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An Ellora’s Cave Romantica Publication






ISBN 9781419920493


Linked Copyright © 2009 Barbara Huffert


Edited by Helen Woodall.

Cover art by Dar Albert.


Electronic book Publication January 2009


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Barbara Huffert



Thanks to Dr. Kim Bisconti and the staff of Friends Animal Hospital for the excellent care given to my furry friends over the years and especially to Tracy for rescuing my own Harry cat.






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Chapter One


Russ waited out of sight for Stan’s whistle signaling that their plan for the night was a go. Hours earlier he’d leaned against the end of the bar and studied the crowd as the magician performed his big finish of sawing his assistant in half. He and Stan didn’t need to speak to confirm that they’d both chosen the same broad to participate in their little game later on. That taken care of, Russ downed the last inch of his beer and made a point of stating that he had a long drive ahead of him as he politely declined a refill.

Leaving Stan to secure their entertainment, Russ left at the same time as a group who were obviously regulars. In the parking lot, he made sure he repeated his comment of moving on to at least three different individuals.

Now, four hours later, Russ had already disconnected the mickey mouse alarm system, climbed in through the window he had unlatched in the men’s room and unlocked the supply room door. Walking right in would fit with the impression of them belonging there after hours that Stan was to create.

Russ whistled his answer to Stan’s signal and stepped away from the wall, eager to begin. “Watch your step,” Russ cautioned pleasantly as he motioned for the pair to follow. Holding the door, he stood aside to let the woman enter first while he and Stan exchanged wicked grins.

“Aren’t you going to introduce us, Stan?” Russ asked when they reached the barroom.

“Just getting to that. This tasty little bit is Mindy. And this is the amazing Russell. He’s a master magician but he don’t go on stage much no more.”

“I find that it is more rewarding to share my knowledge with promising individuals new to the craft. The occasional command performance before a limited but very special audience is sufficient to satisfy the showman in me.”

The tipsy bleached blonde giggled. “I can’t believe you picked me. I used to dream of being a magic helper when I was little. I even had one of those cute costumes.”

“I’m sure you were adorable.” Russ pressed one finger to her lips. “Did Stan explain my conditions?”

“Yeah.” She nodded eagerly. “I told Sue that I thought Stan was okay to talk to but that was it and that I was the one who said he’d try to hook up with that redhead who was checking him out. I gave him a thumbs-up when he left with her just like he said I should and then I stayed a while longer before I made a big deal of how tired I was and that I was going to go right to bed when I got home. I didn’t even talk about the magic act at all or Stan either after he was gone.”

“What’s the pout for?” Stan asked. “I had to give her a ride home to make it look like what your girlfriends thought. I’m not the kind of guy who would mess around with one girlie when I already had plans to meet up with another.”

Russ forced himself to keep a straight face. As long as he’d known Stan he’d never once seen the hound pass up on any opportunity, plans or no plans. He’d bet anything that there was at least a little slap and tickle at the end of the ride.

“Excellent,” Russ declared. “Did Stan also explain the price of admission?”

“Um, yeah.” Mindy’s giggle sounded nervous this time.

“Let me assure you,” Russ gave her a charming smile as he patted her arm, “that your participation merely indicates that you’re aware of your own sensuality and aren’t afraid to let it show as most are. Don’t you think most of the ladies in the audience this evening were fantasizing about being involved? They were all imagining it ending as implied instead of stopping when it did.”

“Well, yeah, okay, I guess.”

“Did it excite you when Stan suggested that we could make it come true for you? Of course it did or you wouldn’t be here now. You don’t have to stay if you’ve changed your mind.”

“That’s right, Mindy,” Stan chimed in. “Neither of us would ever force you to do anything you didn’t want to do. Say the word and I’ll take you home.”

“Think very carefully about what you want,” Russ added. “I don’t make a habit of this but, since Stan assured me you were someone truly special, I agreed to perform with you. I won’t think any less of you if you decline the rare and generous offer we made you but it certainly won’t be repeated.”

“Remember what I told you, Mindy. Russell is a very busy man. You have no idea how lucky you are that he happened to be here tonight and is willing to give you a personal show. Asking for a little relief ain’t nothing when you think how he’s going to have to watch me pleasure you without getting to touch you hisself. Forget about him trusting you with a trade secret and all too.”

Mindy shifted her gaze between them and sighed. “I guess I’m being silly. I really want to do this but I don’t want you to think I’m some kind of slut.”

“We’d never think that,” Stan insisted.

“Absolutely not,” Russ echoed. “Taking care of me so I can concentrate on my performance merely demonstrates that you’re a kind-hearted woman as well and an adventurous and sexually confident one.”

“Helping out my friend makes it sure that you’re as special as I thought you were when I first saw you. You don’t have to but it would mean a lot to me, not to have to ask him to take care of it hisself. You’re just so pretty and he’s not going to be able to help it when you strip down. But if you don’t want to stay…” Stan let the thought hang.

“All right,” Mindy whispered.

“All right, you’re staying?”

She nodded. “I want to do the trick.”

“You’re sure?”

“Yeah. I want to do it. All of it.”

Russ responded to Stan’s questioning look with a nod, indicating that he should begin.

“Thank you.” Stan kissed her. “I don’t want to rush things but Russell does have a commitment in the morning so we don’t want to keep him all night. Can I take your clothes off now?”

“Um, okay,” Mindy agreed.

Russ hid a chuckle with a cough as he watched them out of the corner of his eye. He saw everything even though he appeared to be fully occupied with the props he’d need.

“Damn, if you ain’t a hot little piece,” Stan gushed. “Look at them titties.” He squeezed them for emphasis. “That gash is leaking already. You can’t wait to feel my tongue, I can tell. I’m gonna eat you so good you ain’t gonna want me to ever stop. You’re gonna come so hard for me but not too soon. You’re gonna be a real good girlie and wait for when Russell works his magic.” He unzipped his fly and pulled out his stubby penis. “Now don’t you worry none. He don’t look like much because he ain’t real long but he gets real fat once he gets started. He’ll fill you up good and I know how to use him once he’s in there. But that part gotta wait for later. I just wanted you to know that I’ll take care of making you feel real fine when I get you back home.”

Mindy whimpered when Stan wrapped her fingers around his shaft and encouraged her to stroke him. It was soon evident that she forgot all about Russ being in the room.

“That feels real nice. You got me so hot already that I’m gonna shoot in no time.” He pushed her to her knees. “But I ain’t gonna pop until I get a sample of that mouth. I don’t mind you doing for my friend just this once but I gotta coat your throat before he does.” He groaned as her lips closed around him. “Shit yeah, that’s it. You sure got one sweet mouth on you. So fucking hot. It was made just to suck my fat prick.” He pumped faster. “Come on, girlie. Suck him real hard now. Harder! Oh shit, yeah! Here he comes…”

Russ waited until Stan’s hips stopped jerking before he deliberately made some noise to remind Stan of their plan so he didn’t do something stupid to ruin their game. When the pair joined him on the platform a few minutes later, Russ finished adjusting the lights instead of instantly turning his attention to Mindy’s naked body. Not that he wasn’t more than ready to take his turn. He just wanted to set the scene first, before they began because he hated to stick around once the game ended.

Slowly, Russ looked Mindy over from head to toe. Finally, he smiled. “Perfect. It almost seems a shame, not having an audience for what I’m sure will be a stellar performance.” He extended his hand to help Mindy into the box. “Most people fail to realize how important the assistant is to the overall success of the show. You are spectacular.”

“Thank you.” Mindy blushed with pride as they slipped on the restraints.

The men flipped open the side panels and stood back to enjoy the view.

“Very nice,” Russ muttered, caressing the side of her breast with his gloved knuckle. When Mindy shivered, he drew back. “My apologies. You’re so tempting I forgot myself. Stan, would you do the honors?”

Stan made a show of turning the box completely around before he closed up the sides, trapping her hands. Next, he removed the panels that covered the top, leaving Mindy visible beneath a layer of solid plastic. With a flourish, he repositioned the end of the table, engaging the added feature of spreading the occupant’s thighs wide while bending her legs at the knee, exposing her crotch for all to see. During the performance earlier, the magician had merely toyed with the assistant’s skimpy costume without giving the audience more than a quick glimpse of what it covered. Mindy was fully displayed and helpless now that Stan had latched the bands above her knees.

“Lookie here.” Stan parted her flesh. “Seems you like showing your pussy like this.” He stroked her with his gloved fingers. “Like the way the leather feels too, don’t you?” She pressed against his hand as much as she could. “Ready to get the show started?”

“Please,” Mindy gasped. “Tell me what to do.”

Russ and Stan exchanged a quick glance. “Why don’t you go with the flow for now and see if you can figure it out on your own? If you can’t, I’ll go through the whole thing again and explain it to you as we go,” Russ paused to watch Stan tease her again. “Press those pretty titties of yours up against the top so I can see if they’re as hard as I am. Pretend we have an audience and let them have a good look at you.”

“Okay, now show me your cock,” Mindy commanded as she flexed her chest against the plastic. “I wish I could use my hands too.” She opened her mouth and stretched her tongue toward his groin.

“Are you sure about this?” Russ asked as he exposed himself. “Having you watch me use my hand would be fine.”

His declaration drew a smirk from Stan. Both men knew his offer was empty. Now that they had Mindy in the box she had little choice about what happened to her.

“But I want to,” she protested. “I probably shouldn’t tell you this but I always kinda wondered what it would be like with two guys at once. Um, maybe, if you like how I suck you, you could come along with me and Stan after. I mean, if it’s okay with Stan and you wanted to,” she giggled nervously again.

“Fine by me,” Stan announced as he penetrated her with one finger.

“All right then,” Russ chuckled, shifting into Mindy’s waiting mouth as he wondered if she would be able to handle him with her head upside down as it was.

Soon Russ’ hips were flailing as he repeatedly speared her throat, ignoring her whimpers of protest. He alternated between watching her mouth accommodate his rigid pole and Stan’s’ thick fingers stabbing her pussy.

“Better get to it if you still want to stick your tongue in there,” Russ grunted to keep Stan from losing track of time.

Instantly, Stan had his head between Mindy’s thighs. He pointed his tongue and plunged forward, meeting Russ’ gaze briefly before he quit teasing her and began slurping with determination.

The added stimulation made Mindy moan deep in her throat and the vibrations triggered Russ’ climax. When he finished, he tucked his deflated penis back into his pants. With a gesture that Mindy would misinterpret as tenderness, he caressed her face and neck to ensure there were no traces of his semen even though it felt as if she had swallowed it all. They had come too far to make such an amateur mistake now. Satisfied, he nodded to Stan and decided it was a very good thing the stupid slut couldn’t see the evil leer on the younger man’s face. Stan was good at luring people into their games but still hadn’t learned to hide his enthusiasm once the end was in sight.

“Mm,” Stan practically growled. He attacked her with both his mouth and his fingers. Judging by the sounds coming from Mindy she didn’t object to his less than gentle treatment.

With Stan coaxing Mindy to her impending climax, Russ positioned the special pair of separators he had replaced the magician’s with. They looked identical. There was, however, one major difference. One that the foolish whore was about to discover. Mindy’s body was still twitching with pleasure when the men pressed down on the handles at either end of the metal panels.

“What…hey…stop, you’re hurting me,” Mindy squealed. Her expression of bliss was replaced with one of confusion. “Ow! Come on, I mean it. Stop.” It transformed to pain.

Russ eased up slightly and leaned over her face. “What’s the problem? I thought you liked the idea of being a star.”

“Well, yeah,” Mindy gasped. “But it was starting to hurt. It’s not supposed to hurt. I mean, the girls never looked like it did when I watched this before.”

Both men laughed. “True,” Russ said. “But we’re not magicians and this isn’t an act.” The more terrified Mindy became, the more insane Russ sounded. “I do promise that we will make you a star.”

“No! Let me go,” Mindy pleaded. “Please. You’ve had your little joke so open this thing. Come on, guys. I thought we were all going to have some fun together. Get me out of here and I’ll do whatever you want.”

“We already had some fun. And now we’re going to have some more. Well, Stan and I are. Sorry you won’t enjoy it as much as we will but that’s what happens to whores like you.”

With that, both men put all their weight into pushing down on the handles. There was a sickening crunch of bones snapping and Mindy’s scream was silenced. The only remaining sounds were the men’s excited breathing, heavy with the thrill of the moment, and blood dripping on the wooden platform.

Stan wiped his mouth on his sleeve. “Not bad for a twat. Wouldn’t a minded fucking her.”

Russ snorted and headed for the back door. “Patience. You really don’t want to ruin your chance to be with our angel by slipping your prick in that filth just for a quick thrill. We have to stay pure or she won’t accept us, you know that. Especially now that Miss Vicky is calling us to her. We’re getting close, can’t you feel it? Couldn’t you feel her with us tonight, watching the show we put on with the sacrifice? She’s always been able to see what we’re willing to do to prove we’re worthy of her but these past few months the pull has gotten so much stronger. She knows we’re almost there. Soon, we’ll be with our angel and once we are, everything we’ve ever dreamed of will be ours. You’ll see, Stan. Miss Vicky will be with us and then all this waiting and doing without will be worth it. Oh yes, soon as she spreads open her slit and gives us the first little taste of that sweet angel pussy. God, it’s going to be so tight and so wet.”

BOOK: Linked
4.45Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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