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Audrey's face brightens, and she says one of those amazing things kids often say. She says, “Will you make that for us, Dada?”

Knowing she's got me, and that my life has finally come full circle, I say, “Absolutely, kiddo. I'd love to make my old surferdude burritos again, just for you.”

Like everything blessed in our lives, such moments are gone almost before we've noticed them. Hannah, for example, soon begins the nightly negotiation over whether or not she's eaten enough to get dessert. But just for once, I tell the girls not to sweat it, we're all going out for ice cream, no matter what.


My agent, Sam Stoloff, played a critical role in shaping the idea for this book. Kathy Belden, my editor at Bloomsbury USA, was consistently kind, patient, and supportive, throughout the writing process. Certain portions of this book depended upon the generous support of magazine editors. At
Men's Journal
, these have included Will Dana, Jason Fine, Brad Wieners, Terry Noland, and Will Cockrell; at
Bon Appetit
, Hugh Garvey and Christine Muhlke; at
Food & Wine
, Dana Cowin, Pamela Kaufman, Michelle Shih, and Michael Endelman; at the
New York Times Magazine
, Ilena Silverman. At
, Reed McManus and Steve Hawk. More than a few chefs have helped me along the way. These have included Alice Waters, Thomas Keller, Fergus Henderson, Chris Cosentino, Staffan Terje, Anne Walker, Sam Mogannam, and Daniel Patterson. My mother, Katharine Duane, not only cooked me countless loving meals over the years, but encouraged me to play that role for my own family. My wife's parents, Doug and Judy Weil, introduced me to the pleasures of fine dining, at more great restaurants than I can count. Ignazio Moresco, Joe Hefta, Brad Melekian, Bill Gifford, Michael Romano, and Kiernan Warble were all kind enough to read early versions of this book and promise that I
wasn't making a complete fool of myself. My wife, Liz Weil, read pretty much every version and, together with my daughters, Audrey and Hannah, gave me a reason to cook in the first place.


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A Note on the Author

Daniel Duane is the author of the surf memoir
Caught Inside
and the recipient of a 2011 National Magazine Award for “Five Meals Every Man Should Master,” an article about cooking with chef Thomas Keller. Duane's food writing has been nominated for a James Beard Award and anthologized in
Best Food Writing 2011
. He collaborated with Alice Waters on the book
Edible Education: A Universal Idea
. His journalism has appeared in
Food & Wine
Bon Appétit
, the
New York Times Magazine
, and
, and he is a contributing editor for
Men's Journal
. Duane lives in San Francisco with his wife, the writer Elizabeth Weil, and their two daughters, Audrey and Hannah.

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Parts of this book appeared first, in substantially different form, in
, the
New York Times Magazine, Food & Wine, Bon Appétit
, and

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BOOK: How to Cook Like a Man
12.22Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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