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Book Three





Bernadette Marie



Snowy Creek Books™

by Bernadette Marie




Book One: Matchmakers

Book Two: Encore Performance

Book Three: Hope’s Discovery



           Book Two: Guardian Angel  (10/2012)


What Snowy Creek Books™ readers are saying about Hope’s Discovery by Bernadette Marie:



"HOPE'S DISCOVERY is a perfect and suspenseful finale to the Matchmakers trilogy. The connections between all the
characters transcend time and place to deliver an emotion-packed storyline."—Kelly Boggs


“At last, we get to read Hope and Trevor’s electric story! Saving the best for last, Bernadette Marie is a master at creating perfectly imperfect characters that you really respond to – real, funny and sympathetic. Hope and Trevor’s journey through the matchmaking process will have you laughing, wiping away a tear or two, and have you on the edge of your seat. I was hooked from page one and had to finish it all in one sitting! I look forward to read many more great stories from Bernadette Marie.”

Kim Tavendale.


“You’ll fall in love with the characters of this story from the first page, and get to follow them on a romantic, tangled journey through the Kendal family’s past and Hope’s future.”—Tia Brough-Leftin.


Dear Snowy Creek Books™ Readers,


It’s been a busy winter here at Snowy Creek Books™ and it looks like spring is already proving to be just as busy!
Check out the back page for more Snowy Creek Books™ titles, and please take a moment to sign up on our ma
iling list at:


We have romance, mysteries, thrillers and more in our 2012 -2013 release schedule, including Bernadette Marie’s Guardian Angel, Book Two in our CHRISTM
AS VALLEY SERIES™ due out in October 2012.


We know from our readers that you’ve been waiting to read

Hope’s Discovery by Bernadette Marie. Please drop me a note or leave a review on our Web site. I’d love to hear from you. E-Mail: [email protected]


I’m honored to announce on this first day of spring, March 20, 2012 we are releasing, Hope’s Discovery the wonderful final story in Bernadette Marie’s, THE MATCHMAKER TRILOGY. We hope you enjoy her story!



Lisa Loucks Christenson


Dear Reader,


The journey through the Matchmakers trilogy has been heartwarming for me. Bringing the story of Sophia and David to light in MATCHMAKERS was a dream come true. In that first book, I introduced Carissa. She was supposed to be the nemesis, but instead quickly became a hero to so many of my readers that they asked for her story as well. In ENCORE PERFORMANCE Carissa and Thomas found love. Now as we end the trilogy, it’s Hope’s turn, and she’s on a quest to find out who she is.


This book was fun to write because it added a little bit of mystery that the other books didn’t have. It was fun to learn the answers as the characters found them. Believe it or not, when I sit down to pen a book, how it will turn out is as much a surprise to me as it is to my readers.


I hope you’ve enjoyed the stories of Sophia, Carissa, and Hope as much as I enjoyed bringing them to you. Check my website often for new releases coming out. You will find some beautiful stories and series surrounding quaint towns and strong families.



[email protected]


Happy reading!

Bernadette Marie

8.2Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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