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Whispering Mountain

Give Me More

It only took one night. One chance meeting, and their separate fun-filled weekends collided into one.

  Spring Showers made sure she had plenty of time in Las Vegas, arriving there a day earlier than her sisters. But the first time she decides to leave her inhibitions at the door, she gets more than she bargains for in the hotel's restaurant.

  Bo Durden is a retired bull riding champion looking to escape the fanfare that goes hand in hand with the annual bull riding competition in Las Vegas. But not even in his wildest dreams does he expect to be tangled in his hotel sheets with the sexy minx he meets in the restaurant.

It was a one-time deal. They should have never seen each other again. It was one night that turned into three, and their lives would never be the same again.

Note: This book contains anal sex.

Genre: Contemporary, Interracial, Western/Cowboys
Length: 44,
337 words








Whispering Mountain






Kortny Alexander









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Whispering Mountain







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Chapter 1



Finally! Spring blew out her first real relaxing breath when she flopped down on the queen-sized bed in her hotel room. She was splayed across the center of the bed with her eyes closed and a stupid grin on her face. Paying a little extra cash to arrive a day early would be worth it. She needed to unwind. To escape the “real world.”

Fresh ideas were a necessity in her line of work. If it could be called work. Spring had followed her creative and artistic passions, and it had paid off. She did well for herself, and it was liberating owning her own art gallery and studio.

She had also landed a position at the local university teaching a few art classes.

Accomplishing everything on her “goals” list, she couldn’t believe what had begun to happen to her over the past few months. Spring had begun to lose her enthusiasm for art. Apparently, she was tapped out on inspiration.

When Spring took the time to stand back and analyze her life and her current situation, she didn’t find anything wrong. She owned her own home, her own business, taught a few classes, and had even splurged on a horse.

Yes, a horse. A beautiful gray-colored Arabian horse that she had boarded at a horse farm north of Denver. All of those things were great. Her life looked good. But Spring had an idea of why she’d lost a bit of her creative steam.

She needed to live a little. Step outside of the safe box she had built around herself. Hell, she wanted a little bit of love in her life as well. Getting one out of two this weekend wouldn’t be such a bad idea, right? Her youngest sister, April, had suggested leaving Denver a day early to do something naughty before they all arrived, or if she wasn’t bold enough for that, then she could simply pretend to be a naughty girl out on the town. Spring didn’t know what the hell that meant, but it sounded good.

So, here she was, a day early in Las Vegas, debating on what she would do with the extra time alone before all hell broke loose. She would expect nothing but nonstop wild nights considering her and her sisters were having a mini vacation in Las Vegas. This would be another no-holds-barred gathering, and Spring had every intention of living in the moment.

Spring had booked adjoining rooms with double queen-sized beds. She had learned years ago that sharing one bathroom with three sisters was never smart. Nor would they ever leave on time if they shared just the one.

Summer, Spring, May, and April Showers were uncontrollable when they got together to let their hair down. Literally. Spring still wasn’t sure if two bathrooms were enough. But, it would have to do. Heck, at least both bathrooms had dual sinks.

Spring felt as if she were lying on clouds. The
Three Wishes Casino
boasted about their extremely comfortable accommodations, especially their beds. She had to agree. Who wouldn’t appreciate the subtle patterned carpet, dark furniture, and padded headboards. Her bed consisted of a pillow top mattress, white eight-hundred count Egyptian cotton sheets, and a plush, white down comforter. The pillows were like heaven to her well-traveled head.

The room was decorated with clean lines and simplicity. There was a flat screen directly across from the beds for her enjoyment. She knew she would partake in watching that later tonight.

It was Thursday, and her sisters were not due to arrive until tomorrow morning. She had the entire day and night to herself to do as she pleased. Of course, she had already decided to take it easy, explore the hotel, and eat at the jazz bar located inside the hotel with her sketchpad in tow. She wasn’t sure about the naughty girl situation. It was still up for debate. Who knows, maybe she would find a little inspiration?

Rolling over to her side, Spring eyed the MP3 docking station/clock/radio that sat on the tea-colored nightstand separating the two queen beds. Retrieving her purse, she pulled out her MP3 player and placed it in the docking station so she could enjoy her own tunes. By the third song, Spring had rolled out of the bed and begun unpacking her luggage. She’d gone with her instinct this time around and packed four outfits for each day she would be in Las Vegas. There were so many things to do there that she never knew what the night would call for. Covering all the bases, Spring had packed for sexy, slutty, casual, and drop-dead gorgeous. The fun was always deciding who she would be for the next few hours.

After unpacking her bags and storing the empty suitcase inside the closet, Spring started the shower. It was time to take a stroll through the lobby and maybe venture out onto the strip. It was a beautiful day, and she beamed with excitement, mentally patting herself on the back for her great choice in hotels once again. She was glad she had listened to the recommendation given to her.

* * * *


Bo Durden missed competing. Bull riding was his life. But, so was raising them, and training them. At some point, a man has to know when his body has had enough. It’s better to bow out of the competition on a high note. There’s nothing attractive about a washed-up bull rider who has fallen off so many times that he can’t form coherent sentences. And, Bo was too young to sit around on his ass. He still had a business to run.

Although today marked his first year of retirement, he didn’t miss the love-hate relationship he had, being the reigning bull-riding champion five years in a row.

This year someone else would take home the title. That thought was a little disheartening, but he could handle it. Bo would be able to participate from the ringside. This year, he’d be able to relax just a little bit and leave all the headaches and jitters to the competitors.

He was one of the sponsors and a stock contractor. Having family members share in the workload eased the tension. It also allowed him the quiet time to go to the bar in the hotel to have a drink. Alone.

Being pulled in different directions, spreading himself thin wasn’t a good thing. Dodging his family members was just as difficult. He welcomed the rare moments he stumbled across when he stole a few minutes to be alone. But apparently, his continued bitching to his brother, Vance, had gotten him kicked out of the arena where the bulls were held. Vance had given Bo the night off. He said that Bo needed a break, and he definitely agreed.

Three Wishes Casino
sponsored the bull-riding competition, so it was only natural to book a suite there. Bo’s family owned the damned hotel, so that was never an issue. Everything Bo could possibly need was already in his suite, but he chose to shower, and instead of wearing his usual T-shirt and jeans, he changed into more dressy, incognito clothing and headed to the bar.

The Durden family had their hands in many, many pies. And, no matter what your interest or degree, there was always something for everyone in their family businesses.

The relatives that were in the medical field were the only exceptions. They worked wherever they wanted, but were expected to lend a hand when necessary. No one said no, and everyone was expected to participate in some form or fashion. It didn’t matter if you took a position in the forefront of the business or simply stayed in the background. It was a family business, and their family was extremely close-knit.

Bo noticed the small upgrades as well as changes his sister and cousins, who ran the casino, had made. They were always for the better. They made a habit of staying two to three steps ahead of the competition. And, in Las Vegas, there was competition all around them. There was a new restaurant and bar they had added, and that’s where he was headed.

The atmosphere was enticing. Definitely for the mature adult crowd; those that were not in the mood for the overly crowded dance floors, barely legal babies, and overbearing music. The lighting here was low, the music was jazz, which completely contradicted with the restaurant on the opposite end of the casino floor. There was a small dance floor off to the right of the bar that was being put to good use.

Scanning around the room, Bo realized the inside was larger than it looked on the outside. There were intimate c-shaped booths as well as tables with ottomans instead of chairs. With a nod to himself, he gave the restaurant an immediate approval. Of course, the object of his momentary obsession, the bar. There was a nice-sized crowd in the restaurant. Bo had to laugh to himself as he wondered if there was ever a slow night in Las Vegas.

For some odd reason, Bo felt a pull in the depths of his gut, his body temperature rose, and his heartbeat quickened just for a moment. He couldn’t be coming down with something. He wasn’t fighting a cold or anything like that. Piper, the family practitioner, who doubled as his sister, had just given him a clean bill of health. He took a few deep breaths to shake off the odd feelings. Everything dissipated except the pull he felt, but being the stubborn man he was, Bo just ignored it.

He gathered his composure. That’s when he saw her. His attention instantly zeroed in on the beauty who sat alone at the bar with her back to him. She wore a peach-colored silk shirt cut into a deep V in the back. One could only hope that the front of the thin piece of material was identical to the back. From where he stood, her back was toned and gorgeous, and he could swear her skin sparkled when she shifted in her seat. The way the peach silk caressed her sienna complexion made his mouth water. Her hair was combed into a sleek ponytail. The jet-black, thick hair lying parallel to her spine was sexy as hell and caused him to become aware of his instant hard-on.

What the hell was wrong with him tonight? All he had was a glimpse of this woman’s back and a freaking ponytail and his cock was hard. Hell, he hadn’t even looked at her face or the rest of her body. She may not even be his type.

Yes, he was shallow and proud of it. He could afford to be. Bo couldn’t think of a day when he had to fight for a date or a fuck. It came with the territory. Women loved to fuck the champ or a man with money. Luckily, he was both. He ate the attention up. Attention he was used to getting the moment he walked into a room filled with fans and admirers.

He was still recognizable just about anywhere he went. It made him feel important. It had never occurred to him how much he thrived on the attention of others. Now that he had retired, he knew it would be an adjustment. It took time, but he learned to adjust, calm down. He was not into the constant running around anymore.

Bo wasn’t sure what he wanted now, but he knew he didn’t want the women he used to screw. He knew they used him. Being used that way was no longer appealing, as it had been in the past. With nothing but time on his hands, he had plenty of time to get his priorities in order. Hell, he hadn’t had a desire to screw one of the
since he retired. That was the title the riders so kindly nicknamed the women who literally threw themselves at them.

When Bo saw the way the beauty at the bar laughed with the male bartender, he just about lost it. He could feel the deep growl building. He clenched his hands at his side and widened his stance. His possessive side appeared out of nowhere. He wanted to yank the man across the bar.

Tapping down the flash of anger that had quickly risen to the forefront, he cleared his throat and made the slow stride to the bar to grab a seat close to her. Only one chair separated them.

It was a good thing the male bartender walked away and was replaced by the female bartender. He couldn’t take his eyes off of the siren next to him, even though he could only see her profile. She looked completely engrossed with the drawing she worked on as she people-watched. Interesting. But how could she draw with all the chaos surrounding her in Las Vegas?

For that matter, how could he keep sitting and staring at her when he had seen at least five women undressing him with their eyes when he walked in? He couldn’t explain the sudden possessiveness towards her. Or, the damn near magnetic attraction to her. This woman had not even acknowledged his presence, and yet, his body had the audacity to respond only to


Of course, he was, but the betrayal of his own body was just pissing him off. He puffed out a loud, irritated sigh when the bartender finally made her way over to get his drink order and hand him a menu. Bo couldn’t believe how quickly he had turned into a sullen child. He pouted, and yet, his cock was still hard. And it was all because of a stranger he still hadn’t completely seen. A stranger who had completely ignored him. He knew his cock usually had a mind of its own, but this was just ridiculous. And yet, she still intrigued him, pulled him. He wanted her.

Bo knew she had to know he had sat down beside her. Who else could the bartender have spoken to? She didn’t move, didn’t even turn her head just a little bit to see who had sat next to her. Hell, most normal people would look simply out of curiosity. Clearly, she was not normal.
And yet, you clearly want her.
Bo quickly realized how useless it was to argue with himself.

Placing his dinner order with the bartender after receiving his drink, a thought
occurred to Bo. With his head stuck cleverly up his ass, he had forgotten his manners. This woman was not a
That’s probably why she had yet to acknowledge him. He was acting like a self-centered dick, and there was no excuse for that. A woman with class would have waited to be spoken to first. He took a sip of his scotch and cleared his throat.

If he said, “Hello, beautiful,” it would sound like the usual lame pick-up line. If he said “ma’am,” she may feel that was a little too old for her taste. And, every other greeting that he could think of made his head hurt. Keeping it simple was the way to go. Shit! He was rambling in his own damn head.
Concentrate, idiot!

“Good evening.” Was that butterflies he felt? Men didn’t get butterflies when they spoke to a woman.

He watched her every movement, eyed her slender neck as it tensed just for a moment before she relaxed. Her pencil stopped its movement. She placed it on the bar, straightened in her seat a little more before she looked up.

And just like that, the beauty sitting next to him turned with a genuine smile on her face and spoke. “Good evening to you.” She let her eyes linger a moment longer than necessary before she slowly turned back to her sketchpad.

Hot damn! She was downright sexy, and her mannerisms matched. She had swiveled completely around in her chair before she spoke to him. Taking in an unabashed eyeful of him from head to toe and back again. Bo took the opportunity to look at the front of her shirt, and damn if it didn’t match the back. It dipped straight down the front between her breasts. There was no way in hell she had a bra of any sort on. Although the material was thin, the only thing visible was the glistening, smooth skin that flowed between her twin mounds.

Just that quick, he wondered what those sienna-colored breasts would feel like cupped in his hands. Did they sparkle like the rest of her skin that was exposed? He’d swear she had on some sort of shimmering body lotion. Heck, he was tanned naturally from working in the sun, but her complexion was slightly darker than his and, from what he could see, completely flawless. She wore no makeup. Only clear gloss on her lips. She was one of the few natural women he’d seen tonight. Besides the female bartender, the woman beside him was the only woman he had seen that didn’t have on makeup. She was fucking hot!

She was a natural beauty. Her eyebrows were soft and black like her hair, and her lips were pouty and perfect. He wanted to taste them, lick them, and nibble on them. They looked lush and plump, begging to be touched. She had quickly stuck her tongue out to lick her bottom lip. Bo had felt his cock thicken from the sight and stifled a moan. He could almost feel her tongue teasing and laving at his cock.

So far, a woman he did not know had managed to keep him, Bo Durden, in a constant state of arousal.

With a nod, she had turned back to her sketchbook. Was she dismissing him? Hell, she had smiled when she turned to look at him. Maybe he was reading too much into this.

“Whether you noticed or not, I didn’t speak when I first sat down, and I apologize. I was raised better than that.” He felt out of his element with that remark. He didn’t have to talk to the woman, nor should it have mattered if he had spoken or not. But, something about the beauty caused him to feel impelled to apologize. To hold her attention just a little while longer. Anything to see that gorgeous smile of hers again. She looked at him with sincere interest. Hell, he wouldn’t mind her ogling him again.

Really? Was he going soft?

She did seem to hesitate before she turned and acknowledged him. It was as if she was thinking about his statement. Bo watched her place her pencil on top of the sketchpad and once again take her time to spin around on her bar stool. It didn’t seem as if she was agitated by his attempts at conversation. She gave him a smile filled with interest and pleasure. She was clearly checking him out and had no shame in doing so.

“You didn’t have to apologize, but I want to thank you for that.” The male bartender arrived, interrupting any other thoughts Bo may have had as he placed the woman’s dinner entrée in front of her. She thanked the bartender, inhaled deeply, obviously enjoying the aroma, and looked back to Bo. “I don’t mean to be rude, but I’m starving. Once again, thank you for the apology. It’s good to know you were taught better than that.” She winked at him. Her genuine smile reached her eyes and seemed to sparkle before she turned back to her dinner.

Damn! She was smoother than he was. Bo was reduced to squirming in his chair as he tried to find some comfort with the little room left in his slacks. His dick was so hard his zipper could pop at any moment. This woman was doing a number on him, and he was perplexed as to why this was happening.

There were two things he noticed about her. She had a healthy appetite, and she didn’t ask him to join her. That twisted move turned up his internal heater even more. He had never had an attraction this strong or this fast.

Bo was no virgin. Hell no! He had bedded more women than he cared to remember, but none had ever had this type of effect on him. And boy, had he had them all. Tall ones, short ones, thin ones, thick ones, small boobs, big boobs, obscene boobs, just about every race and nationality. He had no preference as long as she was female and willing. Every last one of them was superficial and saw only what she hoped he could give her in return.


BOOK: Give Me More
9.85Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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