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Heaven Sent

BOOK: Heaven Sent
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Erotic Romance


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Erotic Romance


Heaven Sent

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Chapter One

“You’re too young for a New Year’s Eve party. You knew the answer before
asking.” Mia flipped on her turn signal to move over a lane. “What Ash?” Her
sullen teenage daughter muttered under her breath and turned away, closing off.
Teenage angst—her least favorite part of parenting.
What kind of parent lets their kid plan an unchaperoned party on one of the
worst nights of the year to be away from home?
Remember not to judge others by what you wouldn’t do.
Paying her
daughter no heed, she cast quick glance in her rearview mirror to find a spot
she could edge her way into in the next lane. Mia moved her SUV in the tight
space, continuing the slow crawl down highway 71. She refused to feel guilty
for not giving into Ashland’s wants, reminding herself to be a parent not a
friend. There wasn’t room for both, since she took on the roll as both mother
and father.

As the light at the end of the exit ramp turned from yellow to red, a car
clipped her back bumper, causing her to lurch into oncoming traffic. Ashland
let out a scream as a vehicle with the right of way narrowly escaped slamming
into her door. Mia heard the crunch of cars hitting each other. She fought to
maintain traction, her grip clenching the steering wheel as they spun out of
control while fending off the surge of terror whiplashing through her a second

“Mrs. Justice, help is on the way.” Her automated security system
transmitted to the local enforcement and 911
Mia turned to Ashland and lifted a shaky hand to her face. “Baby, are you

“I-I think so.”

Mia’s heartbeat thundered in her chest. Dazed, she spoke on autopilot.

“Can you move?” Mia unclasped her seatbelt and reached to unlatch her
daughter’s. Ashland flinched when she touched her.

“Mama, your head is bleeding and my leg hurts really

Mia touched her head. Blood slid between her fingers as she explored a
small gash on her forehead. “I’m okay love, it’s just a little cut. We need to
get out of the vehicle. See if you can move.”

“I can’t, Mama. There’s a car blocking me from moving. I’m stuck.” The
panic in her daughter’s voice sent shivers of dread down her spine. They were
surrounded by vehicles, crunched in from all sides.

Mia froze, paralyzed by fear. Blood trickled down her face. Her vision
was hazed in one eye.
Think. You have to
stay awake to get Ash out safely.
Unbuckling her safety belt, she looked
around for something to break the windows with.

“My softball bat is in the trunk, isn’t it?” Her daughter calmed enough
to help.

“No baby, we took it out to make room other things a few days ago.” She
sucked back a moan of pain while maneuvering into the second row behind her
daughter and worked on reclining the seat back. Red lights and the welcoming
sound of help arriving eased her fears a little as she continued to work to get
her daughter free. Mia leveled the seat out and hefted Ashland by her hips into
the second row. When she looked up, flames licked along the windshield. All of
the sudden they were stuck in a ticking bomb, each second counting against

Voices yelled over the sounds of sirens. Acrid fumes seeped into her
vehicle. Instinctively, she knew if they didn’t get free, they’d die from toxic
inhalation. She became aware of a shadow as it fell over them. “Get this car
moved.” The orders were barked from the man’s lips.

BOOK: Heaven Sent
7.53Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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