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Unfortunately, she pulled away and rolled the rest of the condom down with her hands until it was firmly in place. With a devilish grin, she looked up at Cruz and then sat down on his lap. His cock teased the crease of her pussy, making both of them gasp at the contact. Even through the layer of the condom, Cruz could feel how wet Willow already was.

“Take me inside of you,” Cruz demanded with a heady tone.

Looking down between them, Willow grabbed his cock and lifted up just enough so that she was able to position Cruz and then sink down on him. Her heated center surrounded him, enveloping him with so much pleasure that he wasn’t sure if he was going to last long at all, especially with Willow’s gloriously pierced nipples hovering right near his face.

Cruz’s hand reached out and lightly pinched her nipples, playing with the barbells that he had come to grow quite fond of. Her gasp of surprise from his touch had her clenching tightly around him, sending him into another world of pleasure that he wasn’t sure he would be able to handle.

“Lay back,” Cruz gritted out, while holding on to her back. “Lean back and place your hands on the coffee table. I’ve got you.”

Willow showed slight unease at his demand, but did as she was directed and leaned back in a spider-like move and placed her hands over her head and onto the coffee table, while arching her stomach.

Cruz knew the minute Willow could feel the effect of the position on her clit, because a small cry came out of her throat once she was exactly where he wanted her.

“Oh my fuck,” she said, as her chest fell up and down from the contact. “Holy shit, Cruz.”

“Hold on, babe. I won’t be going easy.”

With his warning out there, he grabbed ahold of her hips, stared at the beautiful mounds on her chest, and started thrusting up and down, in and out of her. Her breasts swayed with his movements and he watched intently at their connection, loving the way her pussy glistened from her arousal. She was so damn hot; it was hard not to come from just watching her.

“Fuck, Cruz, Ahhh, fuck me, fuck me,” she cried, as her arms shook from holding herself up, and her stomach constricted from her impending release.

From the cries of pleasure coming from Willow, Cruz felt himself go tight and his orgasm loomed over him, just waiting for her to contract all around him.

The need for release was almost overpowering, so he slammed his hips into her and took one hand to press against her clit. The minute he applied pressure, Willow screamed out an obscenity and shot up off the table as she shivered and shook from the powerful orgasm that took over her body.

That was all Cruz needed; in seconds, he was spilling into Willow. The room went black and his entire body went numb; all he felt was the pleasure that was rocketing through his aroused cock. It’s never been this good; Willow was, by far, the best he’d ever had.

Once they squeezed out every last drop of pleasure, Willow sat up and grabbed ahold of Cruz’s neck while he was still inside of her. She brought his lips to hers and licked her way into his mouth. The cool steel of her tongue ring had him begging for more.

When she pulled away, she gave him a devilish smile and said, “Come home with me?”

“Planned on it. I have two weeks of sex to make up for.”

“You’re telling me you haven’t had sex in two weeks?”

“Nah, I’ve been banging my way through the Caribbean, I just haven’t had amazing sex,” he lied. For some reason, he found it necessary to lie about the fact that he really had only had sex with Willow since they started their little arrangement. He hadn’t found anyone else good enough to have sex with. Plus, he was a little pre-occupied the past two weeks, trying to look for Rook, which he didn’t want her to know about. They kept their band problems to themselves…for the most part.

At his announcement, Willow slightly grimaced, but then quickly smiled and shifted on his lap. If he didn’t know any better, he would have sworn that maybe his statement hurt her, but he knew that wasn’t the case. She wasn’t one to stick to one guy; she was the one pulling in numbers left and right. She could have any man she wanted, simple as that. He was just glad he got a little taste of her while he could.

Chapter Two


Journal Entry #155

I don’t think I can look at these damn walls anymore. The wallpaper is peeling off of them, making it look like the walls have scabs. What used to be what I would assume was a delicate floral paper is now a dingy piece of crap that looks like old shriveled up skin from the amount of cigarette smoke that caressed the room for so many years. It was a depressing sight to be staring at day in and day out.

I saw her today. I decided to torture myself and look at a magazine she was on. She looked happy holding a damn cup of coffee and wearing some off the shoulder sweatshirt that displayed her delicate frame. I used to own that shoulder, I used to be able to kiss that shoulder anytime I wanted, but life is never that fair, especially to me. I was born to be a fuck-up and to have a fucked-up life.

The one good thing in my life, the one piece of perfection I was able to hold on to for a short period of time is now going on without me, but did I blame her? Fuck no, she deserves better than me. I’m a washed up has been, son to a drugged out father and a mother who sold her pussy like fucking drugs on street corners. Why would she want me? I have nothing to give her; it was best that I gave her an out, a reason to leave.

My therapist says I’m not mentally stable. Well, good fucking thing I’m paying the prick because I had no clue I was mentally unstable. Fucking moron, a monkey could figure that shit out by just looking at me, by the dark circles under my eyes and the fact that my hair was hanging past my ears. I looked like absolute piss, and there was only reason why, I had a fucking shattered heart.

Cruz came by. I saw him, but refused to say anything to him. It wasn’t the first time someone had come around looking for me; I was just damn good at hiding. I knew he was worried; I could see it in the way his brow creased while looking around this dump, but I couldn’t talk to him. I let him down. I let the guys down, I let my whole fucking life down, but that was me, one massive fuck-up.

The walls and I are similar in the way that maybe once in our lifetime we were nice, we were at the top of our game, but given our environment, we were always bound to fail and end up torn and tattered. We weren’t even given a fair chance. We were set up for failure the minute we were placed in this hell of a house.


“How’s that coffee, beautiful?” Cole said, as he sidled up next to Maisy on a bench that overlooked a park.

“Perfect, thank you. I love me a latte.”

“That’s why I got it for you. Do I know my girl, or what?” he nudged her with his shoulder.

“You do.” Maisy smiled at Cole and then looked at her watch. “I feel like I’ve barely been able to breathe, given the studio time we have to put in. It’s already been half an hour and I have to get back into the studio in fifteen minutes. I get that they want me to write, but I feel like I need to catch a break, maybe write somewhere that’s inspirational. I love the studio, but there is only so much you can do in a tiny little space with Persian rugs, you know? I found myself writing love lyrics to a rug.”

Cole looked down at Maisy and flashed her a genuine smile as he pulled her into his chest. “You’re so damn cute, you know that?”

Maisy sighed and wrapped her arms around Cole’s waist. They’d been together for two months now, and she could feel herself finally starting to be happy again, starting to clear the dark shadow Rook cast over her, well, just a little.

That day, the day she walked in on Rook fucking someone else would haunt her until the day she died. It was, by far, the worst day of her life, even worse than when her dad used to take advantage of her, and it was because she truly thought, deep down in her bones, in her soul, that Rook was the one for her, but hell was she wrong.

Flashes of the woman on his lap still ran through her head on occasion, reminding her of the dark hole she was trying to climb out of. Slowly but surely, she was climbing out.

Fortunately, their tour with Shattered Souls ended quickly, giving her a much needed break from Rook and the other guys, who, for some weird reason, kept acting like what he did was nothing. When everything first happened, she tried talking to Kaid about it, but he was too furious to even talk to Landon, his best friend, about the situation, so Kaid knew nothing. They talked now, hung out on occasion, but to Maisy’s knowledge, Kaid still had no clue what happened that one unpleasant day.

Shortly after the tour ended, the label wanted to continue to give Twisted Perfection exposure, so they put them on tour with the one and only Meyer’s Men, the old opening act for Shattered Souls. Maisy heard all about the story of Cole’s girlfriend cheating on him with Rook, and how Rook could care less. Cole painted a brilliant picture of the man that she last saw on his tour bus fucking someone else, but even though that’s how she saw him now, in her heart, that wasn’t the man she remembered.

The Rook who was buried deep in her veins, in every ounce of her body, was kind, caring, sweet, protective, and would do anything for her. He loved her, he loved her so damn much that his crass actions on that last day they were ever together were almost foreign to her. She wanted to believe someone set him up, that it was all just a terrible, horrible dream, but after no communication for months, she realized maybe the Rook she remembered was really all just a dream, one fantastical demon of a dream.

“What do you want to do tonight?” Cole asked, as he kissed the top of her head, shaking her out of her thoughts.

“Um, not really sure. Probably veg out because my head feels like it’s about to explode from all the hours we’ve been putting in the studio.”

“We can do that. Want to watch that scary movie I’ve been dying to see?”

Not really, she wanted to say, but didn’t. She liked Cole, a lot. He’d helped clear her head and helped her move on from the soul crushing Rook put her through, but there was something about Cole that was a little off. They always ended up doing things he liked doing, or did everything according to his schedule. Yes, he was a bigger deal than Twisted Perfection, but she didn’t think that he would bring that into their relationship. It didn’t seem like he did it intentionally, but his selfish behavior bothered her. She always viewed a relationship as being a two way street, not a one way, which was exactly what Cole liked. Everything was always about him.

“Yes, sure, that’s fine,” she answered him, knowing she most likely would just end up falling asleep on his lap. That’s usually what happened, especially when he picked the movie.

“Want to go to my place?”

“We’re always at your place,” Maisy semi-complained, another thing that bothered her about Cole.

“I know,” he tilted her chin up so he could look her in the eyes. “But, at my place, we have privacy. I feel like when we’re at your place, Kaid and Willow are always looking at us, watching our every move.”

“Well, they’re my friends. They like to hang out too,” Maisy defended.

“Yes, but I like to have you all to myself.”

Without letting her get out another word, he leaned down and pressed his lips against hers softly, like a whisper dancing across her mouth. He was gentle with her, sweet, and yes, maybe some things annoyed her, but he cared about her and he would never pull a Rook, ever. She knew that for sure, because he’d been cheated on and he knew how it felt, the gut-wrenching pain one went through afterwards.

“Fine, your place it is,” Maisy replied, as she pulled away and winked at him. After that kiss, she wouldn’t mind a little privacy.

“Don’t tease me, Maisy,” Cole said with a smile. “I’ve been waiting to explore every last inch of that body of yours.”

“I know. I just, need some time, you know?”

“I do, sweetheart, and I will give you as much time as you want,” Cole responded sincerely.

His patience with her was one of the things she truly did like about the man. He wasn’t forceful, and he never pressured her when it came to their relationship in the bedroom; they were taking things slow. They’d just about rounded every single base, and he was just waiting to be sent home, but Maisy put an immediate stop on him every time he even danced with the thought. She wasn’t ready to make that kind of step with Cole just yet.

The only other person she had ever been with was Rook, and for some reason, she was still holding onto that notion, even though he clearly wasn’t; he probably couldn’t care less about her. She was old news to him, a notch on his belt that he had already forgotten about.

“Are you okay?” Cole asked, as concerned etched his face.

BOOK: Fame
5.07Mb size Format: txt, pdf, ePub

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