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To my disappointment, it was Sandy, texting me to get the details of my night with Dre. I threw the phone back down. I wasn’t in the mood for girl talk at all.


I know I promised to wait before I called again, but a text message was not considered a call, now was it? I texted, I’m heading home tonight and would like to see you before I leave if possible.


Do you know I waited four hours and did not get a return text? Who in the hell does he think I am? I went from anger to concern and back. It was time to get on the road if I was going to make it home at a decent hour, but I didn’t want to miss his return if there was going to be one, so I decided to take off on Monday.


I sat on the couch until I fell asleep, waiting on Dre. I woke up from hearing the kids in my complex grouping up to walk to their school buses.


I waited until seven o’clock before I dialed his number. Once again, I got forwarded to voicemail. I was planning on leaving a fuck you message, but decided to play it cool.


“Hey, Dre, just wanted to thank you again for all the great southern hospitality; see you around.”


I grabbed my shit, erased his number out of my phone, and headed to my car to leave Tennessee behind. Fuck Dre!




Chapter 5: The Intrusion




When I got back Alpharetta, I had so many voice messages on my house phone it was unbelievable. Sandy was nosier than I thought. I had five messages from her telling me that she needed all the dirty details and if I didn’t call her back, she was on her way.


I had a “Just checking on you” message from my daddy. He must have called my office looking for me and I was right because my last message was from Stephanie telling me my father called saying he was worried sick about me because he hadn’t heard from me in two weeks.


I called him to calm his nerves. Since Memphis was shot in the leg, he has called me once a week and that was over three years ago. Memphis was selling dope and got shot which is a different life than I lived, but I made sure to give him safety updates so he could have peace of mind.


I was glad I took the day off; it gave me time to take a few items to the cleaners and prepare for a hell of a work week. I had final contract meetings with two of my six-figure clients on Friday and wanted to work on my proposal, correcting any weaknesses I had overlooked.

While walking out of Starbucks from getting my daily mocha Frappuccino, I got a call from Dre.
“Hey, baby, how you are?” The sound of his voice made all the anger I had in me come back, but I still needed to play smooth.

There was a pause after my response and then he said, “I got your calls, messages and shit, but you know Sundays are family days, so everything else gets put on hold. But, I wanted to see you, too; where you at?”


I took a deep breath and tried hard not to snap. “I’m in Atlanta getting myself ready for work. Look, Dre, what do you want from me? I need to know because it sounds like you, your son and your baby mama got everything squared away.”


He cleared his throat. “My baby mama and son ain’t got shit to do with me and you, and I know you upset at how I just shook you without a goodbye, but my life with them comes first. Now it’s your time, baby. Are you going to invite me to Atlanta tonight or what?”


Instead of replying, I just hung up. Dre was trouble. He made me feel so weak and dumb-minded and that is not a comfortable feeling.


He didn’t try to call back and I’m glad he didn’t. I stopped at Justin’s, grabbed a to-go order and ate in front of the TV alone. My peaceful meal was interrupted by a call from Mike, Dre’s boy.


“Is this Savannah?”


Still staring at my phone, I said, “This is her.” I couldn’t believe he had his boy do his dirty work. I hope he is not calling to confront me about hanging up the phone because we can have a repeat of the incident right now.


“Aye, this is Mike, Dre’s friend. We met at the gas station. Anyways, my boy asked me to call you and tell you to meet him at your place in four hours. I can’t go into details, but he said he needs you; tell me you coming.”


I don’t know if it was curiosity or the urgency in his voice that made me get up. “Tell him I’m on my way,” I said, grabbing my purse and shoes. I shot down to my Charger.


It had a full tank and it was faster than the 300. I made it all the way to Chattanooga before I thought about work.


“Stephanie, are you awake.” I hated to call her, but she was the only person who could rearrange my schedule and help me get prepared for Friday. I told her that I had to get some things together in Nashville and wouldn’t be back until Thursday evening.


I asked her to get my slides together on the PowerPoint we had been working on, cancel any lunch dates I had on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, and respond to all inquiries that are over $50,000.


I reminded her to send all my clients their annual thank you cards and goody baskets filled with everything they liked personally. I could hear her writing away as I gave her instruction after instruction.


This is one of the things that lead me to sleeping with her. She knew her job and was good at it, which was a turn on for me.


Stephanie came to me through a temp agency. After her first week of work, I knew I wanted to hire her as my permanent secretary. She was efficient, fast, and knew how to stay a step ahead of my needs.


I would have never made a sexual pass at her. I had an office full of sexual harassment videos given to me by HR and I memorized each one of them. Luckily for me, she came by my house one Saturday afternoon to drop off some dry cleaning she had picked up for me.


She was wearing an Ann Klein Summer Collection yellow dress with sandals. Her hair was pulled back to the side in a ponytail that allowed her hair to fall over her right shoulder. I had never seen her without a business suit on.


As she walked up the pathway to my condo, I could see her hips and breasts protruding from her dress. Her nipples were hard like it was below zero outside. She was bad. Skin the same tone as honey and I bet she dripped slowly like it.


She followed me into my house and laid my clothing across the couch. Bending slightly, I could see how round her ass really was. She caught me staring so I turned my head to play it off.

“You can look; I’ve been hoping you would.”
Trying to play confused, I said, “What are you talking about?”
She walked up to me, kissed my lips, and said, “I’ve been waiting a year for you to look at me that way.”
I couldn’t muster up anything to say back except, “Is that right?”

Shaking her head, she took a step closer. “I saw your schedule was empty today and thought I’d pencil myself in; I hope you don’t mind.”


Hell, she managed my schedule she could have penciled herself in a long time ago. What was so different about now? Before I even asked, I thought about it. Last week, I stopped sleeping with Angel from the gym. I had Stephanie order the flowers and that included a breakup card.


“Do you know I could fire you right now for this?” She didn’t seem concerned. In fact, she took a step closer and that was all she wrote. I took her down right by the living room door. She was saying all kinds of shit to me, but I wasn’t listening, I just wanted the warmth in between her legs.


She soon became my fill-in sex or, at least, that’s how I saw her. Whenever I wanted some and didn’t have a candidate, I would invite her over.


Everything was going good until I had her invite Gina, the Latino freak; I met at the store to lunch for me. She set the first date up for me with all smiles. By the third meeting, I was being questioned about my plans with Gina. I know a red flag when I see one. So, I called our sex sessions off.


I don’t do titles with women or men. Nor do I have plans on being faithful to either sex. The mentality I have when it comes to women prevents me from trying to do serious relationships with men because I’m sure they look at me the same way that I look at women; which is- pussy is a rare fruit and you will never run across the same taste or feel twice. So, I collect each like a merit badge like I’m in the Girl Scouts.


Life is much easier when you’re free and I’d be damned before I locked myself down with one person, especially a woman.


Maybe I was lonely or just had a lot of errands this week because I stayed on the phone with Stephanie until I reached my apartment complex. When I drove in, Dre was already parked in front of my unit.


“Thanks, Steph, I got to go.” I pulled up next to him and went upstairs. He followed closely behind me. As soon as we walked in the door, he pulled me into his arms and kissed me.


“Thank you, baby, I knew you wouldn’t let me down.” I enjoyed the kiss, but I had just finished driving three and a half hours. He had some explaining to do. I pushed him off of me.


“So, I’m here; what was so urgent?”


Walking me over to the couch, he told me the person he had Mike meet at the club, who tried to cheat him out of $300.00 got busted after getting that additional $1,000.00 worth of product from him. Word around town was dude was going to give up Dre and his supplier for an easier sentence since he was a parolee.


“Wow. Dre, I hate to hear that!” He kept going with his situation, but I now had my own problems. Where would I meet another nigga like Dre?


Not only was I losing a potential fling, but some of the best head I had ever gotten in Tennessee. This is so messed up. I didn’t care about his problems. All I could think about was how I was supposed to move on after meeting a man like him.


I decided to let him hide out here until I left Thursday night so I could get three days of his body before it belonged to the state of Tennessee. I felt the old me coming back. Fuck Dre; he was no better than the niggas I grew up around.


When I went off to college, Memphis started selling drugs and was arrested. If I didn’t visit, write, or accept my own brother’s phone calls, I wasn’t about to do it for anybody else.


This is why I don’t get attached to people; they always seem to let you down. As long as I have myself, to hell with everybody else. I don’t even want kids. They are too needy and stressful. I’ll spend 16 years getting attached to them and catering to their needs hand and foot to watch them pick their friends over me.


Fuck that! I wouldn’t dare kill this figure for stretch marks and changing shitty diapers. I’ll leave the entire baby having thing to my fat and ugly friends. I can be a godmother or something.


I felt something with Dre that I never felt with anyone before and, in a few days, it would be just another memory. I’m going to enjoy these last three days of Dre and when I leave Tennessee, it will be like he never existed!


Pretending I was listening the entire time, I cut him off. “I’ll take the next few days off of work, baby, and you can stay here with me. That will give you some time to come up with your next move.”


The next three days went by too quickly. I guess that’s because all we did was sleep, eat and make love. I was really starting to like Dre. He was more intelligent than I had gathered. Once he was forced to get away from his drug dealer role, he became more my type, which made me glad that in a few hours he would be out my life as if I never met him, or so I thought!


Never in a million years would I have thought one man, who I’ve known for less than a week, would change the entire flow of my life.


To prevent the chance of him trying to contact me, I called my cell phone provider and had my number changed. I called all the important contacts in my phone and gave them my new number. They were used to my number being changed because I seemed to run across a lot of people who don’t understand what “leave me the hell alone” means.


I had been out of my one year lease with my apartment complex in Bellevue and was on a month-to-month basis with them. I called and informed them that I wouldn’t be renting from them after this month. This gave me three weeks to get my things out of that apartment, which was more than enough time to hire professional movers.


There was no way in hell I was going to continue living in that apartment complex after meeting Dre. I didn’t trust him and the lack of eye contact he showed me let me know he didn’t trust me, either, which was fine with me.


I normally go into details about my job or what it is that I do for a living, but with Dre, I didn’t share a thing. It wouldn’t take much to disappear from him, just a new telephone number and address.


That night, I couldn’t sleep. I kept having horrible dreams about pregnancy, unemployment, getting married to Dre while he was in jail and fighting during jail house visits with his baby mama.


I didn’t like the fact that I cut him off yet he lingered in my dreams. How do I convince myself that I am done with him?


It was the best sex I ever had in my life and I got three days’ worth of it. Of course, he was still going to be on my mind.

BOOK: Kismet (Beyond the Bedroom Series)
5.51Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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