Hunted by the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance) (3 page)

BOOK: Hunted by the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)
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He was spent and let his unsupported weight fall down on top of me, further pinning me down. Meanwhile, my yearning pussy hadn't yet got the hint that he was done, and my hips did rotating circular motions as my vaginal muscles milked him for every last drop. He had unloaded a colossal amount deep inside me, yet still had enough for it to dribble down my thighs. I sighed in elation and felt hot, gooey lines of his seed lazily trail down my silken skin.


The gravity of becoming the sworn Mate of my enemy was sinking in. I don't know why, but the more it did, the more I loved it. The war was going to get bloodier and if what Pyotr said was true...the Master would have a lot to answer for. Still, I felt I was a part of the family during one night among the wolves more than I ever did in all my years in the Order. And thanks to Pyotr's virile touch, that family was going to get just a little bigger.


Just before exhaustion claimed us, as easily as he had claimed me, he whispered only one thing in my ear.


“Welcome to the pack.”


Hunted by the Alpha
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With his enemies pounding down at the gates of Damascus to reclaim long overdue debt, Sheikh Bashar turns to one final hope for redemption: an old lamp housing a powerful Djinn.

But as it is with all Djinns, a wish must come with an appropriate payment and this time, the Djinn demands the flesh of the sheikh's youngest daughter Kamilah.

But what Bashar doesn't know is that the Djinn intends to do more than simply bed the virgin princess. Will Bashar trade his daughter's fertile body for his own salvation?


Lucille never believed in vampires until a coven descends on her town one night and slaughters everyone and she finds herself the prize of the coven's Millennial Hunt.

A lone vampire by the name of Jean-Herve offers to help her escape and Lucille has no other choice but to follow.

But there's something about Jean-Herve that doesn't seem right and Lucille must determine if this devilishly handsome vampire is truly helping her or if he simply wants to be the first to take her virginity.


Morgana always wants to be a princess but she is only the daughter of a dairy merchant, fit for her fellow peasants like Blaine, the handsome stableboy with whom she enjoys a few tumbles in the barn her father owns.

But one day, Morgana is summoned by none other than the king himself. Though she is hesitant to leave Blaine and her family behind, Morgana answers the summon.

But when the castle servants send her into the king's chambers as naked as the day she was born, Morgana learns the truth for her summon.


Lady Katerina Airington faces a dilemma. In order to make payments on her father's gambling debts, she is forced to hand over her family estate to their father's rival Lord Patrick O'Leary. Desperate to provide for her two younger sisters, Katerina agrees and has the papers signed.

But when Patrick O'Leary reveals a single line to the signed contract that changes the three heiresses' status to nothing but servants in his household, Katerina is ready to do whatever it takes to re-claim her father's estate.

Unfortunately for her, that's precisely what Lord O'Leary wants.


Ever since the first time Sophia Airington saw Lord Patrick O'Leary fifteen years ago at a party, her heart has belonged to him.  Each night she went to sleep praying that O'Leary would remember her again when she is a woman grown.

When her father's debts forces her older sister to sign away the family estate to Lord O'Leary, Sophia believes that Fate is bringing the two of them together at long last.

Only, Lord O'Leary doesn't seem to remember her at all. With a dream fifteen years in the making crashing down around her, Sophia is willing to do whatever it takes to jog the Lord's memory.


The youngest of the three Airington sisters, Marie also happens to be the proudest. Because of her pride, she finds it particularly insulting that Patrick O'Leary makes her a mere maid for him when he takes ownership of her father's estate as payment for her father's debt.

The more controlling Patrick O'Leary acts towards Marie, the more rebellious--and daring--she becomes. Soon Marie is throwing herself at O'Leary, flashing him tantalizing views of her body before curtsying properly and walking away, though not before catching sight of the smoldering fire in O'Leary's eyes.

But how long can Marie continue her seductive game with the haughty Lord before he finally decides that play time is over?


Lisa always wanted children but sex was a different matter. To her, sex ruined everything and she couldn’t control herself when she got excited. Unexpectedly, as her dating life escalated, there was always that inevitable end.

Darren Holt had everything. Money, charm, and a wickedly handsome face that can make you swoon with a smile. But all of those things are meaningless to Darren. He wants a family, and he wants one soon.

When a blind date sets the two on a collision course, old desires will stir in Lisa as Darren brings her closer to him and terrifyingly close to that inevitable end. Will Lisa be able to overcome the obstacles in her own mind?


Ken Summey is not a nice guy. Ruthless, demanding, and with a penchant for hostile takeovers, he has never met anyone who so much as dared to look him in the eye.

At least, not until he meets Maya, who is like him in every sense of the way: primal, beyond intelligent. Cunning.

Maya needs him for something, something that she is not quick to reveal the full details to. The only
thing she tells Ken is that it will be a personal project that requires a ruthless man who is not a nice guy.


Since the first day they met, Brom had always called Thea his dear sister, even if Thea had came to him a captive of war. They were inseparable and soon Thea forgot that Brom wasn't her real brother.

BOOK: Hunted by the Alpha (Paranormal Werewolf Shifter Romance)
12.17Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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