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At the end of Part 2:


“Is something wrong, Mom? You seem distracted. Are you and Dad okay?”

“Oh, no, sweetie. We’re fine. I just know you’re doing so well at your new job, and you sound so happy. I don’t want to upset you.”

She sat forward in her chair. “Well it’s too late. Now you’ve really got me worried. Is it a health concern?”

“Oh, no, nothing like that. Sweetie, I know how hurt you were when Storm walked out on you to go on tour. I know you were in love with him and it broke your heart. But he came to see me and … he told me he wants to talk to you.” Her mother hesitated. “Jess, I think he’s still in love with you. He wants to find you.”

“Oh, Mom, you didn’t give him my number, did you?”

“Of course not. I wouldn’t do that, but…”

Jessica gritted her teeth at her mother’s hesitation.

“Unfortunately, your dad did.”

Jessica’s stomach clenched.

“And, honey, I’m pretty sure Storm’s coming to find you.”


Jessica gripped the phone tightly, her other hand balling into a fist.

Damn it! She had just gotten over Storm, or at least gotten to a point where she didn’t ache inside every time she thought about him. And a big part of that was because Dane was such a major distraction.

Her hand slipped into her jeans pocket and she stroked the flat stone Dane had given her.

But Dane was more than just a distraction. When he hadn’t even known her, he’d helped her out, given her advice and confidence. He’d given her a job.

“Mom, did Dad give him my address, too? Or tell him where I work?”

“No, I don’t think so. Well … maybe.”

“Oh, Mom.” Jessica put her face in her palm. “Why would he do that?”

“Sweetie, you know he really likes Storm, and he’d love to have him as a son-in-law. I’m sure he thought that you would be happy to see him. He just wants you to be happy. And so do I.”

“I know, Mom. “

“You know, I was just wondering. Would it be such a bad thing if he found you?”

Her mother had always liked Storm. Well, of course she did. Mom wanted her to be happy, and she’d never been happier than during her time with Storm.

When she still thought he loved her.

Did he still love her? Even in spite of all he’d done, her heart leapt at the thought.

But all Mom had said was that she
Storm still loved her. That could so easily be wishful thinking on her part. When Storm had walked out on Jessica, she knew that her mother had been in almost as much pain as she had been. Because that’s how mothers were with their kids. They wanted to protect them and make things right. Her mother would have given anything to make things right again so Jessica would be happy.

So Mom was probably only seeing what she wanted to see. Storm likely didn’t want to come here to find her at all. Probably the only reason Storm wanted to talk to her was because he had left something behind that he wanted back. For instance, she remembered finding a copy of one of the demo CDs he’d made of him playing with the band. She remembered when she’d noticed the plain white CD, labeled with a black Sharpie, sitting on her dresser. It included the song he’d written for her. She’d played it over and over again, her only tangible link to him and the love they’d shared. Remembering the way he’d played it for her in the nude. They’d both been lying entwined on his bed after making love when he stood up, retrieved his guitar and began playing a song so heartbreakingly tender it had brought tears to her eyes. But as the reality hit her that he really had walked away from her, and their love, she’d tucked it away in a drawer, like any dream that was destined never to come true.

He probably only wanted to retrieve that CD.

“I really don’t want to see him. I have a new life here.”

“I know, but … are you sure? Because if he wants you back, then maybe you could work things out.”

“Even if he does want me back, which I doubt,
don’t want

“But if you still love him…”

“I’ll get over it. Mom, please don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself.”

Mom sighed. “I know that, sweetie. And you know I’d do anything in the world to make things better for you. I’m really sorry about this.”

Jessica smiled. “It’ll be okay Mom. I know Dad’s heart was in the right place.” She held the phone with both hands, wishing Mom was here right now so she could give her a big hug. “I love you. And I miss you.”

“Me, too, sweetie.”

A few minutes after she hung up the phone, Melanie walked into the living room.

“Was that your Mom on the phone?”

Jessica nodded.

“Hey, is everything okay?” The concern in Melanie’s voice jarred Jessica from her thoughts.

She shrugged. “Mom said that my ex is back in Bakersfield and he asked her for my number.”

Melanie’s eyebrows arched. “And…?”

Jessica had told her about Storm and how much she’d loved him. How he’d left her and how difficult it had been to get over him. How difficult it still was.

“My father gave it to him.”

Melanie’s eyebrows arched. “Did he give him your address, too?”

“No, thankfully, but now I’ll be on pins and needles wondering if and when he’ll call.” She hugged her knees and gazed at Melanie. “I love my father but sometimes he just doesn’t get it.”

Melanie nodded, a thoughtful look on her face. “Did he give you our home number or your cell?”

“I’m not sure. Probably my cell.”

Melanie smiled. “Okay, if it’s our home number, we can just screen the calls. For your cell, here’s what we’re going to do. First we’ll add a blocking app to your phone for any calls or texts he sends you that shoots unknown numbers straight to voicemail. Then we’re going to forget he even exists. You know I got my new nail polish, right? How about I do your nails with this great new color I think you’ll love, add a bit of glitz, then we’ll hit the town?”

At her pursed lips, Melanie held up a bottle of rich burgundy nail polish in one hand and the real gold leaf flake topcoat she had been raving about for weeks in the other, and then tilted them back and forth.

“Come on. You know you want to.”

Jessica grinned. She did love the colored polish Melanie had picked out, and she would love to see what those delicate gold flakes looked like over the top of it.

She laughed. “Okay. It’s a deal.”

Ten minutes later, Melanie had finished applying the burgundy polish to Jessica’s nails, and she sat on the couch sipping a glass of wine while waiting for them to dry.

“You know, I think what would help you right now would be to find a hot guy and get laid.”

Jessica couldn’t help laughing. “I think you’re absolutely right.”

She just wouldn’t tell her friend that she’d already found the hot guy, but she’d have to wait until Monday—at the office—to get laid. Again.

*   *   *

Midmorning on Monday, Jessica sat by Melanie’s desk with a notebook on her lap as she asked questions about the various subsidiaries under Ranier Industries’ control.

The elevator doors opened and Dane stepped out. At once, awareness rippled through Jessica, but she continued to write down the most recent answer Melanie had provided.

“Good morning, Melanie. Jessica. I hope you had a nice weekend.”

“Very nice, thank you, Mr. Ranier,” Melanie answered as he walked by her desk, only a foot from Jessica.

His gaze fell on Jessica and heat washed through her.

“Yes, very nice,” she said.

Usually he threw out this kind of small talk as he continued on to his office, so there was only time for a quick response before he was gone, but Melanie jumped in.

“And you, Mr. Ranier?” Melanie asked.

“Fine. A little socializing, a lot of work. The usual.”

Jessica wondered if the socializing included a woman. Surprised at the rise in what seemed suspiciously like jealousy, she admonished herself.

“Jessica, as soon as you’re finished here, join me in my office.”

She closed her notebook. “I think we’re done now. I was just asking Melanie some questions about the company’s infrastructure.”

He nodded and continued to his office, leaving the door open behind him. She stood up.

“I’m going to go grab him a coffee. Want one?” she asked Melanie.

“Sure, thanks.”

Jessica left her stuff on Melanie’s desk while she poured three coffees, then dropped one off at Melanie’s desk, picked up her notebook and pen, and continued to Dane’s office.

She placed the mugs on Dane’s desk, then went back and closed the door.

He sipped the coffee. “Thanks.” He picked up the mug and moved to the sitting area by the window. She sat across from him.

“I wanted to talk about last Friday. You’ve had the weekend to think about things, and I just want to ensure you’re still okay with what happened between us.”

He was offering her the chance to return their relationship to business only.

“Yes. I’m fine with it.”

Fine with it?
Now there was a glowing recommendation of what they’d done.
Way to show your enthusiasm.

His blue eyes watched her, assessing her expression.

“No regrets?”

She shook her head. “None.”

“Good.” He leaned toward her and smiled. “With our new arrangement, I will periodically set down rules or assign you tasks of a more personal nature.” He raised an eyebrow. “Understood?”

“Yes, Mr. Ranier.”

His smile broadened, revealing his even white teeth.

“Very good. Now come over here.”

She stood up, her insides quivering in anticipation. She’d been longing for his touch all weekend. Dreaming of their bodies entwined, his massive erection sliding into her. Melanie had tried to set her up with a male friend on Friday night, but she’d declined, even though her desire for a man thrummed through her. The problem was, the only man who she’d be satisfied with was Dane.

She stepped in front of him, wondering if he would stroke her breasts. Or ask her to strip down in front of him. Or kneel in front of him and unzip his pants, then reach inside …

“Turn around,” he instructed.

As soon as she’d turned around, her back to him, he ran his hand along her hip, then over her ass. His fingertip plucked at the elastic of her panties through the fabric of her skirt.

“Are you wearing pantyhose or stockings?”

“Pantyhose,” she said.

“Turn around again.”

She turned back to face him and his gaze fell on her crotch area. She felt heat well inside her.

“From now on, when you’re at work, I want you to wear a garter belt and stockings. And instead of these bikini panties, you will wear a thong. Over the garter belt, not under it.”

So they would be easier to take off while leaving on the stockings.

Her vagina clenched. God, she wished he would touch her.

“Yes, sir. Should I go home at lunch and change?”

He chuckled. “No, tomorrow will be fine.”

He stood up, placing his body intimately close to hers. If she leaned forward a hair, her breasts would brush his chest. She gazed up at him, wondering if he would kiss her. At the gleam in his eyes, she was sure he would and she raised her chin in anticipation.

He leaned a little closer, his eyes twinkling. “It’s time to go back to work.”

Surprised, she drew in a breath and took a step back. “Yes, sir.”

She retrieved her notebook and pen from his desk, and then headed out the door. When she got to her own office, she sat down and sucked in air. Damn, now she was hot and horny with no outlet in sight.

BOOK: His to Possess #3: Perfect Storm
3.62Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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