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Four to Go (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)

BOOK: Four to Go (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
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Four to Go

Tom Martins, John Givens, and Mike Malone grew up in an orphanage and developed emotional and, later, sexual ties to each other. They loved women and sharing them sexually. When Tom met and married Kate, he feared losing her and never revealed his sexual past with them. The sex stopped, but not their emotional bonds.

Married two years, a hit-and-run madman put Tom temporarily in a wheelchair. Mike and John, still lovers, moved into the mansion to provide security.

The madman leaves a threatening letter listing the four of them as his targets.

Tom finally tells Kate he wants to watch Mike and John pleasure her with sex toys, their bodies, mouths, and hands. Initially hesitant, she agrees because she has grown to love them, too.

The explosive, loving, and varied sex between the four of them builds rapidly, even as they must deal with the threats against them.

Contemporary, Ménage a Trois/Quatre
63,818 words








Sandy Smyth










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The sound of the waterfall from the huge combined atrium and pool room mixed with the scent of rich soil and green growing plants and flowers had Kate quickening her steps down the darkened hallway. This was one of her favorite places in the whole mansion.

The pool itself was irregularly shaped and had a tiny, cleverly contrived island near the middle that was filled with plants, flowers, and small potted trees, which created a secluded area that could be used for private assignations. The far end had a hot tub situated on a platform overlooking the waterfall. A sliding glass panel connected the inside and outside swimming areas.

A small alcove behind the waterfall had an underwater bench for seating and another shelf, covered by only an inch or two of water, where one, or two, could stretch out comfortably and do whatever. And she and her husband, Tom, had done a lot of “whatever” on that shelf.

As Kate reached the open doorway, she noticed absently that the lighting was set to a muted blue glow from the bottom of the pool and waterfall. A soft golden light illuminated two lounge chairs that sat side by side at the edge of the water.

Suddenly, two sleek male heads broke through the surface of the water. Kate let out a muffled sound of surprise and stepped back into the shadows. There was a soft comment as the men broke into laughter tinged with anticipation. They swam toward the doorway where Kate stood in the shadows and pulled themselves out of the water with a practiced lunge.

As they stood under the golden light, Kate could see that it was John Givens and Mike Malone, not only her husband’s best friends, but his security team as well. She could also see that they were…naked! And judging from the thick, erect cocks jutting out from their bodies, they were thinking about sex. John turned away from her to murmur something to Mike and presented her with a view of one of the tightest, sexiest asses she had ever seen.

“Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod,” she whispered to herself. She could not take her eyes from the beauty of the naked bodies in front of her. The overhead light caressed the golden tones of their wet skin and emphasized their sleekly muscled bodies.

Transfixed, Kate watched in fascination as a drop of water slid from John’s shoulder, down his back, and over his tight, muscled ass. Cringing with guilt, Kate imagined her tongue following the same path over that classic ass. She had to get out of here, now.

Before she could take the first step, John grasped Mike by the back of his neck and pulled him into a fiercely hot, open-mouthed kiss. And, somehow, now she could see both of them instead of just John’s back. She could see John’s hand slide between their bodies and grasp Mike’s cock, working it until she heard Mike groan into his mouth. He released Mike’s cock and pushed on Mike’s shoulder until he sank to his knees.

John took his cock in his hand and stroked it slowly, rubbing it against Mike’s lips and tongue. He suddenly slid his thick cock into Mike’s mouth and began slowly pumping it in and out. His hand curved around the back of Mike’s neck, holding him firmly in place while he fucked his mouth.

Kate could clearly see each movement of Mike’s mouth, and could also see the thick stalk of John’s cock disappearing and reappearing, and Mike’s hand grasping his own cock and milking it, rubbing his thumb over the engorged, purple head. She could see the drop of pre-cum glisten on the tip of Mike’s cock before his thumb spread the liquid around the smooth crest. Mike’s hand moved faster and faster. With his other hand, Mike reached up and began stroking John’s testicles.

It was the most fascinating and erotic sight she had ever seen. There was an unexpected beauty to their movements, and Kate couldn’t tear her eyes away from them. It had been so long since she’d felt a thick, meaty cock pumping in and out of her cunt. So long since she had licked the drops of pre-cum off of the tip of Tom’s cock. So long since she had sucked his cock until he shot his cum down her throat. Hungrily, she watched the beauty of the action before her.

She could feel the dampness between her thighs increase as her clit began to throb. Kate’s hand slid between her legs, and she stroked her swollen clit as she fantasized about being a part of the scene as it played out in front of her.

Mike suddenly pulled his mouth from John’s cock and gave a moan as his cum erupted from his large, straining cock.

“Don’t move, John. I’m not through with you yet, so spread those ass cheeks for me. I’m just preparing you for taking me when we get back to our room.” She heard John moan loudly as Mike picked up a tube of lubricant and covered three of his fingers generously. Mike, still on his knees in front of John, reached between John’s legs and inserted two of his lubricated fingers slowly into John’s tightly puckered ass. His wrist began a twisting motion as he pushed his fingers deeper and then pulled them almost out and pushed them back in, over and over again.

“It’s your turn, John. When I get you upstairs, I’m going to make you bend over and spread your ass cheeks the way you’re doing now. Maybe I’ll use the inflatable plug on you so that you’re completely filled while you’re on your knees, sucking my cock. Then, I’m going to stretch you out on the bed, on your back. I’m going to suck and lick your cock until you can’t take it anymore. But you already know that I’m not going to let you come then, don’t you? You agreed, right? You’ll take whatever I decide to give you, won’t you, John?”

“Yesss, damn it. But just remember, Mike, payback is a bitch.” John groaned.

John threw back his head and groaned again when Mike inserted his third finger into him and began finger-fucking his ass more rapidly. John still kept his ass cheeks spread wide apart, giving Kate an incredible view as Mike’s fingers scissored and twisted in and out of John’s ass.

Mike had been watching John intently, a half-smile on his face at each flash of emotion and pleasure that appeared. Suddenly, Mike took John’s cock back into his mouth, his cheeks hollowing at the strength of his suction. John began pumping his cock forward into Mike’s mouth and then pulling back and impaling his ass on Mike’s fingers. His thrusts became faster and deeper into Mike’s mouth, and Kate’s fingers on her clit kept pace, rubbing vigorously. Kate was on the brink of coming when John gave a shout, and Kate watched his face spasm in pleasure as his climax hit him and he filled Mike’s mouth with his cum.

That seemed to awaken Kate from the trance she’d been in. Stunned at her own actions, she withdrew her hand from between her legs, whirled around, and quickly ran back down the corridor.


* * * *


Mike slowly pulled his fingers from John’s ass and wiped his hands on one of the moistened antiseptic towelettes from the dispenser next to them.

After taking a few moments to get their heart rates back to normal, Mike said, “Well, do you think our Katie got enough of an eyeful, John?”

“I sure hope so, Mike, or we may have to put on another ‘show’ for her.”

“Oh, horrors! Do you think we can stand to do it again?” asked Mike with a heavy dose of sarcasm.

“Oh, yes, I think we can. It’ll be
but we can take it,” John said with a grin.

They laughed together with the easy familiarity of longtime friends and lovers.

Chapter 1


Three weeks later


Kate Martins walked into the conference room in the home she shared with her husband, Tom. She’d chosen to wear a smart cream-colored pantsuit instead of her usual jeans and sweatshirt. Her light brown hair was even worn down, framing her oval face and green eyes.

BOOK: Four to Go (Siren Publishing Ménage Amour)
4.96Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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