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BOOK: Manhandled
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Whet your appetite, arouse your senses, and
savor the unusual with this first-rate collection of
sexually charged gay fiction, including:

Critic’s Choice
…A young porn writer picks up an older man, then finds he’s a literary critic. Soon they learn the sword is mightier than
the pen …

For the Asking
…Everyone gossips about Travis and his boyfriend, but this is the true story. It starts at The Pub on a crowded night. But
no sooner do the two men meet than everyone wants a piece of the action.

Hands On
… In-depth, hands-on games are for the crowd at the Pit—and Tommy is going to prove that even a boy toy can hold his own.

BMW Boys
… The guy drives a BMW, so why not let him in to use the phone? So what if he and his pals seem very,
straight? And who says three’s a crowd?


This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the product of the authors’ imagination or are
used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.

Copyright © 2003 by Austin Foxxe

All rights reserved.

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New York, NY 10017

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First eBook Edition: June 2003

ISBN: 978-0-7595-2808-6


Men Who are Hot to Trot



BMW Boys

Bunkhouse Bruisers

By the Balls

Cherry Pops

Critic’s Choice

For the Asking

Getting It Write

Hunger Takes Over

liding Home

Night Moths in Acapulco

The Act

Wrong Number

Down in the Bayou


Grudge Match

Hands On

I’ll Do Anything

The Inquisition

Metro Heat


The Rag

The Sex Scene

The Interrogation

The Plan

Backyard Brawl

Fucked by the Foreman

Diamonds in the Rough

About the Author


I’d like to thank all the authors who contributed to this collection—those who have worked with me for years and those with
whom I’ve just become acquainted. To the “old guys,” thanks for hanging in there with me; from here on out, things can only
get better. And to the “new guys” who worked with me for the first time, hopefully this won’t be the last. And to John and
Megan, who I’m sure lost some hair and probably gained a few gray ones working with me, thanks for all your help and support.
I promise I’ll be
much better next time! Again, thank you all. Without you this book would not have been possible.

My very best,


BMW Boys


live in New York City, on a quiet block near Central Park. I run there a lot, and the one thing that keeps me going is all
the hot guys who run past me. Sometimes I’m so worked up by the end of a run that I go right home and jerk off.

One Sunday afternoon, I’d just finished up a long, sweaty run. I was headed home when I noticed a couple of guys looking under
the hood of a black BMW parked in front of my building. They were both kind of cute, and there were two others sitting in
the car. I slowed down a bit so I could check them out, and my heart almost stopped when one of them looked up at me and spoke.

“Hey—you live around here?” He had a bit of a blue-collar, New Jersey accent and dark, Italian looks. I realized right away
that he was straight. Oh well.

“Uh, yeah…,” I answered.

“D’you think we could use your phone? We’re havin’ some car trouble.”

I hesitated for a moment. Should I let a complete stranger into my home? But he seemed honest enough— and owned a BMW, for
God’s sake—so what was he going to steal?

“Sure. I live right here.” I turned toward my building. As I was unlocking the door, I realized—to my surprise— that all four
guys were coming in. They were all dressed pretty hetero-casual: baggy jeans, T-shirts, flannels, baseball caps. Very Abercrombie
& Fitch. They weren’t model-handsome, but they were all cute in that average-Joe kind of way.

The first guy introduced himself as Tony, as typical as that seemed. He had a nice-sized build, dark hair, and sparkling green
eyes. The other three looked around my apartment while Tony used the phone.

“Shit!” he said after he hung up. “They won’t be here for a fuckin’ hour!” he said. At just that moment, he noticed the porno
tapes I kept behind a chair that happened to be near where the phone was sitting. He picked one up and looked at the pictures
on the box. “Oh, shit! You gay, man?”

I was a little worried about the tone of his voice, but answered weakly, “Yeah…”

He hesitated a moment, then looked around and said, “Well…I think we might have a very interesting way to spend the next hour….”
He grabbed the bulge in his pants. “Think you could do something about this?”

I was completely shocked. His friends seemed a little shocked too—but he was obviously the leader of this crowd. He asked
me where the bedroom was and went in. I followed. He was standing near the bed, his face so tough, yet so innocent. I walked
toward him slowly, and tried to kiss him. “Hey!” he said, pulling away. “I ain’t gay! I just like getting my dick sucked.
like to suck dick, don’t you?”

I got his meaning, and didn’t care if he was straight. I put my hand on his chest and worked his soft nipples through his
T-shirt. I slipped off the unbuttoned flannel and then his T-shirt. He had a beautiful, soft-yet-sculpted Italian football-player
build, with a smooth, olive complexion. His pecs were round and soft. Dark bushes of hair peeked out from under each of his
arms, one of which had a tattoo. He was hot.

I lowered my mouth to his nipples and worked them with my tongue, biting a bit into his soft flesh. In response they stood
at attention, and his body was so warm to the touch. I kissed my way down to his jeans, slowly unzipped them and pulled them
down along with his red Jockey shorts. His cock was magnificent—still soft but huge and thick, bursting out of an extra-thick
mound of dark hair. I gripped it with one hand and put my other on his soft ass. I held his dick up and worked his tight balls
with my tongue. They had a wonderfully musky scent.

“C’mon!” Tony urged with a moan. “Suck my dick, man! Take it!” He put his hands on my head, and I obeyed. His dick was beginning
to get firm. I sucked the head, moving it around in my mouth. I worked more and more of the shaft into my mouth as it got
ever firmer, ever bigger. Seven inches, eight inches. By the time it was hard he must have had nine or ten of the most solid,
fat inches of man meat I’d ever seen.

I began to work it harder and faster with my mouth and hand. “Oh, fuck yeah!” he moaned, rubbing one of his nipples. I wanted
it all. I reached my hands around and grabbed his ass, and in one swift motion I darted my mouth over Tony’s entire stiff,
hot cock. I could feel his enormous, engorged head filling my throat. His body twitched with surprise and delight as he firmly
grabbed my head and held it against his groin. “Oh, yeah! Oh fuck, man, yeah! Take it! Take it all!”

I deep-throated him several times. He met me each time with his soft body, his hot, saliva-covered balls hitting my chin and
my nose buried in his full, moist, musky mound of hair. “Aw, fuck, yeah! You really love that cock, don’t you, man? You guys
really know how to suck a fucking cock!”

I continued to slurp Tony’s throbbing piece of Italian meat. I couldn’t get enough. One of his friends had come into the room
and was watching the action, his own bulge growing noticeably bigger. The other two, a bit more shy, were watching from the
door. I had visions of group action, but knew that that fantasy was just too good to ever come true. My jaw was beginning
to get stiff and my throat was sore, but I didn’t care. I wanted more of this man.

The friend walked over to us, and stood behind me stroking the bulge in his jeans. He took one of my hands in his, and guided
it over the bulge, grinding himself against my palm so I could feel his stiff member through his jeans. It didn’t feel big,
but it sure felt hard.

He let it out. It was small, but thick and veiny. I stroked him with my hand while I continued to suck Tony. Then Tony pushed
my head off his dick and gave me my orders: “Hey—give Vince some of that!” I couldn’t believe his name was Vince, because
he looked like a Vince I knew in college—dark, awkward, and small with no build, but somehow attractive.

I twisted around and took Vince’s cock in my mouth. After Tony, Vince’s small member was refreshingly easy to take. And it
had a cleaner, sweeter taste. I took turns sucking the two of them. I’d hoped they’d turn some attention toward each other
too, but they kept their distance from one another.

Tony grabbed my head and rammed all ten of his inches down my throat once again. “Aw, fuck—I’m gonna cum!” He held my face
in his hairy mound. “I’m gonna cum! You wanna swallow my fucking cum?!” His cock throbbed in my mouth and I moaned as I felt
his hot man juices pulsating down my throat. His engorged head shot his cum so far down my throat I couldn’t even taste it,
but I felt its warmth flowing down my pipes. Vince was jerking himself into a frenzy.

“Aw, fuck, me too!” Vince pulled my head toward him to give me a taste of his cum, but it was too late. He shot a huge load
onto my face, neck, and chest. He spread it on my chin with his still-pulsating member. “Oh, yeah… oh, YEAH! You like the
taste of that, don’t you, faggot?” Normally that name would have offended me, but for some reason I now found it strangely

The two other friends had entered the room. One was adjusting his bulge. The other, the only blond one, had taken off his
shirt and pulled his baggy jeans to his ankles. He had a skinny but unbelievably rock-hard and ripped build, and exceptionally
large nipples. There was a tattoo on one of his arms and he wore a thick, silver chain. He was working one of his nipples
with one hand and his cock with the other. “Hey, Mikey,” Tony said to him, “why don’t you let the cocksucker do that for you!”

I was exhausted—but the idea of three cocks in one day was too much to refuse. I’d never even been with two guys before, much
less three. He stepped out of his jeans and approached me, his lean, sinewy body flexing with each step, his long slender
cock bouncing and beckoning for attention. He got onto the bed and sat on his knees. I got on the bed on all fours, my own
cock throbbing in my shorts, and began to work Mikey’s slim cock. It was warm and delicious. I licked his balls to give my
jaw a rest, and it turned out that was exactly what he liked. “Suck it, man! Fuck, yeah… eat my fucking nuts!” He had the
heaviest Jersey accent, and for some reason that made me even hornier. He threw his head back in ecstasy as I ran my tongue
over and under his tight sac. “Oh, fuck, yeah!” he said. “He really does love to suck fucking cock, man!”

“Tell me about it,” Tony responded. “I’m ready for another round!” I felt Tony climb on the bed behind me. He wrapped his
hands around my waist to undo my shorts. Realizing they were elastic, he pulled them down to my knees with a hard tug. They
caught my raging hard-on, and with Mikey’s cock in my mouth I squealed in pain. “You ain’t felt nothing yet, boy!” he said.
“Wait’ll I get my cock in this little pussy!” He pulled the shorts all the way off, as well as my shoes and socks. All I had
on was my T-shirt, which Mikey grabbed hold of and used to pull me onto his cock. Seeing that Tony was stripping me naked,
he pulled it over my head and I slipped it off.

“You want it, boy?” Tony said. “Huh?” I could only moan my assent with Mikey’s cock in my mouth. “What?” he said. “I can’t
hear you!”

“Yeah!” I said, letting Mikey’s wet dick fall out of my mouth. “Fuck my ass!”


“Fuck me, please!” I begged. I couldn’t wait. “Fuck me hard! I want your cock inside me!”

“You want this cock?”

“Oh, yeah!”

“You want me to fuck your ass?!”

“Please!” Mikey impatiently grabbed my head with one hand and pointed his cock back into my mouth with the other. Tony slapped
my ass a few times and rubbed it. It stung. I felt his hot cock rubbing in my crack, and wanted him inside me so bad.

“Please…,” I said, “there’s condoms in the night table.” Tony pulled one out and started to slip it over his cock. Noticing
the lube in my night table too, he slathered some on his cock and on my asshole. “Fuck me!” I begged impatiently.

BOOK: Manhandled
12.8Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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