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- Chapter 2 -


Strange Meetings




The lights cut through the thick smoke, erratic and dazzling in neon hues. Jo sighed, looking at her Virgin Long Island Iced Tea again. She ran her hand through her hair before looking back towards the dance floor. While she sat nursing her drink at the bar, her so-called friends had all deserted her to dance – if you could call it that – and had disappeared to God-knows-where with God-knows-who.

Out of a party of seven, presently she could see only two of her friends – one who seemed to be set on kissing the life out of some random guy and the other was dancing with a stereotypical jock.

She sighed again and turned towards the bar only to catch sight of the sympathetic smile the bartender sent her way. The lights hurt her eyes; she didn’t want to get drunk, and thank you very much, she wasn’t going to flirt with the guys here. She had standards that included a non-alcohol induced meeting. Sighing, she glared balefully at her friend who had dragged her here. The stuffy setting had her slightly nauseous and she wanted out NOW. This is why she usually avoided places like this.

Why did I come here again? Oh yeah! Because they dragged me along and then abandoned me to flirt with guys, humph
, she thought. Deciding that enough was enough, she gulped down her drink and, paying her tab, made her way down to the dance floor. Tapping her friend’s shoulder, she faked a smile, “Kate, it’s getting late. I think I’ll be leaving now,” she almost sighed at the puzzled look on her friend’s face.

Kate had in a short while danced through a huge number of guys and was presently hanging off her conquest of the day.

“Jo, please stay . . . it’s FUUUUNNNN, *hick* right Joshey?” Kate was grinning like a Cheshire cat. She was drunk, alright.

“Yeah, we can have some fun,” Josh winked at Jo.
The gall of this man, he had his hands all over my friend and is flirting with me! God, what’s with this place!
thought. Giving him a look that said he was scum at the bottom of her shoe, she grinded out.

“Excuse me, I am not interested. See you later, Kate.” Jo just wanted to get out of that place.

Sighing, she made her way out. Couples and random strangers moved along with her to get out into the open. Relieved to be free from the stench of sweat and cheap perfume blended with alcohol, she inhaled deeply as the cold, fresh air hit her. She pulled her coat a little tighter around her and began to walk towards the nearest bus stop.

A long and boring ride later, she stood in front of her door rustling through her bag for keys when the front door opened.

“You’re late!” Abigail said, tapping her watch.

“Sorry, it was horrible tonight and I’m never going out with those girls ever again . . . ever!” Jo groaned as she looked at the clock. It sure was late. “How was your date?” she asked, turning towards her.

“It was alright, but he wasn’t my type.” Abigail sighed.

“You’ll find someone, Abby,” Jo said, giving her a hug. “Guess what happened tonight?”

“Did you meet your Mr. Perfect?”

Jo chuckled and shook her head, “No, I didn’t.”

“Oh! Well I didn’t think so, but hey, miracles can happen, right?” Abigail grinned at Jo.

Abigail was Jo’s best friend. She had known her since high school and they shared an apartment when Abby offered to help Jo out since she was still searching for a job and her book wasn’t finished yet. And for Josephine, that was frustrating!

“I met Alexander Reid. You know him, right?” Jo asked.

“Alex Reid! The Player? Who doesn’t know him? Wasn’t he surrounded by girls as usual?” Abigail chuckled.

“He offered me a job, as a secretary to his cousin, right out of the blue,” Jo grinned. “He said that it would help me with my new book, like a research.”

“Did you accept it?” Abigail asked. “After all, you are searching for a job.”

“I know, but I am so confused, Abby . . .” Jo groaned. “What should I do now?” she asked.

“Do you have his number? Call him. And accept it. You were an honors student. It will be easy for you. Don’t let that M.B.A of yours go waste.” Abigail was right. Jo needed that job and getting paid while getting inspiration . . . oh well. Like they say, never look a gift horse in the mouth. So she decided she would definitely call Alex tomorrow before he changed his mind.

“But it’s late. I’ll just call him tomorrow. Good night, Abby,” Jo called and walked towards her room.

“Good night, Joey,” Abigail said and walked away.


*  *  *

The next morning, Alex’s phone started ringing as soon as he reached the office. It was an unknown number and he had a policy to never answer those calls – there were many crazy women out there, and it wasn’t really his fault that he was born perfect. If they wanted to blame someone they should blame his awesome genes that made him irresistible. Smirking, he looked back at the phone. Maybe it was someone sane at the other end.
Maybe I should pick it up
, he thought. Shrugging he answered.

“Alex Reid,” he said, smirking.

“Alex hi, umm . . . It’s Jo. We met last night, remember?” The voice on the other end muttered.

“Hey! Sup Miss Jo, couldn’t get enough of me?” Alex grinned; he could almost see her blushing on the other end.

“Umm . . . No, I was . . . I was wondering if you were serious about that job offer,” she said.

“Oh yeah, girl, it’s all yours, you just have to say the word. Oh wait—” he came to an abrupt stop, just as he saw Aiden entering the building with his dad. They had an important meeting with the board of directors today.
Damn! I forgot again.

“Can you come to the office later today? Aiden will want to interview you, but don’t worry I’ll take care of that,” Alex assured her.

Aiden was walking towards him. He didn’t want him getting suspicious. No sir, not gonna happen. But Jo hadn’t answered and it was perfect, even if he was the only one who understood that right now, and why was she taking so long to answer?!
Go on, Jo! Say yes
, he chanted in his head; anyone who knew him well enough knew that he was impatient. Oh well, can’t blame her – she didn’t know him – yet.

“Alright, should I meet you in an hour?” She asked and he grinned.

Alex loved getting things done his way. “Yes, that’s great. See you later, Jo.” He cut the call and turned around to see Aiden, standing right in front of him.

“Hey Al, everything okay?” Aiden smiled.

Man, he’s in a good mood today, either I’m gonna die today or there will be a natural disaster. Aiden is never this happy. Oh wait! That’s me,
Alex thought,
because when I’m happy it means trouble for everybody else.

“Hi Aido, yeah it’s all good! Everything is fine here! What were you talking to Dad about? The meeting?” He asked.

“Oh! Yeah, Uncle Will was talking about that business trip to Japan. It seems that the negotiations went well,” Aiden said, calmly.

“Japan, huh? Do you think dad will ask one of us to accompany him next time?” Alex asked almost bouncing with excitement. He was in love with the country. What with sushi, onsens, and let’s not forget, the geishas. Oh yeah, an amazing country alright.

“What’s with you and Japan? And Aido sounds Japanese too,” Aiden smirked.

“It’s a secret. Oh wait! I found a perfect secretary for you,” Alex grinned.

“Really? That was fast! Please don’t tell me it’s a model with an IQ lesser than her waist size, and it’s company policy that she can’t be hired without an interview, you know that right?”

Alex smirked; he had known that Aiden would say that. “I know that! Trust me, she is amazing,” he said.

“You say that about every single girl you meet,” Aiden smiled. Just then, he saw his father, Nicholas entering the office. He was greeting the executives politely as he walked towards them.

“Good morning!” Nicholas greeted them.

“Good morning, Sir,” Aiden said.

“Morning Uncle,” Alex said, simultaneously. “It’s a mystery to me how Aiden can be so formal with his dad!” Alex didn’t realize what was going on because Aiden was glaring at him. He shifted uneasily, “Umm oops . . . did I just say that out loud?” He asked anxiously.

Nicholas started laughing and replied, “Yes, you did! I’m going to see William now. You two behave, alright?” He smiled as he opened the door of the Chairman’s office and walked in to talk with his brother.

Aiden was still glaring and Alex knew exactly why. “What? I didn’t do anything,” Alex said, putting on his angelic expression. Not that he needed to. The world misunderstood him, thinking he was as innocent as a baby. Aiden just shook his head and walked towards his office not seeing Alex poke his tongue out at him. Aiden’s temporary secretary saw it, though, and giggled; Alex just winked at her and walked away. He did have work to do after all.


*  *  *


Later that day, Aiden sat in his office ready to interview for the post of his secretary. “Mr. Reid, the interviewees are here, sir,” Jen said as she entered the office. In a flash, Alex was rushing through and he almost ran into Jen.

“Oh Jen, my love, you look fabulous today. What luck that you fall right into my arms; you need to just ask, love. I am willing to keep you in them whenever you want!” He winked at her.

He really is troublesome,
Aiden thought.
What does he want now?

“I’m fine, Mr. Reid. Thank you,” Jen replied.

Wait, is she blushing?
Aiden rolled his eyes.
Not again!

Alex had made it his personal mission to flirt with every eligible woman in their company, and they all fell for him, hook, line and sinker. Aiden sighed deeply and folded his arms. “What is it, Alex?” He asked in a grim tone.

“Jo is here. Please be nice to her. I checked out her credentials too. She is perfect,” Alex said. Everything was always perfect for Alexander Reid.

“Who is Jo now? And I’m interviewing for
secretary, not yours. It’s up to me to decide whom I want to hire. Understand?” Aiden sighed as he shuffled through the pile of papers in front of him.

“I know, but just give her a chance, okay? And her name is Josephine Winters. She’s a friend. Be kind!” Alex said and left.

“Jen, send the first interviewee in please. Thank you,” Aiden said. Jen nodded and walked out.


*  *  *


Few hours later, Aiden had interviewed three young ladies. And they had only wasted his time. Somehow, they all seemed to be under the impression that he was looking for a new accessory for his office instead of someone with brains. Why can’t people be serious when it comes to work? He told Jen to send in the other interviewee just as his mobile started ringing. It was an unknown number.

“Aiden Reid,” he answered the call.

“Hi, Aidey, I just called to say that school is over and nobody is here to pick me up. I think Daddy and Momma are busy,” Aubrey hiccupped. He could sense that she was upset.

“Angel, do you know where Ashton is?” he asked softly. Their brother was supposed to pick her up when their parents were busy.

“No, he went out to his friend’s place yesterday. Are you coming to pick me up, Aidey?” She asked softly.

“I’ll be right there, Princess. Give me ten minutes, alright? And don’t go anywhere,” Aiden replied as he raked his hand through his hair, messing it up completely.

“Okay, I’ll wait for you. My teacher is here too, I’ll wait with her,” she said calming down a bit.

“Yes, you wait with your teacher. I’m on my way. Bye.” Aiden ended the call and when he turned around he saw Jen waiting near the door and a young lady was standing next to her.

Whoa, she’s beautiful. Wait, wrong time to have such thoughts. Baby Sis is waiting for me!

“Mr. Reid, your next interviewee, Miss Winters,” Jen said politely and left.

Wait, this was the girl that Alex was talking about?

“Good Afternoon, Mr. Reid. I’m Josephine Winters.”

She sounds amazing too.

“Umm . . . Hello, Miss Winters,” he said. “I’m sorry, but I’m running late. I have to pick my sister up from school. Alex spoke to me about you. Well, he said he had seen your credentials. And I trust him.” Aiden didn’t really trust Alex, but he had good business sense and didn’t fool around when it came to work, so Aiden was hoping he had thought this through.

“You’re hired!” He declared.

“What?” She sounded surprised. Well, why wouldn’t she be?

“I’m sure you’ll do fine,” he said as he picked up his suit jacket, slipping it on as he walked towards the door. “Please see Jen, she will get started with the paperwork. And Alex will be here to help. See you tomorrow.”

“Thank you, Mr. Reid,” she smiled.

Man, this girl has the most beautiful smile. I knew Alex would choose an attractive girl but she was something else
, he thought.

BOOK: Her Charming Secret
6.24Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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