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“Shit, boy, you've got some cock on you.”

Gus went to pull out but Einarr held him tight until the sting of pain subsided. “Give it to me, Gus. Give me all you've got. Don't worry about hurting me.”

What Gus lacked in experience, he made up for in enthusiasm and sheer exuberance. He never expected to have an opportunity like this. He loved the big gentle giant although he would never tell him, and this cemented the feeling. Einarr's ass clenched his cock every time he pushed in and out. He wanted to be part of him, he wanted to be inside him, he wanted Einarr's ass to swallow him whole.

“Fuck me good, Gus. I need your cock. I've been waiting so long for this, for someone like you.”

Gus started for a moment. Did he hear that correctly? But this was no time to stop and ask. He picked up the pace and rammed home a few more times before he shot his load deep inside Einarr's bowels. He pulled out with a plop once his cock had stopped pumping and collapsed on the superb body he had just fucked.

Einarr traced his fingers down his spine until he reached the prize. There had been method in his getting Gus to fuck him first. He would be so relaxed now he would be less resistant to taking his extra large cock up his own butt. Wriggling out from under him, Einarr laid him on his back and hoisted his legs over his shoulder. His ass was already lubricated from the oil but still he slathered as much as he could on that warm inviting hole. He pushed his thumb in, Gus tensed. He waited until Gus relaxed and then pushed farther. Resistance was futile and when Einarr removed his thumb and replaced it with his cock, Gus was a limp rag of a man. He felt the penetration and wanted to deny entry, the pain going straight to his brain but he had no strength left to struggle.

The invader took his time and eventually the pain subsided although he had never felt so stretched in his life. Balls smacked against his ass, Einarr was all the way in, pulling back, gently thrusting the full length of his beautiful cock as he towered over Gus. He smiled down at the young man pinioned by his cock as surely as any butterfly in a glass case was by pins. Gus was taking him without complaint, in fact, with eager compliance because his cock was stiffening again. That was all he needed. Gentle rhythm was all very well but he wanted to screw Gus like his life depended on it, so he would remember this for the rest of his life. If he were honest, so that Gus would beg for more.

“You like my cock in your ass, Gus?”

“I love it. Fuck me good.”

“I'll fuck you so good you'll belong to me forever.”

Gus groaned. That was everything he wished for.

“Would you like that, Gus?”

“I'd love that.”

He had used the love word. Not in the way either of them would have hoped but at least one of them had said it.

Einarr pulled out until the head of his prick popped free and then plunged back in again, forcing the ass entrance to give way over and over again. Einarr loved the scraping feeling each time he entered. But he couldn't keep it up. He withdrew only as far as the glans before plunging back in again. A few more hard thrusts and he was shooting his second load, marking Gus's ass as his own.

He turned Gus around still impaled on his cock and spooned him in the bed. Gus's breathing slowed as he fell into the happiest sleep he had ever experienced. Einarr lay awake listening to him breathe, feeling his warmth snuggled in his arms and against his chest. He never wanted this to end. But he was a troll, Gus was a human. If they were to have a future then he'd have to tell him. It was only fair. He yawned contentedly. Fuck it, he'd worry about it in the morning.

The End

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Jiboia: Mark of the QasqaVel

* * * *

By Barry Lowe

Ince wants a relationship he can really sink his teeth into.

What he gets is a lot more than he bargained for. Rescued from a fag bashing, Ince falls head over heels for his muscular saviour, Jiboia, head of a colony of shape shifters who are on the brink of an all-out civil war. The lovers’ world falls apart when Ince is bitten by Jiboia's venomous son, Aarix, a wastrel whose loyalties lie with the dregs of society and who will do anything to retain his hereditary entitlement to the colony's leadership. Even murder.

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The Gravy Train

Fourth COURSE:

Beefed Up and Porked

By Barry Lowe

"Seasoning is an important facet of good cuisine, as it is in good lovemaking. Just don't mistake the paprika for lube.” —
The Six-Pack Chef.

As The Gravy Train tour steams on to Prague, Buddy Reznor, the Six-Pack Chef, realises someone really is out to get him and that he can trust no-one. He is surrounded by people he knows nothing about: from his assistant Danny through Ben, the man who purports to be the tour organiser, to Marsala Daiquiri, the flirtatiously desirable son of his fellow TV chef, Strawberry Daiquiri. The police are no help, fobbing him off until someone attacks Marsala and the evidence points to someone very close to the chef.

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The final chapters of


Part Six: Future Tense

By Barry Lowe

Where do you do when you have nothing to live for?

Rejected by Josh in the most public and definite way imaginable, Damien determines to put the pain of the past behind him and make a decision about his future without the man he loves. But a chance meeting at a tragic and unexpected event offers renewed hope—until Danny turns up, threatening Damien's happy and successful new life.

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About The Author

Barry Lowe lives in Sydney, Australia, with his long-term partner, Walter, and their irascible baby dinosaur, Tofu, who travels the world with them not so much as a child substitute but a wisecracking mascot. If you're confused check his website at

Barry's been writing since primary school where he entertained his fellow pupils with stories of a teenage detective called The Count. Since then his career has encompassed journalism, entertainment interviews and reviews, editing gay magazines and newspapers, the script for the independent film ‘Violet's Visit,’ short stories, film star biographies and, particularly, plays which have been produced in Australia, the U.S., the U.K. and Italy.

He has been described as ‘the man with the filthiest mind in Australia', but even his staunchest critics have had to concede he's a survivor, and he's still here doing what he does best—spinning yarns.

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BOOK: Guys and Trolls
12.49Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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