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Erotic Romance


Holding Hope

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During the Italian Wars in
the early 1500s, the Duchy of Milan and the Kingdom of Naples fought for power
and territory. Citizens living in the Italian peninsula then didn’t know where
to turn for alliances. Betrayals belied life. They were so divided that in the
mid-1500s when King Henry of France declared war against King Charles of Italy,
the Italians stood no chance of victory. Among them were scientists developing
amazing –albeit unethical– chemicals to enhance men and create ultimate

These soldiers became more
than the scientists anticipated. To protect them, the soldiers his much of
their strength and concealed their unanticipated need for blood as sustenance
as best they could by utilizing the blood of those they killed in battle. The
breeds served until finally near the 1600s when, with much thanks to Spanish
and English aid,
Henry was forced to accept the Peace of
and renounce any further claims to Italy.

But that did not end the
power of these warriors, now known as the Valendite Breed, named for the war in
which they were created. Empowered with the role of preserving peace for their
country, the Valendite breed warriors stayed inconspicuous, fearful of those
who might be frightened or threatened by their gifts. They learned to drink
from one another, a blood exchange that left them unfulfilled and empty. Their
accomplishments in the war hidden, buried to protect their identity, they lived
as simple men. Until over the years, and despite their propensity to live
elongated lives, these men and their families were able to hide once again
among the average men.

After the Valendite breeds
assimilated back into life on the hillsides of Italy, very few of their wives
were able to conceive. The breeds were not thriving. The men assembled and
brought their women to the steps of Rome, to the place most known for prayer
and sanctity, to ask for God’s intervention in their lives. Pleading, one woman
by the name of Magdalena offered any sacrifice that might be asked of them in
exchange for fertility.

Her plea was granted. Though
reports of the event were never accurately transcribed, breed historians agree
on a few basic events. Each woman present that day – seven in total – were
filled by one of the seven deadly sins, this act in exchange for the honor of
bearing breed children, continuing the race and nourishing their breed mates.

All was well for the breeds
then. Their race flourished until the time of another generation in the late
1800s. The women became unhappy in their role, seeking independence from the
bonds that held them to the breeds. For without their mates, the women could
survive; it was only the breed mate who suffered from separation. Some began
leaving, traveling to other countries.

A terrible storm struck over their
lands on the day of
1804. Terribly
superstitious, the women converged in the town’s large cathedral to pray. The
strongest winds ever seen before or since tore down the stone structure,
killing those women trapped inside. After the storm ended, though, very few
women –only those not making it to the cathedral- remained alive.

BOOK: Holding Hope Word Doc NC
2.73Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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