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BOOK: Hunted by the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)
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Pyotr leaned down to Karl and closed his fluttering eyes. “Well then, that settles that. The lout and the malcontent are dead and the dog...” he pointed to Bjorn, “knows his place. Oh yes, and I have a new Mate.” He came over to me and undid my bonds. “Now, I would say that's cause to celebrate and break out the champagne...if we had it. The act of ethnic cleansing, regrettably, makes luxury as much a casualty as the people themselves.”


Great, a guilt tripping werewolf. “What, you don't like it when mankind fights back? 200 years ago, you came for us!”


He stood up and smiled. “Did we? Darling, I'm Russian. Historical revisionism runs in my blood as much as my love for the moon, and I tell you now, your Master is of the falsest sort. But that can wait. What can't, is that you are my Mate, marked by the moon to become one with her children.”


“Wait... what?”


“I know you've felt it, a burning in your heart, a yearning in your loins. A tingle that comes about every time you come down here. Sometimes it's on the wrist or the thigh...”


I reached up to my breasts, caressing the soft skin where I had felt it. “That's a good place, too.” he said.


I looked back at him. “You mean all this time...”


“It's me.”


Well that explained just about everything. I was relieved to know I hadn't started developing a fetish for the act of killing, but at the same time, this whole Mate business was unsettling. “What exactly do you mean, that I'm your Mate?”


“You are my conquest, trophy, spoil of war and so much more. I couldn't let Cade have you, even if our laws put him in the right. Nature's laws put him in the wrong. The pack is made stronger by his demise.” He looked to Bjorn. Only the dim glow of his canine eyes betrayed his presence. Pyotr flicked his fingers and gestured toward the exit, and his 'dog' followed, letting out a small whimper as he departed.


He leaned down to me, and groped at the mounds of my chest. He kissed me hard, like he was drinking my essence and savoring my taste. I even felt my tongue reach into his mouth and I melted into pleasure. My neck leaned into it and I heard my muffled moans float into the air as I pushed my tits out. I pressed my chest further into his palms and loved it. Despite how wrong it was, I craved this kind of masculine presence in my life.


As if reading my mind, he paused and looked me in the eyes. “Why do you think you wear such radiant hair down to your shoulders? Dressed so tightly? Not terribly tactical is it?” He looked down to my bulging chest and ran his finger in between my cleavage. “All those years wearing low-cut suits, suits that clung and cleaved between your bottom...” His hand skimmed down to my cheeks and spared a few gropes over the smooth leather. “All because of me. Your body knows what your mind does not.”


Had I found the tamer of my strong spirit at last? In the arms of my enemy of all people? I was so lost in his eyes and the fondling that I hadn't even realized he had picked me back up, this time holding me in his arms. No doubt he did so to grip and squeeze the soft spheres of my ass. I didn't mind the touch.


He carried me past brick arches, clogged with soot and dust and threw me down onto his circular, silken bed. I sank within its plushness and my fatigue battled with my lusts. On one hand, I wanted to collapse into sleep, on the other hand...I
wanted him.


Before he fell over me, I caught a quick glimpse at the wall behind him and other furnishings. Bizarre and exotic antiques lined shelves and walls. Lamps, skulls, skulls with fangs, skulls with only a nose hole and no was weird, but classy. Like him. The place even smelled good. I mean, how often does any place within the New York subway system smell like rosewater and fresh ozone?


When he was on top of me, I got a full blast of his masculine pheromones. My body shuddered and I felt the hairs rise on my neck. Just above my swollen breasts, my Mark burned so hot that it began to glow with whitish blue light in the shape of a full moon. It wasn't painful this time, but pleasant, like a soothing heat descending and spreading through my flesh.


My eyes widened and my body cried out in need when I felt his hands grip onto my breasts, pulling and tugging at my low cut leather vest. The pressure of his palms and my writhing made the upper swells of my breasts wobble and sway, fighting just as much as me to be free of my restraints. I needed him in me. My sworn enemy. The act of giving myself over to him and betraying my order sent thrills straight to my loins. I don't think my pussy had ever been so hot or wet in my life.


With a loud tear, my hand made leather vest was ripped off. My pink nipples were not exposed for long. One was covered by his hand, the other by his hungry mouth. I let out a long moan, and arched my back, further offering him the heavy plenty of breasts. He groaned in pleasure and I writhed to his stimulation. His strong hand fondled my breast while his tongue flicked my nipple, letting hot drool spill over the curve of my bosom.


It felt so uncivilized... and primal. Yet I wanted more.


When he pulled away from my chest with a wet suck, I felt a shot of fear pierce through my heart. His eyes had become inhuman. The pupils were little islands of black within the seas of glowing gold irises, the very same as his more wolfish brethren. He tore his pants off as violently as he tore my vest off, which made me think he can't possibly do it all the time, not with his rich clothes. Right then, I knew his need for me was real. That and his huge, rippling cock, standing like a pillar of hard flesh.


Just as his head was broaching my lower lips, it hit me. Could he get me pregnant? Sure, he could look human if he wanted to, but I figured all the this time we were different species. If his seed did take...the Order would never take me back...and I would be his forever. Then I remembered why the pack kidnapped females. The thought sent a wave of arousal over my body, and I raised my hips up toward him. My instincts clamored for what he had to offer.


He took my offering with full force and flipped me on my stomach and fell over my back before bending my neck to his lips. “Tonight, you shall become one with the pack.” I felt his bulging cock seethe with pre-cum, drizzling over the moons of my thick ass while the shaft itself slid in between the crack, making its inexorable descent to my frothy sex. “The spirit of the pack shall not only bond with you...” his searching hands slid up from underneath my round belly and cupped around my tits, rescuing my nipples from dragging against the silk sheets, “but live within you.” One hand left my chest to massage my belly. My body shivered with lust and goosebumps ran down my arms.


“No... the Order... they'll hunt us. They'll think I'm an abomination and that our child is a monster...” I groaned in feigned protest, and he made an erotic bite on my neck as he slammed himself deep inside. An explosive gasp escaped my lips and I clawed the sheets at the sheer power of his mounting. My head buzzed and my pussy shuddered, overcome with the sweet pleasure of being claimed.


He thrust into me hard, and I felt his heavy balls clap against my bottom. “The only Order is my own!” Again he entered me and grabbed my breasts so hard he left pink marks upon my soft flesh. “The only abomination, would be keeping two Mates apart!” His voice became quiet yet very intense, and his thrust was slow, making sure my love canal felt every last inch of his thick manhood. “The only monster, is your so called Master, driving us from our homes, hunting us down like dogs!” I moaned hard, overcome by the delicious friction he gave my g-spot as the tip of his cock finally came to rest at the mouth of my womb.


Thought won out over pleasure for a moment and I immediately regretted blurting it out. “Your people slaughtered us, preying on humanity like sheep!”


I knew he had said differently but my mind still clung to old myths. He pushed my head into the pillow and forced my plump ass higher up in the air, and I gasped in pain and pleasure. He was so tight within me, I felt the slightest rushes of blood that ran along his veined length. So full and ready to mark me for all time.


“When something is stolen from you, it's only natural to take it back.” He rushed down to my ear and let a claw trace down the side of torso. “Forget that and I'll forget you ever had that Mark.”


He emphasized his point by clamping my broad thighs tight and delivering another downward thrust that rocked me to the core of my being. He pinned both my hands down with one giant hand, while his other was free grope my buxom chest.


I muffled my excitement and desire into the sheets while my body shook to nerve searing pleasure. He punished me so quickly for my infraction. It felt good to be reprimanded and dominated. Already he had given me what no other man would, and by the end of the night he would give me what no other man could. A warrior of the woods. A child of the moon. A werewolf. No wonder I had crumbled so easily.


I turned my face to the side, and let out a series of ecstatic gasps. Words failed me and the sheer excitement of provoking a werewolf, gave me thrills like nothing else. The toe curling pleasure made me hyperventilate, and I felt him grab my stomach and move me into an upward position to kiss me. His muscled chest pressed against my back, and he twisted my face into his lips. He growled into my mouth and suckled on my tongue while I drowned in his masculine aura. My body shivered and writhed to his pounding, and my pale cheeks bounced back at his thrusting hips. I had become as insatiable as him.


His free arm crossed my chest and pressed against my shaking tits, and I felt one of my nipple's slide in between two of his fingers. He pinched it, and a jolt of arousal shot straight to my pussy, acting as the push that broke the dam to my orgasm. I arched my back and screamed in the air as I pulled at his hips to have him in as deep as possible. My round mid-section convulsed and tremors raced down my thick thighs. I felt my womanly nectar drip and land in droplets over his mattress. My strong vaginal walls squeezed and sucked his manhood in orgasmic spasms.


I looked down and saw my tremulous body had developed a fine sheen of glistening perspiration. My round and swollen breasts were caught and caged by his covetous hands, his fingers sinking deep into my yielding flesh. His nature beaten hands contrasted starkly against my ivory flesh. Past his lustful, groping touch, my wide, soft hips rolled to his steady plowing of my fertile fields. I didn't know I was doing that! It was as if my orgasm had separated me from my body, and I was now seeing my wild breeding as a mere observer, noting the current of lust and inevitability that floated in the air.


The inevitability of turning my back against the Order, of becoming his lover...of being planted with his seed. I was aware of my sweat drenched hair, whipping in the air as he rocked me back and forth. I could hear his intensifying groans and growls, growing in their arousal, like thunder in the distance. Even my mouth had opened without my conscious effort, singing a symphony of wanton need and longing. My soft notes compelled him on, and I felt him push me back into his mattress, returning us back to doggy, back to an alpha and his bitch. Bitch. I liked that. I liked the idea of being owned, of belonging to something, truly belonging, not like an outsider in the Order.


His chest fell over my back, and I bounced my voluptuous bottom back at his cock as all my rational thoughts were subsumed by the primal female instinct to breed, no matter the cost. His head was just above my own, and I was given a more intimate audience to his raspy breathing. He was close, so close to sealing my fate as his Mate. I longed for it, and such longing came out in my loud, husky moans and to the undulations of my womanhood, aching to gorge on his male essence.


His voice sounded close yet faraway, but most of what he said was lost. My brain couldn't process it, not right now. Only one utterance reached across the barrier, and it sung to my soul. “Take my seed huntress, become my Mate under the moon!” He pushed my chin up and forced me to take notice of a portcullis on the ceiling, leading to open air above. A full, yellow moon glowed through the dark clouds. I screamed soundlessly and felt him grip onto my swinging tits, squeezing them together as he pushed himself to the quivering mouth of my vulnerable womb.


He groaned with primal satisfaction at his climax. His expanding head stretched my pussy, and I felt his balls draw up along my slick ass cheeks, before he detonated inside me. I pushed myself back on him as far as possible, feeling his virile explosion of liquid fire surge into my fertile womb. My eyes fluttered and my body shuddered from the sweet pleasure of being mated. That it was so illicit, against everything I had stood for as a Hunter of the Order, made it all the sweeter.


I felt every delicious pulse and throb from his meaty shaft and I was overcome by a series of irregular gasps as my body responded with each powerful spurt. Pyotr was glued to me, kissing my neck, squeezing and releasing my soft breasts to the rhythm of his pumping within my ripe femininity. My wet passage massaged his manhood with deep and tight clenching motions, ensuring he would be rewarded for his efforts. Werewolves were known for breeding like rabbits before we drove their females into near extinction. My lone, fertile egg wouldn't stand a chance before his potent, invading seed.

BOOK: Hunted by the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)
6.79Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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