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“I…you were on verge of crying because of your brother. I shouldn’t have kissed you.”

He stepped toward her. “You don’t like kissing me?”

“It’s not that.” She paced through the lab, her mind spinning. “I mean, we’re friends, and I got carried away. And even though you’ve changed, you’re still a womanizer.”

He crossed his arms, his expression hard. “When was the last time you’ve seen me with a girl?”

“Last week at that club. There were three with you.”

“Damn, Hayley, I was just being polite. They came on to me, and I dodged them as nicely as I could. Didn’t I leave with you?”

“Yes.” She stopped pacing. “Then it was when you were on that boat for the holidays.”

“Ah, that.” He nodded and she froze. “That trip had been planned in July or so. I almost didn’t go.” He took one more step toward her. “And you want to know what happened?”

If he told her about sleeping with that girl, she would throw up. “Not really.”

“I stayed for a week in Port Elizabeth, working on this project.” He pointed to the computers. “I spent Christmas alone, working. When I went to Flic en Flac, I didn’t last three hours there. I barely arrived, and James threw a party. That girl came on to me and, trying to have fun and relax, I let her.”

“Okay, stop. I don’t want to hear this.” Hayley put her hands over her ears like a child.

Dylan walked to her and pulled her hands away, his grip tight around her wrists. “I want you to hear this. Yes, I kissed her, but I couldn’t stop thinking about you.”

Her shoulders sagged. “What?”

“You popped up in my mind each time I tried to kiss that girl.” Dylan’s eyes burned into hers. “So I left. Three hours after arriving, I left. I went to Switzerland with Celine and spent a very quiet New Year’s Eve there. The paparazzi who took those pictures had a lucky day. No, a lucky hour.”

She had stopped fighting to be released. “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Because you didn’t let me! You’ve barely spoken to me since that incident.” His expression was amused, as if he didn’t know if he should laugh or glare at her. “Besides, I wasn’t sure of what was happening between us. I didn’t know if I should try explaining it to you, if you wanted that explained.”

Her cheeks warmed. “It would have helped.”

He smiled and moved his hand up her arm, passing her neck, and cupping her face. Her heartbeat sped as his lips brushed against hers.

She laced her arms around his neck. “What are we doing?”

“I don’t know,” Dylan answered against her mouth, “but I want to find out.”




They barely made it to his apartment.

Somewhere inside her mind, Hayley tried to convince herself this wasn’t a good idea. That sleeping together wasn’t part of the deal, and it would blur the lines. But every time his tongue plunged into her mouth and his fingers dug into her skin, she forgot everything but him and the feel of him against her.

Without letting go of her, Dylan guided her to his room and pushed her in, locking the door behind them.

She slid her hands under his sweater, finally being able to touch his washboard abs, ones she had seen a couple of times and had tried to forget. Before, he was a friend whose perfect body didn’t matter—or at least she pretended it didn’t. Now, she wasn’t sure what he was anymore, and she didn’t care. All that mattered was exploring each of his muscles, inhaling his scent, kissing his wonderful lips, taking his clothes off.

As if reading her mind, Dylan tugged on her sweater. With a sigh, Hayley broke the kiss long enough for him to pull it over her head. She took advantage of the moment and pulled his sweater off.

He wore a satisfied grin as he backed her up until she fell on his bed. She admired his perfect body during the few seconds it took him to take his pants off and climb over her.

Then his mouth was over hers again and she could only think of that. And his body pressed against hers. And his hands sliding down her body, to her back, unclasping her bra and throwing it aside.

He grinded his hips against her and a moan escaped her lips. “I want to kiss every inch of you,” he whispered against her mouth. “But I don’t think I can do that right now.” He pulled away and she immediately missed him. Kneeling in between her legs, he unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off. Her underwear followed. “We’ll have time for foreplay later. Right now, I need to be inside you.”

His words and the husky tone of his voice brought a shiver down Hayley’s naked body.

He crawled over once more and reached to the nightstand. He pulled out a condom from the drawer and quickly put it on.

Dylan locked his eyes on hers and placed the tip of his shaft on her opening. “Tell me you want me as much as I want you,” he whispered. “Tell me you want me inside you.”

Hayley grabbed his hips, urging him forward, and groaned. “I want you inside me. Please.”

Without hesitation, Dylan slid inside her and Hayley cried out. He pulled back then moved his hips forward in one hard thrust, filling her up, making her cry again. His movements sped until she was swimming in a sea of pure pleasure.

Hayley’s last coherent thought was that she could get used to this. Addicted even.




For the next week, Dylan was pleased with his new routine.

During the day, he worked on his project. At night, he picked up Hayley and continued working on his project, but with her pressed tightly against him, and most of the time, naked under him on his bed.

Her support did wonders for him. She was always there to massage his tense neck, to make a mug of hot chocolate, to tell him a joke when he needed to take his mind off his project for a minute or two.

Everything about her scared him, and excited him, too. Dylan never thought he would want to spend so much time with the same girl, talk to her about anything, snuggle with her, support her, be there for her. What scared him the most was wanting even more of her.

As Valentine’s Day approached, his excitement, nervousness, and doubt escalated.

He paced around the studio in his apartment. “What if my father hates it? What if he disinherits me in front of everyone? What if he cuts my trust fund? What if he—”

Hayley put her finger over his lips and arched her brow. “Shush. Since when has Dylan Deveraux had any self-doubt?”

His arms slid around her waist. “Since he started changing a couple of years ago. He’s just good at disguising it.” He winked. “Seriously, what if my project stinks?”

“It doesn’t. You know that.” She kissed his chin. “You’re gonna do great.” Her mouth trailed his jaw, making him very hot all of a sudden. “Now, get back to work.” She pushed him back, laughing.

“Not fair,” he mumbled in a joking tone.

“It’s fair.” She sat on the floor, a book in her hand. “I’ll reward you later.”

“Oh. May I know what my reward will be?”

She spied him over her book. “A homemade dinner.”

His face fell. “Oh.”

She laughed out loud, her hands over her belly. “I’ll try to think of something…more.” Her eyes sparkled with mischievousness, filling his chest with hope.

However, it was her giggles that kept him focused on his project that night.




Hand-in-hand, Dylan guided Hayley into an elegant office building in Lower Manhattan.

Hayley tugged his arm and halted in the middle of the grand lobby. “Are you’re gonna tell me what we’re doing here?”

With his signature grin, he said, “No.”

She smacked him in the arm and he pretended to be hurt. “There’s only two days before the ball. You should be working on your project, not playing…” she gestured around, “whatever is that you’re playing.”

Without taking his eyes from hers, he raised her hand to his lips and kissed her knuckles. A shiver rolled up her arm and down her body.

“This isn’t playing. Now come on.” He pulled her into the elevator.

At the twenty-fourth floor, Dylan led her to a psychiatrist’s office.

“Hello.” He smiled down at the secretary. “We’re here for Ms. Allen’s appointment with Dr. Marshall.”

The woman checked her book. “Yes. It’s here. Please sit down and wait until your name is called.”

“What did you do?” Hayley whispered once Dylan returned to her.

“Just trust me.”

Easier said than done. Didn’t he know his past and his reputation? Though the last few days had been as perfect as paradise, she still didn’t believe it was true. And she still thought it would all crumble to dust once the deal was complete and the Valentine Day’s ball was over.

Hayley couldn’t think about that yet. She
think about that. Now that she was in this deal, she would enjoy it, even if it would be short lived.

Fifteen minutes later, Hayley was seated across the table from a very charming Dr. Marshall. She had wanted Dylan to come in with her, but accordingly to the doctor, it wasn’t allowed.

The doctor’s blonde hair was pinned in a neat bun back on her head, and her square-framed glasses didn’t hide her beautiful blue eyes, which shined with confidence.

“What brings you here?” Dr. Marshall asked, her voice calm and firm.

Hayley glanced around, expecting Dylan to magically come in and say something. After all, she had no idea why he had brought her here.

The doctor proceeded, “All right, Ms. Allen, I’ll tell you what. When Mr. Deveraux scheduled this appointment, he insisted on speaking with me, to tell me what this about, since he was sure you wouldn’t say anything.” She smiled and Hayley’s eyes widened. “Mr. Deveraux said you’re an incredible model, but you get nervous before your shows.”

Hayley’s heart lurched in her chest.

The doctor narrowed her eyes. “I want you to explain what nervous means?”

Hayley remained quiet.

“Don’t worry, Ms. Allen. I’m here to help, and everything you tell me will remain confidential.” The doctor cleared her throat. “Tell me, what happens before your shows?”

“I….” She took a long breath, trying to gain some strength to talk about her problem for the second time in her entire life. “It’s funny, actually, being a model and having a problem with the public.” Then she launched into a recap of the most recent episodes. She told Dr. Marshall about getting dizzy, shaking, stammering, getting sick to her stomach, throwing up, attacking the fridge a few hours before the show, and so on.

“It isn’t as uncommon as it sounds,” Dr. Marshall said. “We would have to perform some tests and meet a few more times, but it seems you have an anxiety disorder, like agoraphobia for example.”

Hayley sagged in her chair.
Agora what
? “Does it have a cure?”

The doctor shook her head. “Cure? No. But it’s treatable, with therapy and some calming medicine.”

Crap…this wasn’t happening. “So, I’m sick?”

“Like I said,” the doctor continued, “I can’t conclude on a diagnosis this quickly, but anxiety disorder isn’t that bad. Several actors and actresses suffer of this problem, and they do just fine. In fact, some even won Oscars and other awards. Therapy could be helpful, and you may not even need medicine.”

“Really?” It didn’t sound that bad when she put it that way.

The doctor smiled. “What do you say? Want to begin the treatment?”

Of course she did. But could she afford it? She had some cash in her account, thanks to Dylan and the popularity he had bestowed on her. For now, she could afford some sessions with the doctor. If she ran out of money at some point, she could just stop, couldn’t she? And he didn’t even need to know about it.

Hope filled her, and she smiled at the doctor. “Yes, let’s begin.”



Chapter Fourteen



The valet opened the door of Dylan’s car for Hayley. A second later, Dylan was by her side to help her out.

She felt elegant in her strapless gown, the lead-hued beading becoming lighter as it cascaded from bust to hem. Her hair was styled in a side braid, the edge loose, with a lead-colored ribbon around it, and she wore color-coordinated shoes and large matching earrings. And, beside her, in a fancy and very expensive tuxedo, Dylan looked as charming as ever.

“Did I tell you how stunning you look tonight?” he asked as they walked up the stairs leading to the ballroom.

She knew what he was doing. Trying to distract her so she wouldn’t feel too sick. It wasn’t working.

“It’s the fourth time since you picked me up.”

“Well, it’s true.” He brought her hand to his lips and kissed it.

At least she wasn’t the only nervous one. When they entered the ballroom, all eyes fell on them. Hayley shook like a bamboo shoot in the wind.

“Deep breaths,” he whispered through his wide smile.

“I’m trying.”

He led her directly to the main table, where his family was.

First, Hayley greeted Alexis and Celine, relieved because she already knew them. One less thing to be nervous about. Alexis introduced her to Mike, and Celine introduced her to Robert.

Then they turned to his parents. Hayley’s nails dug into Dylan’s arm.

“Mother, this is Hayley Allen, my girlfriend.”

Her eyes widened. She didn’t think he would introduce her like that. Actually, since they decided to give in to the deal, Hayley hadn’t stopped to think about what they were to each other.

“Hello, Hayley.” His mother smiled at her before taking her hand. “You’re beautiful, dear.”

“Thank you.” Hayley’s cheeks were on fire. “Nice to meet you.”

“You too, dear.”

“And this is my father, Anthony Deveraux.” Dylan gestured to his father, ignoring the man’s cold mien. “Father, this is Hayley.”

“Nice to meet you, sir.”

His father’s disdainful gaze traveled up and down her body. “So you’re the new whore my son has been playing with.”

The women gasped and Dylan almost charged his father, weren’t it for Hayley’s calm hand on his arms. She wasn’t feeling anywhere near as calm on the inside.

“You can’t talk like that to her,” Dylan growled.

“I talk the way I want to whom I want.” His father turned his back on them and walked to the table beside theirs, where the directors of the company were seated.

BOOK: His Allure, Her Passion
5.77Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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