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Man or Machine: 2 (Body Electric)

BOOK: Man or Machine: 2 (Body Electric)
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Man or Machine

Electra Shepherd


Book two in the Body Electric series.


Geek-girl Ilsa Morgenstern has had enough heartbreak to last a lifetime, so she builds Dallas—a smart, sexy male robot—to keep her satisfied without requiring any pesky emotions. She’s not expecting Hal, her computer genius ex-boyfriend, to break into her home in an attempt to steal her family’s tech secrets. And she’s certainly not expecting that Dallas will want Hal and Ilsa to increase his knowledge of human sexuality by having sex with him—both separately and together.

As the robot/human encounters get closer—and even hotter—Ilsa’s feelings for Hal threaten to resurface. She’s determined to avoid heartbreak again, but sometimes a girl has to accept that the man—er, robot—you think you want is only seventy-four percent of the man you need.


Inside Scoop:
This book contains male-male action, a male-female-male threesome and a robot who learned his speech patterns from watching internet porn. Yeah, baby.


A Romantica®
futuristic/sci-fi erotic romance
from Ellora’s Cave

Man or Machine
Electra Shepherd



For David and Data. And yeah, maybe Bender too.


Chapter One

Wednesday, 4:23 p.m. Not as Far in the Future as You Might Think


“Okay,” said Ilsa. “Commencing robot sex attempt, take one.”

She looked at the robot. The robot looked at her. At least she thought it was looking at her. She’d programmed it to.

Not it
, she reminded herself.

“Are you ready?” she asked it.
“Do you…want to have sex with me?”

“Oh yeah, baby.” It was quite a pleasant voice, rugged and manly with a slight drawl. “Bring it on.”

“First,” she said, “I will take off all my clothes.”

She was wearing jeans and a big cotton man’s shirt she’d found in the laundry one day. With her cropped red hair and her boyish clothes, she wasn’t exactly sexiness personified, especially as she suspected the shirt had belonged to her father. But the robot wasn’t to know.

He was six feet tall with a carbon-fiber skeleton surrounded by wires and artificial tendons. She’d installed artificial skin over his torso, arms and hands, making sure it was sensitive to stimulation—heat, wetness and touch. She’d wired in an erect penis, seven and a half inches long, with its sensors connected to the neural processors in the robot’s brain. The same one that included the chatbot she’d been refining and conversation-training for the past three months. Physically, he was a perfect specimen and according to her calculations, he should be at full functionality.

His face was handsome, with a strong jaw, straight nose, a full mouth, high cheekbones and eyes that glowed warm orange. After careful consideration, she’d made him the same color as her second-favorite ice cream—maple pecan. Her favorite ice cream was Neopolitan but she didn’t think stripes were very sexy. Of course, she could always change the color of his skin if she wanted to.

She could change whatever she liked or whatever he liked. That was the entire point.

“Right. Taking off my clothes now.” She toyed with the top button of her shirt and bit her lip.

“Come on, baby,” said the robot, “let me see that sweet body of yours. I can’t wait.”

Ilsa glanced around the room. Maybe she felt a little bit self-conscious because this was the first time she’d brought the robot out of the workshop and here to her bedroom. The house robots were always in and out of her quarters to do their duties or to discuss their maintenance or, in Blue’s case, just to chat. But this robot hadn’t ventured out of the workshop before. And of course she’d never had sex with any of the housies.

She took a deep breath and braced herself. “Maybe…maybe you’d like to take my clothes off for me.”

“Would I ever.” The robot stepped forward. He moved with easy grace; his joints were noiseless. She’d made him well. From a distance, it would be almost impossible to distinguish him from a bald, naked human. As long as you couldn’t see his glowing eyes. Gently, he grasped the bottom hem of her shirt and lifted it over her head. He tossed it aside onto the floor.

She wouldn’t have done it that way—she’d have unbuttoned it first. “You’re making your own decisions.”

“Isn’t that the way you want it, baby?” He unfastened her jeans and slid them down her hips. When he bent to take them off her, she could see the muscles playing underneath the skin of his back. “Muscles” and “skin” being euphemisms, obviously—it was mostly wires and polymer.

She closed her eyes.
Stop it, Ilsa. Stop thinking about this creation as a machine. It isn’t turning you on.

But hadn’t she built this robot for exactly that reason? To
a robot and to turn her on?

Because men were too complicated, too messy, and since her older sister Cally had fallen in love with Blue, one of the house robots, Ilsa had been jealous as hell.

No, not jealous, precisely. She didn’t want Blue. She wanted a robot of her own. A companion and a sexual partner. He was a challenge to build, probably the greatest challenge of her life so far. She couldn’t merely copy her father’s designs…she had to innovate, to improve. And then there was the chatbot that would form the basis of his personality—it had to be by far the best program she’d ever written. She couldn’t possibly be attracted to a being, even a robot, unless she admired it.

Never in a million years would she have expected her sister Cally to fall in love with a robot. Cally hated technology and she loved real men. Whereas Ilsa was the opposite. She’d always been much more comfortable with computers than with people.

A lover who was a machine made perfect sense for her.

She lifted one foot then the other so the robot could remove her jeans. Then she felt his hands on the elastic of her panties. His skin was warm. She hadn’t even known a robot could be warm until Blue had explained to her how he’d turned down his internal cooling system to make his touch more pleasant to Cally.

It probably would have been easier if she’d asked Blue more about the details of his relationship with her sister, about the modifications he and Cally had created in order to make him a fully functional sexual being. But it was a bit too delicate a thing to ask of a robot who was essentially your brother-in-law. She didn’t even do the essential maintenance on Blue anymore…

Blue had taken over that job himself.

And anyway, she didn’t want to discuss this particular project with anyone just yet.

The robot she had created slid her panties down her legs. It wasn’t only his skin that was warm. She could feel his radiant heat. With her eyes closed, it was almost as if she were being undressed by a real person. She put her hand on his shoulder to steady herself as she stepped out of her underwear. It felt like real skin, warm and pliant with a strong core underneath where muscles would be.

And then the robot pressed a kiss into her naked left inner thigh and she nearly gasped.

The robot chuckled. She didn’t know robots could chuckle.

“Do you like that?” he asked.


“Then I’ll do more of it.”

But he didn’t kiss her again right away. Instead he cupped her left calf in one broad palm and slowly, slowly stroked up the length of her leg. His fingers grazed the inside of her thigh, a whisper from her sex. Then they moved up to clasp her buttock. He did the same thing with her other leg. And then even with her eyes closed she knew he was kneeling in front of her, seeing her nakedness. She felt herself blushing though she had no idea why. He’d been built for this. And he’d never seen another naked woman anyway, so he couldn’t possibly be judging her.

Maybe he needed her to tell him what to do. He was entirely inexperienced, after all, and even though she’d tried to point him in the right direction for learning all about human sexuality—providing the chatbot with plenty of reading material and lists of links for appropriate manuals and films—there were bound to be situations he wasn’t prepared for.

She opened her mouth to direct him and that was when she felt his mouth on her pussy. She hadn’t had any warning from his breath on her skin because he didn’t have to breathe unless he was talking, and this time she did gasp.

He kissed her once gently and then again. His tongue slipped expertly between her folds to find her clitoris.

Ilsa tightened her hands on his shoulders. From what she’d heard, most human men could take a little while to find the sweet spot, but he was right on it, teasing her now with the tip of his tongue. It was as if he had some sort of clitoris-finding sensor there, but she hadn’t installed one.

Ilsa’s head dropped back and she let the feelings wash over her. He was gentle and slow but in no way hesitant. And he was

“Do you like that too?” His voice vibrated against her, causing shivers to go up her body. She nodded. There was no way he could see her, not from where he had his face, but he seemed to understand and he kept on licking her. She’d been right to make sure his tongue was self-lubricating and to make his lips soft and yet strong. His hands were big enough so they held her buttocks easily, pressing her closer to his mouth.

She pictured what they must look like—her standing here in the middle of her bedroom, wearing only a bra, with this naked, bald robot kneeling in front of her.

“Er,” she said. “Is the door locked, do you know?”

He paused for a split second. She heard the automated lock clicking. “Yes.”

“Do you…do you think we should go onto the bed?”

“Anything you want, baby.”

He lifted her with no effort whatsoever, his hands still on her buttocks and his mouth level with her crotch. For a dizzying second she was aloft, holding on to his shoulders for dear life, and then he laid her on the bed and lay down between her legs.

“Oh my goodness,” she murmured. “I thought I was flying for a minute there when you—”

But then he had his mouth on her again and she couldn’t finish because what he was doing felt too good. He explored her, holding her gently open with his fingers, his tongue running up and down her slit, from the hood over her clitoris, around her clit, down between her labia and dipping into her, a small penetration. He did it again and again, varying the speed, the pressure.

She’d worried that sex with a robot might be a little bit by the numbers, a little bit like an example out of a textbook. But the robot wasn’t following a pattern. He seemed eager to learn her body, to discover which parts of her were the most sensitive. And then when he did discover which parts were most sensitive, what made her catch her breath, he lingered there. Sucking softly at her clitoris. Flicking his tongue over the sensitive bud until she screwed her eyes shut and gave herself over to the sensation.

“That’s—that’s very good,” she managed. “You’re doing really well.”

“Thank you, baby,” he said. He slowed his tongue, nipped at her softly with his lips. She tilted her hips up toward his mouth, willing him to speed up, to let her come. But the robot stayed maddeningly, deliciously slow. Making mere feathers of touches. Forcing her to focus her entire body on that one small spot, to count the caresses as they built her slowly toward her climax.

One. Two. Three. Four. Almost unbearable now, so delicate and sweet. Five.

She was barely to twelve when her body clenched and then exploded. The air she’d been holding burst out of her in a cry and she flung her arms wide as she undulated under his talented mouth.

While she was recovering, he moved up to lie beside her, face to face. His hand trailed up her bare stomach. “You taste wonderful,” he told her.

“I didn’t think you could taste. I didn’t install that kind of receptors.”

“I can’t. I thought it would be something you would like to hear.”

BOOK: Man or Machine: 2 (Body Electric)
4.56Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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