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“I am reassured knowing that this…is the only way…”

– Latch

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Latch, this one’s for you! Thank you for allowing me to share your story with the world.

She’s face down on the bedroom floor moaning my name. My cock fills her soft, pink pussy, and I thrust myself in and out of her again and again. I love how tight she is around me. “Harder, Latch,” she begs for more.

I grip her hips giving her what she wants.

“You like being fucked, don’t you?” I ask her in a deep calm voice noticing her thighs starting to shake. There’s really nothing like the way a woman’s body moves when you fuck her just how she needs it.

I grin pulling her arms together behind her back, filling her full. She screams loudly not holding anything back, “Fuck, Latch!”

“That’s it, Abby, let me hear you,” I grunt. Abby is one of my regulars. I’ve been seeing her for over a year now, and every time we’re together, it’s explosive. She’s unlike any of my other clients, or any other woman for that fact. Over time our connection has morphed into something so strong, so unreal. We talk all the time, sharing so many things with one another, just about our days, which is nothing that I’ve ever done before. But it’s something that I depend on, which is not like me. I’ve never had a real relationship. I’m not saying that this is real, for Christ’s sake, I still charge her for my time, but it’s all I know and how I keep myself protected.

Dropping her arms, she arches her back, pointing her face to the ceiling feeling every inch of my swollen dick. I grab the leash that’s connected to her collar bound tightly around her neck. “Hold on, beautiful.” Driving my movements hard, I fuck her with all I have, and she tightens herself around me like a vice. I can tell a good come is beginning inside of her. Her light skin is sweaty, with a tint of red to it. Closing my eyes, I get lost in the moment, enjoying her tightness. Enjoying how fucking amazing she makes me feel.

Suddenly her noises change in pitch and I can tell her orgasm is right there. I stop right before she comes, not wanting her to let go yet, not until I am ready.

With the leash tightly in my grasp, I back out of her slowly so she can feel every inch of my dick leave her aching cunt. This is why I’m on speed dial with so many women. Yeah, I might not have planned to be in this line of work, but God gave me a gift and I’m using it. Gripping her around the waist, I flip her around like a feather feeling the adrenaline pumping through her body. She looks up at me panting with that little smirk, the one that I’d do anything for. As I lift her in my arms, she clings to me and I move her body to the massive bed.

Gently, I lay her down. Our eyes never break contact, even as I wipe my sweaty hands dry on the pillow next to me and it reminds me that her husband sleeps right here, right where I’m about to fuck her and unload. Well, at least he does when he’s home, but anymore, that’s rare. He checked out on Abby and their marriage a long time ago, turning to alcohol and roadies. But who am I to judge? I’m no fuckin’ saint, that’s for damn sure.

Abby has her legs closed. “You playing with me?” I ask her and run my tongue up one of them as I hold it in my grip. She tilts her head and gives me a tiny nod. “May I enter your pussy?” She opens her legs for me, waving me in with one finger. I grip my shaft low at the base, keeping the condom up the best that I can. Slowly I drive myself back into her relaxed body staring into her green eyes. I don’t know what it is about Abby…but there’s something that’s so intriguing. A fire inside of her that pulls me to her like a moth is drawn to a flame.

Leaning down, I lick her nipples and begin to stroke in and out, slow and long, knowing I’m hitting right where she’s not used to. She’s close, that I can tell and this pushes her to the edge. Like clockwork she tightens her cunt, arching her back as her orgasm invades her system.

“Oooh fuck,” she moans softly and I keep my strokes steady at the pace she loves. Her eyes have that spark to them, almost like it’s hurting her, but really she’s just in her favorite place. Her body is my ecstasy, making me wild inside as my own blow creeps up out of nowhere. However, I don’t fight it, letting go and releasing, with my cock buried deep inside of her.

My cum hits strong and I begin to shiver, tightening my ass and thighs; holding it for just a second longer makes it unbelievably intense. Over time, my orgasms have evolved into something so fucking powerful. And when I’m with Abby, she pushes me just a tick past there.

When we are together, I can come multiple times and that’s rare for me. Now, that’s all I’ve been thinking about when I’m with anyone else. Hell, Abby is all I think about anymore.

Since my favorite thing in the world is to fuck, my work suits me well. And coming at the end is the icing on the cake. But coming again and again is
the whole fuckin’ bakery

After I unload, I continue to stroke myself hoping to get the feeling for a third time today. She runs her fingernails up my back and I drop my head, loving her touch.

My balls tighten when I pick up speed and suddenly another orgasm hits me hard. I open my eyes and look at her as I come yet again. She stares at me with that goddamn look again and I can barely breathe. As I slow my movements, she asks, “Stay the night with me?”

I stop moving and cup her face with my hands. I don’t stay the night with my clients, no matter how much they pay me. I never have. But Abby is so different than the rest. From the moment I laid eyes on her, I knew I was doomed. Her calmness and beauty take over a room like a motherfucking hurricane. It’s what stuck out to me most when I bumped into her at the goddamn grocery store. After seeing her one time, I found myself going to the store all the time for shit I didn’t need, in hopes I’d run into her again. Knowing that her husband hasn’t been home in weeks, I respond, “Okay, but you aren’t paying me.” I kiss her gently, loving these times the most. The times after we fuck, where we can just be. I’ve hated taking her money, but it’s been the only way I’ve convinced myself that it’s okay to keep seeing her as often as I have been, since I don’t do relationships.

5.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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