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‘You two had better get going,’ Louise interjected a moment later as the two of them just stood there, staring into each other’s eyes.

‘Yes.’ Sean was the first to snap out of it. ‘Let’s say goodnight to Spencer.’

Jane bent down and held out her arms to Spencer, who immediately ran to her. He wrapped his arms about her neck and kissed her cheek. ‘I can’t wait until you’re my real mummy. It’s so exciting,’ he squeaked, before his father scooped him up and blew a raspberry on his tummy, peals of delighted laughter filling the air.

‘Don’t razz him up too much,’ Louise complained, glaring pointedly at her son.

‘True. True.’ With that, Sean pressed one last kiss to his son’s cheek and put him back on the floor. ‘Brush your teeth and remember to do exactly what Grandma says, OK?’

‘Yes, Dad.’ Spencer rolled his eyes as though he’d already been through this drill.

‘Right, then.’ Sean crooked his arm towards Jane who immediately placed her hand around his elbow. ‘Shall we?’

‘We shall,’ she returned, and it wasn’t until she was walking out the door that Louise gave her a small fabric bag, which she slipped over Jane’s wrist.

‘Has a bit of lippy in it in case you need a touch-up later on.’

‘Oh. Thanks.’

‘Happy birthday.’ Louise and Spencer waved, Barney coming to join them as they all waved the birthday girl off on her adventure.

The instant Sean had reversed out of the driveway, Louise turned to her husband and grandson. ‘Action stations!’ she declared, and they all quickly set about putting the rest of the night’s events into motion.

* * *

It wasn’t until after dinner, eaten by candlelight in a secluded gourmet restaurant, that Jane looked across the table at Sean and realised that something was going on.

‘Is that your phone buzzing again?’


‘I hope it’s not an emergency, although if it is, we’ll deal with it.’

‘It’s not the hospital,’ he replied.

‘Oh.’ Anxiety marred her features as she watched him read the text message. ‘Is it Spencer?’

‘No, no.’ Sean smiled at her. ‘Everything is fine...except for the little surprise I have for you.’ He motioned to the waiter and a moment later a box wrapped in pretty birthday paper with daisies all over it was placed in front of her. ‘Happy birthday, Jane.’

‘A present? I thought the dinner was my present.’

‘Open it,’ he encouraged, watching her closely.

‘OK.’ Jane smiled as she ran her hands over the box that looked as though it contained a bottle of wine. Carefully she peeled off the paper, pleased when Sean didn’t try to rush her. Finally, she removed the paper and looked at what was inside. ‘Cinnamon!’

‘No one’s going to wreck this doll,’ Sean said softly. ‘Her hair is almost as long as yours but I have to say yours is much more impressive, and silky and soft and...’ He breathed out, repressed desire in his eyes. ‘And you know I want to run my fingers through it right now.’

Jane held his gaze and nodded, the doll still firmly in her hands. ‘Then we’d better get out of here,’ she suggested, and he nodded. ‘I can’t believe you remembered the doll. This is the most perfect present, Sean. Thank you.’

He stood from his seat and came around to hold her chair, and she instantly pressed her lips to his. ‘Thank you,’ she said again.

‘You’re more than welcome,’ he remarked, letting his hands trail slowly through her free-flowing locks.

Jane sighed. ‘I guess it is almost pumpkin time.’

‘Pumpkin time?’

She smiled at him as they said goodbye to the proprietor. ‘Midnight,’ she tut-tutted as they walked to his car. ‘You have two sisters who no doubt dressed up as fairy-tale princesses when they were younger and yet you have no idea what “pumpkin time” means?’

He shrugged. ‘My sisters were always a puzzle to me when we were growing up.’ He held the car door for her, pressing a kiss to her lips before quickly going around to the driver’s side. Even there, he seemed a little preoccupied and almost...nervous.

‘Sean? Is everything all right?’

‘Of course it is. Why wouldn’t it be?’ he said as he drove them away from the city, towards Port Adelaide. ‘I just have one more little surprise for your birthday and then we can think about heading home.’

‘OK,’ she said, her nerves settling with his reassuring tone. She dug around in the little handbag Louise had given her and reapplied the lip gloss, before closing her eyes and allowing herself to listen to the soothing classical music Sean had switched on.

‘I’m having such a wonderful time,’ she said dreamily, her words relaxed and floating away on the breeze. ‘I can’t believe how much I love you, Sean. How much you mean to me. I never want to let you go. I never want to be apart from you. You’ve made my world.’

‘That’s good to hear,’ he said as he slowed the car and finally brought it to a stop. It was only then she realised he’d parked the car and that they were at the port. Outside her window was a small cruising yacht, covered in fairy-lights.

‘Wow. Will you look at that? It’s gorgeous.’

Sean came around the car to help her out before pulling her close and dropping another kiss to her lips. ‘Happy pre-birthday surprise,’ he whispered, gesturing to the yacht.

‘Huh?’ But it was only as her eyes adjusted to the light that she was able to see the people who were already on board the yacht. Louise was there with Barney and Spencer, Sean’s sisters and their families, as well as Luc, Anthea, Romana and a score of their other friends from the hospital.


‘Happy surprise wedding,’ he said, then took her hand and led her towards the gangplank. ‘It’s all organised.’

Jane gasped. ‘The dress.’

‘Something new,’ he commented.

Jane touched the blue sapphire necklace at her throat. ‘And this?’

‘Something old and something blue.’

A giggle worked its way up as she looked down at the shoes. ‘And, of course, my something borrowed.’ She nodded in appreciation. ‘Very clever,’ she said as she allowed him to escort her onto the yacht, where they were greeted by a round of welcoming applause.

‘I think my mother deserves an award for her performance,’ Sean said.

‘And Spencer. How did he keep this a secret?’

‘He nearly didn’t. Not when he saw you looking so beautiful,’ he replied as he continued to lead her through the parting crowd towards the bow, where a marriage celebrant stood waiting for them. ‘As difficult as it’s been to keep the secret, wanting to share so much of it with you, your reaction, your appreciation, your trust in allowing me to do all of this for you, to give you the most perfect night of your life, has been wonderful.’

‘No. Not wonderful, Dad.
,’ Spencer interjected, rolling his eyes.

They both laughed. ‘It
purple, Sean.’ She grinned as she said the words. ‘The most perfect purple and green night of all time.’

They stopped before the marriage celebrant and she turned to face Sean, holding his hands tightly in hers, doing her best not to cry from overwhelming happiness.

‘Dearly beloved,’ the celebrant began, but Jane couldn’t contain her love for Sean any more and stood on tiptoe and kissed him passionately, in front of everyone.

‘I haven’t got to that part yet,’ the celebrant murmured, but neither Sean nor Jane cared. Against all odds, they’d found each other, bonded together in a love that would last a lifetime.

* * * * *

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BOOK: His Diamond Like No Other (Mills & Boon Medical)
2.57Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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