shoulders. “And what have you denied her?”

“Nothing.” He raked his fingers through his hair. “I, we, have allowed her not to fully commit to us, and the days have flown by. Garfor promised to take her to Somas after three weeks here. Has she told either of you she wants to stay?”

“Has she asked to leave? No. Megan’s been showing her commitment to us from the very start,” Garfor said quietly. “She told us of the mistakes in her marriage. Despite her initial upset over the greeting gala, she was a magnificent hostess, and everyone loved her instantly. She studies our computer system, spends hours with us in the fields and hydroponic gardens, has us teaching her how to make our favorite foods, and she won’t even let us launder our own clothes.”

“How do you think she gets the bed linens to smell so good?”

“Loban, this isn’t a joking matter.” Rork glared at him. “I need to hear the words; that she loves us, that she wants to bear our children and be with us forever.”

“You’ve tried to press her, Rork, and it’s done no good.” Garfor took a sip of his chorba.

“Because she’s stubborn.”

“I believe she’s being cautious. Megan will tell us what’s in her heart when she’s ready to.”

As always, Loban appreciated Garfor’s calm, level-headedness. He also completely agreed with him. Megan showed her love for them in a hundred different ways. But he also understood where Rork was coming from; he too wanted their swaya to tell them her feelings.

“She doesn’t seem to have any trouble at all communicating verbally or physically when she’s upset about something. I still can’t believe she heaved that container at us.” Rork noted, shaking his head.

“Our Megan is definitely a force to be reckoned with,” Loban agreed, thinking back to the morning of the gala. Her temper had been impressive, though she needed to work on her throwing skills. “And we wouldn’t want our swaya to be any other way.”

Megan allowed Howie to set a leisurely pace on the way back home through the northern sector of the district. This area was undeveloped, and many varieties of fruits and vegetables grew wild. Her baskets were filled with their favorite breakfast berries, greens for the salad she planned to make with dinner and enough bunches of glorious flowers to fill vases throughout the house. This was her favorite destination when she and Loban took their morning rides. The landscape was breathtakingly beautiful, and there were many secluded spots for them to make love.

Rork and Garfor were probably just getting up and enjoying their morning chorba, so she still had a bit of time before she had to get back to the house. Megan wondered how surprised they were to find Loban at home and her gone. She, on the other hand, had already been up for a couple of hours setting the scene for what she was planning. After last night’s torrential rain, the sky was crystal clear and the temperature was quite cool, making the solarium the perfect location. The low-sitting glass table was a perfect place to set out food, and the furniture was rearranged so there was a large open space in the middle of the room, which was now covered with pillows. She pictured them all lounging on the floor, enjoying delicious treats and having wild and crazy sex.

“Some big shit is going down this morning, Howie.” Megan smiled as excitement caused goose bumps to rise on her arms. She rubbed his neck, still fascinated that this horse-like animal was covered in soft, blue feathers. “I’ve waited long enough to tell them how I feel, but I swear my reasons have been valid.”

She gazed out across the landscape as a myriad of emotions washed over her. In a matter of a couple of weeks, she’d gone from being frightened and alone to being the treasured soul mate of three magnificent men.

“Leaders of the people to boot,” she said with both wonder and a touch of anxiety. It was vitally important to her to live up to the responsibility and make them proud.

When the animal snorted and bobbed his head up and down, Megan laughed uproariously. “If I find out you have a Federation translator, I’m going to kick three Slaterine men’s asses!”

The mere mention of their toned butts had her libido springing to life. Because of her limited sexual experience, she’d been worried as to whether she’d be able to satisfying them, but now they joked regularly, especially Loban, about how she wore them out. Drista had been absolutely right; mind-blowing sex eased the way to working out differences.

Drista was a very wise woman, and Megan cherished their new friendship. The discussion they’d had the night of the party had caused Megan to make an honest assessment of the role she wanted to take in her relationship with Rork, Garfor and Loban, and to search her heart for what was truly bothering her.

Her epiphany had awakened her out of a sound sleep early the following morning. She had to be certain it was by their own free will that they wanted to make a life with her, not solely because of divine intervention, destiny or genetics. She needed to be confident that they actually liked her as a person, enjoyed being with her when they all had their clothes on and valued her for who she was.

Megan had started out by asking them to teach her their computer system. Many functions, such as replicating basic items and communication, were very similar to those she already knew how to use. Slaterine mathematics and the economic structure, however, differed greatly from Earth’s, and would require serious learning time. Garfor was in charge of those subjects while Rork and Loban tutored her in their favorite areas of expertise. They also were spending many hours together as a group in the computer room, sometimes actually working on the programs.

Her men’s over-protectiveness was proving to be the biggest area of compromise for all of them. They had eagerly welcomed her to ride with them to fields and gardens, but she’d practically had to beg Loban to let her ride her own xander. The fact that she was out alone this morning was a major step forward.

Garfor and Rork had initially forbidden her to help in the harvest of the surlat crop, saying it was difficult physical labor. They ordered her instead to sit on the sidelines under the shade of a tree. She pointed out that other women were there, and if they truly wanted her to be accepted as a member of the community, they had to allow her to participate. After a heated discussion—one which Megan was keenly aware was being listened to by everyone within earshot—they’d agreed to let her work with them when she’d agreed to take frequent breaks and to stop before the high heat of the day.

Having fun together took no effort whatsoever. Whether playing their favorite dice game, preparing meals, swimming, or even doing house chores, there was always much laughter. They also spent many hours talking. Sometimes, the subject matter was lighthearted; other times it was serious. The more she got to know them, the more she loved them.

Megan now had a better understanding of her new world, and the possibilities of what she could do with her life here were endless. If she chose to, she could pursue a traditional career, but fully assuming the role of their swaya seemed as if it was going to be a perfect fit. It placed her in a mentor position to the women and children of the district, and she would be deeply involved in community activities. Assuming such an important position, while taking care of her home and her mates and hopefully their children the way she planned on, seemed plenty and ideal.

“Yep, I’m one lucky lady,” she said, tweaking the reins a bit to the left to guide Howie through the drenched, uneven terrain. Yesterday, when Megan had contacted Somas Prime to let them know she wouldn’t be taking the job after all, they’d informed her that a supply ship was set to leave, and one of its stops was Mesta. Her belongings would arrive in a few days.

Howie’s ears went back, and he made a high-pitched whining noise a second before another xander came around a large rock formation. He was limping badly, and there was no rider in his saddle. “What the hell?” she exclaimed.

“Help, help!”

The plea sounded as if it came from far away. Megan kicked her heels against Howie, and they took off at a dead run toward the cries, into an area she was unfamiliar with. The landscape changed, and dense, twenty-foot tall vegetation and massive rock formations made it impossible for her to keep up the brisk pace. Her heart thudded wildly when moments passed, and she didn’t hear anything.

“Where are you?” she screamed out.

“Here, hurry!”

The reply and following sobs now sounded extremely close, but Megan couldn’t see anyone. Without her direction, Howie came to an abrupt halt, and she barely held her seat by wrapping her arms around his neck. In front of her, partially camouflaged by rocks, was a hole in the ground, probably fifteen feet in diameter. Megan jumped down and inched her way closer until she could peer over the edge. A teenage girl was standing in thigh high mud, shivering.

“Are you hurt, honey?”

“I-I-d-don’t-t-think so,” she said through chattering teeth. “But I-I-c-can’t-c-climb out, and the water’s getting deeper!”

Megan hit the emergency button on her communicator, which opened a channel to all three men while sending them her location.

“Megan, what’s wrong?” Garfor answered immediately.

“A young girl has fallen into a sink hole that’s filling with water. She’s uninjured, but I’m going to need some help to get her out.” Megan kept her tone even and smiled at the girl, knowing the worst thing she could do was act as panicked as she felt.

“We’re on our way,” Rork answered.

“Who is the child?” Loban asked, sounding as if he was running.

“What’s your name, honey?” Megan recognized her from the gala, but it was going to take time for her to learn who everyone was.


“Everything’s going to be fine, Leena.” Garfor’s calming voice came over the communicator.

“See? There’s nothing to worry about.” Megan watched the water rise to Leena’s waist. “Are there rocks that you can stand on down there?”

“I keep slipping off.” Tears streamed down her cheeks.

“Okay, okay,” Megan said, scanning the ground to see if she could find anything to lower into the hole for her to hold onto. She saw nothing. “I’ll be right back.”

Megan rushed to Howie and removed his bridle. She returned to the edge of the hole and dropped to her knees. After wrapping the headgear around her arms, she held onto the bit, lay down on her stomach and flung the reins to Leena. “Grab onto these. Try and stand on a rock now.”

Leena was able to, but Megan was shocked at how quickly the muscles of her shoulders and arms began to burn as she steadied the girl. She prayed the guys got there soon. “Do you know how long you’ve been down here?” Megan asked, figuring talking was better than focusing on their current predicament.

BOOK: Megan's Men
10.76Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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