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BOOK: Hybrid - Forced Vengeance
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Forced Vengeance


Greg Ballan


Published Internationally by Lachesis Publishing

Dunrobin, Ontario, KOA 1T0 Canada

Copyright © 2011 Gregory Ballan

Exclusive cover © 2011 Carole Spencer

Inside artwork © 2011 Carole Spencer

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Joan Migton, Editor

Carole Spencer, Editor

Patricia Thomas, Copyeditor

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to any person or persons, living or dead, events or locales is entirely coincidental.

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To my son, Thomas, this book would never have come to be without your encouragement and honest critique. You’re the best friend a writer could have.


Final Report Summary

Hopedale Mountain Incident

Major Art Bartholomew Ross

Captain William Anderson

Detective Erik James Knight

Civilian Interviews

Summary by Phil Penn, agent #233-A2k1

After careful interview and interrogation of all surviving military personnel and civilian witnesses, it is the conclusion of this reporting board that what occurred at the Hopedale Mountain was, in fact, a result of alien constructs. The existence of Detective Erik Knight and his inhuman abilities serve to verify the claims of both military and civilian witnesses. The photographs seized from several media outlets have been carefully examined and are 99.9978% validated by our digital spectrographic enhancements. Power measurements obtained from on-site military equipment lend extensive credibility to the statements received by this department from civilian witnesses. The information gathered pertaining to the history behind this conflict was  obtained from Erik Knight during an interrogation shortly after the incident occurred.

The two large constructs responsible for the child abductions and military deaths in Hopedale were the product of alien genetic engineering. Designed as soldiers with limited independent action, they were programmed to respond to a limited number of stimuli, one of which is need for survival. These creatures feed on emotional energy, especially the stronger energies generated from hate and fear, the emotions most prevalent in a combat situation. In order to assure their survival once reanimated, they sought out the strongest sources of these emotions: Children. As to how these creatures were able to ascertain such insight and knowledge is unknown to us. Erik Knight could only speculate that perhaps these creatures had fed on primitive humans centuries earlier if no other food sources were available.

The race responsible for these creatures called themselves the Seelak – a warrior race with a code of behavior similar to the Spartans of Ancient Greece. From what little we were able to glean from the detective, these beings were somewhat larger than a human and charcoal gray in appearance – a technologically advanced species far above our current levels of scientific advancement. It was their wish to eliminate the human species and repopulate this planet with their kind.

In direct contrast to the Seelak, their antagonists, the Espers were mankind’s saviors. The Espers were a peace loving people dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge for practical and beneficial purposes. If the Seelak were Spartans, then the Espers would be the Athenians. Silver in appearance and very long and slender of body, their telepathic and empathic capabilities were staggering and their knowledge beyond the imagination. During their war with the Seelak, the Espers created a breed of soldier suited for martial purposes. Beyond compare, the Esper warriors were a marvel of genetic engineering with physical strength and abilities of superheroes. Even more staggering, on their world, these warriors had a bond with the life force of their planet and the ability to manipulate the matter of their world by sheer force. The Esper warrior stands almost seven feet tall with flesh that resembles the brightest chrome. The vacant burning blue fire of their eyes sends a shiver down the spine even when looking at them in photographs. The creature’s flesh looks like liquid armor and appears to conduct bioelectrical and static electrical energies. At the time of this report, no tests of the detective’s alternative persona had been conducted.

Erik Knight did reveal that the Seelak started the conflagration with the slaughter of an entire Esper research community on one of their planet’s moons. The Esper responded with lethal and deadly force. The ensuing war decimated both sides and destroyed their planet. As to how two diverse species shared a world and developed such a dichotomy of cultures is a matter for extra-terrestrial historians; we will never have these answers. How they managed to put aside their conflict and move their remaining populations here is another technological marvel that we’ll never be able to isolate or understand.

The Esper and Seelak fought their war on this planet to its conclusion. After several small skirmishes, the Seelak launched a major offensive utilizing their latest genetic constructs. The Esper warriors were able to defeat the army but the ensuing conflagration depopulated both sides to low double-digit numbers. The victorious Espers sealed the remaining Seelak in the empty husk of their huge ship along with the last pair of genetically created soldiers. Only the Seelak soldiers had any real control over the beasts, and they all lay dead on the battlefield. The Seelak survivors were entombed along with their creations.

The survivors of the war would serve as nourishment for the creatures as long as they lived. The Espers believed the creatures would then die from starvation. This seems a drastic and barbaric form of retribution, but it must be noted that the Seelak’s intent was to wipe our entire species from the face of the Earth. How the Esper realized that the creatures wouldn’t die and how they knew they would eventually be freed are mysteries we will never know. Erik Knight was very vague in this area.

The Espers created a genetic virus to implant in several compatible human hosts that would alter the host giving them the capability of combating the creatures upon their release. Again, how the timing had been predicted or how the virus worked or selected their hosts is information that we don’t have and the increasingly evasive detective has chosen not to share at this point.

We know that the craft that carried both species here is buried under the Hopedale Mountain. A mineralogical survey team detected the metals in the alien hull and began digging a mining tunnel to extract what they believed was a vast wealth of minerals and exotic metals. The miners inadvertently broke into the ship, which was serving as a tomb for the last two hibernating creatures who awoke then slaughtered the miners. They began their attacks on the Hopedale community.

Two attempts were made to survey the area and another to tunnel back down to the ship; each time Erik Knight, in the guise of the Esper warrior has thwarted the expedition. The routed tunneling party informed us that the area in question is geologically unstable – unfit for any type of mining or tunneling. We can only assume the repeated missile and rocket impacts in that area are the cause. At this time it’s apparent the alien ship is out of our reach.

Major Ross and Captain Anderson witnessed the destructive power the detective now possesses. The battle he waged against the two Seelak creations must have been fantastic to see, based on the still photographs and the energy emissions that were picked up by various pieces of recording equipment. It is in the interest of both the scientific and the government communities that this knowledge be acquired and utilized. Major Ross has insisted this hybrid human is a potential threat and needs to be neutralized. This organization believes that the means of doing so does not yet exist.

Although we gained valuable information from the debriefing of the detective, Erik Knight, this agency believes more vital information and data are being withheld. At this point the government is in no position to take any action to force the detective to cooperate further. What we know is summarized by bullet below.

· Erik Knight (Referred to as the hybrid) is an Esper hybrid humanoid with untapped power potential.
· His fiancé, Shanda Kerwin, also contains a variant strain of Esper DNA.
· It has been determined by analysis that the silver weapon the hybrid carries only responds to mental commands of Erik Knight.
· This weapon can assume various shapes and sizes and its potential is unknown.
· The hybrid can sense danger and negative emotion.
· Other humans may have limited Esper abilities from the genetic infection.
· The hybrid has accepted a field commission with a Boston Law firm that does legwork for the CIA.

It is the judgment of the Central Intelligence Agency that the hybrid be studied and utilized as best suits the government’s needs. All attempts to coerce the hybrid into further medical examinations or interrogations should cease. More can be safely learned through passive observation than through questioning; it is deemed prudent to avoid another active aggressive display of his powers which damaged the interrogation room – resulting in over $125,000 in damage to the facility and observation equipment. The best course of action is to observe and annotate through each given assignment. It suits the government’s best interest to have the hybrid on our side – for now.

BOOK: Hybrid - Forced Vengeance
5.55Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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